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After a successful career as a stripper, Susie finds that she has a knack for being a porn actress. Her parents not only approve of her new endeavor, it inspires them to become a part of her love-life. After introducing them to her good friends Gina and Michael, a foursome is in the works. The two sailor sons of her director, Lucy, will come home from sea duty to find a myriad of sexual action.~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~After arriving home at about ten o'clock in that evening, James excused himself and his brother to dress more comfortably. They emerged from their familiar old bedrooms where they had parked their luggage each wearing shorts, T-shirts and thongs. Lucy was sitting on the sofa in waiting and still wearing the short skirt with her legs crossed in that way that makes a woman look enticing. The skirt was hiked up to the point that the  garter-belt straps holding her black nylons were visible along with a few inches of the smooth, bare skin of each of her shapely thighs. She was  not intentionally trying to catch their eyes, but nevertheless, she enjoyed their glancing at her sexy legs and breast cleavage. After inviting her boys to sit beside her to chat, they thanked her for a wonderful evening. They accepted her offer of a glass of white wine and after slowly slipping the first glass, James and Ralph were telling exaggerated stories of their activities at various ports of call in Japan, South Korea and the Philippines. After Lucy had finished her second glass of wine, her boys had just barely drank their fist. Realizing that they were already relaxed and slightly tipsy, she severed their second glasses of wine over crushed ice. They cracked a few ribald jokes and Lucy was very amused by their slurring of words. Suddenly, it was obvious to Lucy that her sons were not serious drinkers.Neither James nor Ralph cold speak very clearly but with inhibitions being relaxed by the wine, they managed to express a desire to hear about her work in the porn industry. She said that all was going well but did not discuss in detail her incest productions. When James asked who her favorite star was, she talked about Susie Swan.Seeing that he two sons could probably not handle another full glass of wine, Lucy simply freshen their drinks. In an effort to make his speech as clear as possible, James asked, “Do you have a DVD handy of this Susie Swan?”“Well, okay, I guess we could watch a little porn together,” she responded, but then she noticed that Ralph appeared to be passed out with his head on her shoulder. “It looks like your little brother is going to miss out.”Lucy and James moved from the sofa to let Ralph sleep all stretched out in comfort and adjusted the love seat to watch the video together. After setting up the DVD player and sitting back down, James felt compelled to say, “Mom, I could look at your beautiful legs all day long.”“Be my guest, dear son,” Lucy responded in appreciation of the compliment. She was both surprised and pleased with James' comment and the thought that there was an underlying meaning to it momentarily crossed her mind. The idea quickly passed as she thought, My two boys have been out to see for too long and they are just not real drinkers. After less than three small glasses of wine, one is passed out and the other one has a buzz.As Lucy and James were watching the movie, she said, “This one has my number one star, Susie Swan that you requested.”

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Gina's Forbidden Desires 3

By Houston Cei

Cover by Moira Nelligar

Copyright © 2017 by Houston Cei

All rights reserved.

No Pat of this book may be reprinted without permission from the author.

~~ All characters in this book are over 18. ~~

The following story is entirely of the author's imagination. All events and characters are fictional. Any similarities to actual events or real persons, living or dead, is coincidental. Gina's Forbidden Desires 3 was originally released as an eBook entitled Taboo Family 3

Chapter 1: The Passion of Susie Swan

When the angels passed out good luck, it seems that they bestowed a double portion upon Susie Swan. In grammar school she was not only a star student, she was also a star in the school plays. She became accustomed to being chosen for a lead role and did her best to develop her characterization as opposed to simply regurgitating the lines. When her parents noticed that she also seemed to have a natural gift for dancing, she was enrolled in a dance studio for children.

Susie did not have to crack very many textbooks in high school; simply paying attention to lectures in class and participating in discussions was enough to score her a 4.0 GPA. She never thought of herself as a genius or even studious, but nevertheless, even homework was not a serious challenge.

Because high school, including her homework, came so easily to Susie, she found that she had plenty of spare time on her hands. She had so many admirers to choose from that she decided to take no particular one of them seriously. After a date, a simple kiss good-night was the best any boy could hope for.

