Have Yourself a Sexy Lesbian Christmas - Giselle Renarde - ebook

Is your holiday lacking lesbian cheer? Have you been craving seasonal sensuality since your neighbours erected a ten-foot inflatable Santa? Then this is the mini-anthology for you! What’s inside? Three fan favourites plus a brand new meet-cute holiday hotmance Giselle wrote exclusively for this lovely little collection. No more digging around under the tree, hoping to unwrap the woman of your dreams. She’s right here, in Have Yourself a Sexy Lesbian Christmas! Giselle Renarde’s erotic fiction has appeared in well over 100 anthologies, including prestigious collections like Best Lesbian Erotica, Best Lesbian Romance, Best Women’s Erotica, Girl Fever, and the Lambda Award-winning collection Wild Girls, Wild Nights.

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Giselle Renarde Erotica

Have Yourself a Sexy Lesbian Christmas © 2014 by Giselle Renarde

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This is a work of fiction. Names, places, characters and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to any actual persons, living or dead, organizations, events or locales is entirely coincidental. All sexually active characters in this work are 18 years of age or older.

This book is for sale to ADULT AUDIENCES ONLY. It contains substantial sexually explicit scenes and graphic language which may be considered offensive by some readers. Please store your files where they cannot be access by minors.

Cover design © 2014 Giselle Renarde

First Edition 2014

Warning: the unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this copyrighted work is illegal. Criminal copyright infringement, including infringement without monetary gain, is investigated by the FBI and is punishable by up to 5 years in prison and a fine of $250,000.

Table of Contents


Full to Bursting

Sugar Bush

Traditional Inuit Throat-Singing

Love It or Love It

The End

Find Giselle online at http://donutsdesires.blogspot.com or on Twitter @GiselleRenarde.

Also By Giselle Renarde

Full to Bursting


“Looks like you went a little overboard this year.”  Janelle nodded to the shopping bags spilling from Wanda’s closet.  Looked full to bursting, from what she could tell. 

Wanda chuckled deep in her throat as she trailed warm fingers up Janelle’s spine.  “I go overboard every year.”

Janelle sighed yet again, like every post-coital thought had to be prefaced by an extended exhale.  There was nothing like cuddling up against a hot woman in a warm bed.  Nuzzling Wanda’s big breasts, her favorite pillow, Janelle asked, “Is my Christmas present in there?”

The waterbed made a rude squelching sound as Wanda shifted her weight.  Janelle had to hold on tight when the waves rocked them.

Petting Janelle’s hair, Wanda said, “I already gave you my heart.  What more could you possibly want?”

“Diamonds would be awesome.”  Janelle let a smirk dance across her lips, until she realized it might sound like she was asking for a ring.  And she knew Wanda wasn’t anywhere near ready for that.  Hell, Wanda wasn’t even ready to tell the kids Janelle was more than just a friend.

During the school year, Katie and Matt spent one weekend a month with their grandparents, and that doubled as Wanda and Janelle’s weekend of endless debauchery.  When the kids were home, Janelle often spent evenings at the house, helping with dinner, watching TV, even giving Matt a hand with his homework—that kid had a little crush on Janelle, she was sure—but around ten or eleven Wanda always insisted she head back to her apartment. 

Some Saturdays, Wanda would give in to her thirteen-year-old’s pleas to forego a babysitter, and Katie would watch Matt while Janelle and Wanda escaped for a back row fumble at the movies.  It was just enough to keep Janelle going.

Not that Janelle was going anywhere.  She’d do anything for Wanda—hopelessly devoted.

“What’s wrong now?” 

“Hmm?”  Sure Janelle was devoted, but she still grew maudlin, at times, in light of their limitations.  “Oh, nothing.  Just resting my eyes.”

Eyes that were suddenly filling with tears.  Damn it!  Why was her body betraying her?

Wanda tilted her face upward, and the second Janelle met the concern in those big brown eyes, tears streamed down her cheeks.  She felt like a child, crying in bed with the woman she loved.  She felt like a silly little girl.  No wonder Wanda had chosen those words as a nickname for her.

“Hey, hey, little girl.”  When Wanda said it, Janelle’s heart opened up and she was a goner.  “Tell me what’s wrong, eh?  What’s got you all upset?”

“I guess I need more sex.” Janelle laughed, trying to make light of her angst.

“Yeah, you and me both.”  Wanda hugged her tight, and she felt small against those soft curves.  “What else is wrong?”

Should she admit what’s been upsetting her lately?  Could she even say the words?

“I just want more.” She bowed to Wanda’s breasts, kissing everywhere her tears had landed and savoring the salt and the softness.  “You’ve been married before.  I’ve never had that, but what if I want it?  I mean, maybe not this second, but what if I want it later?  We’ll never get there if you can’t tell Katie and Matt we’re more than friends.”  She was getting muddled now, her brain buzzing, and she said too much too fast.  “Sorry, babe, I don’t know what I’m talking about.”

“Oh, I know just what you’re talking about.”  Wanda’s voice grew deep as she rolled out of bed.  “Just like you said: you want more than I give you.”

