Going Fishing with Daddy - Trisha Treat - ebook

Amy was going to be leaving for college soon, and was distraught at the lack of attention her Daddy had been paying her lately. She had been begging her Daddy to take her on one last fishing trip before she left, and when he finally agreed, she was ecstatic. But Daddy had other things in mind for this trip, and as soon as he got her alone in the woods, he planned to give her all the attention she could want, starting by roughly taking her virginity!EXCERPT:"Daddy, what are you doing?" I murmured between kisses. The way he was kissing me was making my pussy wet, and I could feel it starting to soak my panties."Hush, Amy, you know this is what you wanted me to come in here and do. Dancing around naked like that!" His voiced sounded gruff now. He continued roughly kissing me, then his big hands started groping my tits, making my nipples rock hard. He noticed this, and pinched my nipples between his fingers. Nobody had ever done that to me before, and it felt wonderful. I felt warmth growing in my belly that expanded to envelope my clit in throbbing heat.

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Going Fishing With Daddy


Trisha Treat

Copyright 2016 Trisha Treat

This work of fiction is intended for adult audiences only. All characters represented therein are aged 18 years or older and any resemblance to actual persons or events is purely coincidental. Cover model has no affiliation with the publisher, author, or contents represented therein. This work is the property of Trisha Treat and may not be reproduced.

“Daddy, why don’t you ever take me fishing?” I looked at him with my best puppy dog eyes. “I’ll be going away to college next month, and then you’ll wish you would have spent more time with me!”

Daddy and my brother Josh had just gotten home from another fishing trip, the umpteenth one this summer. They were laughing and joking, and looked like they had had a great afternoon while I had sat in the house all by myself today, experimenting with my makeup and looking at magazines.

“You’re a girl! That’s why!” My younger brother danced around me, and poked me obnoxiously.

“So! That doesn’t mean I don’t like fishing!” Well, that was actually a lie. I didn’t actually like fishing at all, but I wanted to spend time with my Daddy before I left, and all he liked doing were manly things like hunting and fishing and watching sports. I knew that if I wanted his attention, I’d have to meet him on his own playing field.

“Tell you what, baby girl,” my dad interjected, “next time I go out, I’ll take you. Just you and me, how’s that sound?”

“Dad! She doesn’t even like fishing! How is she even going to hike down to the lake, wearing those stupid heeled shoes she always wears now?” Josh was being a pain. I stuck my tongue out at him.