Handcuffed By Daddy - Trisha Treat - ebook

When Ashley is caught by her dad experimenting with sex toys with her college boyfriend, Daddy is enraged! After kicking her boyfriend to the curb, Daddy takes measures into his own hands, giving his slutty daughter a night she won't ever forget while she is cuffed to bedposts. After feeling what's it's like to be taken HARD and ROUGH by a real man, Ashley isn't sure that she would even want to escape- even if she could.EXCERPT:Daddy spoke in a low, deep growl, "Get the fuck out of here, and don't you dare ever even look at my Ashley, ever again, you got it?"Jason did what he could to nod. Daddy dragged him out of the room by the nape of his neck, practically throwing him down the stairs. Jason scrambled out the door, not even managing to recover his shirt before he was out the door. "Just great," I thought. I eyed the key to the cuffs on my bedside table. I stared at the ceiling for a moment, before I summoned my courage and called out, "Daddy! I need your help, please!"I heard his footsteps coming back toward my room. When he stepped up next to my bed, I realized he had a huge boner. He stepped closer, standing next to my head, his boner nearly brushing my face through his tented pants.

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Handcuffed By Daddy


Trisha Treat

This work of fiction is intended for adult audiences only. All characters represented therein are aged 18 years or older and any resemblance to actual persons or events is purely coincidental. Cover model has no affiliation with the publisher, author, or contents represented therein. This work is the property of Trisha Treat and may not be reproduced.

“Ouch, Jason!” I squealed at my boyfriend as he struggled to snap the furry handcuffs around my wrists, catching my skin in the process.

“Oh, geez, I’m sorry,” Jason muttered as he fumbled with the cuffs, while I tried to wait as patiently as I could manage, given that I was naked, horny, and growing more exasperated with Jason’s inexperience and sheer ignorance by the second.

It was the weekend, and Jason and I were home from our college classes. On the way back from campus, we had stopped at a sex store, thinking it would be fun to try out some toys. I had readily agreed, willing to try anything to reach some sort of sexual satisfaction. Jason really tried, but he just couldn’t bring me to orgasm no matter what he did. I thought it might be fun to be tied up and roughly fucked, thinking maybe that’s what I needed to be able to cum.

Now my stupid boyfriend can’t even figure out how to work the damn handcuffs so that he can properly tie me to the bedposts. I sighed.

Jason tried to snap the cuffs around my other wrist, and missed again, catching even more of my delicate skin between the metal clasps.