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This was the last assignment I expected... As an agency analyst I'd spent the last several years investigating the rise of Patrick Oswald from small timer to one of the richest and most powerful men on Earth.  There was something rotten at the core of his success, and we'd already lost several agents trying to find it.  What we needed was to get someone inside, deep inside, all the way to his inner sanctum, where his personal data could be accessed. That's where my assignment came in.  They needed someone who knew all of his deals, and everything else about him, and after five years, I was the person.  The only problem was, to get in that deep, they needed a woman, and since I wasn't one, they were going to make me a woman.  A little nanotechnology went a long way, and I was soon on my way to being just the kind of brunette that Oswald swooned after. There was just one more thing I needed to do before starting my new mission.  One night of wild passion to prove that I'd have what it takes to succeed.  The whole feminine side of the equation was new to me, but with the right man, I soon learned just how much I could enjoy this assignment. This bundle is the complete story including: Part 1 Part 2 - The Roman Baths Part 3 - The Magnate Part 4 - Distractions and Discoveries Part 5 - Revelations  

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Gender Bending Investigations - The Complete Collection


Published by Farleven

Copyright 2018 Farleven

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Gender Bending Investigations Part 1

Gender Bending Investigations Part 2 - The Roman Bath

Gender Bending Investigations Part 3 - The Magnate

Gender Bending Investigations Part 4 - Distractions and Discoveries

Gender Bending Investigations Part 5 - Revelations

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Gender Bending Investigations Part 1

"You've got to be kidding me." I threw up my hands and fell back into my chair. Walt just stared at me stone faced. I glared back at him. It wasn't possible. Hell, it was crazy! What kind of madness was sweeping our agency that he'd even think to suggest such a thing?

"No, Max, I'm not." He pulled open the file that was on his desk. He still liked to work with paper files, at least when possible. His computer wasn't gathering dust in a corner, but when he wanted to really dig into a case he liked it all on paper. I grimaced at that, if he'd printed this out, he really was serious.

"Surely, we have female agents that could do this." I shot back. It wasn't like it was the first time we'd had to use women to infiltrate an organization. We didn't like to go that route, as the stress and demands were well outside of the norm, but some cases demanded extreme measures. This one certainly did.

"We do, we have some excellent women in the department, and despite the fact that we've already lost four good agents to this case, I have could pick three women right off the top of my head that would be able to get all the way inside Patrick Oswald's inner circle within a few weeks. The problem is they wouldn't know what to do once they got there." Walt reached over his cluttered desk to hand me the profile sheet on Oswald.

It wasn't like I needed it. He was the premier industrialist who'd managed to successfully merge half a dozen new technologies into a financial and manufacturing empire that dwarfed any such attempt in history. In just five years, he'd managed to use his skills at managing consumer demand, automated manufacturing and drone delivery to drastically cut his costs and allowed him to reap enormous profits that he used to buy up even more industries. There was simply no more powerful man alive.

If his public persona wasn't compelling enough, I'd been tasked with investigating some of his earlier business dealings before his breakout success. I'd spent most of the last five years following his every deal and watching his empire grow like an infection around the world. I could see there was a taint, something wrong, that I'd not been able to unearth. The fact that four of our agents sent for in depth investigations had already disappeared only made my fears stronger.

I shook my head. "I may know all his deals and probably half his computer systems. But still, it's crazy."

"You know we've been doing this for the last three years right? It's not always so extreme, but it's the best way to ensure you don't get busted while in deep cover. You'll basically be immune from DNA checks and you know the background guys are wizards at filling in your cover story." Walt laid it out there. He didn't come to me with hypotheticals. This was a serious proposition, and I knew that other agents in the back office were already hard at work building the new me.

"Yeah, but a woman? And not just for appearances sake, you know for this to work, I'm going to have to basically seduce him or at least let him think he seduced me." My stomach twisted a bit from saying it out loud. It was unreal. Full body DNA augments had been around for almost a decade. What started out as a way to more reliably lose a few pounds or fix baldness, had progressed into virtual rewrites and even crazier changes in some fringe groups. Over the last few years it had even progressed to full gender swapping. Men could become women over the course of a week, right down to the DNA. All the old sloppy surgeries and hormone pills that still resulted in somewhat ambiguous results were gone.

