Group Loving Secretary: Taboo NC Erotica - Charity Case - ebook

Excerpt: Johnny grabbed her head in his hands and began gently fucking in and out of her mouth. And Brenda obediently sucked and tongued his throbbing cock, clasping it sensually with her wet lips as he slowly withdrew it, then sucking passionately as the hard prick slid back deeply into her mouth, the puffy head stopping only when it jammed against the entrance to her throat.Oh god, I love it, I love it! she moaned to herself. Oh Jesus, what you two are doing to me! I've never felt anything like it, never! What a day this has been for me. First Bob, now this, these two strangers, a girl eating my cunt, a strange man's hot cock in my mouth!Through the seething pleasures of this gentle rape Brenda realized that the only thing that would make it better would be if they were all totally naked on a bed together, instead of cramped up in this uncomfortable theater seat, in the dark, trying not to make too much noise. She wanted to give full expression to the way she felt, wanted to cry out with joy as each hot spurting spasm of pleasure seized her. The molten honeyfires streamed through her squirming, twisting body. Maureen had begun by tenderly licking and kissing the secret wet folds of her flowing pussy, her tongue probing the tight inner sleeve, her lips gently brushing the fantastically sensitive bud of her clit. But now she was slowly increasing the intensity.

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Group Loving Secretary

Charity Case

Copyright © 2017

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How could she forget it? She could remember the smoldering desire in Bob Reynolds' steel-gray eyes, she could recall sensing it in the lean muscular tension of his body when he was near her. It might have happened over a year and a half ago, but it was like yesterday when she recalled it. Even the memory made her young flesh grow warm and quivery.

She had been to bed by now with a few men her own age and a few slightly older. She didn't know whether it was the spectacular lushness of her body or their own inexperience that made them such quick, hasty and sloppy lovers. To a man they had all freaked out the instant they saw her naked. Two or three thrusts and they would come. Half an hour later, five or six thrusts and they would come again. One poor guy had even been so bedazzled that his twitching cock had squirted all over her naked thigh at the very moment he sucked one of her nipples into his mouth.

Brenda longed to lie in the arms of a skillful man who understood her needs as well as his own, who would awaken her body slowly and stir the simmering fires in her until they erupted in gorgeous flames. She wanted to know what an orgasm was like when a man's powerful and skillful cock gave it to you instead of your own searching, probing fingers. She sensed untapped passion in her body, yearning urgencies that sometimes felt so swollen within her that even her own increasingly wanton masturbation would not release them.

And as her eighteenth birthday had drawn closer and closer, she had known that at least one major obstacle to her fulfillment would soon vanish. The memory of Bob Reynolds floated more and more often into her consciousness. He was in his mid-thirties, handsome, virile, experienced, and he had a turbulent desire for her that made her feel more like a woman, a deeply sensual woman, than all the slavering erotic fumblings of the guys whose speedy semen she had been the reluctant envelope for up to now.

On top of everything, she felt confident that whatever had held him back before, he would not be able to resist her now. In the year and a half since he had seen her, her body had ripened. Her breasts were still as firm and round as new fruit, but now they were plumper, fuller, delectable upthrust globes with superbly large, swollen, very black nipples that seemed to drive men into anguished paroxysms of worshipful lust when they saw them, and tasted them. Her high outcurved ass was also fuller, her buttocks two perfect moons of firm resilient flesh that swept out pertly below the satin expanse of her flawless naked back. Her legs had lengthened into shapely sinuous miracles, and the fullness of her hips was just enough to accentuate the narrow tapering of her slender waist. When she looked at herself naked before a mirror she knew that Bob Reynolds, or any man, would bite off his own tongue before he would refuse the offer of this fresh and achingly lovely young body.

