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Opis ebooka Gina's Forbidden Desires 2 - Houston Cei

The fire in the hearts of Gina and Michael continues to burn. This sequel will include a surprise visit from the porn star Susie Swan who they met up close and personal at a strip club. After disclosing their incest, Susie could never forget her new friends. She will succeed in taking the friendship to another level. Gina's daughter will also visit and include her husband in a menage a trois.~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~ Shortly after she purchased her bike, Gina had the stock pipes replaced with the ones that allowed the true Harley roar. That was technically illegal but was a common practice for many Harley riders. Gina wore a pair of tan women's riding boots that were nearly knee-high to protect her curvy calves but those sexy thighs were completely exposed.Gina drove with Michael on the back to the Harley-Davidson shop in Gilroy to rent a motorcycle. After Gina and Michael returned with the other Harley that was equipped with saddle bags, they packed items of which their guests were unaware. Donald rode behind Gina and Lillian rode behind Michael. It is very common for Harley riders to get many thumbs-up sings from people in their cars but with Gina flashing her pretty legs, she received more than her share of attention. She enjoyed being looked at and whenever someone rolled down his window with a whistle, she returned the compliment by throwing a quick kiss. A Harley helmet leaves most of the rider's face exposed and Gina did not really care if someone recognized her. Gina's neighbors knew that she rode a bike anyway. She was having a blast.After cruising through Gilroy and Morgan Hill on the Old Monterey Highway, Gina led the way back to Highway 101 where she found a two-way street leading into the foothills. Donald and Lillian did not know what to expect, but Michael surely did because he and Gina had several times before been to a lonely spot a few miles ahead. Gina turned off the two-way street onto an unpaved road. Michael followed for a couple of miles to one of their secret getaways about a hundred yards beyond where the road came to an end. The setting was a charming meadow with few trees but many beautiful orange California Poppies.It did not matter to Gina or Michael if it were private or county property; they had used it as a love nest before and never had they seen anyone else use the narrow road that came to an end. Gina wanted to share this special place with her daughter and son-in-law.After parking the bikes, Gina was all smiles to present her surprise of which only Michael was aware. She had packed in the saddle bags an inflatable queen-size mattress and a fitted satin sheet. After Gina inflated it with her AC powered pump and while spreading the fitted sheet, Lillian said, "Leave it to my sexy mother to think of everything. I thought we were just going out for a ride, but obviously my mom planned much more."Donald was amused at the novelty of the idea and although Michael knew all along, he made no comment. Gina then announced, "So here we are under the warm California sun. Let's get naked and enjoy making love in this beautiful setting that my son and I would like to share with my daughter and her husband."

Opinie o ebooku Gina's Forbidden Desires 2 - Houston Cei

Fragment ebooka Gina's Forbidden Desires 2 - Houston Cei

Gina's Forbidden Desires 2

By Houston Cei

Cover by Moira Nelligar

Copyright © 2017 by Houston Cei

All rights reserved.

No part of this book may be reproduced without permission from the author.

~~ All characters in this book are over 18. ~~

Chapter 1: A Surprise Visit From Susie Swan

Susie Swan was on the road bright and early by 6:00 am in her immaculate white Acura coupe on her way to a studio in Fresno for the shooting of a new porn video. She was in her early twenties and had a cute baby-doll face. With her pony-tail and plaid school-girl uniform skirt, she looked like an innocent teen-ager and that was exactly why the director of the video chose the very popular Susie Swan. For starters, she would be portraying the daughter in a sexual encounter with her father and one more in which she would be having a lesbian relationship with her sister. The brother would inadvertently catch them making love and would then get involved.

The producer/director at the studio in Fresno was an attractive woman by the name of Lucy in her late thirties who was very successful in the porn industry. Lucy had always insisted on getting an early start for the shooting of her videos. “Men have their best hard-ons early in the morning,” she had often said. Lucy was making quite a name for herself in the porn industry and was known for what some critics were calling “soap opera incest.” After being welcomed at the studio by the female director, Susie was introduced to an actor in his early forties who would be portraying her father. There was another actor, a nineteen year old man who would be playing as her boyfriend. Lucy briefed the actors as to what she expected of them as the camera crew was setting up. She had sent them their lines and said that she trusted that they were ready. Susie and the two male actors responded in the affirmative. As is often the case in porn, the story-line was simple and beyond the bounds of probability but with a concept many would find entertaining.

