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Great Danes Bible And The Great Dane is your definitive and proven Great Danes Guide and will be your trusted resource for life with this magnificent breed! Everything is covered: from Great Dane Puppies, Great Dane Dogs, Great Dane Training, Great Dane Breeders, Great Dane History, Great Dane Health, Great Dane Sizes (How Big Do They Really Get?), Great Danes Mixes, Great Dane Breeders & How to Pick the Best (While Avoiding The Worst!), Bringing Your Great Dane Home, Great Dane Adults and Life Stages, Great Danes Nutrition (What you MUST Know), Great Dane Temperament, and all the proven INSIDER tips You’ll need to have the very best experience with your Great Dane!The Great Dane is a legendary companion and extremely rewarding breed, which is also quite unique, as you will learn within. Everything is covered from Great Dane breed history, finding the best Great Dane for your particular household, Great Dane Puppies and how to pick the best (while avoiding those that aren't right for you)!Great Dane Prices- what can you expect to pay? Great Dane Care (are there any special concerns?) and keeping your Vizsla healthy for life, is all covered within. Great Dane color variations and what the secrets they may hold for your Dane's health, are revealed within.Importantly- Great Dane life stages are covered from Great Dane Adolescence, through to Great Dane Adulthood and how to maximize each stage along the way. How to care for your Great Dane in old age, and even how to slow down the process! Mark Manfield covers in detail Great Dane Vaccinations, Great Dane Size, Lifespan, and much, much more - this is unmissable insider info!Whether you are considering a Great Dane for the first time, or a seasoned Great Dane owner and lover, the tricks and tips within this guide will prove invaluable. This book is the must-have guide for anyone passionate about the Great Dane! The book is written in an easy to read and understandable style. In a straight forward, no-nonsense fashion, Mark Manfield illuustrates vividly all aspects of your life with your Great Dane and the journey you're about to take together!"My Great Danes are truly gentle giants in my life and this guide has helped me ensure my dogs are extremely healthy and happy - thank you!" Rhonda Dusenbery, Charlotte, NC."Great Dane Bible thank you - it's become my trusted Great Danes guide, the tips are really helpful and the photos are beautiful." Donna Stilton, Melbourne Australia“Great Danes Bible And The Great Dane is really a well thought out and comprehensive guide to the breed. I use it all the time for a reference and it's quite a fun read too." Chris Topaki, Minneapolis, MN."Top Class Guide to Great Danes, you can't go wrong!"- James Silson, Phoenix, AZ.

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1 – History of The Great Dane

What is the History and Background of The Great Dane?

What Were Great Danes Bred For?

Great Dane Dogs In Popular Culture

Great Dane Records – World’s Largest and Tallest Great Dane

European Great Dane and American Great Dane – What’s the Difference?

Chapter 2 – What Do You Need to Know About the Great Dane? Great Danes 101

Great Danes As Pets – Who Are They Suited For?

Purebred Great Dane Standards

Great Dane Dog General Appearance

What Does a Full Grown Great Dane Look Like?

Great Dane Full Size – How Large Can They Get?

Great Dane Average Weight – How Heavy Do They Get?

Are Great Danes Rare?

Great Dane Tails

Great Dane Ears

Great Dane Cropped Ears

Great Dane Coats

Different Great Dane Colors

Other Great Dane Solid Coat Colors

White Great Danes

White Great Dane Puppies

Brown Great Danes

Brown Great Dane Puppies

Different Great Dane Coats with Markings

Mantle Great Danes

Mantle Great Dane Puppies

Harlequin Great Danes

Harlequin Great Dane Puppies

Brindle Great Danes

Brindle Great Dane Puppies

Other Great Dane coats with markings that are not recognized by the AKC

Merle Great Danes

Merle Great Dane Puppies

What Is the Great Dane Temperament?

What Do You Need to Know About Great Dane Behavior?

Great Dane Life Expectancy – How Long Will the Great Dane Live with You?

Great Dane Guard Dog – Is This the Right Breed for The Job?

Great Dane Show Dogs – How Can You Maintain Them?

Great Dane Hunting – Can This Breed Be Your Hunting Companion?

Is the Great Dane The Best Dog for Your Family?

Do the Great Dane And Children Get Along?

Getting Along with Other Pets – Great Danes and Cats

Popular Great Dane Puppy Names

Chapter 3 – Great Dane Supplies – What Do You Need?

