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Included in this sizzling bundle are the following three explicit stories:Captured And Ravaged By The VikingsElizabeth is a woman of good standing, daughter to the Duke of Saxton. Not that it means anything to the Vikings she finds herself in the hands of.Elizabeth is an innocent, untouched woman who's life changes as soon as she's captured. She will be taken rough, unprotected, and by multiple men as she leaves her old life behind and gives in to the overwhelming pull of her own carnal desires.The only question is - when it's all said and done, will she even want to go back to her old life?Sold To The Viking WarriorWhen a group of vikings attack her quiet seaside village and carry her off as a prize, Clarissa's life is changed forever. She expects the worse, but as she is brought onto their ship and she watches her village and the last remnants of her previous life fade into the distance, she is told the real reason she has been captured.Excepting a life as a thrall, she is shocked to be brought before King Bjord, the leader of the vikings who gives her a simple choice - submit to him and bear his child, or make it on her own. If she chooses to give in, it's clear that Bjord will take her rough, hard, and unprotected as she is stretched to the max. Ravaged By The ClanWhen Carly visits Norway, she stops by the Museum to check out the viking exhibit. Tall, blonde, and muscular, vikings have always had a place in Carly's fantasies. Her curiosity leads her to the backroom of the museum, where she spots an unusual artifact.As soon as she touches it, she finds herself transported to a far off land. When she runs into a clan of wild, lust-filled vikings she realizes that she hasn't just teleported - she's gone back in time.The vikings understand she's an untouched beauty, so they'll take her to their chief to be his bride... but only after the entire well-hung group take turns impregnating her!

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Forced By The Vikings Bundle

Elle London

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Forced By The Vikings: Bundle

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Captured And Ravaged By The Vikings

Elle London

“Elizabeth, it’s time to get up,” a soft feminine voice spoke from behind the bedroom door. The woman knocked, and walked away. Elizabeth begrudgingly opened her eyes, and sat up in her bed. Her lady maid woke her up every day at the same time, six o’clock in the morning. She stretched her arms behind her back, and stood up. She walked up to the desk, where a basin of water awaited her. She reached her hands inside of it and splashed the water on her face. She needed to look awake when her lady maid came back into the room. She looked down and saw her reflection amongst the ripples. Her thick black hair curled down her chest, and stark green eyes looked back at her. She looked at her chest in disappointment. She never had much in the breast department, much to her dismay. She was more well-endowed in the back. Someone had to like that, right?

She heard another persistent knock, and knew that her alone time was over. “Miss Elizabeth? I’m coming in,” the same soft feminine voice from before asked. A greying woman entered the room, carrying the dress Elizabeth was to wear that day. It was blood red, with fine stitching along the bottom. “Good morning, Miss. Let’s get you ready, shall we?” The woman put the dress on the bed, and led Elizabeth into the bathroom. A tub recently filled with hot water awaited her, and her lady maid helped her undress. The flimsy white gown she wore to bed slid down her body, pooling on the floor. She walked into the tub, and enjoyed the way the hot water felt against her pale skin. “I’ll be back in a few minutes, Miss. Call me if you need anything else,” her lady maid said as she walked out of the door. “Thank you, Elaine,” Elizabeth answered.

Elizabeth was the daughter of the rich and powerful Duke of Saxton, and had never gone a day without someone serving her in her life. It was wonderful, of course, never to have to worry about anything. But the lack of privacy grated her nerves at times. Her baths were her true moments of solitude, and she took full advantage of them. She let herself slide down the side of the tub until only her face remained above the water. If only she could stay here, enveloped in the warmth and protection of the water. Nobody could bother her here; here she was the mistress of her own life. It was a rare, but cherished feeling.

She was a woman now, and sooner or later, she would be married off. Since her father was a Duke, she would be expected to marry someone soon. She wouldn’t just marry anyone though, she wouldn’t be allowed to. She would need to marry someone with money, lands, and connections, anything that would give her father a leg up on the other nobility of the land. She would have no say in who she married. She could be in love, and her father would turn a blind eye to it. It didn’t matter what she wanted, it only mattered what she would be able to give to her father. In the meantime, she was not allowed to talk to anyone of the opposite sex. Anything that would taint her was strictly forbidden. As a result, women surrounded her at all times.

