Giving It All To Jamal - Aaliyah Jackson - ebook

Giving It All To Jamal: DefloweredJamal is ripped, sexy, and popular... but losing your virginity only happens once, and it needs to be special. Sometimes things don't work out as planned, as Annabelle finds out as she finds herself giving in to her desires and losing it at a crowded house party!

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Giving It All To Jamal

Aaliyah Jackson

Table of Contents

Title Page

Giving It All To Jamal

"So much for solidarity and sisterhood," Annabelle muttered, throwing back the last of her drink and crumpling the cheap plastic cup bitterly. She looked around the crowded living room, filled with dancing, shrieking, making out college students and suddenly felt remarkably out of place. When she had agreed to come to this stupid fraternity party with her sorority sisters it was because she thought she would at least have some company. But no sooner had they stepped foot inside the house than all of her friends had disappeared, chasing their latest flames, leaving her alone and feeling quite betrayed.

There was a couple making out and breathing heavily beside her and Annabelle wrinkled her nose at the closeness of them before quickly hightailing it out of room and onto the front porch. It was much quieter out here and blessedly cool and she leant against the roof posts, just watching the students milling around in the yard, talking and drinking.

It wasn't that she didn't like parties; she loved parties as much as the next person, but she suspected her sisters had an alternative motive for bringing her here. Ever since they found out that she was still a virgin they had been dragging her to every kegger and social event, as though her cherry was something just waiting to be popped at the nearest opportunity. Annabelle barely even blushed at the thought anymore. She wasn't exactly shy or anything, the opportunity had just never presented itself before and now she felt like she was under so much pressure.

Christ, she should never have told anyone, let alone a bunch of gossipy, prying college girls. Maybe she could just lie and say that she'd done it with someone tonight and then maybe they'd leave her alone.

She smiled and waved at a couple of guys from her Geo-Politics class who called out to her from the sidewalk, not feeling like going over and talking. She was honestly having trouble looking at guys now and not seeing them as conveniently walking penises with which to throw herself on and get the whole virgin thing over and done with.

"You look like you're at a funeral instead of a party."

The deep baritone broke through her self deprecating thoughts and Annabelle looked up to see one of the guys she waved to had broken away from his friends and come over to her whilst she was lost in her own world. He climbed the steps of the porch and stood next to her, leaning against the rail of the porch.