Gender Swap 0069: A Secret Agent Transformation Tale - Lily Fey - ebook

Secret agent and serial womanizer Sam Fielder has finally tracked down his arch-nemesis—and ex-girlfriend!—the devilishly lovely Goldilocks.But Goldilocks has plans for Sam. She's going to capture him and make him pay for cheating on her all those years turning him into a woman!Newly curvy Sam schemes to make her escape by seducing the guards. That's when she begins to realize she is enjoying the, ahem, perks of her new, voluptuous female body! Gals just wanna have fun, and this newly minted secret agent babe is no exception. Sam gladly takes two burly guards at once, and even finds herself considering playing a role in Goldilocks's secret scheme to take over the procreating copiously, then planting her genetically enhanced super-spy offspring in the homes of the rich and powerful all over the globe!This raunchy, gender-bending quickie is loaded with wet, wild, high-octane group fun!

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Gender Swap 0069

A Secret Agent Transformation Tale


Lily Fey


Published by Feverotica Books

Copyright 2016 by Lily Fey

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or distributed in any printed or electronic form without permission.

This book contains explicit descriptions of sexual acts and is intended only for readers ages 18 and above. All characters portrayed as participating in sexual acts are consenting, are at least 18 years of age, and are not related by blood.

Lily Fey

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Chapter 1

Stay cool.

Sam stayed crouched behind the boulder, a bead of sweat dripping down his forehead. He tried his best to stay absolutely silent. If he gave away that he was here, the infamous Goldilocks—Agent Sam Fielder’s beautiful arch-nemesis—would slip out from his fingers again. Months of preparation would go out the window, and the whole operation would be blown.

CIA operative Sam Fielder didn’t have much to lose, save his pride and reputation. And if Goldilocks slipped away again….

He had tracked her down to this dark, dry cave in the Middle East, which supposedly housed Goldilocks latest secret lair. Goldilocks was apparently planning something big here in the Middle East, but exactly what, Sam didn’t know. From interrogations with captured members of Goldilocks’s syndicate, Sam knew that Goldilocks was dealing with biochemical weapons, but for what purpose? Nothing good, Sam was sure.

Right now, Agent Sam Fielder was in the entrance of Goldilocks’s secret lair. Not much intel could be gathered about the lair, but beautiful and ultra-dangerous Goldilocks was classic—he knew it to be outfitted with traps, dangerous devices, and loads of armed guards. Classic villain style, and Goldilocks was all style.

Sam peeked beyond the boulder he was crouched behind, seeing two guards who stood at a large metal door—the entrance to Goldilocks’s lair that he needed to get into. He looked around, made sure there weren’t any cameras watching him, then drew his silenced pistol. In two swift pulls of the trigger, both guards dropped. Not a sound was made as their bodies collapsed onto the sand floor of the cavern entrance.

Sam dashed out from behind the boulder and quickly checked both guards’ bodies, then located a keycard. After, he dragged both of the guards’ bodies away from the entrance, then put on one of their uniforms. He checked his reflection on his phone screen and applied fake facial hair and colored contacts to his eyes. He was expertly disguised.

“Damn, I’m good,” he whispered to himself as he looked at his reflection, thinking about how absolutely easy it was to get access into Goldilocks’s underground lair. Goldilocks wasn’t gonna get away this time. And, once he captured her, Sam was going to treat himself with a nice vacation to the Caribbean, where the local ladies just loved themselves a secret agent….

Sam shook his head, casting away such idle thoughts. Until he captured Goldilocks, he’d need to stay absolutely focused.