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Do you lack energy and feel tired all the time because of a sluggish metabolism and excess weight? These weight loss secrets will revolutionize your life and restore your vitality!From Bestselling Author And Registered Nurse, Summer Accardo, RNThis Ground-Breaking Book Shows You How To Supercharge Your Metabolism, Lose Weight Fast, And Regain Your Energy!Inside this book, you'll learn: How this fast metabolism diet burns stubborn belly fat Secret ways to lose weight fast Why you don't need to diet to lose weight fast Strategies to boost metabolism quickly How to lose weight fast by eating certain foods How to lose your belly fat Which weight loss supplements really work Why certain health conditions slow weight loss How to speed up weight loss as you get older How a sluggish thyroid can halt your weight loss efforts How certain high-fat foods lead to fast weight loss Why weight loss isn't always dependent upon exercise How hypothyroidism can rob you of energy and what you can do about itHere's What Your Doctor Doesn't Tell YouWhile your doctor probably explained the physiology behind hypothyroidism, he or she probably didn't tell you how you can boost your metabolism, feel younger, relieve depression, regain your beautiful hair and look better, all by using complementary remedies and a special fast metabolism diet.Forget About Medication Side EffectsWhile your hypothyroid hormone medication may help normalize your thyroid function, it may cause unwanted side effects such as anxiety, insomnia, hot flashes, appetite and weight changes, headaches, sweating and menstrual problems.Wouldn't you love to achieve relief from the misery of your hypothyroidism symptoms without those annoying side effects? Now you can!Hypothyroidism can also raise your low-density lipoproteins, or "bad cholesterol." These lipid abnormalities are major risk factors in the development of atherosclerosis. Don't risk it.Find out how you can dramatically reduce your risk by simply implementing some of these groundbreaking tips, tricks and recipes into your daily routine. If you have hypothyroidism, or if you're simply struggling to lose weight, you need this ultimate thyroid diet guide!Don't let hypothyroidism or a slow metabolism rob you of your vitality. Learn how the fast metabolism diet can help you regain your vibrant health!Discover The Insider Secrets To Fast Weight Loss, A Fast Metabolism, Healthy Eating, Fat-Burning Foods, And A Flat Belly!Buy Now! 

