Generations of Gold - George Saoulidis - ebook

There is a secret in the house of Ikari, a doll that can walk and talk made of porcelain and gold. She fulfils many roles, one for each family member. Will she manage to keep the family whole? Warning: “Generations of Gold” is not suitable for children.

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Generations of Gold

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Generations of Gold

Hinata had been in the family for as long as anyone could remember. Created by a master alchemist, she was made of exquisite porcelain, the kind you usually found on a king’s plate when he really wanted to impress that foreign queen.

Generation after generation, the house of Ikari stood strong while others came and went, thrived or got wiped out when their sons fell in faraway battles.

They never admitted to it, but they owed that to Hinata. She was not their secret. The real secret was the reason they needed her.

Ichiro was in the back yard, holding a big stick. He liked that stick. He liked the heft of it, the weight. He also liked how the bark had been scraped off where he held it. It showed a long-time use, and indeed he had.

He brought it over his head and then slammed it down, smashing the doll.

“Ow!” she cried out.