Family Love - M.R. Leenysman - ebook

Two taboo stories in one collection:Jenny's Offer - Short Story about a stepfather whose daughter has a proposal for him...Swapped: 3-part novelette, in which a family of identical twins discovers the consequences of swapping places...

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Jenny's Offer


Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Family Love

By M.R. Leenysman

Copyright 2017, M.R. Leenysman

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Jenny’s Offer

Driving home after photographing one of the few weddings which wasn’t a referral from his wife Karen’s wedding planner business, Sean looked over at the bouquet of flowers that the bride had let him take as a thank you for his work. The lilies were Karen’s favorite flower and he knew she’d love them, even if Sean hadn’t had to pay for them. He had gotten a card for the florist as well, so he could buy twice as many for their upcoming anniversary, their 20th.

Pulling into their driveway next to Karen’s car, Sean hoisted his camera bag over his shoulder, grabbed the flowers and went to the front door. Finding it locked, he pulled his keys from his pocket and opened the door.

“Hello?” he called out, once he was through the door, setting his bag on the low table next to the stairs. Nobody answered, so he went to the kitchen, filled a vase with some water and a package of plant food and settled the flowers into it.

He heard a noise from upstairs, that resolved into a moan. ‘Is Karen jilling off?’ he thought.

Leaving the vase on the kitchen counter, he climbed the stairs and entered their bedroom, the only one occupied in the big four bedroom house. Karen and her first husband Scott had bought it when they married, anticipating several children, but Karen had needed a hysterectomy due to bleeding after Jenny’s birth and then Scott had died on a motorcycle when Jenny was 3. Sean met her after she started her wedding planner business.

The source of the moaning was Karen, but she wasn’t masturbating. Two women were in the bed, in a 69 position. The woman on top was a blond, her face obscured between Karen’s thighs, as the auburn hair at the other end of the bed could only be Karen’s.

His reaction was not anger, but an instant turn-on, as he felt his cock jump in his slacks. Sean and Karen had talked in the past about her lesbian experiences during college and maybe finding another woman to join them in bed, or even Karen having an outside relationship with a woman, but nothing had ever come of it. Maybe today was the day?

The two still had not noticed him, as he unzipped and pulled his cock through his boxers into the open air. He was just about to start stroking it, when he was embraced from behind, a woman’s hand grabbing his cock and licking his left earlobe. He glimpsed brown hair out of the corner of his eye. “Aren’t they beautiful together?” whispered the third woman.

Sean looked back and jolted in surprise when he discovered that it was his step-daughter Jenny hugging him. Naked, voluptuous Jenny, her C-cup tits pressed to his back. Before he could even gather his thoughts to say anything, she was sliding down his body to her knees and had his cock in her mouth and her hands on his belt.

Jenny had come out to them as a lesbian when she was 18, so Sean didn’t even think she had any experience with men. That was true at the time, but several threesomes with girls who had boyfriends during college had convinced Jenny that she was at least partly bisexual. Jenny gobbled his cock down into her throat with ease, fulfilling one of her oldest fantasies about Sean.

“Jennifer?” he finally managed to sputter. “What the hell?”

Jenny didn’t answer him, sucking his cock and getting his pants undone. She said, “You taste good, Dad,” during the brief pause when she pushed his cock back into his boxers so she could pull them down, leaving his pants and boxers around his knees, then dove back into her blow-job.

The action on the bed was intensifying, both Karen and the woman Sean finally recognized as Jenny’s wife Katie moaning and grunting with more volume. Karen began shaking in orgasm moments before Katie started doing the same.

Jenny’s tongue and suction drew Sean’s attention back to her. He felt his balls tighten and he managed to say, “I’m gonna cum, baby.” He thought, ‘into my daughter’s mouth,’ as the first spurt jumped from his cock into her throat, the rest pumping into her mouth.

Sean pulled Jenny to her feet and was about to yell at her when he saw her swallow his load and she said, “I know this was kind of an ambush, Dad. Please don’t be mad,” and hugged him, resting her head on his shoulder. The little anger Sean felt dissolved immediately. Jenny had always had him wrapped around her little finger, even before he married Karen when Jenny was four and a half.

Karen and Katie parted on the bed, Katie rolling to her stomach and propping herself up on her elbows, saying, “Hi, Sean,” as if he had only walked in on the three of them playing dominoes at the kitchen table. Sean had to pull his eyes from Katie’s D-cup tits resting on the bed to look his wife’s way. Karen just looked up at him with a naughty smile, but said nothing as she licked Katie’s juices off of her lips.

