Goosebumps: One Day at Horrorland - R.L. Stine - książka

Goosebumps: One Day at Horrorland książka papierowa

R.L. Stine


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Czas wysyłki: 1-2 dni robocze + czas dostawy


They're baa-ack! Make way for the bestselling children's series of
all time! With a fresh new look, GOOSEBUMPS is set to scare a whole
new generation of kids. So reader beware--you're in for a scare!

Werewolf Village. The Doom Slide. The Coffin Cruise. These are just
a few of the terrifying attractions that await Luke and Lizzy
Morris at HorrorLand. Step right up and join the Morris family as
they ride each ride - and scream each scream - for the very first
time. . .

Because it might also be their last.

Liczba stron: 144

Format (wymiary): 13.7x20.1cm

ISBN: 9781407157450