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DESCRIPTION: With the end of high school, and the summer nearing, a family weekend at Aunt Barbara's house in Alabama seems to be just what Tabitha and Destin need. Secrets are shared, and Tabitha learns that she is not the only one who has experienced the pleasure that comes with incest- and that Destin is not the only one that she wants in her bed! EXCERPT: I stepped into the room, and she followed me, my heart beating wildly. As she closed the door behind us, and locked it, sliding the bolt into place with a loud clang, the sound reverberated in the small changing room. I looked into her pretty young brown eyes. The heat that I felt when my stomach knew that something was about to happen, the same heat I felt when I knew that I was going to make love to Destin or I was about to see something that I wasn't supposed to see, suddenly burned inside of me from the place between my legs up to my nipples. Smiling, Bridget undid her top; she let her small, perky breasts- no more than a “B” cup at best, young flesh with large brown nipples and aerolae- loose, in front of me, in the bright light of the handicap accessible room. I stared for a moment, and it was just us- there was no way that I could deny I was looking at her, looking at my daughter, and she smiled at me. “They might be little, but they are pretty, aren't they, mom?” she teased, her eyes piercing into mine. “Yes,” I mumbled. This was different, not just because she was a girl- and not just because she was my daughter, as opposed to my son. This was different because there was no gentleness here- there was simply her commands, and my obedience, the same tone that Kyle had used. “Have you ever sucked on tits, mom?” she asked. “No,” I said, honestly; what Natalie had done to me, I had not reciprocated. “You would like to suck these titties,” she teased, “You would like to take these young titties into your mouth and suck them, wouldn't you?” Oh my God yes! “Don't answer me,” Bridget commanded, her hands sliding down her firm, toned abdomen, to the top of her cheap yellow shorts, “You don't have to- your eyes say it all. They say everything, mom, everything that you don't want to say.” She slid her shorts down. I saw her pussy, up close and personal in the space of this changing room, and it was pretty. Pretty and shaved, not a speck of pubic hair, the ring of her piercing new to my knowledge- when had she done that? “I pierced it,” she said, “I got it pierced a couple weeks ago. You just don't know how intense it makes me cum when I play with it- or someone else plays with it, mom.” “See?” she said, her fingers exposing her labia to my inspection; her clit, a little button like my own, was pierced. The silver ring had been put through the hood of it- how that must have hurt- and it was so pretty. “I have a pretty pussy,” she said, “So pretty, I don't wear any underwear. I lied. I wasn't wearing any panties- but I know what you wanted to see. Do you like it, mom?” I didn't say a word, spellbound by her sweet young body before me. “Answer me,” she said, “Do you like it?” “Yes,” I admitted, “What do you want me to do?”

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by Madame Gallivant

Published by Lot’s Cave

The Catcher In The Den No.5

Getting Us All Together, © 2018, Madame Gallivant

Cover by Lot’s Cave

All Rights Reserved

All Characters In This Book Are Age 18 Or Older

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This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either a product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual people living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental.

A Lot’s Cave Novel


Getting Us All Together


Author’s Note

Family Exotica

Incest Erotica

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by Madame Gallivant

“So what did you think?” Andrew asked, his phone nowhere in sight.

Ever since the debate over where our son was going to college had started, Andrew had been paying a lot more attention at the dinner table.

“I'm not sure, dad,” Destin said, “I will say that Virginia Tech is out- nothing against it, but it's too far away for me.”

“Good,” Andrew said.

He was still hoping that Destin would choose to stay home- that was the cheapest option- and a larger part of me was, too.

“I did like Kentucky, but I still want to take a look at the University of Alabama,” Destin said.

“Why Alabama?” Andrew said suddenly, and even my ears perked up; I was an alumni of the local university here, but Alabama was my home state.

Alabama isn't known nationally for much.

There are no major league sports teams, no major corporations, and nothing else that sticks out when people think of the heart of Dixie. People still like to bring up the past, as if the state hasn't changed in fifty years, but few people who aren't from Alabama really know anything about it.

The greatest debate for people from Alabama was which of the two major college football teams to support- the Crimson Tide, or Auburn. No offense to any of you who may be fans of the Tigers, but my family bled crimson.

Destin hadn't mentioned anything about Alabama before; he hadn't even been to the state, except when he was little and we went to visit my parents during the holidays. So this was as much a surprise to me as it was to his father.

“The girls,” Destin said, which I laughed at, and his father smiled at; Alabama did grow some fine women- I was proof of that.

