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Siegfried Freudenfels



Flovely Adventure Books for Kids - 12 Kids' Adventure Stories: "Flovely Adventure Books for Kids" is a lovingly written children's book, containing twelve short stories, which make great bedtime-stories. Each story is completed by a lovingly illustrated picture. The positive themes will give your child a good feeling at the end of the day or serve as great entertainment during the day. The stories address topics like friendship, love, justice and team spirit. They are ideal for telling your child an encouraging story in only little time.Stories in this book:Flovely on the farmFlovely Adventures at the lakeFlovely and Freddie the little birdFlovely and Fiona upside downFlovely and the rabbit festivalFlovely and the sand castleFlovely and Walter the waleFlovely and the desert flowerFlovely and the train rideFlovely in the campFlovely builds a tree house - free children´s bookFlovely Adventures in Castleland - free book for kidsAbout the author:The author Siegfried Freudenfels has been working as an illustrator for children's books for over 10 years. In 2010, his first free ebook, a new edition of famous children's classics, was published as a free children's book. The works soon became known and apart from further Kids adventure stories, children's games and lullabies appeared, also as free ebooks. The collection now comprises over 20 children's books for digital reading devices.Review:"A very good book for children! Many different exciting children's stories""Kids adventure stories that are beautifully written and illustrated. Just the right tool for bedtime stories.""I was looking for an adventure book for my child and found this one. I got exactly what I was looking for. Very cute book for kids"

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Siegfried Freudenfels

Flovely Adventure Books for Kids

12 short children´s adventures - Short stories books for kids

The author Siegfried Freudenfels has been working as an illustrator for children's books for over 10 years. In 2010, his first free ebook, a new edition of famous children's classics, was published as a free children's book. The works soon became known and apart from further Kids adventure stories, children's games and lullabies appeared, also as free ebooks. The collection now comprises over 20 children's books for digital reading devices.BookRix GmbH & Co. KG80331 Munich

Flovely on the farm

Flovely on the Farm


Dreaming with his eyes open Flovely is lying on the meadow looking up into the sky. The white clouds are forming into sheep and cats, dogs and galloping horses.


There, suddenly a weird sound leads Flovely’s attention to a look to the side. Plucking grass and chewing it a brown something is standing not far away at the edge of the forest. Very slowly it moves towards Flovely without noticing her. Frightened by such a big creature Flovely does not dare to move.


And then suddenly two big friendly eyes look at her and the creature asks unexpectedly and herself all astonishment: “And who are you? I am quite startled because I am looking for delicious grass and juicy flowers!“ Flovely quickly plucks up courage because the big brown eyes look friendly indeed. “My name is Flovely and I have been watching the changing clouds and have been imagining all sorts of animals! You have quite made me jump because you are really very big!“, Flovely says.


“Ah well“, answers the brown something. “I am not that big, I am quite small actually, for I am a small calf and I have lost my way here. I have seen such wonderful colourful flowers and delicious grass, so that I must have strayed from the herd and my mother.“


”What is your name?“, Flovely wants to know. “I am Conrad the calf“, answers the brown something.


“Where do you want to go today?“, Flovely asks. “Well, now I want to go back into the stable of Farmer Bernd. There I have a cosy comfortable place to sleep in the straw.“


“And where does Farmer Bernd live?“, Flovely wants to know. “At the top of the hill there is his farm“, calf Conrad tells him. “When we go onto the meadow then you can go only uphill. But there are four hills around us!“ At a loss calf Conrad looks around. “Don’t be sad“, Flovely calms him. “I get my friends and together we are going to find your home.“


Quickly Flovely’s best friend Flirty and the rabbit friends Hilde and Heino are there. Together they decide to go the four-hills-way and to be very attentive if they can see Farmer Bernd’s farm somewhere. “First of all we need a refreshment!“, urges the rabbit girl Hilde. “So we have enough energy to go uphill“, says Hilde and hands an empty sport bottle to everybody which is now to be filled.