With the cameras rolling, Susie was sitting on her twin bed in a plaid skirt, blouse and slippers checking the time on her alarm clock. It was eleven pm and almost time for her boyfriend to show up at the window. She undressed and donned her short night gown with no panties. After a light tap on the window, Susie parted the curtain to see the actor playing as her boyfriend and greeted him with a broad smile.

After letting the young man in through the window, Susie whispered to him, “Frankie, it seemed like forever waiting for you. Mom’s still at work and Dad’s asleep but let’s be quiet just the same.”

After an embrace and a kiss, Susie shed her short nightgown as the young man quickly undressed to betray his long, hanging cock. She took it in her hand and looked up at “Frankie” with a girlish giggle as his prick was coming to life in her soft, smooth hand. After a few strokes, she knelt before him to take most of his cock into her mouth and placed her warm, delicate hands on his buttocks. He had his hands on her head as she was bobbing it back forth and suddenly the bedroom was opened with a thrust by the fictitious father.

“Mr. Jones!” Frankie exclaimed and Susie took her mouth of the prick she was sucking and yelled out, “Dad!” She quickly grabbed her night gown off the floor to cover her naked body.

The teen-age girl Susie was portraying acted startled that she was caught by her father in the act of giving her boyfriend a blow job. After some harsh scolding, the actor playing the father said, “I heard some sounds and had a feeling something like this was going on. Frankie, you better get dressed and get the hell out of here fast!”

After the young man left the room, the father said to the daughter, “Okay, young lady, your mother’s going to hear about this. Whatever she does is in addition to my punishment.

With a frightened expression on her face, Susie said, “C’mon, Dad, please don’t tell Mom. She’ll slap the heck out of me and I’ll be grounded for months and I’ll never get to see Frankie again.”

The actor kept a stern countenance and said to Susie, “Okay, maybe we can work something out here.”

“What do you mean by that?” she asked.

“Toss that night gown away, get back on your knees and finish what you were doing,” he answered.

Understanding her role, Susie feinted a puzzled countenance and asked, “and just how can I do that?”

“It should be no problem,” he answered. “You’ve proven you are a slut so get back down on your knees and suck my cock.”

“I can’t do that!” she exclaimed. “You’re my father.”

“That’s all the more reason you better do what I say,” he responded. “Or shall we just wait until you mother gets home? She thinks her darling daughter is so sweet and innocent. I wonder what she will think now?”

Susie knew that the last line was her cue to act more relaxed. “Okay Daddy, you win.” She tossed aside the night gown she was holding to cover her nudity, dropped to her knees in front of her actor father and as he lowered his pants, she took his hanging cock into her mouth. While simultaneously stroking it with her hand, it quickly came to life. It was in the script for the young actor playing as the boyfriend to never really leave the house. He had been standing outside the bedroom a few feet from the door. The door was ajar and the young man pushed it the rest of the way open and said, “Hey, Mr. Jones! That’s the way to do it.”

“What are you doing here?” the actor playing Mr. Jones asked rhetorically. “I told you to get the hell out of here.”

“Well, Mr. Jones, I felt that I should apologize before I left but now maybe I don’t have to,” the young man said. “I heard you make a deal with your daughter and now I want to make one with you.”

“Okay, I’m listening,” the actor responded while still getting his cock sucked by his fictitious daughter. It was in the script for Susie to continue to suck the prick ardently while the “father” kept his hands on her bobbing head with that expression of enjoying sensual pleasure on his countenance.

“Here’s the deal: you let us both off the hook and I won’t tell your wife that you made your daughter suck your cock,” the young man responded.

“Well, well, well,” Susie said after she took her mouth off the actor’s cock. “It looks like we have two blackmailers here and now I’ll make it a third. If the both of you can do me good, I won’t say a thing to anybody.”

The dialogue paused and the two male actors undressed and knowing his cue, the older man went to the bed to lie on his back. Susie looked at his standing cock and said, “Looks nice and ready for my pussy, Dad.” She mounted him to let his hard cock slowly ease into her juicy pussy and said, “Now that’s what I call a nice fit.”