Fine enough to attract the attentions of their own sons into their beds.

I don't want to let him go, but he is going to find someone eventually- might as well be a sweet young Alabama co-ed?

Maybe he will even let his momma in on that, too!

I grinned at the possibility. I still had not yet crossed that final boundary, and had not explored my recent urges in the manner of experiencing the physical taste of another woman. The thought of licking some sweet young college pussy, as my son buried his cock deep inside my own wet mature sex, that was enough to almost make me want to play with myself.

“There are good looking girls right here in town,” Andrew said, “Look at your mom- I met her right here.”

His comment almost made me choke, and even Destin was caught off guard for a second.

“Yes, but mom is from Alabama, dad,” Destin said quickly.

Very smooth recovery, Destin.

“True,” Andrew admitted- he was from New York, even if he never wanted to claim it.

“Ok, so what's the real reason, Destin?” Andrew asked, “I know it's not that you suddenly are a football fan. Is Durrell going to school there?”

“No,” Destin said, “But hey, I was thinking- I know that you want me to stay somewhere cheap, and I want to go somewhere else. Aunt Barbara always said I could come down there and stay with her for the summer.”

Aunt Barbara was not actually my sister, or my sister in law; she was my mother’s youngest sister, so she was Destin's great aunt, but she was only five years older than me. Growing up, me and her had always been very close, though lately we had drifted more apart- she was busy with her life, and I had recently been very busy with mine.

Barbara was a professor, and although she had dated the same guy for the last two decades- Jack, or Jim, or maybe Jeb, I couldn't really remember his name, as I'd only met him once (and seemingly accidentally), she had never been married and had no kids. As I was her favorite niece, and we were more like sisters, when my own children were born, she had doted on them far more than she did the other family relations.

“I see,” I asked, “So have you been talking to your aunt recently?”

If anyone could talk Destin into going to school in my home state, it was Barbara. She had taught in Tuscaloosa for her entire career, and she boosted that college every chance she got. Even her car was painted with a giant elephant, and when I had decided on going to school here, she had been genuinely disappointed.

“Yeah, I talked to her yesterday,” Destin said, “Why?”

“Oh,” I said, “I just didn't know you had spoken to her. Sometimes people say one thing, and that changes over time.”

“I know, mom,” Destin said, “She said if I went to school there, she might be able to get me some sort of a discount, and she would let me stay in her house at least for the first semester.”

The word discount caught his father’s attention; his mental cash register was already dinging, and I could tell that the “no sale” button was suddenly down.

“How much of a discount?” Andrew asked.

“I don't know, twenty, thirty percent maybe,” Destin said.

That is a lot of money, especially if he was registered as an in-state student.

“Hey Bar, it's Tabitha,” I said.

“How are you, it's been a long time,” said the familiar, very Southern, voice of my aunt, “I'm glad you called.”

“I know,” I admitted, feeling guilty, “I have just been real busy.”

“Understandable, I am working on grading final exams right now,” Barbara said.

“Is it a bad time?” I asked.

“No,” she said, “I needed a break anyway. Jeb has been out of town the last two weeks, and so when he's gone, I just always seem to lose myself in work.”

That was his name, Jeb; I knew too many Jebs, from my brother to three of my cousins.

“How's he been?” I asked, conversationally.

“Same as always,” she said, “He is working on some new project in west Texas. Said it's going to be bigger than the Bakken... And how's Andrew?”

“Likewise, same as always,” I laughed, “Still crunching the numbers.”

“That's good,” Barbara said on the other end of the line, “So what's going on, Tabitha?”

“Destin told me he was thinking about going to school down there,” I said.

“Yes, he called me and started asking me about how he should go about choosing the right college,” she said.

“And you steered him towards Alabama?” I said, smiling.

“You know me, Tabitha,” she said, “Football aside, it really is a good school. Plus he could stay with me here for the first semester if he wanted, until he gets his feet wet. The first semester is always the hardest on new students.”

“He can go to school here,” I said, “And stay at home.”

And he can keep taking my bedroom classes!

“That's true,” Barbara said, “But it seems to me like he wants to try something new, without being alone in a strange place. He mentioned his friend, Durrell, wanting to go to Kentucky, and that might not be bad... but Destin does need to develop as his own man. If he came here, he could have his freedom, but I'd be here to catch him if he slips up.”

“That's really good of you,” I said.

“I never had my own kids,” Barbara said, “Sometimes, I regret that. The least I can do is help out where I can help out.”

“Thanks,” I said.

“When's the last time you came home?” she asked suddenly.