Giving Into The Gladiator: Erotic History - Elle London - ebook

Giving Into The GladiatorWhen Marissa gets a job working at the colosseum, she settles in for another boring job washing bloody towels and scrubbing the floors. Little does she know that on her very first day she'll have to tend to an incredibly muscular and talented Gladiator, who wastes no time in getting to know her personally.  A gladiator has to live each day like it's his last and seize every opportunity, and he wastes no time in taking Marissa in the most extreme way.

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Giving Into The Gladiator


Elle London

Table of Contents

Title Page

Giving Into The Gladiator: Erotic History

“We are looking for a few women that can do whatever is needed from them.  This means nursing tasks, stock, and anything else.  Will that work for you?”

I was so relieved that I could just simply nod.  I had been looking for a job for the past month and nothing seemed to be going right.  “When should I start?”  I asked, feeling so excited to be able to say the words.

“How about today?”

I am sure my eyes had gotten bigger.  I didn’t know that this would be a job that was filling up so quickly.  I had thought I would have an interview and then be stuck in limbo, waiting until finally I learned my fate.  “Today?”  That would be awesome.  I jumped up, barely able to control myself.  If it wasn’t for the desk between us I could have possibly kissed him.  “Thank you so much!”  Instead of a kiss, I opted for a shake of the hand.

“You are welcome.”  He replied with a curt smile.  “Go see if Roberta has anything for you to do.”

“Will do!”  I walked out of the room and nearly ran smack dab into a waiting man.  My eyes got big.  He was handsome and strong.  His body was totally mesmerizing, but what caught me off guard was the fact that he was looking me up and down like I was the prize possession.  “Excuse me,” I mumbled, pushing past him.

“What?  No hello?” He asked, yelling after me.

I turned around, but kept walking.  “Hello.”  I yelled.

I could see his smirk from even as far away as I was.  I then turned back around and thought about my job.  I was going to have a great one, I thought, as I rounded a corner and saw another woman.  She appeared to be busy with working on cleaning up a room.  She looked up and smiled, “Hey!”

“H...hello,” I stammered.

I looked down at her, imagining how I would mimic her movements if I was the one to have to do it.  “Are you just starting?” she asked, eyeing me carefully.

I nodded, “Yes!  My name is Marissa.  He asked me to follow you, just until I get my lay of the land.”

“Hello, Marissa.  I’m Roberta and it’s nice to meet you.  Right now, I am just folding these towels to file in a cupboard.  Feel free to grab some more.”  I walked over and grabbed some towels and began folding them, just like she had showed me.  That seemed easy enough.  “Good.” She smiled and then hesitated.  “So, do you like Gladiator fighting?”

I shrugged, “Never really seen it before.”

She laughed, “Well, you will definitely get your opportunity today.  Two Gladiators are fighting and it is going to be a great showdown.”

I smiled, “Do people get attached to these performances?” I asked in shock.

“Hey, if you haven’t seen on...don’t knock it.”

I stepped back and waited for her to put her towels away.  “I just didn’t think things like this really happened.”