Flovely and Unicorn Erna - Siegfried Freudenfels - ebook

Flovely and Unicorn Erna ebook

Siegfried Freudenfels



"Flovely and Unicorn Erna" is an adventure story full of tension for children between three and eight. In the Flower Forest Flovely and her best friend Flirty meet the legendary unicorn Erna. Together they discover her fairy tale home counrtry and get to know diverse secrets of the mythical creatures. Helping the friendly unicorns with an important task, they collect the rare and costly golden fir cones. And the friends have to overcome some difficult situations.Written in an affectionate way and with explanations full of details this children's book is recommended as a very good read for children who like adventures. Colourful pictures suitable for children illustrate the action in a cheerful way. 

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Siegfried Freudenfels

Flovely and Unicorn Erna

A modern fairy tale for children

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Flovely and Erna, the Unicorn


October has arrived in Cloud Country. Coloured leaves are falling from the trees and are sailing in circles down towards the earth. The autumn sun sends his golden beams and a light breeze mysteriously rustles in the foliage. Slowly but surely winter draws near, that is why the squirrels busily collect nuts to have enough supply for the winter. Flovely and her best friend Flirty happily walk through the so called Flower Wood. This beautiful forest begins directly next to their little hometown, which the friends know like the back of their hands. Flirty has a little basket with her, because today they go to collect delicious mushrooms. At this time of the year absolutely splendid specimens grow in nature and you can cook gorgeous soups from them.


The two friends amble through the deep forest in a happy mood, they clamber over hedge and ditch und look behind every bush in search for the best mushrooms. Bit by bit the basket is filled and Flovely has found an especially beautiful mushroom behind a big oak tree. “It is important we search under the brushwood on the ground“, Flovely explains. “Yes, principally everywhere, where the sun cannot come down directly, there mushrooms grow splendidly“, Flirty agrees. So the two skid on the forest soil and obviously enjoy the search. In the forest it is already darker than on the green meadow or in their village. Only a few sunbeams reach the forest floor. The leaves of the trees look like a green vibrant roof.