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Impossible? Not according to nationally bestselling author Stephen M. Pollan. As he says in this new and empowering book, "You don't have to accept your current work situation. You can be in control of your job and your stream of income, so you're never again subject to the whims, prejudices, moods, or circumstances of your so-called boss." In today's difficult work environment, gone are the days of finding satisfaction through your job, gone is the time when your job was secure, and gone are the days when your employer cared about you. This new environment requires new rules, and Pollan has provided surprisingly fresh and intriguing methods for finding "success" on the job. Pollan's bold and unique message begins with the idea that you must "Fire Your Boss." By this he means you can no longer rely on your manager or your company for economic security. Instead, you must put yourself in charge of your working life. In this thought-provoking and counterintuitive career guide, Pollan presents a seven-step program and a series of exercises that give you the confidence, power, and will to achieve the life of your dreams. Once you have changed your mind-set and learned the new rules of the game, you can start the process of moving to a richer, more enriching, and more enjoyable life. And the best part about it? Your boss will love you for it.

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Creating the job of your dreams is an"inside"job──it depends more on what you're thinking and doing than it ever does on external factors like the state of the economy, the strength of the job market or even what your current boss thinks about you. If you adopt an attitude that acknowledges you're in charge and act accordingly, you can control your present and future success.

This fire-your-boss philosophy has seven key elements:

In short, you can take charge of your work life and create your ideal job situation. It's entirely up to you. All it takes is a change of attitude on your part. Instead of seeing yourself as the victim of the workplace, get into the driver's seat and change your work life for the better. It's your call because in the final analysis, nobody else but you can ever take full responsibility for building your own career. So be proactive and act intelligently to increase your income.

Take charge. Fire your boss. . . and hire yourself

Don't let your boss or anyone else dictate the course your career takes. Instead, hire yourself to manage your own work life. Have the attitude that even though you may work for someone else, you're the one who calls the shots and makes the critical decisions for your career. This is too important to leave to anyone else to do.

Most people feel like they have little or no control over their work lives. They work for a boss who has the power to fire, act impulsively at will, decide when workers should arrive and when they should leave, and who can even dictate how to dress, where to sit and when to go to lunch. In most situations, people would not be prepared to accept those kinds of restrictions, but when it comes to employment; people cede control to their bosses.

To evaluate whether this is true for you, answer a few questions:

What is your value in the workplace?

What kind of benefits do you deserve?

What marketable skills do you have?

What are your greatest achievements?

How long do you need to work at a particular job to master it and be ready to move on to something more challenging?

Do you have a written personal plan for your life?

More than likely, in answering these questions, you probably have assumed that your current job and benefits reflect your value in the marketplace and there's not much you can do about it. You'll probably have a list of achievements that mean something to your firm but little to you personally. And more than likely, you'll be frozen in a job which you mastered long ago but your boss has told you you're"not ready"for more responsibilities.

While it is true you can always quit your job if you don't like it, a far better idea is to take complete responsibility for your career and the quality of your work life. This requires an attitude adjustment on your part first and foremost. You need to look at your work life differently, and change the way you think and act. Taking control in this way may not even mean making outward changes in where you work, but on the inside you'll be the one pulling the strings rather than letting your boss decide what's good for you.

To take charge of your work life proactively:

1. Write your own job description ──not in terms of a want ad but more in the style of a descriptive sentence that embodies what you currently do. For example, instead of saying: "I work for Acme Computers as a technical writer developing manuals for software", you might develop your job description as being: "I gather, compile and then present information of interest to a specific audience in an attractive package that also presents my employer in the best possible light. "Describe your work activities in a generalized way without the jargon and terminology or references to your present employment or employer.

2. Give yourself a performance review ──by doing some research and finding out what people with your skill sets in other areas of specialization are being paid. Become an expert on the job market by checking business journals, using the Internet or your local library. Pay attention to which skills are most highly valued in your field.

3. Define viable alternative courses