Giving A Sample To The Gay Nurse - Christopher Fetish - ebook

Giving A Sample To The Gay NurseWhen Paolo needs to give a sperm sample, the last thing he expects is a hot young man coming to collect it...

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Giving A Sample To The Gay Nurse

Christopher Fetish

Table of Contents

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Giving A Sample To The Gay Nurse

Paolo was almost relieved when the clinic told him he could only come in between the hours of 8am and 4pm. In his job as a quarry and mining safety officer he needed to be onsite everyday by at least 5am and the drive out to each location was usually more than an hour's drive. Nowhere near enough time to wank off into a plastic cup under the best circumstances and still turn up for work.

Christ, just the thought of it had him clenching the phone in mortification, even though the receptionist on the other end had long since hung up. Being gay he thought he’d never have to worry about fertility or sperm samples, but when his lesbian friend asked him for his sperm for an IVF treatment, he couldn’t turn down her down.

His husband had given him an extra-long kiss in the morning and playfully grabbed his cock while wishing him good luck, but now as the time was approaching it seemed less and less funny. But it was all for his good friend.

It didn't stop the sense of relief he felt when the receptionist at the clinic told him their limited operating hours. He thanked her and was about to hang up when he cut him off quickly, happily informing him that in his instance it could be arranged for someone to come out to his house and take a sperm sample there.

Paolo didn't know what to think. Providing a sample of his semen for a complete stranger in his own house? It felt oddly exhibitionist. And what about the neighbours? Would this 'person' they were sending drive up to the house in a car with their services on the side so that the neighbours all knew his situation? Oh, Christ.

The receptionist must have sensed his unease because he was quick to assure him that their in home service was very discreet and wholly professional. In fact, he said, many people who could afford it these days chose to have medical practitioners in all fields attend them in the comfort of their own homes. Paolo fancied that Johnny Depp wasn't paying for doctors and nurses to come over and wank him off but he tactfully chose to keep that thought to himself. They were only trying to help, after all. And doing a better job than he was, so far. With a sigh he agreed to have them send someone around for a small added out-service fee the next day after he got home from work.

When he told his husband he laughed. Despite his nervousness and self-conscious hesitation he found himself responding passionately and they spent the rest of the night in bed where he joked about 'wringing him dry' and leaving him with nothing for the sample tomorrow.

The next day seemed to pass far too quickly for Paolo and when he got home his husband was just pulling on his shoes and picking up his suitcase. He kissed him softly and ran a reassuring hand through his dark, thick curls.

"Now, are you sure you don't want me to stay with you?"