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Table of contents

From Fatigued & Fat To Fantastic


Superfoods To Relieve Stress And Anxiety

Superfoods For Superior Brain Function

Superfoods To Manage Menopausal Symptoms

Superfoods For Fighting The Flu

Superfoods That Relieve Depression

Superfoods To Prevent Heart Disease And Stroke

Superfoods For Living A Long Life

Paleolithic Diet (Paleo Diet) Recipes

Paleo Buffalo Wings

Carrot Cilantro Soup

Orange and Fennel Salad

Lobster Fennel Soup

Sweet And Savory Honey Chicken

Fresh Gazpacho Soup

Shrimp Salad

Chicken and Steak Kabobs

Orange Zested Roasted Chicken

Paleo Chuck Roast

Spinach Beef Stew

Osso Buco

Paleo Pizza

optimal thyroid function

1. Spicy Vegetable Juice

2. Berry Mint Juice

3. Kiwi Blackberry Juice

4. Green-Lemon Ginger Juice

5. Spicy Cucumber-Carrot-Pineapple Juice

6. Vegetable Power Juice

7. Gazpacho Juice

8. Pear Apple Carrot Juice

9. Beet-Apple-Carrot Juice

10. Grape Power Juice

11. Cantaloupe-Apple-Honeydew Juice

12. Power Green Fruit Juice

13. Beta Sweet Juice

14. Apple-Romaine-Orange Juice

15. Kale and Carrot Juice

16. Pear-Fennel Juice

17. Lime-Lemon-Pear Juice

18. Green Pineapple Juice

19. Carrot-Apple-Cabbage Juice

20. Green Energy Juice

21. Green Lemon Juice

22. Lavender Pineapple Juice

23. Fennel-Cucumber-Spinach Juice

24. Tart and Sweet Citrus Juice

25. Blueberry Pomegranate Juice

26. Spicy Cilantro-Cucumber Juice

27. Orange Beet Juice

28. Lemon-Green Juice

29. Mint Pineapple Strawberry Juice

30. Ginger-Pinapple-Apple Juice

31. Blueberry Grape Juice

32. Apple-Kiwi-Strawberry Juice

33. Cucumber-Celery-Carrot Juice

34. Green Calcium Juice

35. Potassium Power Juice

36. Mean Ginger Green Juice

37. Energy Iron Booster Green Juice

38. Sunshine Juice

39. Fennel-Pear-Apple Juice

40. Celery-Carrot-Apple Juice

41. Green Apple-Spinach-Kale Juice

42. Pear-Beet-Pineapple Energy Juice

43. Fruity Medley Juice

44. Vegetable Vitality Juice

45. Spicy Vitamin Juice

46. Apple-Cranberry-Blueberry Fiber Juice

47. Green Pinapple Juice

48. Spicy Orange-Carrot-Pineapple Juice

49. Ginger Pear Juice

50. Tomato Strawberry Juice

51. Slimming Juice

52. Strawberry-Raspberry-Orange Yogurt Juice

53. Orange Vitamin Juice

54. Sunny Orange Juice

55. Tangy and Tart Grapefruit Juice

56. Watermelon-Mint Juice

57. Apple-Ginger Juice

58. Watercress-Pineapple Juice

59. Morning Pineapple-Orange Juice

60. Pineapple Orange Carrot Juice

BONUS Ebook: Holistically Managing Weight Loss Through MUFA Foods, Fat Burning Methods, and Scientifically Proven Tips

Top Secret Recipes For Fast Weight Loss

Simple MUFA Recipes

Mango Smoothie

Pineapple Smoothie

Citrusy Cannoli

Avocado Salad Dressing

Mediterranean Rice Salad Dressing

Tuna Melt

Fruit and Nut Parfait

Avocado Tacos

Black Bean Salad

Tuna Avocado Pasta Salad

Feta, Olive And Walnut Salad

Shrimp With Garlic

Olives Wrapped In Prosciutto

Super Foods to Help You with Quick Weight Loss

Bonus Section: More Superfoods To Feel Great and Ward Off Disease






Superfoods That Defy Aging

Superfoods To Relieve Heartburn

Superfoods To Prevent Colds

Superfoods For Prostate Health

Superfoods For Healthy Hair

Superfoods That Fight Cancer

Take Home Message

Paleo Buffalo Wings

Tomato Salad With Garlic And Basil

Carrot Cilantro Soup

Orange and Fennel Salad

Lobster Fennel Soup

Sweet And Savory Honey Chicken

Fresh Gazpacho Soup

Shrimp Salad

Chicken and Steak Kabobs

Orange Zested Roasted Chicken

Paleo Chuck Roast

Spinach Beef Stew

Osso Buco

Paleo Pizza

15 Bonus Books

Natural Remedies

Natural Health

Healthy Juice Recipes

1. Spicy Tomato Spinach Juice

3. Kiwi Berry Juice

5. Cucumber-Carrot-Pineapple Juice

7. Tomato Gazpacho

9. Carrot-Apple-Beet Juice

11. Melon Juice

13. Beta Carotene Sweet Juice

15. Carrot Kale Juice

17. Apple Pear Carrot Juice

19. Apple Cabbage Juice

21. Green Apple Lemon Juice

23. Fennel-Cucumber-Spinach Juice

25. Sparkling Blueberry Pomegranate Juice

27. Orange Beet Juice

29. Pineapple Mint Strawberry Juice

31. Sparkling Blueberry Grape Juice

33. Cucumber-Carrot-Celery Juice

35. Power Potassium Juice

37. Iron Booster Green Juice

39. Fennel-Pear-Red Apple Juice

41. Apple-Spinach-Kale Juice

43. Fruity Combo Juice

45. Tangy Vitamin Juice

47. Pinapple Broccoli Juice

49. Pear GingerJuice

51. Slim Juice

53. Vitamin Orange Juice

55. Honey Grapefruit Juice

57. Granny Apple-Ginger Juice

59. Ginger Pineapple-Orange Juice

61. Green Cooler Juice

63. Spicy Carrot Tomato Juice

65. Greens and Carrot Juice

67. Health Boost Juice

69. Energy Lifter Juice

71. Ginger-Beet Detox Juice

73. Radish Cabbage Celery Detox Juice

75. Peppermint Pineapple Refresh Juice

77. Earthy Green Juice

79. Pineapple Kale Booster

81. Spicy Tomato Juice

83. Celery Kale Juice

85. Mango Carrot Juice


88. Refreshing Watermelon Juice

90. Mango Cauliflower Juice

Migraine Headache Relief

Signs and Symptoms of Migraine Headaches

Risk Factors

Migraine Headache Management


Medications To Treat Migraine Symptoms

Physical Therapy and Massage For Migraine Headaches

What Causes Acid Reflux?