Susie’s comment was the young man’s cue to put his face in contact with her buttocks while his tongue titillated her asshole. After moistening her anus with his tongue, he moved to his knees to slide his stiff dick into her asshole. After several minutes of getting double-penetrated, the director said to Susie that she wanted her turn around to suck Frankie’s dick. Lucy wanted her to take it into her mouth directly from her anus. The act is known as an ATM in the porn business (ass to mouth); both Susie and the two men knew exactly what was expected of themselves. After moving as directed, the older man on bottom moved in position to lick Susie's cunt while she did her ATM. When all three actors heard the words “cum shot” from the director, Susie moved from the bed to kneel on the floor and being flanked by the two men, she took the heads of both of their cocks into her mouth. Her next move was to let the men take turns sticking most of each cock into her mouth one at a time. She sucked each cock enthusiastically and when the younger man indicated that he was almost ready to come, she left her mouth wide open while he masturbated to orgasm. With the semen still on her tongue and some of it on her face, the older man stroked his prick and shot his own load directly into Susie’s wide open mouth. The camera zoomed in so that the viewer of the video would see all of the white, creamy semen resting on her tongue. Susie swallowed it and smiled for the camera with a good-bye wave as she expressed, “Yummy.”

The lady director always wanted to stay upbeat with her crew and the actors so that everyone would give it their best and enjoy working with her. She succeeded in that goal and was reflected in the sales of her videos.

The motif of getting caught in a forbidden act was carried over into the next scene in which there was another young girl to play as Susie’s sister and a different young man to play as her brother. The story line was simple: Susie and the girl portraying her sister were in the bedroom discussing the “problems” with boys, and after concluding that they were disenchanted with males, they proceed to undress and perform mutual cunnilingus on the bed with Susie on top. The door was slightly ajar and when the actor playing as their brother knocked, it opened further and he could see his two “sisters” licking each others pussy. They acted as if they were so engrossed that they did not notice his presence until he spoke out, “May I be of service here?”

The two girls acted as being startled and after a few awkward exchanges of words, the young male actor proceeded to undress. “I’ve kinda had my eye on each of you lovely nymphs and here I now have you both at once,” he said and the girls chuckle after pausing from their sixty-nine action.

“Well, brother to sister is no worse that sister to sister,” Susie said. The girls had been lying flat but then Susie moved to her hands and knees to perch her buttocks in position as an invitation to her “brother’s” dick. The director knew that incest buffs love to hear dialogue to the effect. Susie’s next line was, “C’mon dear brother, fuck me in the ass while I keep licking our sister’s sweet pussy.”

The girls resumed their mutual pussy licking as the young man went to his knees to ease his stiff prick into Susie’s asshole.

“Cut,” Lucy said. “Take a short breather, but hold your positions. Suddenly, I just came up with a brand new idea. You guys are all doing so great that it’s got me going, if you know what I mean. I wanna get involved.” She had been sitting in her director’s chair showing her sexy legs in a short skirt and sleeveless blouse that betrayed plenty of breast cleavage. She uncrossed her pretty legs to stand up. The crew and the actors were momentarily shocked by the director’s comments and were also puzzle by what she meant by getting involved.

The director caught everyone’s attention as she proceeded to speak, “You all are doing wonderful work. Susie, I know you can improvise with words and actions. I’m going to leave the room and return as the mother who catches her three horny kids fucking. Then, we’ll all ad lib from there. Let’s get in as much action and as we can, use your imagination. I can always edit later.” Although the actors and camera crew were all surprised, they accepted the challenge. One of the cameramen thought to himself,I wish I were ‘getting involved’ with this sexy director. He was her regular cameraman and loved the way she always wore sexy attire that betrayed shapely legs and breast cleavage. Lucy left the room as the “sisters” resumed their mutual cunnilingus while the young “brother” slipped his dick back into Susie’s asshole.

Lucy always thought of herself and a professional producer and director of quality adult video, but this was one day that the spirit of the moment got a hold on her. She was downright horny watching her own show and told one of her cameramen to focus on the open door as she walked by and turned her head to see her “children” having sex.

“What the fuck is going on here?” she asked rhetorically.

“What does it look like, Mom,” said the young man with his dick in Susie’s anus. “I’m butt-fucking one of my sisters while she licking the pussy of my other sister.”

“Is this the way I raised you kids?” Lucy asked.