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Forbidden Interracial BWWM Pregnancy BundleMy Forbidden Baby: A BWWM StoryWhen Trisha’s best friend Sarah asks her to be a surrogate mother for her, she’s caught in a sticky situation. Sarah doesn’t know that John, her husband, used to be Trisha’s lover.Putting aside her emotions to help her friend, she agrees. But when Trisha breaks down in the doctor’s office and can’t go through with it, John comes over to comfort her with a hidden agenda… to make sure she goes through with the impregnation, even if it means doing it his way!Trisha has always had feelings for John, but she kept them hidden away after he started dating Sarah. When she finds out John still lusts after her, their spark threatens to start a fire that could destroy everything she cared about. Despite it all, she finds herself giving in completely to her desires and lying to her friend as she is filled with John’s seed and made to carry his baby! Knocked Up By My White Billionaire BossI’ll always remember the way he looked at me when I first walked into his office. The way his eyes lingered on my body, undressing me mentally as he smiled that cocky grin of his. I should have known right then and there that he was going to try something, but foolishly I didn’t think twice about it. I was a beautiful woman after all, and was used to people staring at me like a sex object. Normally I would never give them the time of day though, which is why I was shocked at how fast I fell for Mr. Rockefeller. He was young, handsome, and incredibly rich, capable of getting any women he desired. For some reason, he wanted me. Not just as a girlfriend or a quick fuck, but he wanted to own me completely. It was only when he summoned me up to his office after work that I truly discovered just how far he was willing to go to control me. My White BossWhen Tanya gets a call from her cheating ex-boyfriend Andreas at work, she knows it can't end well. She's cut off contact with him completely, but when he threatens to show up at her work she is scared that her past will come back to haunt her.Meanwhile, her boss Maxwell, head of the law firm she works for decides to meet her in the work cafe... just when Andreas decides to show up!What happens next changes Tanya's entire life around, starting from the moment she walks into Maxwell's office later on that afternoon. Maxwell wants something from Tanya badly, and he knows just how to get it from her... How Do You Want It?When Tamika is confronted by her violent ex-boyfriend Malik, she feels like there's no way out. With no family or friends to turn to, she's completely at his mercy and in the hood people just look away when he abuses her.However, Tamika soon finds out that you can find help in the most unlikely of places and from the most unlikely people if you're willing to let it happen...All of these stories contain explicit sex scenes.

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Forbidden Interracial BWWM Pregnancy Bundle

Table of Contents

Title Page

My Forbidden Baby: A BWWM Story | Aaliyah Jackson

My White Boss | Aaliyah Jackson

Knocked Up By My White Billionaire Boss | Aaliyah Jackson

How Do You Want It? | Aaliyah Jackson

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My Forbidden Baby: A BWWM Story

Aaliyah Jackson

“Oh my God...” I stared at her with a blank expression, wondering if I had heard her right.

“You want me to be a surrogate mother? You mean, you want me to carry John’s baby for you? Are you for real?”

Sarah, my best friend, leaned in closer and looked at me with pleading eyes. “You don’t understand. I’m infertile, and we’ve been trying for so long now. We need a surrogate, and you’re the only one I trust enough to do it. You’ll get maternity leave from your job and we’ll pay for all the expenses.”

I gave her a look as if she was crazy.

“You come in here and ask me to carry John’s baby and you think I’m worried about the expenses? Honey, that’s the last thing on my mind right about now.”

It was a massive favor to ask in a normal situation, but Sarah didn’t know the half of it. I had never told her because I didn’t want to risk our friendship, but her husband John and I had been lovers, several years ago. It was a short and passionate relationship, but the fact that we had been together before made it so much harder for me to consider carrying his child.

I sighed deeply, staring off into the distance. I was unable to look her in the face as I remember the long sweaty nights of passionate lovemaking I had with John, but I quickly tried to focus on what was important. Sarah was my best friend, and she was asking me to do a favor nobody else could do for her. With my heart beating loudly in my chest and a dry mouth, I finally worked up the courage to look her back in the eye, trying desperately to think of a good excuse not to do it but I couldn’t.

“I might... I mean, I could... Hell, wouldn’t you guys get some strange looks having a mixed baby when you’re a white couple?”

She shook her head. “We’ve already talked about that, and we couldn’t care less what people think. If anyone asks, we’ll explain. Besides, can you imagine how good looking the kid will be?” She laughed nervously, obviously trying to lighten the mood. It wasn’t working and I was still apprehensive, but at the same time I knew I couldn’t say no. Sarah would do anything for me, and I would do anything for her. Even if it meant dealing with feelings I’ve been trying to repress for years.

Sighing deeply, I smiled at her. “I’ll do it.”

She practically squealed with delight, jumping out of her chair and throwing her arms around me.

“Alright, damn!” I said laughingly, pushing her off a bit. “So what do I even do to become a surrogate?”

Sarah calmed down a bit before replying. “Well, first things first you need to go to the doctor to become artificially inseminated. We’ve already given a sperm sample, so you can go whenever you want. Here’s the address of the place, just tell us when you want to go so we can give permission to use the sperm.”

She reached into her purse and handed me a business card, and I stared at it for a moment before looking back up at her.

“Well I might as well get it over with. I’ll go tomorrow.”

After a few more excited hugs, she called John to let him know the good news. After she hung up, she went to the kitchen counter and grabbed a pen, scribbling his number on the back of a scrap of paper.