Over-The-Counter Acid Reflux Medications

Home Remedies

For Acid Reflux

Proton Pump Inhibitors

Barrett's Esophagus

Bonus Book

Baked Turkey Breast With Sliced Mushrooms

Blueberry Carrot Salad

Paleo Orange Coleslaw

Hearty Paleo Vegetable Soup

Honey Glazed Turkey

Marinated Turkey Breast

Cauliflower Soup

Sweet and Sour Chicken

Cucumber Avocado Tomato Salad

Paleo Meat Loaf

Mediterranean Spicy Veal Chops

Pork Tacos

Fresh Vegetable Frittata

Gluten-Free Recipes for Celiac Disease and Gluten Intolerance

Gluten-Free Almond Flour Muffins

Gluten-Free Blueberry Muffins


Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Scones

Gluten-Free Muesli Scones

Gluten-Free Blueberry Pancakes

Gluten-Free Streusel Topped Cinnamon-Raisin Muffins

Gluten-Free Irish Soda Bread

Gluten-Free Extremely Simple Breakfast Bake

Gluten-Free Veggie Smoothie

Gluten-Free Easy Quinoa

Gluten-Free Banana Bread

Gluten-Free Honey Vanilla Yogurt Fruit Salad

The Acne Remedy Guide

1. Spicy Vegetable Juice

3. Blackberry Kiwi Juice

5. Cucumber-Carrot-Pineapple Juice

7. Gazpacho Juice

9. Beet-Apple-Carrot Juice

11. Melon - Apple Juice

13. Beta Carotene Sweet Juice

15. Carrot Kale Juice

17. Lime-Lemon-Pear Juice

19. Apple - Carrot - Cabbage Juice

21. Green Apple Lemon Juice

23. Fennel-Cucumber-Spinach Juice

25. Blueberry and Pomegranate Juice

27. Beet Orange Juice

29. Mint Strawberry Pineapple Juice

31. Grape Blueberry Juice

33. Cucumber-Carrot-Celery Juice

35. Potassium Power Juice

37. Energy Green Juice

39. Fennel-Apple-Pear Juice

41. Green Apple-Kale-Spinach Juice

43. Fruity Fruit Juice

45. Spicy Vitamin Juice

47. Green Pinapple Juice

49. Ginger and Pear Juice

51. Slim Juice

53. Orange Vitamin Juice

55. Tart Grapefruit Juice

57. Ginger-Apple Juice

Bonus Book

Bonus Book

Surgical vs. Natural Menopause

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Restoring Vaginal Moisture

Dry Skin and Eyes

Mood Swings, Anxiety And Depression

Tingling And Electric Shock Sensations

Muscle And Joint Pain

Superfoods That Defy Aging

Bonus Book




Dried Fruit









Bonus Book




Red Beans

Chia Seeds



Superfoods To Feel Great and Ward Off Disease






Superfoods That Defy Aging

Superfoods To Relieve Heartburn

Superfoods To Prevent Colds

Superfoods For Prostate Health

Superfoods For Healthy Hair

Superfoods That Fight Cancer

Bonus Book

2. Begin every day with a full glass of water.

4. Drink an additional glass of cool water during your meal.

6. Eat water dense foods like watermelon (when in season) and tomatoes.

8. Make your own juice.

10. Eat more fiber.

12. Add fresh lemon juice to your water.

14. Don't Deprive Yourself Of Sweets.

16. Only eat when you're hungry.

18. Review your medications.

20. Drink green tea.

22. Fill up on beans.

24. Enjoy your coffee.

26. Never, ever, skip meals.

28. Consume more berries.

30. Start enjoying fish.

32. Chew sugarless gum.

34. Eat a big breakfast.

36. Increase your oatmeal consumption.

38. Cook with hot peppers.

40. Go for a stroll.

15 Minute Gourmet Vegetarian

Black Bean Burgers

Grilled Veggie Burgers

Polenta with Roasted Vegetables

Eggplant with toasted spices

Cauliflower mash

Gazpacho with garbanzo beans

Peach crumble

Almond date shake

Chickpea hummus

Penne tossed with cherry tomatoes, asparagus and goat cheese

Rotelle pasta with sun-dried tomato and black olive sauce

Baked ziti with vegetables

Southwestern frittata

Barley and roasted tomato risotto


Ambrosia with coconut and toasted almonds

English cucumber salad with balsamic vinaigrette

Almond and apricot biscotti

Cinnamon rolls

Raspberry chocolate scones

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Furthermore, if readers of the ebook have concerns or questions regarding a treatment plan, diet, exercise regimen or medical condition, they need to consult their healthcare providers.

The information in the ebook is not advice, and should not be taken as such. Always consult with your healthcare provider prior to exercising, dieting, or considering alternative treatments, home remedies or new diets.

From Fatigued & Fat To Fantastic


is a condition in which your thyroid gland fails to produce enough thyroid hormone, and is also referred to as an underactive thyroid. Your thyroid gland is part of your endocrine system, and is located in the front of your neck, slightly above where both of your collarbones meet.