The science of it was fascinating, and the social impact was enormous. The old wars over homosexuality and transgender policy exploded and then faded away as the sex line became as easy a choice as gender was. If you were born female and wanted to be male, a simple treatment plan made it happen and once it finished no one could ever guess that you hadn't been born that way. Even a thorough medical check wouldn't show the artificial source after the transformation. Once the treatment was over, within a week, the only people who could know would be those that had been told.

"You know I wouldn't ask this lightly, but our last agent thought he was onto something really big before he went dark. We need someone to get inside his home. The security is impossible and we don't have enough evidence to get the level of warrant we need to do it with uniformed agents. If you're right, then we can't wait very long to confirm what we suspect and come up with a plan to deal with it." Walt continued to make sense. I hated him for that.

He was right that I was the best person for the job. If I could get in and get access to his private data network, I knew just what to look for. Any other agent would have to be trained, and it would take too long to cram five years worth of background information into their head. It didn't help any that I also had a photographic memory, it was what made me so good at my job, and that wasn't a skill I could just hand over to anyone. I didn't know any agents with the right match of skills to pull this off within the next few months, but that didn't make me feel any better about the assignment.

"Damn it." I grumbled and tossed the papers back at him. We both knew I couldn't turn down the assignment. It was simply too important. Hell, I was the one who'd written the reports that had expanded the investigation in the first place. Whatever it was that was fueling Oswald's rise to the top of the corporate and political world was undoubtedly sinister. We had to find out what it was before he finished his latest round of projects. Deep in my gut I knew that he was scheming to control more than just a financial empire.

"Good. I know time is of the essence, but given the circumstances, if you want to take the night and take care of personal business, I think we can handle the delay." Walt started organizing the papers back into his file.

I fell back into my chair for a moment. I hated to admit that I didn't have much personal business to handle. The last few years had been something of an obsessive devotion to this case. I hadn't ever been the most social person before I'd joined the agency, and the long hours had helped convince any remaining friends to stop calling. I didn't even want to think about the fact I hadn't been on a date in years. The sad fact was I really had no reason to delay. I didn't even have a cat that would miss me.

"No, we shouldn't waste any more time than we have to. I assume you've already gotten the DNA team working on the new me." I stood up. If there was one thing I was good at, it was throwing myself at my work. If I was going to go through with this, I didn't want to give myself the time to think up new objections. It was better to just ride the shock through and commit.

"They've finished up. I can have them prep the treatment chamber. It's down on level C." Walt had his phone to his ear before I could take a single step. He was almost as anxious as I was. The truth was, agents didn't go missing very often, and losing several on the same case was unprecedented. Walt wanted answers and as much lead time for staving off bigger problems as he could get. I appreciated his concern, both for the team, and the mission. I knew he'd have my back if he could.

I gave him a curt wave and headed for the elevator. There was certainly an unreal feeling to this little stroll. If I didn't go running away before I got to level C, this would be the last time in a while that I'd be walking around as a guy. My mind reeled at the notion. I'd been aware of the tech for a while. I'd even gone in for a few more standard procedures to cure a few of my old football injuries. I'd know a few old guys who'd gone for the whole rejuvenation package and had come back looking forty years younger.

The world had mostly flown by without me though. As I worked my way up the investigative division, I'd tuned out most of the outside reality. The social changes that came from this near immortality and body sculpting technology was little more than academic knowledge. I'd not really existed outside the agency in so long I didn't really know the world I'd be stepping into.

Try as I might, I couldn't deny an innate curiosity. Given my crappy luck with women, I was especially curious about their perspective. The highly organized world of my office was in firm opposition to the chaos that seemed to come whenever I got involved with a girl. Their motivations always seemed a bit incomprehensible to me, and certainly their methods were maddening almost as much as they were alluring. It wasn't that I didn't like women, I just couldn't seem to bridge that gap and really connect with them. The thought of becoming a girl just dredged up all those questions, and I wasn't sure what to think.

By the time I was riding the elevator, I had a hard time not thinking about how different it must be to be a girl. My mind couldn't help but drift to thoughts of breasts and pussy, and the notion that I wouldn't have anything dangling between my legs at least until I managed to finish this assignment. That was enough to send cold shivers up my spine. I had to fight down an urge to stop on another level and just bolt. Was I really going to go through with this?

In the end, I managed to avoid embarrassing myself. Walt was counting on me. I knew just how important the job was, and I couldn't just back out. There was no one else who could step up and do this. That meant I had to go through with it. Half the population managed to survive being female, I could certainly do it for a few months for a worthy cause.