During her ballet classes, one of her instructors had told her that she had the gift to be a professional but that it would still take a lot of hard work. Susie reach a level far beyond just “very good” but short of becoming a professional ballerina. As the last semester of her senior year of high school was fast approaching, Susie heard much rhetoric about the importance of a college education verses going out into world and getting experience; Susie chose the latter. Even after counseling, she could not settle on an academic direction to pursue a career so she was ready to “go out in the world” as she had heard it put.

During her last semester, her start in search of experience was in the “help wanted” section of the newspaper where she found an establishment looking for dancers. It was not exactly in the nicest part of town, but it proved to be the easiest place to start. To her surpise it was a strip club where girls did exotic pole dances wearing thong bikinis the tops of which came off at some point during the dance. The patrons were allowed to fondle the bare breasts and stuff their tips in the bikini bottoms. The dancers were encouraged to make physical contact just to the point of letting the customers penetrate their vaginas with their fingers. If a man exposed his penis, he was quickly escorted outside by the bouncer.

Susie had a cute baby-doll face with big brown eyes and a pony-tail. She stood 5’ 1” and as is often the case with short girls she had developed early and was quite shapely by the age of eighteen. Because the club did not serve alcoholic beverages, Susie met the minimum age requirement. The audition went well and she was hired.

Susie learned fast why this particular club was the easiest place to get a start as a dancer. The manager seemed to hire the girls more for their looks than talent, thus Susie could showcase her dancing moves and she easily over-shadowed the other girls. She was the featured dancer more often than the others and brought in the most money in tips. After only three months of employment, one of the club’s veteran dancers said, “Susie, you’re too damn good for this place. You get more attention than any of us and I’m not trying to push you out but you deserve better.”

With the guidance of her fellow dancer, Susie found a better job. She was very close to her parents and they trusted her judgment to make her own decisions but she was in no hurry to disclose the nature of her work. After a month of employment in her second club where she was getting in more hours, her parents could not help but notice that she was spending more evenings out, but they were liberal-minded and allowed her space. They accepted her being of legal age and when she told them that she had finally decided not to go to college, they offered to help her in any direction she chose. Mr. and Mrs. Swan had no other children and over the years that did not bother them. Susie was their “baby” and they loved her dearly and showered her with attention.

Shortly after graduation, Susie found the courage to tell her parents about the direction she had taken in life. Her father was a handsome, professional gentleman and her mother was a voluptuous homemaker. They were in their early forties and from the stories they told, it appeared to Susie that her parents had experienced more than their share of the exciting night life.

One particular evening Susie approached her parents after dinner to say, “Mom, Dad, I’m an exotic dancer.”

Mr. and Mrs. Swan looked each other in the face and after a short silence, her father asked, “So is this why we haven’t seen so much of you in the evenings?”

Susie went on to explain how it started and when she told how much money she was making, Mr. Swan said jovially, “Damn! That’s more than I make and you're just out of high school.”

They continued to talk about Susie’s work and plans for the future and she simply said that for the time being she would continue with what she was doing. Mr. and Mrs. Swan invited their beloved daughter to stay at home as long as she wished and if she one day felt the urge to be on her own, they would support her in every way. Susie accepted her parents’ offer and expressed to them how thankful she was to be loved.

Susie was becoming the featured dancer almost every night at the strip club. She was making fabulous tips and one particular night she received one special gratuity that was destined to make the positive direction in which her life was going even better. After her performance, she found stuffed down the front of her bikini bottom a one hundred dollar bill wrapped around a business card. It was from a company called Primo Entertainment with an address, the proprietor’s name and phone number. On the card there was also a red heart with an arrow through it as a logo. After making the call, the gentleman who answered offered her an appointment for and interview. That was it; he did not give any more information. Susie was well aware that she was making a name for herself and assumed that the card was from another club that was interested in hiring her as a dancer. Her enthusiasm for the interview was so intense that she did not research the company. The proprietor was very friendly but directly to the point when they met and she would quickly learn that Primo Entertainment produced pornography.

Near the closing of the interview, the owner of the company said, “Some girls do well and some not so well, but I think you have the looks and talent to do extremely well.” Susie had left the office saying that she would have to think it over, but after only one night of sleeping on the idea of being in porn, she was excited about it.