Your thyroid gland produces special hormones that are responsible for controlling how every single cell in your body uses energy. This is called metabolism. While hypothyroidism is more common in women over the age of 50, it can occur in people of all ages, and in men. Although hypothyroidism can make you feel sick and tired, you don't have to live this way anymore. This ultimate guide will show you exactly what to do in order to regain your health, skyrocket your energy level, lose weight, boost your metabolism and even improve your mood.

While your physician will monitor your overall health and thyroid function to determine if your medications are working, he or she may not tell you, or may not even be aware of some highly effective, clinically proven strategies, foods, and tips that can skyrocket your metabolism, speed weight loss, give you vibrant health and turbocharge your engery.

Symptoms of hypothyroidism include constipation, sensitivity to cold temperatures, heavy or irregular menstrual periods, fatigue, muscle or joint pain, and dry skin. In addition, hypothyroidism can cause thin hair, brittle fingernails, feelings of weakness, depression, weight gain, and the inability to lose weight.

Later symptoms of hypothyroidism may include hoarseness, puffiness of the face, hands and feet, diminished sense of taste and smell, thinning eyebrows, thickening of your skin and slowed speech.

One of the most common complaints of hypothyroidism, however, is the inability to lose weight. Because hypothyroidism causes your metabolism to slow down, weight loss remains sluggish, despite your best efforts at dieting and exercise.

This book was written to help you make the most out of little-known tips, tricks and recipes that will help skyrocket your metabolism so that you burn fat and calories, and lose weight fast.

You don't have to accept the fact that simply because you've been diagnosed with hypothyroidism, you're destined to be overweight. By following the little-known secrets, strategies and recipes in this book, you'll be amazed at how fast the weight comes off, how much more energized you feel, and how brighter your mood is!

Superfoods To Help Improve Symptoms Of Hypothyroidism And Promote Weight Loss

Superfoods are a unique group of foods that grow in nature. They are also loaded with nutrients, and very low in calories. They can also help enhance endocrine function and promote thyroid health.

Superfoods are excellent sources of illness-fighting anti-oxidants and immune-boosting essential nutrients. Furthermore, certain superfoods even act like medications, and can help stave off and treat various illnesses.

Select superfoods can also help you lose weight, lower your blood pressure and cholesterol levels, while reducing inflammation and pain. They may also protect against heart disease and cancer, regulate your metabolism, relieve stress, anxiety and depression, promote optimal digestive health and help with weight loss.

Although eating superfoods may substantially improve the quality of your life, it is important that you discuss your medical concerns with your health care provider prior to self-treating your health conditions by eating superfoods or any other remedies. Take action now and add superfoods into your daily meal plans to enjoy vibrant health and a more positive outlook on life!


Almonds are rich sources of amino acids and protein which help in the production of certain chemicals responsible for muscle growth. Since they are excellent sources of protein, they help boost your metabolism, while peeling off the pounds. Almonds also help lower bad cholesterol and may even help regulate blood glucose levels, which is beneficial to diabetics. The plant sterols in almonds also provide energy, and the vitamin E helps protect against damage from the sun.

Almonds are also excellent sources of antioxidants, which helps prevent damage from free radicals. They also help keep your arteries healthy and may help improve cognitive functioning.


Tomatoes are important superfoods because they are loaded with lycopene, a potent antioxident that may enhance your weight loss efforts. Whether you consume your tomatoes fresh or processed, the benefits remain strong. me. Diets high in lycopene may help decrease your risk of certain cancers, such as prostate, lung, bladder, stomach and skin cancers. Lycopene may also help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and help reduce the risk of skin damaged caused by ultraviolet rays. Although fresh tomatoes are great to eat, consuming tomato paste or cooked tomatoes may help your body absorb the lycopene more efficiently.


Flaxseeds are one of the "superstars" of weight loss superfoods, as they are high in fiber and protein, and are rich sources of omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids help improve the quality and texture of your skin, while helping to lower total cholesterol levels. Flaxseeds may also help relieve symptoms of fibrocystic breast disease, while improving overall cardiovascular health.

The omega-3 fatty acids in flaxseeds also have been shown to reduce levels and anxiety and promote a more restful and restorative sleep. For those who are unable to tolerate the side effects from cholesterol-lowering drugs known as statins, supplement their diets with flaxseeds may be a viable alternative to taking these drugs. It is important to note, however, that you should never stop taking medications that your doctor has prescribed for you, without first discussing it with him.


Spinach is another great superfood that is not only a potent muscle enhancer, it is also rich in magnesium and potassium These vital minerals play important roles in heart health, weight loss and blood pressure, and may help ward off a stroke. Spinach also contains an excellent source of lutein, which is an antioxidant helpful in keeping clogged arteries at bay. Spinach also helps bolster your bone density, while helping to fight colon cancer, skin cancer and prostate cancer.