He was going to be her birthday present to herself. She had even bought special clothes for the occasion. For underwear she had picked out the most abbreviated bikini panties she had ever seen, a small patch of gauzy red fabric in front and back that was held together only by three black strings on each side. She wore no bra and had chosen a slinky yellow skirt that clung seductively to the firm round globes of her young breasts, her hard, jutting nipples clearly showing through the shiny silk. Her white miniskirt was not indecently high, but high enough to reveal the satiny secret flesh of her inner thighs.

On her way to his office she could barely control her excitement. She knew how sexy she looked from the way men gaped at her in the streets, and from the hostile looks she drew from the women. Riding up in the elevator, she felt prickly aroused oozings in her cunt, felt her nipples throb and her blood pound. Hot yearnings rose in the pit of her stomach. What'll I do if he wants to take me right there on the floor of his office? she thought. Should I let him?

The thought was unbearably exciting. She had to steady herself to keep her knees from shaking as she walked through the door of Forsythe & Reynolds, Attorneys, and went up to the receptionist.

The girl at the desk looked up at Brenda with open hostility, her eyes sweeping up and down Brenda's delectably clad body. The receptionist herself was a very attractive honey-blonde with full out-thrust breasts and an imperious, cold face. Her electric-blue eyes flashed with competitive jealousy as she gazed scornfully at Brenda. "What can I do for you, Miss?" she asked contemptuously.

"I... I'm here to see Bob Reynolds," Brenda said, starting off shyly but quickly regaining her confidence.

"Do you have an appointment?" snapped the receptionist.

"I... I think he'll see me. Just tell him Brenda Silas is here."

"He's tied up in a meeting right now, Miss Silas," the receptionist said with sardonic formality. "I'm afraid if you don't have an appointment, you're out of luck. Mr. Reynolds is a very busy man."

"I realize that. It's just..."

"Look, I don't know how you met Bob, or what went on between you two, but I can tell you this. He doesn't mix business with pleasure. It's bad policy, if you know what I mean. Now if you want to leave a message . . . some bar or . .. street corner where he can meet you after working hours..." Again the receptionist let her eyes travel up and down Brenda's revealingly clad body as if Brenda were a common hooker.

Brenda suddenly felt herself caught between tears and fury. Everything's going wrong! she thought to herself. Somehow she had forgotten it would naturally be like this. This girl is paid to keep people away from him, and Brenda had spent so much time enjoying her fantasies of what it would be like when she saw him again, and when he saw her, that she hadn't give a thought to the simple obstacles that would lie in her way. Besides that, this girl had insulted her!

She fought back the tears of confusion that threatened to spill from her wide black eyes. "Look," she nearly pleaded, "can't you just let him know I'm here? If he knows I'm here, I'm sure he'll-"

"Sorry," smirked the girl. She shook her head with brusque finality.

"You're not sorry at all!"

"Be that as it may," said the girl, turning crisply back to her electric typewriter.

"Be that as it may yourself, you disgusting bitch!" Brenda said, stepping quickly past the girl's desk and opening the door to Bob Reynolds' office before the girl could do anything to stop her.

"Hey! You can't go in there!" the receptionist shouted.

"Watch me!"

With the girl chasing her, Brenda burst into his office and saw him sitting at his large mahogany desk writing on a long yellow legal pad. The commotion made him glance up, puzzled, then agreeably shocked by the stunning beauty of this girl who had charged unannounced into his office.

"Goddamn you!" the receptionist hissed, grabbing Brenda by the shoulder. "Mr. Reynolds, this horrible little tramp just—"

"What!" Brenda shouted, jerking her shoulder away. The abrupt motion made her breasts sway and jiggle under the silky fabric of her shirt, and she saw Bob's eyes on them, saw the struggle for recognition in his eyes as he reluctantly tore them away from her breasts and looked at her face again.

"Now hold on a minute, Corinne," he said to the receptionist.

Brenda smiled at him. "Don't you recognize me?" she murmured.

Suddenly he grinned and nodded his head as if to acknowledge that life was stranger than he had ever thought. "Brenda Silas," he nearly whispered.

Hearing that, Brenda smiled even wider. She let her eyes bore into his, let the full throbbing sensuality of her desire for him pulsate in her hot gaze.