"Agent Tinnel?"

I had to shake my head before I realized that the elevator had stopped and left me standing in front of the level C reception desk. It took another moment for me to see the surprisingly hot young woman standing in front of the desk in a lab coat and holding a clipboard. The image was almost laughably stereotypical right down to the black rimmed glasses and the bun of brunette hair on the top of her head.

"Uh... yeah, that's me." I stammered and got off the elevator.

"A little nervous, huh?" She smiled and held out her hand. "I'm Dr. Niemand, but you can call me Louise. I'll be handling your adjustment."

"Doctor? But aren't you..." I stood looking at the girl who couldn't be much more than twenty five. I wouldn't even have been surprised if that was being generous. Her skin was perfect, not a line or wrinkle, or even a hint of makeup. It wasn't until I realized just how rare such a natural beauty was that my mind started to catch up.

"A little young?" She laughed and did a wickedly sexy little spin that managed to somehow look graceful even as she showed off every generous curve she had squeezed into her lab coat. "And just where are you right now Agent Summer?"

"So you've gone through a full rejuvenation..." I gaped a bit. It was hard being so close to a woman that clearly knew just how stunning she was and wasn't afraid to show off that fact.

"Oh, so naive." She bounced over and gave me a pat on the head. Then she handed over her clipboard. "I like to show this to agents coming down for their first adjustment. I know it makes things easier when you know you're in experienced hands."

I stared at her for a moment before I glanced down at the clipboard. There was a big picture of an old man, probably in his fifties, in a lab coat with dark rimmed glasses. It wasn't such a remarkable photo, aside from the name on his agency badge, Dr. Louis Niemand.

My eyes darted back to the young woman patiently standing in front of me with a wide, knowing smile carved into her face. I didn't need to ask the obvious question. She just laughed and nodded before striking another alluring pose.

"Curiosity got the better of me, what can I say?" She chuckled and took the clipboard back. "Now, shall we get on with things, I do have other agents to attend to today."

"Sure..." I wavered for a moment as she strutted down the hallway. I had to pull my jaw off the floor as I watched her tight ass swaying with every step. I shook my head and followed after her, a bit ashamed of myself for the fact that I couldn't stop staring at her as she walked. I so rarely ran into such an unabashedly sensual woman that my cock wasn't about to allow me to think about the fact that she hadn't always been one.

She opened up a small room and ushered me in. Aside from the antiseptic smell, there wasn't much in the room aside from a hospital bed and some monitor equipment.

"Now, since we're in a hurry, we're going to go with a full treatment and conditioning combo. I'm going to give you the DNA alteration injections and then we'll put you on a special IV that'll help fuel your body through the changes. The full treatment is a bit uncomfortable, so we'll keep you under for the whole process. That'll give us the chance to run the mental conditioning treatments as well. So in about a week you'll wake up to a whole new feminine you." Louise motioned towards the bed. I had to let all that information process.

"What, mental conditioning? I thought I was just getting a new body." I shuddered. Even that notion was enough to make me nervous. The thought of having my brain messed with was even worse.

"Sorry, I thought the director had briefed you." She took a deep breath and motioned for me to sit down. There were a couple of short stools and she sat down across from me.

"Okay, this is for a deep cover mission, right?" She asked.

"Well, yeah." I nodded.

"Right, then think about it. Despite my proclivities, we don't usually do gender reassignments here. There are a lot of core behaviors that are different between the sexes, believe me. Now, what would you do if some guy moves up close behind you and grabs your ass?" Her matter of fact gaze just cutting through my reservations.

"I'd probably jump to the moon and try to punch him." I replied.

"Which would be appropriate sometimes, but would you ever consider pushing your ass onto his hand, and maybe snuggling up against him?"

"Ah..." I looked away as I thought it through.

"It's more than just that, you can't really force yourself to have the right reactions. One way or the other, you need to train yourself to behave in character. Our mental conditioning program will help you with that. It'll also help get you past some of the harder things, like reassigning your sexuality so you can be comfortable with an attraction to men, and giving you a demeanor that your target will find alluring." She explained. It all made a twisted kind of sense. I didn't know the first thing about being a girl, much less any kind of nuance. Just having the right curves wouldn't be enough. Oswald was a smart guy and he'd figure that out all too quickly.

"Damn, that's just so wrong." I shook my head. "But, I get it. I guess I should get started before my feet get any colder."