Sweet Potatoes

Talk about one of the most amazing superfoods! Sweet potatoes just might be one of the healthiest foods around to help you quick start your weight loss. Those who make sweet potatoes a regular staple in their diet may be helping to reduce the risk of diabetes, while helping to counteract the harmful effects of secondhand smoke.

Sweet potatoes contain glutathione, a strong antioxidant known for its ability to support the immune system. It might also help protect against liver disease, Parkinson's, Alzheimers, heart attacks, cancer, stroke and HIV. Furthermore, this spectacular superfood is packed with vitamin C, which helps smooth out the look of fine lines and wrinkles.


Rosemary is a spectacular superfood that contains carnosic acid. It may also help protect against stroke by shielding cells from the harmful effects of free radicals. Carnosic acid may also protect against Alzheimer's disease, enhance your weight loss efforts and other degenerative conditions.


One of the most important superfoods is salmon. It contains docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) as well as eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA). The substances are known as omega-3 fatty acids, which help enhance nerve function and combat inflammation and promote healthy weight loss. Omega-3 fatty acids may also play important roles in the prevention of depression and anxiety disorders. Furthermore, it may also reduce the risk of breast cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Omega-3 fatty acids are also available in supplement form, however, you should talk to your doctor before taking them. These supplements have the potential to decrease platelet aggregation and subsequent thinning of the blood. If you take prescription blood thinners or take a daily aspirin, omega-3 fatty acid supplements may intensify the anticoagulant effects of these medications and raise the risk of abnormal bleeding.


Another star in the superfoods category is the apple. Not only can an apple a day keep the doctor away, it can also stave off weight gain. Individuals who eat an apple before eating a meal high in carbohydrates tend to eat fewer calories that people who choose a different snack. In addition, apples contain powerful antioxidants that help reduce the risk of getting metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is marked by an increase in belly fat and being shaped like an apple, as opposed to having the shape of a pear.


Did you know that steak is also a member of the superfood group? Beef is protein that when consumed in moderation, helps manage your weight while promoting quick weight loss. It is important to note, however, that you should choose lean cuts of meat and trim off any visible fat. People who are anemic can also benefit from adding steak to their diets, as steak is rich in iron content, which may help correct iron deficiency anemia.

Superfoods To Relieve Stress And Anxiety

Stress and anxiety have ways of creeping into almost every part of our lives. Whether you are raising your family, working long hours, dealing with family or health-related issues, stress and anxiety take their toll on your emotional and physical health. Hypothyroidism can also lead to stress, depression and anxiety, and so can the medications used to treat it.

Although elevated levels of stress, anxiety and depression might necessitate a medical evaluation, there are various things you can do to help east your anxiety before it spirals out of control. The foods that you eat play a vital role in both the development and management of anxiety, and by learning which types foods to eat and which ones to avoid, you might find that your stress and anxiety levels start to dissipate.

Before I explain which foods will help you manage your stress and anxiety, you should know which foods to avoid. Alcohol is known a central nervous system depressant, so when you drink in excess, you can actually deplete your body of energy, leaving you with hardly any resources to effectively manage your stress.

Conversely, caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant, and in addition to contributing to the loss of fluids, it can cause palpitations and abnormal heart rhythms, respiratory difficulties, increased urination, upset stomach, headache and excessive sweating. These symptoms can further exacerbate your symptoms of anxiety, and in certain cases, increase the risk for a full-fledged panic attack.

Eating foods high in sugar content can also worsen anxiety because after you eat sugar, your blood sugar levels will increase, and then decline quickly. This physiological action may also cause decreased levels of energy, depression and anxiety.

Now, for the foods you should eat that can dramatically help restore your energy, improve your emotional well-being, keep anxiety at bay and relieve depression. Even though many individuals are trying to eliminate the amounts of red meat that they add into their diets, red meat is actually an excellent choice for those who are dealing with stress.

Beef contains rich amounts of B vitamins, zinc and iron, which not only help raise your mood, but it also helps maintain your emotional well-being as well. Make sure, however, that you eat cuts of beef that are very lean, and low in fat.

The mineral, magnesium, is often referred to as "nature's beta blocker." Beta blockers are prescription drugs are used in the management of hypertension, abnormal heart rates and rhythms, migraines and anxiety. They also help suppress your body's response to stress hormones such as adrenaline, and can dramatically lower your risk of panic attacks.

It is for this reason that you should eat foods that are rich sources of magnesium. Almonds are excellent sources of magnesium, and other nutrients. In addition to containing high amounts of magnesium, almonds also contain vitamins C, E and B2, and healthy unsaturated fats. These substances also help protect you from the dangerous effects of free radicals and oxidative stress, which have been commonly implicated in the development of heart disease and malignancy.