The secretary looked at the two of them as if they had suddenly gone crazy. Her voice showing a mixture of jealousy and anger, she shouted at them. "Mr. Reynolds, you're not going to let—"

But before she could finish, Bob Reynolds stopped her. "Corinne, go back to work. And shut the door behind you," he said calmly, never taking his eyes once from Brenda's.

"But Bob!" gasped the girl, unable to believe her ears. Her use of his first name was not lost on Brenda. Obviously the two of them were closer than boss and employee. Somehow the thought of how quickly he was going to send her from the office gave Brenda an additional thrill.

"Get out of here, Corinne!" he said, glowering at her so heatedly that without another whimper of protest she stomped to the door, went out, and slammed it behind her.


The sound of the slammed door still reverberating in his ears, Reynolds stood behind his desk staring with lustful disbelief at this stunning creature who had just forced her way into his office. Little Brenda Silas! The incredibly desire-able little jailbait nymph who had worked in the office as a summer file-clerk a couple of years ago. She had been only eighteen or eighteen at the time, and yet he could hardly be in the same room with her without wanting to rape her. And it had scared him. She had known how much he wanted her, and they had joked in sly, subtle ways about the mutual physical attraction they had. He had wanted to fuck her so badly that it had been one of the best and worst periods of his life, and he had breathed a deep sigh of relief mixed with loss when she had left the office to return to school.

But now she was back.

And what a way to come back! He didn't know what to say to her, and he was embarrassed because he couldn't keep his eyes from roaming up and down her incredible body. "Well. . . Brenda," he chuckled nervously. "What a surprise. Why don't you sit down." He motioned her to the chair beside his desk where clients usually sat.

He knew it had only taken her seconds to grasp the physical power she had over him by the way she slowly moved to the chair and sat down in it, crossing her long shapely bare legs seductively and subtly squirming her shoulders into the back of the chair so that her firm round breasts again moved under her shirt.

Reynolds couldn't believe his good fortune, although he knew his prick already believed it from the way it was swelling and thumping in his crotch. "It's. . . it's been a couple of years now, hasn't it?" he stammered on nervously. "I guess I really didn't expect to see you again."

Brenda's full lips pouted, and she grinned devilishly at him. "I thought you'd be glad to see me," she said.

"Oh, I am, I am," he grinned back, willing to play the game with her. "And if you don't mind my saying so, you're really something to see. You've really . .. grown up."

Brenda smiled and almost seemed to blush under his flattery. For the first time Reynolds realized that she was scared to death. It had taken all the boldness she had just to get his far, and she was apparently eager to leave the rest of it up to him. "I don't mind you saying it at all," she whispered shyly. "Today's my birthday. I'm eighteen." Her fingers fidgeted in her lap and she glanced down at them.

Holy fucking Christ! Reynolds thought. I'm her birthday present! While she was looking down at her lap his eyes once more raced over her lovely young body, and a hot demanding lust rushed through him. His desire for her was much stronger than the usual desire for a passing beautiful young girl, because it was reinforced by the memory of the constant lust he had felt for her two years ago.

"Congratulations," he murmured, unsure how to proceed. How sure was she of what she was doing?

Brenda had suddenly turned very shy and demure. "Thank you," she murmured back, her eyes suddenly frightened, but not with the kind of fear that would make her leave.

"Is ... is there some reason you came to see me on your birthday?" Reynolds asked her. "I mean, a job, something like that?"

"Oh... no," she said, shaking her head, the corners of her mouth again hinting at a grin she wouldn't allow to surface.

"I've got it. You just came back to let me see how beautiful you've become."

This time she smiled back at him without replying, a sensual pulsating smile that said she was his for the taking, only she didn't know how to get through the formal barriers and was leaving that up to him.

