Giving Into My White, Gay Boss - Michael Johnson - ebook

Giving Into My White, Gay BossWhen Terrel moves to New York to be with his boyfriend Luther and is dumped on his very first day, it seems like his life is over. He soon finds out just how fast his life can change when he is spotted by Mr. Ellison, the elusive billionaire who is about to make him an offer he can't refuse...

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Giving Into My White Gay Boss


Michael Johnson

Table of Contents

Title Page

Giving Into My White, Gay Boss

Terrell took a long drag of his cigarette before flicking it into the gutter. He wasn’t used to the weather in New York, and he tightened his scarf around his neck as he stood outside in the freezing cold, waiting for his boyfriend to walk out of the store he worked in. He had driven almost 1,000 miles to get to New York to move in with him, and now he was taking his sweet ass time to come down and get him.

Sighing loudly, he reached for his phone to call him for the third time, but quickly put it away as he saw him walk out the front door.

“Luther!” He said excitedly, running forward to give him a hug. He hugged him back, but for some reason he didn’t look happy. Terrell let go of him and went up to kiss him, but he turned his head slightly to avoid his kiss. Feeling a strange sensation overcome his as he looked into his eyes, he took his hands off him.

“Luther? What’s the deal?” Luther looked around, as if trying to find some sort of excuse to leave. He sighed deeply and put his hands together, and opened his mouth to speak before closing it again. Terrell was about to burst.


Finally, he spoke up. “I’m sorry Terrell, I know you came all the way out here for me but there’s something I have to tell you. I thought I could keep it a secret, but he got your number out of my phone and threatened to call if I didn’t tell you...”

I felt like I had been punched in the stomach, and all the air was knocked out of me.

“Tell me what.”

“I... I made a mistake. I’ve been seeing another man for the past 3 months.”

Feeling dizzy, Terrell stared at him in complete and utter shock.

“You made a mistake? A three month long mistake?”

He couldn’t look him in the eye, instead staring at the ground dejectedly. Terrell felt hot tears sting his eyes as he tried to stop from breaking down completely.

“Why did you let me come all the way to New York to tell me? I’ve already paid a down payment on an apartment you dumb motherfucker! Fuck!”

He reached out and slapped Luther across the face, before his emotions overwhelmed his and he started crying uncontrollably. Luther reached out a hand to comfort him, but Terrell pushed him away violently.

“Get off me! What the fuck is wrong with you!”

Turning around, Terrell ran off down the street as fast as he could, not knowing where he was going or what he would do. He ignored the judging stares of other people as he ran, only stopping after several minutes had passed and he was completely out of breath. Eventually his legs faltered and he leaned up against a coffee shop, drying the tears out of his eyes with his scarf.

Taking deep, shuddering breaths he managed to calm himself down. He couldn’t believe that Luther could be so selfish! While he was working hard every day to save up enough money to make it to New York, he had been fucking who knows how many other guys. Terrell didn’t know a single person in New York, and he didn’t have a job lined up. He stood outside for what felt like hours, staring off into the distance as he desperately tried to think of how he would put the broken pieces of his life back together.