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From rooftop sex to an especially fun party, Hana is an erotic journey that covers the emotional side of open and polyamorous relationships as well as the physical. It follows the story of Guy New York as he meets Hana, falls head over heels in love, and of course has to navigate and negotiate with his other partners.While full of hot explicit sex, the story also delves into what honest communication means and the challenges that come with open relationships.Hana is a short erotic tale (about 10,000 words) of love, lust, open relationships, and sex in New York City. 

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An Erotic Polyamorous Romance

Guy New York


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Copyright © 2017 by Guy New York

Published by QNY

Cover image © The Dirty Gentleman

Cover design by Guy New York

Interior design by Pronoun

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ISBN: 9781508061465


April 23: Hana

April 24: Sarah

April 26: Breakfast With John

April 30: Alice

May 5: First Date

May 10th: Sarah and The Rain

May 11: Sarah Returns

May 13: A Text Message

May 17: Blind Tiger

May 19: A Sudden Shower

May 22: Lonelier Than I Am

May 28: The Husband

June 2: The Dirty Gentleman

June 3: A Modest Proposal

June 5: In The Park

June 13: Brutal Honesty

June 17: The Highline

June 18: Bloody Marys

June 21: I Don’t Love You

June 24: The Party

June 25: Sarah

July 7: I just Kissed Your Girlfriend

July 12: Learning to Say No

July 19: A Roof with a View

About The Author



I met her on the first day of spring.

She was a friend of a friend, and she showed up at a photo shoot looking like she just came from the gym. In St. Moritz.

We shot her, but I couldn’t stay in the room. The Dirty Gentleman (he takes the photos) did his job and Rhyming Jenny (she can’t lie, old gypsy curse, you get the idea) smiled as she did makeup and costume. In fact, everyone else was completely at ease as this amazing woman walked through our lives like nothing had changed.

Her name was Hana, and I sat next to her in the cab ride to the restaurant where we were celebrating our day of hard work after the shoot. She talked more than I did, but the few words of thanks I managed to get out rolled off her like soft rain on the windshield. She smiled and shook her head. She put her hand on my arm and turned everything around with one sentence. By the time we got out of the cab I was watching her calves as she stepped up onto the curb in hopes that I might forget her blue eyes.

Later on I kissed her goodnight. It was chaste and polite and she said let’s get together again. It wasn’t until I was sitting on the couch with The Dirty Gentleman and Rhyming Jenny that I realized anyone else had even noticed.

“That girl is going to murder you in your sleep,” Jenny said.

“No, she’ll just make you wish she did,” added The Gentleman.

“I didn’t think you noticed,” I offered with utter exhaustion.

“It’s Springtime. Watching Guy New York fall in love with the wrong girl is a citywide pastime. I think this time you’re fucked.”

“I say go for it.”

I looked over at him after he said it and smiled. He was completely sincere and, of course, so was she. I pulled out my phone and showed them the one photo of Hana I had managed to take during the shoot. She was smiling with her head down in just the right way. She looked fierce and content all at the same time.

“Yup,” Rhyming Jenny said again. “You’re fucked.”



THE NEXT MORNING MY girlfriend Sarah woke me up with a gentle motion, and I discovered I was already hard against her.

It was raining outside and I managed to blink a few times, but the window was open and there was a cup of coffee sitting on the bedside table. The rain sounded long and slow and the few clothes she slept in were lying at the foot of the bed.

She pressed against me, her skin soft and warm, and I wrapped my arms around her and kissed the back of her neck. She reached a hand between her legs, moaning ever so slightly, before bringing her fingers to my mouth.

“I’d think you’re more awake than I am,” I whispered.

“You feel awake to me,” she replied as she lifted her knee just enough to capture me between her strong thighs. She moved her hips ever so slightly as her fingers pressed me against her. Without another word, I pushed gently on her upper back until she was perfectly positioned. We both moaned (in harmony of course) as I slid inside her, and I forgot completely about the rain.

“Good morning,” she said, a bit louder this time as my thrusts increased in speed. My fingers tightened on her skin as I pulled her body hard against mine, and her hips moved faster as we found just the right angle.

I tried to think of the right thing to say, but she clenched her thighs around me and squeezed so hard that I bit my lip instead. Without thinking I threw her onto her back and was between her legs and inside her before either of us could miss our connection. She arched her back up to meet me, and I bit her neck just hard enough for her to scream.

Two seconds later I was coming and she encouraged me with everything. When I collapsed onto her she mumbled a groan until I rolled to one side with a gasp of breath. She sat up and kissed my forehead with a smile.

“You didn’t come,” I finally said. It wasn’t a question at all.

“I think you may be more awake than I am,” she whispered.

“Maybe coffee will help?”

“And maybe we’ll just have to try again this afternoon.”

I kissed her once more and closed my eyes. I went from waking up to coming in less than five minutes. I went from a deep sleep to fucking, and from dreaming to dreaming again. It wasn’t until I thought the word dream that the images came back to me. I told myself there wasn’t a connection at all, but everything I could remember involved two perfect calves and bright blue eyes.



THERE WERE DAFFODILS IN April. They appeared before anything else turned green, and for a whole week they were our only hope.

“I think I’m in trouble,” I said one morning over breakfast and coffee. I meet up with a friend once a week before work, and it’s a nice relief from our day-to-day schedules. We go to the same diner and order the same thing; it’s a ritual and a habit that works well for us.

We could see the flowers from our window seat and they woke me up as much as anything else. John looked up with a knowing glance and just smiled. He always lets me continue as I might.

“There’s this girl…”

“From the shoot?”

“Was there a newsletter? What the fuck? How come no one told me about this? I mean, yeah, the girl from the shoot, but how did you know?”

“I was on a date last night with Rhyming Jenny’s boyfriend’s girlfriend: the one with the shaved head and the lip ring. It just came up.”

“So, her boyfriend’s girlfriend just happened to tell you I had a new crush? Don’t I get to be the one to share these things? And here I was getting all excited.”

“I don’t even know her name. If that helps.”

“Her name is Hana. Her name is fucking Hana.”

“And you have a crush. I don’t see the problem.”

“Oh, it’s not a problem. I mean, unless you count not sleeping, thinking about her constantly, and trying not to call anyone the wrong name a problem. She’s just a girl I have a crush on, and who knows where it will go.”

“I love crushes. Especially in Spring when the daffodils are up and the days are getting longer. They’re small offerings that remind us the warmth is coming back and we don’t have to worry. Even when they don’t last—and they don’t last—they’re a good thing. Think of her like a flower. Something good will come.”

“You always think something good will come.”

“It’s my gift.”

“And why I love you.”

“I love you too. Flowers, crushes, and all.”