Susie succeeded in the porn industry as quickly as she did in the business of exotic dancing. She kept her job in the strip club and it went hand in hand with her pornographic videos. Before each of her pole dances as the featured performer, the master of ceremonies would introduce her as the number one rated star of adult videos.


After two years of being a name porn star, Susie had been featured in magazines and even had an interview on a local television talk show that was broadcast out of San Jose. Shortly after the TV interview, she got wind of the fact that she would be nominated for an award at the adult entertainment convention in Las Vegas. She was further excited by being advised that she could have her own booth to promote her videos and sign autographed eight by ten photos for her fans. While making plans for her trip to Las Vegas, Susie was facing the reality that it was long past the time when she should have told her parents about her work in the porn industry. There was a major question on her mind: Will Mom and Dad be so agreeable about pornography as they have been about exotic dancing?

Susie was about to get the surpise of her life after she made her disclosure about being in “adult entertainment” as she called it when speaking to her parents. When she saw them smile, Susie could hardly believe her eyes and especially her ears as Mr. Swan spoke, “Sweetheart, it was a chance in a million but while channel surfing, we saw you on TV. We are proud of you. You are an artist and we know that you are smart and can take care of yourself, but if you ever need us, we’ll be right by your side.”

“I guess that means that you know about Las Vegas?” she asked.

“We heard,” Mrs. Swan answered and then asked, “Can we go with you?”

“I’ll make the hotel reservations,” Susie answered and then embraced each of them.

Several months later at the convention in Las Vegas, Mr. and Mrs. Swan acted as leaders in a rooting section when their daughter received the award for being the adult movie entertainer of the year. Susie’s mother and father also stood alongside of her at the booth where she would meet her fans and autograph her 8” by 10” photos. They were amazed at how many fans were willing to stand in line to pay fifty dollars for an autographed picture and a chance to shake her hand. In addition to her many fans, Susie was approached at her booth by a producer and director of adult videos named Lucy Lowery who introduced herself and presented a business card.

Susie met Lucy at her studio in Fresno a few weeks after the convention for a formal interview. She was to find out that Lucy’s brand of porn was in the so-called forbidden zone. Her specialty was having her actors portray incestuous situations. Susie and Lucy hit it off very well and agreed to work together. With the combination of Lucy’s skill for producing, directing and marketing, along with Susie’s name and talent, the sales of incest oriented videos were exceptional good. Susie enjoyed her work with Lucy and in time she loved the roles she was assigned to play.

Shortly after Lucy was added as a contact, Susie was offered a once a month night at one of the best name strip clubs in San Francisco where she would be the featured attraction. This was the club where Susie was destined to meet the mother/son couple of Gina and Michael. At the time, Susie was so fascinated by the idea of incest on camera that meeting a real-life incestuous couple was intriguing. It was just a matter of time before she became intimate with them.

It was quite a drive from her home in Bakersfield to Fresno but well worth it. Susie was a very busy young woman, but she also knew that success may or may not be short-lived. She was thankful to her parents for accepting her livelihood and letting her live at home rent free. Susie almost begged her parents to let her pay rent, but they insisted on not accepting it. Nevertheless, she set aside an account in which she donated weekly and would one day surpise them with a lump sum she hoped they could not refuse.

There were many reasons for Mr. Swan to love his wife: she had giving birth to a beautiful daughter and throughout their marriage of over twenty years, Mrs. Swan was a dedicated mother and homemaker. In addition to integrity, a sparkling personality and good character, she was her husband’s idea of a gorgeous woman. She stood five feet five with plenty of tender, but firm flesh distributed in all the places that Mr. Swan loved to get his hands on: bouncing 40DD breasts; a Brazilian Butt; and thunder thighs with shapely calves to match in sensuality. When she had started putting on some weight in her early forties, she was self-conscious about showing too much skin in public but being proud of his wife’s appearance, he put that apprehension to rest. On one particular afternoon, Mr. Swan made plans to take his sexy wife to the municipal swimming pool and nearly shocked her when he presented a thong bikini he had had purchased as a surprise gift.

“I can’t wear this!” she exclaimed. “Won’t you be ashamed to have your chunky wife be seen in an itsy-bitsy bikini?”