She laughed at that and pulled out a hospital gown. "You're going to need this. I promise not to peek while you change."

I grabbed the gown. She was busy prepping things and I quickly switched out my clothes. I couldn't quite believe I was going to do this for real. I was used to taking orders, but this was a whole different deal. I wasn't normally even a field agent. I couldn't deny the need though, and that was the issue. We had to find out what Oswald was up to, and this was likely to be the fasted way. I didn't doubt that Walt had other plans in motion. He wasn't about to put all his eggs in one basket.

"Okay, I guess I'm ready." I stood there, with my ass hanging out of the back of the damn gown. This was my last chance to back out, but I took a deep breath and held my place. I wasn't going to let myself look like a fool now.

"Great. Now, just relax. The injection won't hurt much, and when you wake up on the other side, it'll all feel strangely natural." Louise held up a syringe and pressed it into my upper arm. "Okay, let's get you into bed before the sedative starts kicking in."

I let her guide me up and I slid onto the hospital bed. It wasn't particularly comfortable, but I knew it wouldn't matter much in a few minutes. I could already feel the serum kicking in as she pulled up the covers for me.

"Just dream good dreams and I'll see you in a week." She smiled as everything started to fade out. I didn't try to fight it. In fact, it was rather relaxing, a smooth drift into oblivion.


As smooth as I'd dropped off, coming back seemed to take forever. I couldn't say that I was dreaming, or exactly what it was, but my mind raced. Images and thoughts seemed to jumble together and fall away before something else jumped to the top of my mind. It wasn't like a dream, there was no crazy story that I was following.

There was simply too much to keep track of. A flash of insight would fade out before I could truly consider it. A picture would form and then explode while I tried to recognize it. Everything was a mess. It wasn't a nightmare nor a fantasy. I had no words to describe the sensation.

I was lost in this storm of the mind for untold time. There just wasn't a sense to it, and I simply rode the waves. Every once in a while I would seem to collect myself enough to wonder if this was what insanity felt like, but even that disturbing notion was pushed aside before I could seize upon its implications.

When the world finally started to come together again, I don't know how long I stayed on my back, staring up at the ceiling. I was wondering why everything looked so blurry and waiting for my perceptions to shift again. I must have stayed like that for a while though, it certainly felt like forever. When a door opened and someone came in, the novelty of linear action seemed to finally break through my expectations. I really was awake!

I blinked again, still staring upwards. The light in the room felt like morning somehow, not the normal glow of fluorescents but actual sunlight. I turned to look towards the sound, and spotted a blurry figure in white stepping towards me. It was a nurse, I realized as she came into better focus as she approached my bed.

"Why are you so blurry?" I asked. A jolt shot through me as I heard my words echo in my ears. I sounded so wrong, after a lifetime of hearing myself, I sounded so much lighter. I hesitated to think that I sounded almost feminine.

The thoughts started to connect after that. One part of my mind reacted in shock, while another was hardly surprised. Of course I sounded like a girl! I had to have expected that, and yet in my fuzzy state, I had almost forgotten why I was lying here in the first place. I'd never really considered the finer details of the transformation, I hadn't given myself time to prepare.

"Sorry?" The nurse asked as she leaned in. She was cute, almost too young for such a job, with cropped blonde hair and a button nose. An idle part of my mind wondered if she'd been a guy as well. Maybe it was a thing around here.

"Why is everything so blurry?" I sat up a little and looked around. I was starting to come out of the haze I'd been in, but my sight was still just as bad. I held up a hand and realized that it was in focus. Somehow, I'd become nearsighted! It was rather disconcerting. I'd never needed glasses before, and now I couldn't even make out the letters on my nurse's badge despite her standing barely five feet away.

"Oh, I'll have to get the doctor to answer that. Are you feeling alright otherwise, miss?" I could hear the concern in her voice. It was just below the professional tone. I suppose it would be rather strange to hear that kind of question. People usually knew they were nearsighted.

"Yeah, just fine. I am a little thirsty though." I sat up a bit more and felt a strange jiggle and an odd weight on my chest. I let the moment of surprise pass. There wasn't any doubt what I'd find if I looked down. I suppose the only question was how busty Oswald liked his women, and it didn't take much for me to remember that detail. Almost all the women he casually dated fell into a pretty firm set of dimensions.