“Here’s John’s number, put it in your phone in case you ever need to reach us about the baby and I’m not picking up.”

I took it from her hands with a strange feeling that I couldn’t quite pin down. Was it jealously? Happiness? Sadness? I didn’t even know what emotion to feel anymore, and I sat there in a daze as she continued to talk about the future. After an hour or so of discussing details, she stood up to go.

“Thank you so much again!” She exclaimed. I did my best to put on a brave smile, and walked her to the door. As I shut it behind her I slumped up against it and buried my head in my hands.

What have I gotten myself into this time?


The next morning I woke up the sound of my phone messaging tone. I picked it up and glanced at the screen. It was from Sarah.

“Don’t forget about your appointment today at 11am! I’ll be in a meeting but call John if you need anything!”

I wondered why she was messaging me so early, it was only... 10am!

Fuck! I thought I must have slept through my alarm. I had been up late the night before, tossing and turning.

I quickly shot up out of bed and into the shower, before getting dressed as fast as I could. There was no time to think or prepare myself, and by the time I was dressed and had put on a little makeup it was time to head out the door. I drove fast the whole way there and made it just in time. I could feel my nervousness mounting with every step I took, and by the time I reached the front door I could barely think straight. I approached the receptionist, who looked up at me with a bored expression.

“How can I help you?”

I opened my mouth to tell her my name and appointment, but for some reason nothing came out. The stress was threatening to overwhelm me, and without saying another word I turned around and walked out fast, completely embarrassed. I got back into my car and picked up my phone.

This has gone on too long, I need to be honest with Sarah. She deserves to know why I can’t do this for her.

It was then that I remembered she was in a meeting. I went to my contacts and scrolled down to John’s number, and closed my eyes for a moment as I hit “call.”

It rang twice before I heard his familiar voice.


“John, it’s Trisha. We need to talk, I don’t think I can carry this baby.”

There was a paused before he answered. “Why can’t you?”

I laughed, almost hysterically. “Why can’t I? Why do you think, John? I still have feelings for you. I would never act on them but I can’t carry this baby for you and Sarah with our history...”

“Listen to me Trisha. We do have a history, and to this day there’s a lot of feelings I have for you. But this isn’t about that, this is about you and your best friend. Just because I’m the father doesn’t change that.”

I took a deep breath, and tried to think about it.

“Listen. Go back to your house, and I’ll drive down and meet you there so we can talk about this once and for all. This twist of fate might actually be a good thing.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Don’t worry, we’ll talk in person. Go back to your house and I’ll head there soon. Don’t tell Sarah, because whatever happens she can’t know about our old relationship.”

With that he hung up, and with shaky hands I started the car and drove back to my house. The whole drive all I could do was think about John, even fantasize about him as guilty as it made me feel. I wondered what he was going to say to me to try and convince me to carry the baby, but whatever it was I didn’t think I could go through it. As I pulled into my driveway, I was surprised to see his car already parked on the curb.


I walked out and towards the door, where he was waiting for me. As soon as I saw him in person on my front step, I felt emotional. All the old feelings I had for him came rushing back, and as hard as I tried to ignore them they wouldn’t go away.

“Hey John.” I said softly, as I unlocked the front door.

“Trisha. It’s been a long time.”

As we walked into the living room neither of us spoke, and all I could hear was the sound of his heavy footsteps behind me. When I sat down on the couch, he sat down surprisingly close to me and placed a comforting hand on my leg.

“Listen to me Trisha. I’m going to start off by saying that we shouldn’t deny what we both know to be true, which is that we both still have feelings for one another. I still love Sarah, but at the same time I still love you a little as well. Sometimes when I’m with her, I imagine you...”

I looked at him with complete shock. In his expression I could see some of the same pain and conflict that I was feeling, and it took me by surprise. I never imagined that he was feeling the same way.

“And here’s the thing, I don’t think the feeling is ever going to go away.” I nodded.

“So here’s the thing, you can either cut off all contact with me and Sarah completely, but I wouldn’t want that and it would destroy Sarah. Or, you could carry this baby and instead of denying our feelings we can... express them from time to time, to keep us sane.”

I felt a rush of adrenaline come over me, and my heart beat fast. “What do you mean John?”

“I mean...” He looked off into the distance painfully. “I mean, look at us. There’s no way this mutual feeling is going to go away so why don’t we just give in? Sarah wants you to carry our baby, and what’s stopping me from impregnating you right now? It seems horrible but it’s the kindest thing to do, it’s the only way you, me, and Sarah will ever be truly happy.”

My eyes were wide open as I stared at him. Was he for real? As much as I wanted to believe him, I knew it wouldn’t work out like that. The way he said it made it all seem so simple, made everything seem so easy... It was a lie, but it felt good to be lied to.

I shook my head from side to side softly. “I’m sorry John, you know as well as I do that it’ll only lead to more heartbreak.”

“More? We’ve been suffering in silence for years, how much more can there be?”

Hot tears stung my eyes as I tried to look away from him. Everything he was saying was affecting me strongly, and he knew it. I was like putty in his hands, and he knew just what to say to bring the forbidden desires I had to the surface no matter how much I tried to bury them. I didn’t respond to him, instead looking off into the distance. I wanted to be with him desperately, I wanted to reach out and tear his clothes off but I couldn’t, it would be impossible, it would never work out...