Forbidden Pleasures - Ginny Watson - ebook

Greg has taken his best friend's 18 year old daughter Alice and her friend Zoe away on holiday, although he questions how wise it will be considering that Zoe gives him a permanent erection! So imagine his surprise when he finds the sexy young blonde coming on to him... and he's even more shocked when he discovers it isn't just Zoe that wants to play!

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Table of contents

Forbidden Pleasures


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

A note from Ginny

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Forbidden Pleasures

Ginny Watson


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Chapter 1

Dammit, just look at her!

Greg closed his eyes, then wondered why. There's no harm in looking he told himself before cautiously peeping again around the edge of his newspaper.

Alice’s eighteen year old best friend Zoe. She looked so innocent, angelic almost with her long blonde hair, deep blue eyes and sweet smile, but there was something behind the façade, maybe not everyone saw it but Greg did. She had a wicked twinkle in her eye, and sometimes the small comments that she made could be taken more than one way, and it was these comments when combined with the twinkle that told him she was probably far from innocent.

But I still shouldn't be lusting over her!

It was a fact, he was lusting, and his late night fantasies were becoming ever more sordid. He offered her experience, he could introduce her to the real world, not like the spotty teens that hang around like vultures when the girls are out and about. What do those kids know about satisfying a young woman? Nothing! He often declared, whereas he, oh yeah he could educated her, he could take her to places they never could. Ego and arrogance some might say, but Greg would have just smiled because he had a secret weapon, he had been blessed far beyond the average man, and standing naked before the mirror in his bathroom he still gazed in awe at the meaty monster that hung part way down his thigh.