The strange thing was, he wasn't really so limited. It seemed like he had one kind of taste for random flings and something else entirely for his more steady relationships. I thought back to an analysis I'd done a few months ago. Oswald seemed to like dating women who could challenge him intellectually without much regard for their looks, but he liked fucking girls who fit a very tight profile. Generally, he seemed to like cute brunettes a bit shorter than him, with ample but not gargantuan assets. The dichotomy between his two different preferences had cost him more than one relationship.

The nurse brought me a glass of water before she shot out of the room. No doubt, the doctor would want to see me now that I'd woken up. All I had to do was sit here and wait for that. I savored the clean taste of water as I recovered my senses. I figured this would probably be the last bit of quiet I'd get for a while. I had a mission to get started and there was a lot of preparation I'd need to do before I'd be able to do that.

I'd barely set the glass back down when Louise burst into the room. She squealed as soon as she looked at me and did the most girlish jump and clap thing I could recall seeing since middle school. I shot her a derisive glare.

"Aww, you look so cute when you pout." She giggled at me and turned to rummage through the night stand next to my bed. I realized what the issue must have been. A fair number of people who wanted to switch sexes probably over idealized the stereotypical behavior of the other sex. So after they turn, they're likely to go overboard and exaggerate what they think of as appropriate behavior. Throw in the excitement of getting their desires fulfilled and it was easy to see how the doctor seemed locked in as an emotional school girl. That didn't make it any easier to handle her energy at this particular moment.

"Cute?" I resumed my glare as she stood up again. Now, she was holding up a big mirror. I pulled back at the sight of it. I'd been doing a good job of not thinking about how I'd changed, but it seemed like that had come to an end. I was curious, but at the same time seeing my new face would just reinforce the reality of the situation. I didn't know if I was ready for that, but I couldn't very well make her put the mirror away either.

"So cute." She smiled and lifted the mirror. I gulped and guided it up so that my new face slid into the center. I blinked at the stranger staring back at me. I sat there stunned for a moment. Louise was terribly right about one thing, the girl staring back at me was hopelessly cute.

My new face was small and round, with high cheekbones and a perky button nose. My eyes seemed like large saucers with bright green orbs staring back at me. My lips were thin, and alluring. All of this was framed by a tousled mass of long brown hair. I suddenly felt a bit short of breath and took in a few gulps of air. I didn't usually get panicked but I suddenly felt squirrelly.

"Hey, hey, it's okay." Louise reached out and rubbed my shoulder. That was enough to snap me back.

"Yeah, it's kind of a shock, though." I gave her a weak smile. I knew there was only way to get through this strange feeling though. I had to get on with my mission. "But why am I nearsighted?"

"Sorry! I almost forgot about that." She reached down into her pocket and pulled out a pair of dark rimmed glasses. I sat there and let her put them on me and suddenly everything was in focus again. "Yeah, well, part of being undercover is in establishing your identity. When we want agents to appear as people who haven't gone through an alteration we give them a random mix of natural flaws just like in the normal population. Since people who get altered almost always fix things like eyesight, that's always a natural choice."

"So, I get to be blind to throw them off the trail that I could be an undercover agent?" I grumbled a bit. I'd managed to avoid glasses for this long and now I was having them forced on me.

"In part, yes, but part of your alteration was based off the tastes of your target, and apparently he digs nearsighted girls. So here we are." She smiled.

I realized that she was right about that. Thinking back to the girls that Oswald picked, it was rare for them not to wear glasses. So now I'd have to live with it until this assignment was over.

"So, what's next?" I asked as I reached up to adjust the glasses. They weren't very heavy, and I supposed I'd get used to them. It wasn't like I didn't have enough other changes to keep me distracted.

"Oh, well, if you're up for it, we should probably go through a standard physical. The nanos do a good job of keeping you in shape despite being in bed for a week. Still, we need to check everything out just to be safe." Louise explained as I pulled off the blankets.

My sudden movements only emphasized the changes. My arms felt so thin, and my chest jiggled again as I slid out from under the covers. Everything seemed a little strange, the way my joints moved, even the way my weight shifted. I almost tipped over as I tried to slide my legs out of the bed.

"Careful now, it'll take a bit for you to get used the changes in the way your body balances. It's probably the hardest change to get used to at first. So let me help you here." She gave me her hand and I took it and slowly stood up. Despite all of the oddness, the strangest thing was the fact that I was now a bit shorter than the perky little doctor. The last time I'd seen her, I had been looking down at her, and now I had to look up slightly to meet her eyes.