So all four of them plus the calf march to the big well surrounded with stones. There all of them drink enough of the fresh water from the well and Flirty cannot help it, he has to spray the others with the water.


Shaking off the last drops of water they cheerfully start their tour. Rabbit Heino lollops at the front, then Flovely, carf Konrad, Flirty follow and at the rear is Hilde the rabbit. The forest surrounds everybody with its soft green and the beautiful green surroundings calms the excited calf.


That way they make good progress and have soon reached the first hilltop. Yet there are no luscious meadows to be seen anywhere let alone a farm. So now the question arises into which direction to turn. So Flovely looks up to the sky just like at the beginning of the day and watches tits merrily twittering. “O come on, let’s follow the little tit“, Flovely suggests.


And so the friends take the narrow path which leads them downwards again.  Down in the valley all gather around a gurgling well springing freshly out of the mountain. All refresh themselves by taking a big mouthful and after that they look around searchingly whether there is to be found a hint at the home of calf Conrad anywhere.


Watching and listening attentively suddenly everybody hears a deep humming. Then all is quite still suddenly. “I have heard that before“, calf Conrad means. “Our neighbour, farmer John, has many bees, they live in colourful boxes on the meadow at the edge of the forest.“


“If many bees come back from colleting nectar and want to enter their beehive the humming is to be heard clearly“, Conrad adds. After a few steps all of them reach the edge of the forest und see seven colourful wooden boxes opposite of them sheltered under big fir-trees. „Yes, but why does each box have a different colour?“, Flovely wonders.


“Well, this is why“, the small calf explains, “the bees can thus remember their beehive in which they are at home. That is like a house number fort he dear bees.“


“Haha“, Flovely interrupts laughingly. “Maybe that would be a help for you as well, dear Conrad, if your farm had a beautiful colour, then you are not going to lose your way the next time.“


All must laugh about Flovely’s remark and rabbit Heino rolls over on the meadow and giggles. Calf Conrad is a bit ashamed because he has not found his way home alone any more. “Can you remember your way home now?“, Hilde insists. “Here somewhere near there must be a barn on a meadow. A few weeks ago we were lead onto the meadow and fled there during a thunderstorm“, calf Conrad means and looks thoughtfully.


All follow the only path in the forest slowly winding uphill. After four bends all of them see an old and rather dilapidated barn in the same moment.


“That’s it!“, Conrad is happy and jumps into the air so that the ground shakes a bit when he lands. The steps of the little calf become quicker because he is driven by the certainty to be on the right track.


The other have to really exert themselves to keep up with him. Flovely and Flirty hop after him with big leaps and beat with their little wings. Even if they cannot fly yet it brings them forward faster. “We are going the right way, this is exactly the right place!“, Conrad jubilates enthusiastically.


Up to now he has not admitted that he is longing for his mother yet the others do notice that the calf is homesick.. “It is about time for Conrad to be with his herd again, especially with his mother. He still need the mild and the protection of his family“, rabbit Hilde whispers into Heino’s big rabbit ear. Then the two rabbits hop ahead to bet he first ones to discover the farm.


At the crossroads they turn to the right the path slightly leading down the slope. Far off they hear the mooing of a herd of cows. Joyfully all of them run after the rabbits and also calf Conrad musters up his last strength to reach the aim. Having arrived at the meadow calf Conrad stands rooted to the spot. With eyes wide open he looks around the meadow. Then big tears roll from his brown eyes and drip on the path.


Flovely is shocked, hugs Conrad and strokes his head lovingly. “Are you now so overwhelmed that you are at home?“, Flovely wants to know. “No“, Conrad sobs. “I do not know anybody of this herd and my mother is also not among them! But the barn there on the meadow in the forest was quite right!“, he adds in tears.      


“So these are the cows of your neighbour, Farmer John“, Flovely tries to explain. “I quickly run back to the crossing again and see whether we have overlooked a signpost“, Flovely tries to give fresh heart. Flovely quickly sprints back and Conrads looks after her thankfully. Flirty strokes the little calf’s big head. The two rabbits Hasen Heino and Hilde warble a merry hiking song and so Conrad can soon smile again and hums along with them.