Great Dane Dog Food – What Is the Best Food for Great Danes And What Should You Consider When Buying It?

Great Dane Puppy Food – What Should You Get for This Age?

Great Dane Dog Beds – Which Are the Best Ones to Make Your Dog Comfortable?

Great Dane Dog Collars– How Can You Find One That Fits Perfectly?

Great Dane Leashes – What Are the Ideal Types and Lengths?

Great Dane Harnesses – When Should You Use a Harness?

Great Dane Dog Kennels – What Is the Best Size?

Great Dane Crate – What Is the Best Size?

Great Dane Trailers – What Is the Best Size?

Great Dane Dog Shampoo – What Is the Best Type?

Great Dane Brushes – Which Type to Choose?

Great Dane Dog Houses – How Big Should They Be, and Which Features Should They Have?

Great Dane Dog Toys – What Are Fun and Stimulating Items for Your Dog?

Great Dane Puppy Toys – Which Are Appropriate?

Great Dane Treats – Which Are Safe For Your Dog?

Great Dane Muzzles – How Can You Find One That Fits Your Dog?

Great Dane Saddles – Should You Let Your Dog Wear One?

Chapter 4 – Great Dane Training – How Do You Get Started and Succeed?

What Are the Things You Need for Great Dane Training?

Great Dane Training Leash

Great Dane Training Harness

Great Dane Dog Treats – Which Are the Best Ones for Positive Reinforcement?

How to Train a Great Dane – What Skills Must It Learn?

How to Deal with Negative Great Dane Behavior

Aggressive Great Danes – Are They a Concern?

Excessive Great Dane Barking

Training for Great Dane Socialization

Can Great Danes Swim? How Can You Train Your Dog to Do So?

Great Dane Shock Collar – Does Your Dog Need It for Training?

Chapter 5 – Great Dane Puppies and Great Dane Adults for Sale

Adult Great Dane Price – How Much Is?

Great Dane Price Ranges – What Should You Expect?

Buying a Great Dane – What Are the Things You Should Avoid?

Great Dane Puppies – Where Should You Look for One?

Buying A Great Dane Puppy – What Are the Questions to Ask?

Chapter 6 – Great Dane Breeding – What Are the Important Things to Keep in Mind?

Great Dane Breeders – What Are the Signs You Should Know of a Responsible One?

Female Great Dane - How Can You Prepare Her for Breeding?

Male Great Dane – How Can You Prepare Him for Breeding?

Great Dane Stud – How Can You Take Care, And Look for One?

New Born Pups – What to Feed a Great Dane Puppy?

Chapter 7 – Great Dane Adoption – What Are the Crucial Things to Consider?

Great Dane Rescue – What Happened to These Dogs?

Great Dane Puppy Rescue – How to Take Care of a Rescued Dog?

Great Dane Rescue Locations

Great Danes For Adoption Near Me – Where Can I Find Them?

Great Dane Rescue – How Can You Help?

Chapter 8 – Living with Your Great Dane

Great Dane Savvy Owner – How Can You Become One?

Great Dane Puppies – How Can You Prepare Your Home for Them?

Great Dane Dog Cages– Are They a Good Idea?

Great Dane Kennels – Do You Need One for Your Dog?

Great Dane Dog House – Where to Place It If You Get One?

Great Dane Dog Beds – Where Are the Best Places to Put Them?

Great Dane Dog Door – What Is the Ideal Size?

Great Dane Dog Gates – Does Your House Need One?

Should You Allow Your Dog to Lay on the Couch?

Chapter 9 – Great Dane Health – What Should You Know?

Great Dane Health Concerns – What Are the Common Problems for This Breed?

Wobblers Great Dane – What Are the Symptoms?

Great Dane Bloat – What Are the Signs Your Dog Is Experiencing This?

Great Dane Vaccinations – Which Should Your Dog Get?

Great Dane Vitamins – Which Should You Give Your Dog?

Great Dane Weight – How Can You Keep It in a Healthy Range?

Great Dane Growth Chart – How Can This Help You?

Great Dane Diet and Nutrition – How Can You Maintain Your Dog’s Healthy Food Intake?

Chapter 10 – Great Dane Care– How Can You Take Care of This Breed?

Great Dane Care – What Do You Need to Know?

Raising A Great Dane – Do You Have What It Takes?

Great Dane Puppy Care – What Are the Important Things to Remember?

