Gerard David: Drawings & Paintings (Annotated) - Raya Yotova - ebook

Gerard David was a Flemish master of colors and light and shadows in his work. He painted both oil paintings and manuscripts. David had achieved great glory in his native Antwerp, where he became a master of the guild of artists. Later in the 17th and 18th centuries, his art was forgotten and to revive his glory again in the 19th and 20th century and to our day. Initially, art historians have underestimated him. They claimed he compiled and imitated other masters. Especially this relates to his religious stories. Later they discovered that he was particularly creative in terms of color and light. His art can definitely be seen as a transition between medieval and Renaissance. The most characteristic feature of David's style is his palette of colors. Especially in later works, they are, as a rule, warm, bright and create a sense of light. Another innovation in his paintings is the introduction of a landscape in church-themed works. In this respect, he is one of the first Flemish artists to do so. Particularly a great influence of his style has the Flemish master Quentin Matsys. Many of David's images of saints are taken directly by Matsys’ works. Gerard David himself did not have followers and students who became significant artists, with the exception of Isenbrant, Albert Cornelis and Ambrosius Benson. However, artists such as Joachim Patinir and Jan Mabuse, who worked much later than him, were also influenced by his style and technique.

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