"It also can take a bit getting used to being small." She smiled. "Trust me though, there are some definite advantages to that."

The way she winked at me made my stomach twist. I wasn't quite ready to think about the full depth of my new womanhood, just yet, but the look of eager lustfulness that crossed the doctors face in that moment made it impossible to avoid. I'd been trying not to notice the empty feeling between my legs, but now it suddenly seemed like an enormous void. It wasn't that I used to think of my balls a lot, but they were always in the back of my mind as I moved around and the absence was impossible to ignore now.

"Well, let's take it slow for now. You'll get used to the changes soon enough." She turned and I followed her through the back passages of the facility. It wasn't that different from any other hospital setting I'd ever been in, aside from the disproportionate number of rather fit young women and men. There weren't a lot of people that looked older than thirty and even those that seemed older had a vibrancy that seemed unusual.

"One of the perks of working here. All the treatments are free, so why not take advantage." She smiled as she noticed me checking out the nurses station. I don't think I'd ever seen a nurses station staffed entirely by well built twenty year olds. That wasn't the only thing that interested me though, I quickly noticed that looking at all those sexy women was making me feel strange. My pulse quickened, I flushed and most of all I felt a strange squishy heat building up between my legs.

It took me a moment to realize it for what it was. I was getting aroused! The sensation was both familiar and yet alien. The way my brain began focusing on sex was familiar, but the ways my body reacted were distinctly different. I resisted the urge to touch myself, but there simply wasn't any doubt that my changes really were thorough.

"Oh, and I don't know if you took the time to read the brief, but you are fully bisexual now." Louise giggled after she saw my head whip around after another hot woman in a lab coat walk by. That hit me a bit. I hadn't really thought about it. Being attracted to women was just such a normal thing, but I realized that I'd been checking out the guys as well, without really noticing.

"How can you do that?" I asked. Sure, I'd known about this part of the operation, and even monitored agents who'd been altered for undercover assignments, but I'd never really looked into the details. Now that I'd gone through the process, I had a hard time not being curious.

"Well, so much of the brain is just biochemical reactions, along with your personal wiring. All we needed to do was adjust the chemical balance in the brain along with the changes to a more feminine brain structure for the base effect. The hardest part was weakening the memory bonds that covered the cultural aspects of your masculinity. That's always the tricky part." She explained as we entered a small examination room and shut the door.

"So you didn't change my memories or anything?" I shuddered a bit at the whole notion. They'd been rummaging around in my head, which wasn't exactly something I was eager to think about.

"No, we wouldn't want to do that. No, we just made certain experiences less pronounced for your unconscious mind. Gender swaps are the hardest, especially when you come in basically straight. If we didn't alter anything, you'd end up almost asexual with a slight attraction to both sexes. You'd have your established attraction to women, but not the biological underpinning for it, and you'd have your biological attraction to men, but still have your mental aversion to that attraction that was learned behavior based off of your previous biology." She continued while she worked through the basics of a physical examination.

"So you had to make me like both men and women?" I felt a bit silly asking that. It seemed like such a strange idea, even if it did make a bit of sense.

"Exactly, we had to adjust your brain chemistry a bit in your DNA profile so that you'd have a physical attraction to women and we had to weaken any inhibitions you felt towards being sexual with a man. I know that all probably sounds pretty crazy." She took my blood pressure and added to my notes.

"Yeah, it really is kind of weird. I guess I'll have to get over it though." I smiled weakly. If I was going to complete this mission, I'd have to get used to all of that.

"Oh, don't worry about that. We've already reconditioned most of your responses, we just need to do a bit of testing to make sure it all worked." She continued through reflex tests of my fingers and toes.

"What do you mean?" I looked down at her as she poked at my big toe and watched me flinch.

"Simple." She stood up and before I could react, she slid her hands around my neck from both sides and leaned in for a big kiss. I was surprised for a moment, but then simply melted my lips into hers. When her hands slid down and began cupping and squeezing my new breasts I didn't flinch. It felt so good, and I couldn't resist pressing them into her hands. She continued like that for what seemed like an eternity before pulling away gently.

"Your reflexes were perfect, properly submissive and receptive. You didn't even flinch." She smiled. "Now, if you don't mind you should get undressed for the next part of the exam."

