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There's a new drug around, the mysterious Flush, whose effects are very controversial. Try it and everything will "sound" differently. Flush is a short story fiction, a striking piece of "flash fiction", to be read at full throttle, like you would do with a Trance sound track pushed up to 150 rpm. Flush is also a crossmedia project from Future Fiction Factory: born from a short story by Francesco Verso, it became an audiobook for L.A. CASE Production and then it transformed itself into an audio-video installation thanks to New Media Agency Fenyce. Francesco Verso personal Awards: 2004 – Finalist at Urania Mondadori Award with Antidoti Umani 2009 – Winner of Urania Mondadori with e-Doll2013 – Winner of Odyssey Award by Delos Books with Livid 2014 – Winner of Cassiopea Award for Livid 2014 – Winner of Premio Italia for best Italian SF novel with LividHis short stories appeared on magazines such as Robot, Fantasy Magazine, International Speculative Fiction #5 and The Chicago Quarterly Review #20. He lives in Rome with his wife and daughter.

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Francesco Verso

First edition on Kipple Officina Libraria, 2011

Second edition on Future Fiction, 2015

Copyright © 2011, 2015 by Francesco Verso

Copyright English translation © 2011, 2015 by Georgia Emma Gili

Cover Art by Luca Biada

Cover Design by David Romero

Ebook Design by Elena Volkova

ISBN: 9788899423278

All rights reserved, including the right to reproduce the book, or portions thereof, in any form.

Published by Future Fiction, an imprint of Mincione Edizioni

Via Basilio Puoti

00153 Roma

P.IVA. 12615641003




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When I tried it the first time, I didn't know what to expect. Disappearing, maybe dying and then reappearing, but where and, above all, as what?

No-one knew anything about it. Or rather, no-one talked about it without losing track of themselves in grumblings and stumblings. Including those who swore they had survived the most terrifying experience of their life. From the faces they were making they passed it off as conclusive proof: they were stronger because they were still alive.

So why did I want to do it? Why did I want to subject myself to such torture?

I check the time, then the club sign and say to myself: Simon, are you sure it's worth it?

The trance