Well, I really don't know how to get past them either, Reynolds thought to himself. But I guess I have to try. He thought of standing up, pacing around the room, as if that might give him inspiration about how to proceed. But his cock was already so stiff in his pants that he didn't dare. The spectacle of his huge erection would embarrass them both. His blood was pounding so fiercely behind his ears and in his thundering cock that it wasn't very hard to throw caution to the winds.

"Brenda, why .. . don't you come over here and sit with me. You're so far away over there in that chair, it's ... hard to talk to you way over there."

She smiled warmly at this transparent invitation, visibly relieved that the initial barrier had been crossed. She got up of the chair and came over to him, and he swiveled his chair around in order to take her into his lap, opening his arms to her and feeling his hard penis nearly burst with happiness as her warm, curvaceous flesh settled against him.

One of her swelling hips pressed directly against his hard cock, and the sensation seemed to delight her nearly as much as it did him. "I'm not hurting you, am I?" she whispered, with a mischievous grin.

He shook his head. One of his arms was already around her shoulders, and it was all he could do to keep his other hand from immediately exploring her young body. "Brenda," he whispered, "you know this is a law office, don't you? It's a place of business. You used to work here, you know that. There are people coming in and out all the time. I have a partner, clerks, secretaries, appointments. Corinne is right outside the door. She already knows something's fishy."

Brenda nodded, wide-eyed, and lay her head gently on his shoulder, tracing invisible figures on his cheek with one long cool finger.

"You know how much I want you. How much I always wanted you."

She nodded again. "And you know why I came back," she murmured, her voice softly sensual.

Oh my god! Reynolds thought. I'm going to take her, I just know I'm going to take her, right now, no matter what the risks. I just can't stand it, I've never wanted anyone as much as I want this girl.

Her lips were only inches from his, and her kiss was a wet warm miracle of tenderness before the urgency both of them felt crept into their moving lips and coiling tongues. She began to pant and whimper softly even during the kiss, her body straining against him, and when his lips slid down her silky cheek to her warm neck and sculptured throat, she panted, "You don't know how long I've waited for this! You don't know, you don't know!"

No longer than I've waited for it, baby, Reynolds thought. Only I thought it would never happen. How can I turn it down now? You're amazing—your neck, your shoulders, your satiny skin. His lips explored the delicate bones of her throat while Brenda's fingers hastily undid the remaining buttons of her silk shirt.

She shivered with excitement as his hands skimmed the shirt off her bare shoulders and tossed it on the floor beside the chair. He caressed the shapely silken expanse of her long bare back, feeling her warm supple young flesh yield completely to him, feeling her back arch slightly, instinctively, as she offered her perfectly round and incredibly succulent breasts to his descending mouth.

His hands trailed around her narrow waist, up her taut midriff, and scooped up the two amazingly firm globes, squeezing them gently, bringing soft moans and sighs of pleasure to her lips. Her nipples were large, swollen plums, and when he took one into his mouth he felt her tremble with yearning. He sucked and tongued the distended blossom expertly, lovingly, feeling his cock swell and ache insistently against her hip, feeling the thick stem of her large nipple harden into long, rubbery erection against the wet, abrasive action of his tongue. Her frenzied fingers bit into his scalp as she pulled his working mouth into her breast, and already she was mewling and squirming with deep sexual longing.

"Ohhnnnnnn!" she moaned. "Ohhhnnnnnn ... oh god, suck ... sssssuck me, oh yessssss!"

Already the two of them were squirming together with such urgent desire that Reynolds' swivel-chair was rocking and shaking, threatening to spill them both on the floor. With the added strength of his lust, he scooped her whole quivering body up in his arms and carried her to the open space in the center of his office, then lowered her onto the rug on her back.