The waterbed’s angry backlash sent Janelle hurdling to the opposite side.  By the time she’d latched on to the velvet-covered Moon Bounce of a mattress, Wanda had left the bedroom.

Janelle tried not to move.  She strained to hear what Wanda was doing, but the waterbed’s naughty sloshing filled her ears.  What the hell had compelled ever-practical Wanda to buy this stupid goddamn thing?

She hated herself for asking that question, because of course it had been around since Wanda was married to a man.  Henry.  He must have chosen this bed to fulfil some kinky male sex fantasy.

It was so hard to imagine butch Wanda having sex with a man, but the proof was in the children.  When Janelle stopped to think about those kids she loved so much, she felt guilty for internally bashing their father.  More than that, it must bad juju to hold a grudge against a dead guy.

When the waterbed stilled, Janelle crawled into the centre, trying not to arouse anymore wave activity. 


She sat up in the middle of the mattress, cradling the covers in both hands.  Her back was bare, chilled not by the temperature of Wanda’s cozy home, but by her apprehension.  The house was too quiet.


There was a squeak on the stairs and then a creak on the landing before Wanda appeared in the doorway.  Janelle struggled with where to look first.  She glanced at her woman’s face, but she couldn’t glean any emotion from that stone expression before her gaze shot down between Wanda’s thighs.

Should she laugh or should she gasp? 

It was...


It was huge!

“Lost for words, little girl?” Wanda strutted into the bedroom, and that mammoth dildo bounced with every step.  “Hey, you said you wanted more.  I figure, give you part of your Christmas present a little early.  Doubt you’ll be calling out for more after I fuck you with this monster.”

Janelle could feel saliva collecting under her tongue, and she forced herself to swallow.  She couldn’t even remember what she’d been thinking about before.  Now that she’d laid eyes on that big veiny cock, she only wanted one thing.

“It’s new?” Janelle stammered, feeling like an idiot.

Of course it was new, it was her Christmas gift!

The strap-on they usually used belonged to Janelle, but it was cheap, hard to wrangle, and the dildo that came with it was nothing to write home about.  This new one was less a harness than a sleek pair of jockey shorts with a reinforced waistband and O-ring.  She’d only ever seen them online, but that stretchy black fabric fit Wanda’s round ass like a wet dream.

Wanda crept up next to the bed, proud as punch, letting the new toy sway side to side.  “Wanna touch it?”

Janelle crawled to the side of the bed, where she could perch on the velvet ledge.  Her breath hitched as she reached for the fake cock.  Fake!  She had to keep reminding herself it wasn’t real, because those bulging veins and the ripples at the base of its smooth tip made it look incredibly authentic.  It was bigly scary.

Did cocks of that girth exist in nature, or only in synthetics?

“Something wrong?”  The smirk on Wanda’s lips grew bigger by the second.  Oh, she was really getting off on Janelle’s trepidation.  “Who’s afraid of the big bad cock?”

“I’m not afraid,” Janelle replied, though her voice faltered mid-sentence.  It was just so huge.  How could she not be a little scared of getting fucking by something that size? 

“Touch it, then.”  Wanda grabbed her by the wrist, and she gasped, feeling silly and dizzy and unconscionably aroused. 

Wanda brought her hand close to the dildo, so close her fingers hovered just above the raised veins along the shaft.  Her heart pounded when she touched it, finally, rubbing just a little, like she might bring it to life.

“What do you think?” Wanda’s smile had gone from snarky to maternal, and Janelle basked in that warmth.

“It’s...”  Swallowing hard, she watched her fingers dance to the tip, playing along the ridges and troughs.  “It’s amazing.  It’s so big and...”


“Yeah, the feel of it.” Janelle got light-headed just touching the toy. “It’s like living flesh, like part of you.  God, can you imagine?”

Wanda petted Janelle’s cheek.  On instinct, she rolled her head toward that strong hand and kissed the soft lines.  She couldn’t help herself.  She licked Wanda’s palm.  Tracing her tongue across her woman’s firm fingers, she savoured the mingled aromas of salt and pussy.  Wanda hadn’t washed since they’d wrangled one another into a side-by-side sixty-nine, which was no mean feat on a waterbed.  The motion of the waves inside Wanda’s mattress had rocked them so hard they’d continuously fallen on each other, rolling, laughing, licking.  They’d both gotten their fingers wet while sucking each other’s clits, and when they came, they came together.

Janelle’s fingers probably still tasted like Wanda, and now they were absently stroking the topside of that monster dildo.  How could something hard feel so soft?  The juxtaposed sensations made her pussy pulse, and she barely had to budge to feel how slick she was.  Yes that thing was big, but she was ready for it.

Every new ridge and vein urged her to suck Wanda’s fingers.  Fingers really didn’t get the respect they deserved. There was so much they could do, and so much she could do to them.  Janelle especially loved Wanda’s reaction when she sucked two of those delicious fingers at once, sometimes separating them with her tongue to lick the ridge in between.