Great Dane Running – Is This the Exercise It Needs?

Great Dane Shedding – How Can You Manage It?

Great Dane Grooming – What Should You Keep in Mind?

Chapter 11 – Great Dane Mixes– What Are the Different Mixed Breeds That Exist?

Great Dane Mastiff

Great Dane Rottweiler Mix

Great Dane Poodle Mix

Labrador Great Dane Mix

Dalmatian Great Dane

Great Dane Hound Mix

German Great Dane

Great Dane Mix Puppies

Chapter 12 – Other Great Dane Information You Need to Know

Miniature Great Danes – What Are Their Characteristics?

Teacup Great Danes – Do They Exist?

Long Haired Great Danes – Do They Exist?

Great Dane Clubs – What Are the Criteria They Look For?

Great Dane Competitions – What Are the Different Kinds and How You Can Enter Your Dog?

Chapter 13 – Conclusion

Bonus Chapter – Your Trusted Great Dane Resource List


Giant, tall, and massive … the Great Dane usually comes first to mind, when you think of a dog with these characteristics. They are one of the tallest and largest dog breeds in the world, and they always have a place in this category of world records. It is known as the “Apollo of Dogs” because of its sturdy but elegant stature. Despite its intimidating size, these dogs are calm and have a mild temperament. In fact, they are fondly known as gentle giants.

Giant, tall, and massive … the Great Dane usually comes first to mind when you think of a dog with these characteristics.

The American Kennel Club describes the Great Dane as having a combination of a “regal, dignified, strong, and elegant appearance. Its body is well-formed, smooth, and muscled. It doesn’t appear clumsy when it walks; the Great Dane’s gait is graceful, thanks to its proportionately long legs. Its neck is long and graceful, and on top of it is a massive head, which is long and narrow.” Their paws are massive and as big as a man’s hand!

The Great Dane has been popularly known as a house companion, but you would be surprised to find out that it was originally bred to be a hunting and working dog. Many historical murals, as early as the 13th century, depict large boarhounds that look similar to the Great Dane. Around the 16th to the 17th century, they became companions to their noble owners who hunted bear, boar, and deer.

It is a great family dog and is gentle and playful with children. Its hunting instincts have been bred out through generations, and they rarely show aggressive behavior. It is essential, however, to socialize the Great Dane while it is still young. Doing this early on will train it not to react to strangers and to new environments negatively. Even though it has a peaceful demeanor, it will not hesitate to keep its guard up and defend its pack.

Despite its large build, the Great Dane is susceptible to a lot of health conditions. Surprisingly, they are one of the dog breeds that have the shortest lifespan. The average lifespan of the Great Dane is only 7 years, while other dogs can live up to 15 years. Among the health conditions, you need to watch out for is wobbler syndrome and bloat, which can be fatal for your Great Dane if not attended to immediately.

Because of its size, you need to provide it with ample space to move around. This dog is not ideal for small living spaces, such as apartments, where it does not have much room to stretch out its legs. You may find yourself picking over things that have fallen because your Great Dane keeps on knocking them over with its tail.

The Great Dane is statuesque and is considered as a luxury dog breed. Indeed, this dog never fails to inspire awe from anyone who is fortunate enough to see one!


History of The Great Dane

Illustrations depicting dogs that look similar to the Great Dane already appeared as early as 3000 B.C. These figures were found in various locations, such as in Egypt and Greece. During ancient times, these dogs were known as boarhounds and were the favored companions of hunters because of their size, agility, and strength.

The Great Dane has been popularly known as a house companion, but you would be surprised to find out that it was originally bred to be a hunting and working dog.

Despite the word “Dane” in its name, the Great Dane did not hail from Denmark. In fact, this dog breed largely proliferated in Germany and Austria and was called Englischer Hund. Its origins can be traced back to the cross-breeding of the English Mastiff and Irish Wolfhounds. They were regarded as luxury dogs and even shared sleeping quarters with their owners who were nobles and royalty.

What is the History and Background of The Great Dane?

No information states the exact age of the Great Dane. However, they have been around for thousands of years. Illustrations of dogs that is similar to the Great Dane were seen in Egyptian monuments dating back to 3000 B.C. In the 14th to 13th centuries B.C., canines that resemble the Great Dane were already depicted in frescoes in ancient Greece, specifically in Tiryns. These dogs were known as boarhounds and were seen centuries up to the Hellenistic era. From the 5th