"What? I'm not submissive!" I squeaked as I started to slide off my hospital gown.

"Then why are you getting undressed so fast?" She laughed. It took me a second to piece it all together and then I gave her a scowl.

"Because you asked me to, this is an exam, right?" I shot back. She just laughed and gave me another pat on the head.

"Oh, you are just too cute when you're being all indignant." She smiled and then pulled back closed her eyes and took a deep breath before continuing. "Sorry, business is business and I need to be a bit more professional."

"Yeah, I'd say." I nodded as she started looking me over. I had to summon up the gumption to do the same. In all the excitement, I'd done little more than glance down. I wasn't sure I was ready to take in the full depth of my changes. Of course that was about the time that the doctor reached up again and cupped both of my breasts and gave them a good squeeze.

"Oh, fuck!" I squeaked at the sudden rush of sensation. It was strange the way my chest felt so soft and her fingers pressing into my flesh. It wasn't directly erotic, but shivers of pleasure were shooting up my spine as my chest tingled in her hands.

"Very good, you're nice and firm and clearly sensitive. Now, I just need to check one more thing up here." Louise's tone was almost mockingly dignified as her fingers slid over my softness and wrapped around my nipples. I moaned as she started rubbing her fingers around the tender nubs. Now, my new pussy started to quiver as she started to pinch at my hardening peaks.

"Wonderful. Now, can you climb up into that chair and we can finish checking you out." Louise pointed towards a gynecologist exam chair.

I gulped, but did as she asked. I understood that this was all required, despite Louise's flippant attitude. Sometimes things could go wrong with this kind of transformation. Given the extent of the changes it wasn't hard for some little thing to end up strangely shaped, wrongly placed or just missing. The technology had been in use for long enough that major errors didn't happen, but it was always good to be thorough. I kept my thoughts on the mechanics of the issues instead of letting myself consider the fact that I was about to get my new anatomy probed.

"Good. Now just relax, I know this is going to feel pretty strange but we want to make sure you're one hundred percent woman." The doctor continued as she smeared some clear jelly onto my stomach and just above my new mound. I wondered just what she was doing when she held up an ultrasonic probe.

"What are you doing?" I asked, trying not to sound as concerned as I was.

"Oh, I guess this is all a bit new to you. I'm going to take a scan of all your new woman parts and make sure everything is there and looking good. Now try to hold still, this will just take a minute." She explained as she pressed the device against my stomach and started to slide it up and down.

"Don't you need to... welll... put it... inside?" I stammered a bit, not knowing quite how to ask the question. I was almost afraid to remind her, though it wasn't like she would just skip a part of the exam.

She just laughed.

"I guess you're thinking of the old exams where you get that damn cold speculum slid all the way up your vagina. We do still need to do that sometimes, but usually only if we find something strange with our readings here. These new high resolution 3D scanners tell us almost everything we need to know, and your standard medical nanobots can detect for any infections or other standard problems. It makes this all a lot more comfortable, aside from the chair." Louise explained. She continued her work for a bit and then set the scanner aside. "Now, while the computer is running its analysis, lets clean you up and check out your new pussy."

She grabbed a towel and wiped off the jelly and then slid in between my legs. I gasped a bit as she slid her fingers over my new folds. To say it was strange was an enormous understatement. Her touch was a bit ticklish, but also sent shivers of pleasure up my spine. I was sensitive, and in some ways it mirrored the pleasure I felt when my cock was stroked, but it lacked the throbbing urgency that I had when aroused as a man. Instead, I found a growing warmth between my legs and a strange yearning to feel something inside me.

"Excellent, your little pussy is beautiful and it seems to be pretty sensitive as well. You also look really good hairless, but you'll have to shave to keep that up." She said as she pulled away. "For someone who just got railroaded into all this, you're doing very good. So let's get you dressed."

"Okay." I pulled myself out of the chair. It was a relief to be out of there and even more of a relief when Louise handed me a long robe to put on. It was a nice soft material, but fluffy enough not to make any lewd presentation of my new anatomy. If that wasn't enough, it was a nice plain white. I had been half afraid they'd make it pink.

"So, I'll have to shave?" I finally asked as I pulled the robe closed.

"Yep, just like a real woman, or at least one that hasn't had treatments. I'll have to see if I can sneak some nano hair removal cream into your budget. It's a lot easier than shaving, but they don't always like to add it to the budget." She explained. I nodded. Despite facilities like this, or maybe because of them, we didn't always have a lot of extra money in the agency.