Milk is another food to help you get through times of anxiety and stress. Milk is rich in calcium, vitamins B12 and B2, antioxidant, vitamin D and protein. It also helps keep your bones healthy and helps enhance the regeneration of healthy new cells.

Combining low-fat milk with your favorite whole-grain, healthy cereal for breakfast is an excellent way to keep stress at bay that may be waiting to ruin your emotional and physical health. Cottage cheese, combined with vitamin C rich fruits also helps you better deal with stress-promoting free radicals that can often get out of control when you are under stress. In addition to fortified milk, asparagus is another heavy hitter when it comes to managing anxiety and stress.

Rich in folic acid and vitamin B, asparagus helps stabilize your moods by promoting the release of a "feel-good" substance, known as serotonin. Antidepressant medications also work by increasing your levels of serotonin to elevate your moods and keep anxiety and depression at bay.

Superfoods That Defy Aging

Goji berries are dense and contain rich concentrations of vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, amino acids and healthy essential fatty acids. Because of excellent nutritional value, it is not surprising that Goji berries are frequently mentioned when referring to good health and anti-aging. Goji berries originate in Tibet, and are known to improve immunity, promote good vision, lower the risk of cancer, reduce levels of cholesterol, assist with weight loss and reduce depression. In addition, Goji berries are rich sources of vitamin C content, and contain at least 500 times more vitamin C than oranges so.

They also contain higher levels of beta carotene than carrots, and they're also an excellent source of vitamin A. The polysaccharides in Goji berries help stimulate your pituitary gland to secrete human growth hormone, which is thought to help stave off aging.

Avocados contain vitamin E, which is an excellent moisturizer and emollient for your skin. Avocados also contain glutathione, which is a powerful antioxidant. Glutathione is also thought to have anti-cancer properties as well. It may be effective against the effects of air pollution, ultra-violet radiation, cigarette smoke and exhaust fumes.

Research is currently being conducted to determine the benefits of glutathione on heart disease, cancer, Parkinson's disease, stress and anxiety, arthritis, depression, eczema, Aids, memory loss and liver disease.

If you want to enhance the production of collagen in a very natural way, consider aloe vera. Aloe helps your skin maintain a healthy and wrinkle-free glow. It also contains vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids, and it also rich in potent anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory substances. Furthermore, aloe may help reduce the risk of bacterial and fungal infections, while promoting good digestion and optimal elimination.

Aloe vera can also help enhance your immune system, while helping to keep your skin looking young. Because the outer leaves of an aloe plant may have a strong laxative effect, you should consume only the gel. Since aloe gel is bitter, combine it with your favorite fruit to enhance the flavor.

Bee pollen is another superfood superstar that may help treat various skin conditions such as acne, while promoting the production of new, healthy skin cells. Bee pollen also has potent anti-aging properties and it helps prevent the effects of dehydration on your skin, while helping to make wrinkles less visible. Bee pollen also contains nucleic acids such as DNA and RNA, and it may help fight off infections, enhance your immune system, improve physical stamina, reduce cholesterol levels and enhance your libido.

Chlorella is another superfood that is loaded with nucleic acids. In fact, chlorella is one of the highest sources of RNA and DNA. In addition to RNA and DNA, chlorella is also a very rich source of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids and healthful enzymes. It also helps reduce the adverse effects of oxidative stress on your body, while helping to rid the body of harmful toxins that have the potential to weaken immune functioning.

If you struggle with your weight, coconut oil may be what you need to promote weight loss. Coconut oil is also high in antioxidants and it is also helps re-hydrate and moisturize your skin. In fact, coconut oil might help protect against free radical damage and help you maintain a healthy and youthful looking complexion. You can either consume coconut oil, or apply it to your skin. In addition to containing an essential fatty acid that has strong anti-microbial effects known as lauric acid, coconut oil may also protect against viral, bacterial and fungal infections.

Superfoods For Superior Brain Function

Everyone has had those down days when things just don't go right. During the aging process, our bodies start to lose some of its vigor and vitality, and so do our brains. By eating the right superfoods, we can preserve our brain function longer. Consider including the following superfoods into your daily menu plans to help keep your brain working at its best.

Superfoods such as brown rice, whole grain breads and oatmeal might help reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke, while helping to contribute to a healthy brain. When you have a healthy cardiovascular system, the blood flow to your brain is optimal. Healthy complex carbohydrates also supply your brain with an steadier dose of glucose, which also enhances healthy brain function.

Conversely, simple carbohydrates that are found in processed foods bombard your brain with too much sugar, resulting in unhealthy sugar-highs and precipitous crashes. This roller coaster effect promotes fatigue, hunger, depression and stress.

