How you can develop the self-healing forces through active faith and positively change how you think and behave for a freer, healthier life.

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Healing by Faith –



The Universal Spirit Is the Teaching of the Love for God and Neighbor Toward Man, Animals and Nature

3rd Edition, 2005

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Original German Title: “Glaubensheilung – die Ganzheitsheilung”ISBN 978-1-890841-40-9 (English Printed Edition)

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The letter kills,but the Spirit in the letter,in the word, brings life.Therefore, grasp the deep meaning of this bookand experience the Spirit of Godin the words of truth.

Every person who becomesfree from literal thinking andcapable of understanding thecontent of the spokenand written wordexperiences the treasureof the truth.


A book about “Original Christian Healing by Faith” – so is it a book for people who are concerned about their health?

Not only! A book which brings home to everyone what is really important in life.

For the one who is not interested in this, who thinks that human life is just there to be lived and that with death everything is all over anyway, may he put this book aside and do what he thinks is worth living for at this point or read what he thinks is worth reading.

But the one to whom it is important to fill his days on earth in a good way, to make use of his time, to clear things up and come into accord with himself and his fellowman, that is, to come into a peaceful and active “with” and “for” one another, and, beyond this, who wants to experience the bliss of growing closer to God and to his own infinitely, eternal being, to feel the steadfastness and secureness in his own inner being and to experience the strength that lies in a truly positively oriented life – this person will find invaluable help in this book. If he takes what he absorbs from the words of the prophetess and spiritual ambassador of God, Gabriele, and lets it become fruitful in his everyday life, he will not only go through his earthly life more free and at peace, healthier and happier, but at the end of his life he will not find himself in that fatal situation characterized by a bitter feeling of “too late.” And so, in the clear knowing that is given to us in those minutes of review, he will not have to say to himself: “If only I had made use of the precious days on earth! I have wasted so many good opportunities, because I did not know – or: did not observe – what it really was all about. Oh, if only I could do it all over again and better!”

What it really is all about – Gabriele tells us in this book over and over again; she sheds light on it from the most varied perspectives; she makes us aware of the spiritual correlations, gives help, advice, encouragement and instructions, addressing our mind as well as our heart; she strikes one time this chord and another time that cord in us with endless patience, so that we finally understand and above all are also able to take the step from mere recognition to application.

Many of the fundamental statements in this book are not new. Already 2000 years ago Jesus of Nazareth taught the path that leads to freedom, to peace and to happiness, to vitality, to health and to inner wealth. This path can be found in the simple rules of life in the Sermon on the Mount which point out how we human beings should put into practice the Ten Commandments of God which have been known even longer. However, the inner religion, which Jesus taught and lived as an example, suffocated in the rituals and forms of an externalized church. One did preach about the word of God and about the teachings of Jesus, but did not act in His spirit.

And so, the church sheep who followed the ecclesiastical authorities were likewise satisfied with hearing the word – to act accordingly seemed to be less important to them. The power of the Christ of God, which He anchored in each heart with His sacrifice on Golgotha, remained largely unused – one left it at mere faith, which stayed a dead faith, when it was not made the faith of the deed by doing, the faith that makes soul and person free.

Now out of His kindness and care, God, the Father of us all, has sent into this dark time on earth a messenger from His light through whom He again calls our attention to “what it actually is all about.” He has given us His word in countless revelations and He teaches us the path back to Him, the path to a life in the Spirit of God, which brings us salvation for our soul and the possibility of healing for our body as well.

Gabriele, the teaching prophetess of God, who not only gives His direct word in divine revelations, but as His spiritual ambassador also gives His “indirect word,” knows us and our all-too-human aspects very well. She knows that our deep-rooted and ingrained patterns of thinking and acting are stubborn and persistent. Even those who have already understood in their head “what it’s all about” have to be given a push from several different angles, so that they can gradually make room for a new way of thinking, from which a new kind of behavior develops little by little and due to which the person’s life can change toward the positive more and more.

This is expressed in this book where, with her words of wisdom, Gabriele brings home to us what alone can help in need, distress, illness and suffering: to open ourselves for the Spirit of God, the source of strength in us.

And how do we open ourselves for Him, so that His stream of life can begin to flow in us? That is exactly the main point of this book. And so, may the one who wants to, read, and may he accept what he wants to from what he reads. He will experience what it can bring him – if he does it.

People who strive toward the cosmic consciousness, God, feel linked with all people, for all are brothers and sisters in the universal Spirit. May all the readers of this book gain for themselves what Gabriele has placed into the words. For many a one it may be truly lifesaving.

An Original Christian in Universal Life

Würzburg, Germany, March 1999

God is eternally the same:love, strength, harmony and healing

In each person is the Spirit of God, the source of power of light and salvation. God can do everything in us, when we open ourselves to the source of power, GOD.

GOD is the unchangeable love, strength, harmony and healing. No matter how things are in this world and how we human beings behave toward the energy field, GOD – God is eternally the same. According to our freedom of will, each one of us determines whether he increases or decreases the eternal healing and life force in himself, whether he surrenders to the source of healing and life, thus letting it become effective in him, or whether he turns away from GOD.