Of course, that didn't make me feel better about the prospect of shaving. I suppose it was just another part of the female identity I now had to assume. I had to live with all the girl stuff, right down to hygiene.

"Now, don't worry too much about all that. We have a very good little training program to teach you all the stuff you need to know about living as a woman. Hair care, makeup, lingerie, menstrual care, and all that good stuff. A lot of it was already loaded in with the rest of the mental conditioning, but we like to make you go through the motions so it rises to conscious understanding." She explained.

"Great. So now that you've checked me out. What do I do next?" I asked as I stood in the exam room wearing nothing more than a robe. I didn't have clothes, a place to live, heck I didn't even know my new name. I certainly could go by Jack Tinnell anymore.

"Well, I'll transfer you to your handler for that. He'll take care of getting you set up. We have some in facility housing for undercover agents during their adjustment period. He'll give you your new background profile for you to study. From there you'll have your training and then you'll be ready to begin your assignment." She explained as she led me down the hall to the reception area.

When we rounded the last corner, I spotted him. I nearly tripped as I did. It wasn't just that he was a rather tall, well built man in a company suit. The way his eyes sparkled as they met mine made my heart skip a beat. It took a moment more my brain to catch up with where my instincts had gone. This guy was hot! I could feel my body start to warm up again just looking at him.

The reality of that arousal bounced around my head. It was so strange. Rationally, I was a bit shocked by how strong it was. I'd had that feeling around women before, but never a guy, and I knew I'd been around sexy men before. That wasn't the part that hit me the hardest though, it was the fact that it didn't really bother me all that much. I knew they'd messed with my head, but it was entirely something else to really feel how much I'd changed.

"Good afternoon, Doctor. This must be agent Tinnell." He extended his hand as I stumbled into range. "I'm Agent Raikins. I will be your handler for this assignment."

My mind tumbled around as I tried to actually think around my libido. Finally, I shoved my hand into his and shook it. "Glad to meet you. I'm... Agent Tinnell."

"Down girl." Louise giggled. I shot her a glare, but that snapped me out of my daze. For a moment, I'd somehow become a star struck school girl, and I quickly blushed as I tried to pull myself together again.

"Sorry, I hope I didn't make you uncomfortable. I suppose we should get you dressed though. That'll probably help." He remarked as he glanced down at my robe.

"Yeah, that would be great."

"Perfect, I'll take you to your room then." He moved to summon the elevator.

I took the moment to turn back to the doctor. As much as she'd grated my nerves a bit, I had to admit she'd done a good job getting me this far. "Thanks, Louise. Hopefully, I'll be able to use your services again soon."

She smiled and then pulled me in for a hug. "Take care, Agent, good luck on your assignment."

I nodded and then followed Raikins into the elevator. He stood there quietly as the elevator took off before he spoke. "I hope this isn't too weird for you. I know the gender swapping assignments always hit hard."

"Yeah, I'm not in top form today." I laughed, then looked down. It wasn't easy to see much, but it was clear that I was a girl just the same. "Though I'm probably in the best shape I've ever been. It's just a bit unnerving with the boobs and pussy among other things."

"Yeah, I hear you. I had to get swapped last year for an assignment, that's why I'm your handler. I know pretty much how your feeling right now. So if you have any questions, I'll do my best to answer them. Otherwise, I'll stand off as much as I can." He explained. I turned to look at him and he gave me a rather knowing smile and I blushed a bit more. If I took his full meaning, then he knew that I was trying my hardest not to think about how good it would feel to bang him right here in the elevator.

"Sure, so can you tell me what more I've got to do before getting into the field?" I asked. The sooner I could get my mission done, the faster I'd be able to switch back.

"Not much. We just need to confirm that your conditioning all worked and that you've got the right reflexes and instincts for a twenty something young woman. It should mostly be pretty straight forward, except for one thing." He hesitated.

"What's that?" I saw the expression on his face. It was hard to describe it exactly, but it was a degree of concern, though exactly in what way I couldn't be sure.

"Well, we need to see that you're fully comfortable with being a woman, that's a lot of basic tests like putting on makeup, getting dressed, and even how you walk and present yourself. Of course, since you're going to be on a seduction mission, that means we've got to be sure that you behave appropriately in bed as well." He tried to keep his tone professional, but his voice skipped a bit as he hit the end.