Blueberries are another amazing superfood that may guard your brain from the effects of dementia, Alzheimer's and stress. Rich in vitamins and minerals, blueberries help contribute to better motor skills and enhanced learning capacities.

Dark chocolate is another superfood that is high in antioxidants. The antioxidants contained in dark chocolate are very rich in natural stimulants that help enhance better focus and concentration. They also help your body release mood-enhancing endorphins. As with any food, it is best to consume dark chocolate in moderation. Eating too much might cause hyper-stimulation, anxiety and insomnia.

Salmon, a deep-water, fatty fish is an excellent source of healthy omega-3 fatty acids. These essential nutrients are crucial for optimal brain functioning, and are also being investigated for their roles in the reduction of depression and anxiety disorders. Fish oil supplements also contain rich sources of omega-3 fatty acids, however, they may interfere with medications known as anticoagulants or medical conditions. Fish oils thin your blood by inhibiting platelet aggregation, and may lead to abnormal bleeding. Talk to your health care provider before consuming fish oil supplements, especially if you take anticoagulant medications.

Brewed tea also contains very potent antioxidants known as catechines. These substances promote healthy blood flow to the brain, and may help with concentration. Because tea contains caffeine, limiting your consumption may help stave off caffeine-related insomnia, over-stimulation and anxiety.

Foods that contain vitamin E such as peanuts, sunflower seeds, cashews, walnuts and almonds are also healthy selections for brain health. Eating these seeds and nuts may help keep cognitive decline at bay and promote learning.

Avocados, a fruit high in healthy-promoting fats, contributes to enhanced cerebral blood flow while reducing your blood pressure. Hypertension is a prominent risk factor in the development of heart disease and stroke.

Superfoods To Relieve Hypothyroid-Associated Heartburn

People with hypothyroidism may be more likely to suffer the effects of acid reflux disease and heartburn. In addition thyroid replacement medications can also lead to heartburn and acid reflux symptoms. Heartburn and acid reflux disease causes discomfort to millions of people as the result of intense burning in the esophagus, throat and chest areas. Heartburn can even cause a chronic cough, constant throat clearing, an unpleasant taste in the mouth, sore throat and a feeling as though there is something is stuck in your throat.

Heartburn is often caused by overeating, drinking too much, anxiety, smoking, obesity and various medications. In addition, many foods trigger acid reflux and heartburn, including coffee, tea, chocolate, foods high in fat, and citrus fruit. Onions, garlic, black pepper and soda may also contribute to heartburn as well.

Eating foods that are high in fiber such as non-citrus fruits such as grapes and apples, vegetables and whole grains help promote digestion, lowering your risk of acid reflux. Teas such as chamomile and ginger help to calm your digestive system and may help promote a better sleep pattern.

Lean proteins such as turkey helps keep you full, while providing you with a low-fat, nutrient packed food that is easy on your digestive system. Turkey is also an excellent source of niacin, which may help decrease serum cholesterol levels. Oatmeal provides you with a calcium-rich way to enhance your energy levels, while promoting digestion. Combining your oatmeal with healthy raisins or blueberries adds an extra helping of potassium and iron to further enhance a healthy digestive system.

Superfoods To Manage Menopausal Symptoms

If you have a sluggish thyroid, you may have more intense peri and menopausal symptoms. Menopause causes a variety of annoying symptoms such hot flashes, night sweats, urinary problems, vaginal dryness and mood swings. In addition, menopause may raise the risk for osteoporosis, heart disease, diabetes, hypothyroidism and cognitive losses. These symptoms occur as a result of declining levels of estrogen.

Although hormone replacement therapy may help alleviate your menopausal symptoms, they may cause adverse reactions and side effects. In addition to side effects and adverse reactions, hormone replacement therapy is generally not recommended for those who have a personal or family history of certain cancers. Cancers of the breast, uterus and endometrium are often fueled by estrogen, and by taking supplemental hormones, you might be raising your risk for these types of cancers. When you include certain superfoods into your diet, it may help relieve menopausal symptoms, reduce your risk for osteoporosis and improve your memory.

Yogurt is an excellent source of calcium and may help keep osteoporosis at bay. Calcium also helps boost your immune system and helps manage your weight. It also contains healthy live cultures, known as acidophilus, which have been shown to lower the risk of yeast and bladder infections. Yogurt also is also rich in protein, and may prove help reduce hot flashes and night sweats. It also helps restore healthy gastrointestinal flora to prevent constipation and diarrhea.

Tofu is another superfood, and is an excellent source of protein. Tofu may also help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, which may rise during the post-menopausal years. It may also play a significant role in the management of high cholesterol, and since it is a soy-based food, it might also help reduce the frequency and intensity of night sweats and hot flashes.

Tofu is also a viable option for people who cannot take hormone replacement therapy because of a past history or family history of certain cancers. Since soy foods mimic the effects of estrogen, tofu might help relieve vaginal dryness and atrophy.