Thanks to the encouragement of his friends Conrad no longer thinks of his hunger and his weary legs. After the third song of the two rabbit friends they hear a loud clatter from afar. A short while later a tractor with a hanger appears and who sits in the front next to the farmer? It is Flovely! She waves proudly with her little wings and they quickly come closer.


And there the tractor comes to a halt next to the small group and the farmer jumps down and rushes towards calf Conrad. “Hallo, my little one, good to have you found again!“, says the farmer gladly.


“When I met Flovely on my way and he told me of you I finally knew where to find you.“ Affectionately Farmer Bernd pats the calf’s back and leads it carefully onto the hanger with its bolster of soft straw. The calf already feels safe again and asks his newfound friends to come along.   


The merry group needs no second invitation and together they jolt along the country lane, this time heading for the correct farm. Finally having arrived there calf Conrad can directly get into the stable to his mother and there drinks his fill. After the refreshment the calf quickly closes his eyes with weariness.


The friends make the most of the time by looking around the farm. There a group of cats crosses their way. Some of them jump from the ball onto the garden bench, others cuddle to the wall of the stable in the sun. In this cosy place the cats like to have their midday nap.


Suddenly a loud “E-AYYYY, E-AYYY“ sounds across the yard. Flovely and Flirty startle. Baffled the two rabbits put their paws into their ears, too. When the friends carefully peep around the corner of the house they discover a grey animal. It is as big as calf Conrad but has long ears. “But doesn’t that have ears just like mine!“, it slips out of Heino the rabbit’s mouth.


“What animal is that?“, Flirty asks all astonishment. “That is a donkey!“, Flovely remarks at once. “Look, it is eating the apples“, Flirty remarks.

Flovely and the rabbits collect some apples and feed them to the nice grey donkey. It is delighted with the meal and utters a merry „E-AYYY“.


“Oh, look!“, Heino the rabbit shouts. “In this annex the hens are living.“ All of them tiptoe to the henhouse so that they do not disturb the animals. At that moment the farmer’s wife comes out of the henhouse with a basket. She stoops, looks here and there and after some minutes the basket is filled with white and brown eggs.


“We should go home now“, Flovely urges. “Otherwise it is dark and then it is us who cannot find the way home.“ That convinces the friends. Once again they want to have a last words with Conrad the calf. But he is already happily asleep in the straw next to his mother.


And so the friends set off for home and say goodbye to Farmer Bernd. The friends decide to come back again soon and visit Conrad. After some time the adventurers finally reach their home again. The sun is just spreading his last warm rays across the hills and bathes the countryside in a beautiful light. A day filled with events reaches its end.


Flovely Adventures at the lake


Flovely – Adventures at the lake


It is a hot summer day in Cloudland. Flovely and her best friend Flirty sit in their deckchairs on a green meadow. Their feet bangle in a big bowl with water and with their little wings they each hold a glass of cold raspberry juice. The sun is burning down on them and they are sweating.


“Oh, it’s so hot,” Flovely sighs and takes a big sip of her juice. “Today, it is probably over 85 degrees,” Flirty agrees, dozing in his deckchair. “Without the sun umbrella we would already be roasted,” Flovely jokes and starts laughing loudly.


Suddenly, the friends hear a ringing sound from the distance. “Ring ring – ring ring.” Flovely jumps up and exclaims, “Wake up, Flirty! The ice cream cart is coming!” Indeed, Ian, the ice cream man, is cycling down the hill; a little cart is attached to his bike. In that cart are the most delicious types of ice cream, Cloudland has to offer. Quickly Flirty gets out of his deckchair and follows Flovely to the ice cream cart. “What can I get you, today?” Ian asks the two friends laughingly. Flovely picks a big scoop of strawberry with a little bit of whipped cream. Flirty wants some melon ice cream with vanilla sauce. The iceman picks up a big spoon and prepares their ice creams.