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For many the Japanese pornographic and artistic style of Guro is simply twisted and violent perversion derived from sick minds, but for 19 year old Emiko it is becoming an obsession. She loves the graphic images and depictions of sexual violence... and she soon discovers that others share her taste in art, sadistic Masters who would love to recreate some of the images they love... using her sexy young body as their canvas. Can this disturbed and submissive teen be coaxed into a life of perversion... or is she already there? Caution: Some readers may find the graphic nature and violence of this short story to be disturbing. Reader discretion is strongly advised.

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Dear Reader


Emiko's Guro Fetish

Anna Mann


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Chapter 1


The formal name was Ero Guro Nansensu.

It was something that Emiko knew existed, but she had never really been exposed to that particular genre of art. Japanese by birth she had emigrated with her parents when she had been little more than a toddler, so her culture had been British, she felt British, because it was the only home she'd ever known.

Petite, but with larger than average breasts the eighteen year old was the object of many fantasies. Shoulder length and jet black her hair framed her face to perfection, in fact Emiko was so cute that had her eyes been vastly bigger she could have passed as a living manga character. Slim, elegant and pretty she had an aura of innocence which kept many of her older admirers at bay, little did they know that living within her doll-like body was a fierce perversion that would make even a confirmed pervert blush!

It had all begun when she was researching a short story she had decided to write. Short of cash she had read online about how some people were claiming to make a fortune out of writing romance and erotica.

I could do that she thought as she turned her imagination towards the romance she liked to read herself.

Erotica sells better. It was stated as a fact in the next article she read, and her mind diverted.

The next question she needed to address was the niche. Fetish, straight, gay, taboo, BDSM, interracial?

“I really don't know.” She had whispered.

Interracial was a given because she had decided to model the lead protagonist on herself.

But what am I going to do in my story… or rather, what's going to be done to me?

“BDSM,” she stated as she typed a query into her laptop. In a way it seemed natural because like so many other Japanese girls, she knew that submissive tendencies lived within her.

“So okay, a cute, young Asian girl is the focus, and she's submissive. So what happens to her?”


Images appeared on her screen that made Emiko shiver as her nipples hardened inside her bra. Girls tied with ropes, girls suspended, the images both artistic and arousing.

I'd like to try that. Emiko giggled softly as she enlarged an image that depicted a girl with similar sized breasts to her own bound with twisted hemp ropes, the full boobs tied tightly making them swell, the rope also cutting between the girls hairy pussy lips creating a deep camel toe. I'd really like to try that she added as she closed her eyes and imagined how it would feel to be so tightly restrained.

Damn, I'm wet. The slightest of touches confirmed that her white panties were more than a little damp. I need to see more.

The next image was blurred, but from what she could make out of the jumble of mosaic pixels the girl featured was possibly hanging from ropes wound around her chest.

Not her chest Emiko gasped, it was suddenly clear in her mind even if still frustratingly blurred on the screen. She's hanging by her breasts!

Quickly she clicked the thumbnail and a sign-up screen appeared. And I'll join