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This is a male feminization, futa dom male sub, futa on male, sexy ladyboy, transsexual erotica. Caleb is known for being a womanizer, and he’s always bragging to his friend, Josh, about how free he is to be with any woman he wants. Josh has a girlfriend, Carmen, who is constantly keeping Josh in check so that he is not influenced by Caleb’s bad habits with women. However, unbeknownst to the three of them, Caleb is soon to meet his match in the beautiful Alexis.Put off by her futanari sexuality, Caleb dismisses Alexis in a disrespectful manner. Yet, his carelessness places him in a position that turns out to be more than what this alpha male has bargained for. Alexis soon has Caleb wearing a dress, panties, high heels, make-up, and he must strut his stuff as her crossdressing sissy in order to make things all better.

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Futa Domme

Alpha Male Feminization

by MI Eros

MI Eros™

Copyright © 2017 MI Eros. All rights reserved.

Notice: This work is a work of fiction and is intended for mature audiences only as it contains explicit, graphic and sexual content. Names, places, characters and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or are fictitiously utilized. Any resemblance to any actual persons, living or dead, organizations, events, or locales is entirely coincidental. Albeit being a work of fiction, all sexually active characters within this work are the legal age of (18) or older.

Table of Contents

Futa Domme: Alpha Male Feminization

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Author Greeting

(Excerpt) Takin’ It DEEP! Feminized by the Futa Alpha

Futa Domme: Alpha Male Feminization

I'm at a bar with my two friends, Josh and Carmen. Josh is my roommate, and we've been friends since college. I met Carmen through him. The two of them are in a relationship. Carmen doesn't approve of my ability to juggle multiple dealings with women. As she puts it, it's excessive and I should tone it down and find one woman that I can be satisfied with.

Why would I do that? There's enough of this masculine sexiness to go around. Carmen hates that I feel this way, and does her best to keep Josh from being influenced by my behavior. I feel sorry for the two of them. I feel sorry for him because he's pussy whipped, and sorry for her because her boyfriend is my roommate. He's bound to see different women coming and going, you know?

Hey, Josh! I just bagged another one... Got her number, right here!

"So what, dude? Who cares? You're probably not even gonna call them, so why brag about getting their phone numbers?", Josh smugly replies.

"I know, right? Like, what's the point?", Carmen adds, rolling her eyes at me.

The point is I'm large and in charge with the ladies. Hell, yea!

"That's so lame. If you're so in charge, why not call one of them over here and actually get to know her? She might find out that you're a jerk.", Carmen says.

Oh, is that a challenge?

"It wasn't a challenge, Caleb. It would just make you more of a decent guy to actually care.", she responds.

No, it's okay. I'll call one of them over here. Watch this.

Of the two women who have just given me their phone numbers, I decide to call Alexis over. She is the sexiest of the two, and her body is bangin'! After showing her that I wasn't alone and with two friends of my own, Carmen being one of them, Alexis is comfortable enough to tell her friends that she is going to hang out with me for a while.

Contrary to Carmen's belief, Alexis ends up liking me very much. Yet, that doesn't stop Carmen from throwing salt on my game. After telling Alexis that I am a womanizer and that she should be careful with me, she gives Alexis her phone number and suggests that she call her should I ever give her any trouble. Whatever!

We go onto have fun together, the four of us, and I get Alexis to agree to go out with me tomorrow night. I can't wait to get her alone with me. I want to see what she's really made of. The following night we enjoy our dinner.

So, what kind of girl are you, really?

"What do you mean by that?", Alexis replies.

You know? Are you a good girl, or are you bad?

I give her a seductive stare and raise one of my eyebrows at her as I ask.

"Well, honestly, I don't think any of us are completely good or bad. It's not so black and white. I think everyone is a little bit of both.", she answers, acting as if to ignore my charm.

A little bit of both, huh? So, how bad can you be?

"As bad as I want to be, when I want to be.", Alexis answers, showing confidence in her freedom of choice.

OK, okay. I like how that sounds. How long does it usually take for you to show that bad side, baby?

"Really? Do you have to ask? It all depends on who I'm with and whether or not we've got some chemistry.", she answers.

Speaking of chemistry, I'm working on it. I can tell she likes me, but she's feeling me out. Alexis may be a hottie, but she's smart. I can tell that she's probably gonna make me wait if I don't do something that really turns her on. So, I soften my charm and focus on just giving her the attention she needs. Women tend to like that, a lot.

For the rest of the night, I show my attentiveness and my ability to be chivalric. She likes it. In fact, by the end of the night, Alexis is willing to let her tongue dance with mine while we sit in my car. However, she doesn't let me touch as much of her as I want to. I can tell that she's still playing the good girl role. I know this is just our first date, but she won't even let me walk her to her apartment. We're sitting out in the parking lot.

"Caleb, I like you, but there is something you need to know before we go any further.", Alexis says, pulling away from me and getting serious.

What is it? There isn't anything wrong is there?