Blueberries are also beneficial in the management of menopausal symptoms, because not only are they packed with health-promoting vitamins and minerals, their high antioxidant content might help enhance your memory. Blueberries may also help improve your immune system, and when paired with yogurt, you'll be getting extra protection for your bones and brain.

Navy beans may also prove beneficial in the prevention of colon, breast and other cancers because they are rich in fiber content. Navy beans might also help relieve the symptoms of diverticulosis. Women who are past menopause need approximately 30 grams of fiber per day, so including navy beans into your favorite rice or chili dishes will help ensure that you meet your recommended daily requirements.

Menopause can cause your skin to dry out, so eating foods high in monounsaturated fats might help replenish moisture. Avocados contain vitamin E and other beneficial antioxidants which may reduce your risk of high cholesterol and hypertension, while imparting shine to hair and a renewed glow to your skin. Try adding a few slices of avocado to your turkey sandwich or whip up a delicious guacamole dip to enjoy with a side of tasty baked, low-fat tortilla chips.

Eating fresh fatty fish such as salmon, might also help relieve certain symptoms of menopause. Salmon, because of its rich omega 3 fatty acid content helps reduce the intensity and duration of hot flashes and night sweats, improves sleep, protects your heart and bones, and enhances your mood. Although it is better to get your omega 3 fatty acids from fresh fish, fish oil supplements can be considered. It is important to note, however, that if you are take aspirin or other medications that thin the blood, incorporating fish oils into your daily menu plan may enhance the effect of your anticoagulant medications, causing unusual bleeding. Before consuming high amounts of fatty fish, or before taking fish oil supplements, talk to your health care provider first.

Superfoods To Prevent Colds

Hypothyroidism can lead to fatigue and obesity, both of which can suppress your immune function, leading to viral and bacterial infections. Nutrient-dense superfoods help enhance healthy cell production while improving your immune system's defenses against the invasion from the microorganisms that cause infections and colds. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains and low-fat protein sources play significant roles in your body's immune functioning.

Water is an important component of your body's anti-viral defense system. When dehydration occurs, your body is at risk for bacterial and viral infections. When you drink enough water and and other healthy decaffeinated beverages, your body stays well-hydrated and more equipped to fight off infection-causing germs. Water also helps keep your kidneys functioning so that they can filter out dangerous toxins and eliminate them from your system.

Garlic is sometimes referred to as "nature's antibiotic" because it contains a powerful chemical known as allicin. Allicin may help enhance your immune system and reduce complications from certain infections. Garlic can be added into your favorite dishes to enhanced flavor and to give you a powerful immune system booster. If you don't care for the taste of garlic, consider taking garlic pills for a similar immune-enhancing effect. Before you take garlic supplements, however, talk to your physician. Garlic is a strong anticoagulant, and might increase the effects of anticoagulant medications. This may cause abnormal bleeding, and in certain cases, contribute to gastrointestinal bleeding or bleeding in the brain.

An apple a day helps keep the doctor away. Apples, as well as oranges are important superfoods. Eating one orange a day provides 100% of the recommended daily allowance for vitamin C. In addition to being a rich source of vitamin C, oranges are excellent sources of flavonoids, which help your cells regenerate and stay strong and healthy. Green peppers are also rich in vitamin C and flavonoids. Include them into your favorite salads, or simply eat them raw. For an added nutritional punch, prepare a healthy green bell pepper dip, and season it with minced fresh garlic for a germ-busting effect.

Eating a cup of yogurt per day helps keep your gastrointestinal tract healthy, and might help ward off infections such as colds and flu, thanks to its rich content of live cultures. In addition to promoting gastrointestinal health, yogurt may play a significant role in weight management. It also keeps your immune system in great working order.

Lean meats contain excellent sources zinc, protein and selenium, and when your prepare your lean meat with fresh garlic and tomatoes, your further help your immune system to fight colds. Lean ground beef also helps stave off anemia, and helps keep your cells healthy.

Superfoods For Fighting The Flu

Annual flu outbreaks are responsible for countless illnesses and hospitalizations. If you want to naturally enhance your immune system, consider adding certain superfoods to your meal plans. Eating nutrient-dense vegetables and fruits, complex carbohydrates and lean sources of protein helps keep your diet well-balanced and in optimal working order to enhance your natural defenses to keep flu bugs at bay.

Brussels sprouts are jam-packed with immune-enhancing vitamin C, fiber and folate. Brussels sprouts may also protect DNA. They are also rich in glucosinolates, strong anti-cancer chemicals. Brussels sprouts contain more glucosinolates than broccoli, cauliflower, mustard greens, cabbage, turnip greens and kale.