From Samantha Past - Eliselle Yu - ebook

An in view of agent Samantha past, three murders that lead her to be acquired like a killer, from the Society's tales of murders and kidnappings.

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Eliselle Yu

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Table of contents

Acquisition of Agent XYZ 637, commonly known as Samantha.


Time to think

Alice in chains

Acquisition of Agent XYZ 637, commonly known as Samantha.

Agent X”YZ 637, known as Sammy and renamed in Samantha, was taken today from the mental health center No. 02, where she was hospitalized following a judgment that has found her guilty of three murders.

Initially sentenced to the electric chair, the local recruiter has commuted her death sentence in an action of lobotomization, to be committed in a medical center where it was easier for the Society to verify her suitability for service and fetch her in case.

Being the center N.02 outside, it was necessary to replace her, in order not to arouse suspicion, with a nurse from the same center, code”named Sally: one of our agent kidnapped the woman and held captive her in the basement of the hospital until the appropriate time to perform the exchange; while at the same time other agents have erased the past of Sally and staged a dismissal to justify her disappearance.

Replacement was successful and during surgery, a local agent made sure that Sally did not survive, simulating post”operative complications. Samantha was held captive in the same basement until today, when it was safe to move her.

The Society believes that agent Samantha will be effective soon and become an established killer and because of her personal attitudes to bondage and bdsm, she can also be used for parallel activities such as prostitution and pornography.

Shown below are the three murder cases for which she was condemned and that summarize the mental disorders that affect Samantha.

Case files in Volume 2:

Trashing: Samantha disposes of her husband into incinerator facility

Time to Think: Samantha eliminates her therapist during the demolition of an old building

Alice in chains: Samantha kidnaps and murders a coworker, just for pleasure

Fetishes and obsessions of agent Samantha:

Dirty Pantyhose








“David, I need you to take some garbage to the incinerator today”

My precious wife Sammy told me that on Sunday morning, while I was drinking a hot cup of tea.

“But dear” I said ”The incinerator is closed, is not it?“

She smiled and she took place on the chair in front of me. Sammy had his bathrobe and I know she was naked behind, idea that make my manhood growing at the moment and in few seconds.

“I am employed here, do you remember? I have the key“ she answered, putting one of her legs on the chair, while she moved with a hand her blond hair from the face.