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While bored in a business meeting, Henry gets a text from the woman he can't get out of his head. The message is a shot of her thick thighs and a brief sentence informing him that she just got out of the spa, where she got waxed completely bare."Want to get first licks?"What comes next is a tense tale of waiting and wanting and finally delicious satisfaction.This story contains explicit depictions of oral sex, female domination, and facesitting/queening.

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Greedy Queen

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Writing Dirty Press

Henry got Marisol’s text message just as his lunch meeting started.

On the little screen of his phone was a picture of her thick thighs, just barely covered by a pretty summer dress.

“Just got out of the spa. Waxed completely bare,” she wrote.

He went to reply so quickly he almost dropped his phone.

“You should come over. I’m not busy, I can leave the office in a half an hour,” he typed.

Looking up from his phone, Henry scanned the packed conference room and remembered how very busy he actually was, but that didn’t matter.

One wall of the conference room was illuminated by a projection of a pie chart and the rest of the room was dark. He hoped no one would notice him looking at his phone under the table as the next text came.

“You would leave work just to see what’s under here?” she wrote, followed by another shot of her lap, this time with the dress pulled up to show just a sliver of the pink of her panties.

Everyone at the conference table looked at Henry as he coughed and stood up abruptly.

“Everyone, I’m really sorry, but I just got a text about a- um- family emergency. So I’ve got to run. Dave, you’ve got this presentation covered anyhow,” he lied.

Luckily, he almost never left work early. No one said a thing except for hoping that everything was alright with his family.

He grabbed his jacket and his bag and nearly tripped on his way to the elevator.