Her dark eyes swam with hot desire as he sank down beside her, again filling his eager hands with her marvelous breasts, pinching her plump swollen nipples between his thumbs and fingers as he drank her full wet mouth and sucked her probing tongue. Briefly he thought about locking the door, but her warm, supple, undulating body was such a miracle of beauty beneath him that he could do nothing but devour her more passionately by the second. -Straddling her shaking hips, he explored her naked upper body with his mouth, kneading the resilient silky flesh of her squirming torso and sucking her dark nipples alive and erect again, his quick hands unzipping her skirt as his mouth trailed down her heaving belly. She whimpered and writhed under his caresses, growing wilder with passion each second, panting and twisting so wantonly that he had to hold her quaking hips steady just to peel off her skirt and panties.

"Ohhhnnnn god, I love it," she whimpered. "I love what you're doing to me, I've . .. ahhnnnn ... oh, I've waited so long, oh yes, oh yes! You can do anything to me, Bob! Fuck me, eat me, take me, fuck me here . .. ohhhhhhh!"

Reynolds didn't want to take his hands and mouth off her long enough to remove his own clothes. But it wasn't going to be a slow fuck, he knew. That would have to wait until later. Their need for each other was so great that this would be a short blistering explosion. Aching for her voluptuous, writhing body, he looked into her melting, imploring eyes as he rapidly tore out of his shirt and pants. Her eyes widened as his long, twitching penis sprang into view, and she raised her arms to him, her face begging him, her silken thighs yawning open to reveal the glistening wet flower of her cunt.

Reynolds felt himself exploding with a lust more overpowering than anything he had ever felt before. He wanted to do more than fuck her, he wanted to devour and swallow her, but both of them were panting and trembling with a feverish passion that had to be satisfied immediately. "I want so much more of you, Brenda, so much more . .." he murmured to her as he crouched between her splayed shivering thighs, bringing the swollen head of his prick to within inches of her juicy cuntlips.

"Do it all to me, Bob. Do it all to me!" she panted. "Again and again and again! I want you to do everything to me. Oh god, honey, put it in me, pleeeeease!"

She was so wet and runny for him that his cock slid easily up into the tight squinchy sleeve of her warm pussy.

"Aahhhhnnnnnn!" she gasped ecstatically, biting her lower lip and tossing her head as the thick shaft of his cock penetrated her.

He scooped up her shoulders, mashing her beautiful naked breasts against his chest, and dug his .prick deep into her cunt, feeling her body shudder, hearing her emit a tiny sharp squeal of delight as she clamped her legs around his hips and began to buck softly upward with her groin into each of his piercing thrusts.

Reynolds wanted to fuck her slowly, wanted to milk every ounce of excruciating pleasure he could out of this miraculous event, but she was too much for him. She was primed and ready for him, her warm writhing body both yielding and urgent. Her cunt was so young and tight that it nearly pinched the hot burbling seed out of his probing cock each time he shoved it into her. The enormous, almost agonizing pleasure he was giving her showed on her beautiful face, and she winced and gasped with sharp delight each time she felt his prick plunge deep into her.

"Ohhnnn god, oh god, it's beautiful... unnhhh! Oh god, it's so good ..." she moaned, tossing her head and bucking her groin up into each thrust. Whimpering and mewling, her amazing body caught up in throbbing sexual pleasure, she gasped and panted into his ear, pausing to bite off a hot squeal deep in her throat when the delicious agony caused by his hard, surging prick became too much for her. Her words drove Reynolds insane with lust.

"Oh! Ohhhh! Bob, I... unh! unh! oh god yesssss! Bob, oh honey I've wanted you so much ... aaaooowwnnngggg! oh! oh!... oh baby I don't want it to stop ... don't let it stop . .. just fuck me . .. ohhnnn! oh! yessss! .. .just fuck me and fuck me forever, please! ... ohn! aannhhhiieee! unh! unh!"

Delirious with his own pleasure, his throbbing, plunging prick so close to eruption that he had to grit his teeth to try to prolong the joy for even a few seconds more, Reynolds was still aware that her uncontrollable whimpering and muffled squealing might soon become so audible that someone outside might hear. He sensed that when she came she would not be able to stop herself from screaming. And now that suspicion was confirmed by the almost incoherent words that came from her gasping and sighing mouth.