Through free will, we are responsible for our patterns of behavior. We ourselves decide: For or against the life

The Spirit, GOD, the eternal love in us, wants to keep us healthy and productive, that is, He wants to make us healthy and happy. However, it depends on each one of us whether or not we want to remain healthy and productive or to become sick and weak. Surely, you will now think: “What a question! Who doesn’t want to stay healthy or become healthy?” The realization should gain ground in us that we hold the decision for this in our hands ourselves – and no one else.

We are citizens of the Kingdom of God, who are neither dominated nor bossed around by God, our eternal Father. Based on the eternal law, which is our true heritage, our being, we have the free will to make free decisions. Consequently, we are responsible for our patterns of behavior. We ourselves decide about our lives on earth; we determine how our life takes its course, either in health and happiness or in fate and illness.

If we turn to the source of life and strength in us, by seeing ourselves as free citizens of the Kingdom of God and acting according to the laws of the Kingdom of God – of which we have excerpts in the Commandments of God and in the Sermon on the Mount of Jesus – then we will remain or become happy, healthy and productive. Or we are against our true life, against the laws of our eternal being; then we will experience and suffer what we have predetermined for ourselves in our feelings, thoughts, words, desires and actions. We have granted it to ourselves, so to speak, assigning it to our body.

Sending and receiving.Like attracts like

In all of infinity, only one principle is valid: sending and receiving. This is the principle of communication of the All; it corresponds to the cycle of life that consists of giving and receiving.

The spiritual bodies of the sons and daughters of God, of the spirit beings in the pure Being, are compressed, eternal law, GOD; therefore, they are divine. They radiate and send out the law of God, the selfless love, the peace, the All-Wisdom and kindness. What they receive is, in turn, selfless love, peace, All-Wisdom and kindness – the law of God.

What do we human beings emit? We send out our feelings, sensations, thoughts, words and our deeds, which, insofar as they do not originate from selfless love, are egocentric, that is, negative, energies. Negative, un-divine emissions do not enter the law, God. We receive according to what we have emitted: again, the un-divine and negative. And so, in the Fall-realms “sending and receiving” takes place according to the causal law of cause and effect; Jesus of Nazareth spoke of sowing and reaping.

One aspect of the principle of sending and receiving is the spiritual principle “like attracts like.” Everything emits; that which does not consciously give a particular sign of life – for example, thinking or speaking – also sends out its radiation, its vibration. It is answered by what corresponds to this radiation, this vibration. It is beckoned, so to speak, attracted. And so, like draws to like.

Thus, a negative thought, for example, does not return to its sender alone. In accordance with the principle of “like to like,” it is joined by related negative thought powers. And so, further like and / or similar thought energies join with the one thought that was emitted. For this reason, the intensity of the effect may exceed that of the underlying cause.

What a person sows is what he will reap. What befalls us is what we ourselves are

Of itself the “for and against” is a simple rule which can be reduced to a common denominator with few words: What a person sows is what he will reap. Consequently, we can reap only what we have sown, not what others have sown and sow; and others cannot reap what we have sown or continue to sow.

For this reason, the commandment of the hour is – and this means every hour, for we think and input unceasingly: What befalls us is what we ourselves are. For, what happens and comes toward us is what we have invited, as it were, through the principle of “sending and receiving” or “like attracts like.”

Our mind is the sergeant who constantly gives orders to our army of cells. One day it begins to act

How do we store data? What happens when we think or speak?

Our thoughts and words are energy forms that belong to us. They become images in our consciousness and subconscious and in our soul. What we move in our consciousness is stored not only by our subconscious and our soul, but also by our cells and the corresponding repository planets in the material cosmos and the cosmos of the purification planes.

From the time of the procreation of an emerging human being, cells and cellular tissues are formed. The physical body develops; it becomes an army of cells, so to speak. On the one hand, the cells carry the information from the parents’ genes; on the other hand, they also carry the corresponding inputs from the child’s soul for this life on earth.

The newborn person, the baby, is trained very gradually by the soul that dwells in it and by its surroundings – beginning with the parents’ behavior. The first sensory impressions are the first information that is passed on by the brain to the cells. The first programs of perception and behavior, the motive programs for the person, form from this.

When the baby is several months old, it begins to very gradually perceive its surroundings more closely. Via its senses, it takes in what it is able to perceive after a few months of life. The small person stores the reactions of its perception in its consciousness, that is, in its brain, and in the corresponding cells of its body. And so, one can say that a human being inputs from the cradle to the grave, first his consciousness inputs into his body cells, then later his consciousness inputs into his subconscious, into the cells of his body and into his soul. At the same time, he also moves his inputs through his unceasing feeling, sensing, thinking, speaking and acting. During the course of development of a human being, the consciousness, the mind, becomes a sergeant, so to speak, who issues orders to the body’s cell army.

Many things can be illustrated by the image of the sergeant and the cell army. Let us imagine an army of soldiers who have to carry out what the sergeant has drilled into them.