She was incredibly naïve about what actually happened between men and woman, and she knew it. When the other girls talked about sex, and men, all Elizabeth could do was blush. They did not have the same expectations for their lives, and lived a more risqué life, at least in terms of men. Elizabeth didn’t even know what a penis looked like, let alone what she would be expected to do with it. Her mother had no time for her, moving away years ago. She would not be granted a divorce or annulment from her husband, so she fled to France. The pain of her mother’s abandonment was strong, and she felt it every day. But because of her mother’s abandonment, Elizabeth had no woman who would be able to teach her the reality of being a wife. It was ironic, really, how she was surrounded by women, but nobody could tell her anything of importance. She would have to learn how to be a woman on her own.

The last of the heat fled from the tub, but Elizabeth wanted to hold onto her solitude for a little bit longer. She heard the impatient footsteps outside the door, and knew that her time was limited. She dunked her head under the water, finishing the cleanse of her body. She got out of the tub, and wrapped her towel around her naked body. “Elaine!” she yelled out, knowing that the old woman was waiting right outside the door. As usual, Elaine opened the door right away, and led Elizabeth back to her room. From there, Elaine helped her into her dress, tightening her corset past the point of breathability. Once she was completely dressed, Elaine led her to the garden outside the house, where Elizabeth’s entourage of women awaited her.

She had nobody that she would consider to be a close, personal friend. She didn’t consider herself to have any friends at all, quite frankly. All of the women she surrounded herself with were merely distractions, until she was married. “Hello Elizabeth,” one of the girls chirped from under the shade of the trees. Karen was newly married, but because her husband worked with Elizabeth’s dad, she was always at Saxton Manor. She relished in showing off her newly found knowledge of sex to the other girls. Only one other girl had been with a man, and together the two of them teased Elizabeth all the time. They knew she would have to get married soon, and they enjoyed her fear.

“So, heard any news from your father?” Karen asked, with just a hint of attitude. “No,” Elizabeth replied, taking a seat on the bench next to the tree. She loved the view from the bench, because it had a gorgeous view of the coast surrounding the manor. “That’s too bad,” Karen continued, not in the least bit disappointed. “Yeah, well, it will happen when it happens,” Elizabeth interrupted before Karen could finish. “Have you guys heard about the Viking invasions along the coast? I heard my father talking about it to the other nobles. Apparently they are due to arrive in Saxton any day now,” Elizabeth continued, to change the subject. She would rather talk about the threat of the terrifying Vikings over the eminent threat of her marriage.

“Yeah, my husband said the same thing. He said that they love to take women to their ships after they conquer a town. Of course, your father is the most high-ranking man in the area. That means, they’d probably want you,” Karen giggled into the group of girls. On cue, the entire group burst out laughing. Elizabeth didn’t know why they thought it was funny. She certainly didn’t see what could be funny about being taken by the Vikings. “Why is that funny? Who says they won’t take you too?” she harshly replied. “It’s funny because you’ve got a stick up your ass when it comes to sex,” Rachel, the other married woman said. “I’ve heard that the Vikings have huge cocks,” Karen gossiped, looking at all of the ladies. “Yes, I’ve heard they’re much bigger than the men here,” Rachel added. As usual, Elizabeth blushed deeply, radiating heat from her cheeks. “Well, of course, anything is bigger than your husband’s cock,” Karen laughed. Elizabeth chuckled a little at the joke along with the other girls, and it was Rachel’s turn to blush.

“Anways,” Karen continued. “You better be careful Elizabeth. You’re the prime target, and you’re a virgin. Perfect for the beastly Vikings. No husband would want you after that. What would your father do then?” she laughed. Elizabeth felt her anger rising, but knew that she shouldn’t give them the satisfaction. Instead, she watched the coastline, watching the waves crash on the beach. She saw the faint outlines of shapes on the distant horizon, but she couldn’t make out what they were.