Family Sin Circle: Volume One (Incest Erotica) - Max Edelman - ebook

This taboo erotic novel is so sexy that we can't tell you about all the things in store for you in this blurb. Check out the "Free Excerpt" below for all the sexy details!****Excerpt***Peter said experimentally, "Suck it!"Penny's eyes widened. She grinned. "Oh, please, don't make me do it!""Suck me off! Bitch!""Ohhh... " With a mock wail of despair, Penny guided his cock and licked tentatively at the large, plum-colored glans. She paused to taste and decide if she wanted to go ahead. She licked her lips. She licked his glans again, underneath, and around. Penny looked up. "Like it?"*************************Warning: This ebook contains explicit and forbidden descriptions of taboo sexual activity. It may include themes or elements of taboo, forbidden, and adult topics. It is intended for open minded mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.XXX Adults Only 18+ Graphic Content

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Family Sin Circle: Volume One

Max Edelman

Copyright © 2017

Darque Taboo Press


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Disclaimer: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic, adult language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable which might include: multiple sexual practices, heavy and strong BDSM themes and elements, erotic elements and fetish play. This e-book is for sale to adults ONLY. All characters depicted at least eighteen years of age or older.

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Penny sprawled on her back in the thicket of bushes and leaves. She watched her eighteen-year-old twin brother, Peter, wriggle down under the bushes beside her. Penny said, "We can't stay away too long or Mom and Lars'll start wondering." She boldly put her hand on the big bulge that was developing in his tight blue swim trunks.

"Don't worry about it. We can say we got lost or something."

Peter regarded his twin sister fondly. Penny was coltish long legged, narrow hipped, but amazingly full breasted. Her green bikini top barely covered the round bulk of her soft mounds.

Penny wore a beaded Indian headband to control her long, straight red-brown hair. Her golden brown eyes snapped with excitement and daring. She squeezed Peter's cock. "Want me to jack you off quick or slow this time?"

"Slow. I'll finger you off slow, too." He slid his hand under the elastic of her bikini bottom. His fingers touched the first curly hairs on her mound.

"God, if Mom knew what we do sometimes!" Penny giggled. She regarded Peter's beginning mustache critically. She touched it with a fingertip. "It should be long and droopy over the corners of your mouth ... like the old-time gunfighters."

"Mom doesn't even want me to have long hair. A handlebar would drive her up the wall."

"Mom is so square ... " Penny sighed. She opened her legs as Peter's hand crawled down into her bikini bottom. She returned her hand to his trunks and found his cock greatly expanded. It reached almost up to the waistband at his belly button. "Wow, Peter, do you ever have a big hunk of meat!"

"I guess I do." He slipped a finger down into her slit. The pussy lips were dry, but inside there was a slippery accumulation of what he thought of as cunt oil.

Peter said, "You've got tremendous tits, Sis. Want me to suck on one for a while?"

"Sure." Penny pulled her bikini cups up off her breasts. The fat cones of flesh were white in contrast to the deep tan of the rest of her body.

Peter took his left hand from her crotch and palmed her left breast. He pressed down on it and "the warm flesh bulged around his fingers.

The pink-button nipple surged up into his palm. He squeezed gently. He reached for her other breast and dipped his head to lick the left nipple. The surrounding areola puckered and crinkled when his tongue stroked wetly over it.

Penny licked her full pink lips. "UMM ... " She squeezed his cock rhythmically through his clinging latex trunks. Peter's mouth enclosed her nipple. He sucked it deep and grazed it between his teeth. Penny shivered delicately. "Oh! You keep doing new things to me! Wow. Where did you learn that?"

"Just thought of it." Peter smiled. "Want me to do it again?"

"Yes, but don't bite. Just do it easy ... "

He suctioned the erect little nipple into his mouth again. His teeth gently nipped the sensitive tissue. Penny closed her eyes and threw her head back to the ground. Her pulse throbbed in her long, slim neck. She chewed her lower lip. Her left hand moved under his trunks. Her fingers fought the tight material. She grasped the end of his cock. Her fingertip delicately scratched the area just below the underside where the "drawstring" was located.

His cock jerked at that touch. It swelled up even more. Peter lifted his mouth from her breast. "Where did you learn that?"

"Oh ... I heard some older girls at school talking. It was very private ... about what they do for their boyfriends and how they do it."

"Tell me."

"Maybe some day. Maybe I'll try some of the other things I heard."

"Huh! Maybe I'll try some of the things the guys tell about in private. Want me to?"

Penny frowned. "I have to know first. Tell me.

"You tell me what those girls said."

"Some of it was complicated and real dirty! We don't have time now. We better finish each other and get back to the picnic."

"I guess so." Peter took a second to push his trunks down to his knees. His cock came into view long, fat, hard, jumping with the force of his blood. Penny used the time to inch her bikini bottom down, too. She eased it down to her ankles. She drew her knees up and let them fall open.

The twins reached for each other Penny got a good left-handed hold of Peter's heavy cock, and he settled his left hand on her brown-fuzzed mound. Penny closed her eyes, as usual. Peter liked to watch her hand manipulate his cock, and he liked to watch her face as he fingered her. He pressed his middle finger down between her pussy lips. He found the slippery pool of cunt oil inside her vagina. He slithered it up onto her clitoris. Penny made a soft "Oooo... " when he touched there. Her clit was a stiff little pinhead at the end of a small pink gorge within her slit. His fingertip skated on a film of her juices. He moved the finger steadily.

Penny began pumping his long cock. Her hand was large for a girl, since she was already five feet five and still growing. But so big around was Peter's cock that she had to grip and re-grip every few seconds. Peter watched her hand sweep up and down his length. He was not circumcised, so the skin fluted up over his big, mauve-colored glans. When her hand pulled up, the skin pulled up his large balls in their fuzz-covered, wrinkled sac. His balls bounced when she got going fast ... when he was just about to come and she went all out, sometimes with both hands wrapped around his extra-hard, extra-long shaft.

Peter envied Penny. She could come a lot more times than he could. He could only shoot off about eight times a day, and a lot of times she panted and thrashed around and came at least that many times while he was making it twice. Penny had a good hold this time and was pumping slow and high, just the way he liked it.

Peter eeled his fingertip down into her waiting pool of cunt oil. He tried slipping his finger deeper into her vagina. He found her hymen. A thin film of tissue that prevented further penetration. He also found a small hole in it. Penny was still a virgin. Peter felt good about that. He didn't like the idea of her fooling around with anyone else but him. Penny whispered, "Rub my button." Peter tossed his long, nearly shoulder-length hair from his eyes, and resumed his caress of her clitoris.

They heard twigs snapping and the swish of tall grass and bushes. Somebody was approaching! Penny and Peter frantically pulled their bathing suits up. Penny stuffed her breasts into her bikini top cups. Two people, a man and woman, entered the small clearing that bordered the thick bushes under which Penny and Peter were lying, concealed. The twins quietly turned over onto their stomachs to get a better view of the intruders.

Penny tensed and whispered, "It's Mom and Lars!"

Peter nodded. "Shhh!"

The man was tall, blonde, thick-necked and thick-waisted, a one-time athlete going soft. He wore a green striped t-shirt, tan hiking shorts and leather sandals. He gestured imperiously at the woman. His voice came hard and grating with command. "This is a good place."