“Someone explain what’s going on, please?” Sean asked.

Jenny answered, “I’ve got a favor to ask you and Mom and Katie was Mom’s price, just to be able to ask you.”

Even more confused, Sean asked, “What favor? I would normally say ‘anything for you,’ but I think this time I might need to know what it is first, if your wife and mine licking each other’s pussies is just your mom’s price of entry.”

Jenny made sure to make direct eye contact with her step-dad, the only dad she really remembered, before saying, “I want to have your baby, Dad. I want you to knock me up. Preferably tonight.”

Sean blinked twice, making sure he’d heard her right, before saying, “That’s incest, sweetie.” That his cock jumped at the word frightened him a little.

“Actually, the law says it isn’t, Dad,” she said. “While some states might outlaw it, California law doesn’t treat relationships between step-parents and step-children as incestuous, unless adoption is involved. If both are old enough to consent, it’s legal. We could even get married, if we weren’t both already legally married, that is.”

“Hold on,” he said. “Karen, you’re on board with this?”

Karen nodded to her husband. “100%, honey. The girls have some very persuasive arguments. I couldn’t find a downside to it, at all. Hear them out. And finish getting undressed. You’re not getting out of this room without fucking someone, even if it’s not Jenny.”

Sean kicked off his shoes and pulled his pants the rest of the way off, then his shirt and socks, putting all of them into the laundry basket in the closet. He sat down on the corner of the bed and Jenny sat on the opposite corner after giving Katie a deep kiss. ‘She’s got to be tasting her own mother,’ he thought, before saying, “Okay, convince me.”

Jenny took a deep breath before beginning. “Katie and I want to have kids, at least one, maybe two. Our options are either a sperm bank, or to have a man impregnate us the natural way. We want our child to know its father, if possible. Only, none of the guys we know well enough to ask are guys we’d want in our lives full-time as co-parents. Except for you. You have no biological children of your own, because Mom couldn’t give you any, and Mom, Katie and I are agreed that there’s no man on this planet who deserves to have his genes passed on to another generation more.”

“I’m okay with not having kids of my own,” Sean said.

“Sean, don’t be noble for a change,” said Karen. “I love you for accepting my inability to give you children, but I always wanted more than one and wanted you to have kids of your own and I know, deep down, so do you. Jenny’s offering you that. Don’t settle for ‘okay.’”

“Dad, I know this sounds strange,” Jenny continued. “But I really do want to do this, for me, for Katie, for you and Mom and for the baby itself. It’s not just about treating you as a sperm donor, either. We want you to be the baby’s dad, fully.”

“I could be its grandpa, instead,” Sean said.

Katie reached over to touch his hand before saying, “Sean, even if we went to a sperm bank, we would want you to be the father figure in his or her life, not just a grandfather. It’s certainly not going to be my dad.” Katie’s dad had disowned her when she came out years earlier and did not show up for her wedding to Jenny. “We know you would not love the baby any less for not being biologically related to you, because you didn’t treat Jenny that way and you’ve been a better father-in-law to me than my own dad ever was. That’s actually two more reasons why you deserve to be its father for real.”

Jenny reached for his other hand and said, “We want this child to benefit from having four parents, actually. You, Mom, Katie and me. If you will accept Katie and I moving in here with you. You’ve got the room, you’ll admit.”

While Sean’s head was in turmoil, his heart told him the answer. “Yes. Yes, I’ll do it. When?”

“I’m ovulating now,” Jenny said. ‘So’s Katie,’ she thought, knowing her wife wasn’t ready to ask Sean for the same favor. Not yet, anyway.

“I’ll need a few minutes,” he said, his cock only half-hard at the moment.

Jenny rose to her knees and approached Sean. “I know how to get you going,” she said, kissing him, thrusting her tongue in his mouth and tweaking his right nipple with her fingers. By the time she switched to his left nipple, his cock was sticking straight up again. “See? Told you so,” she said, laying back on the bed and spreading her legs, beckoning him with a bent finger.

Her pussy glistened, the labia shaved with a small tuft of hair at the top. Sean was tempted to make her even wetter by licking her pussy, but now that he had consented, the urge to be inside her was stronger. She climbed between her legs and Katie reached over and grasped his cock to put it in place between his daughter’s lips. When he looked over at Katie, she smirked at him and said, “Fuck the shit out of my wife, Dad,” then kissed him briefly on the lips.

Sean met Jenny’s gaze as he rocked his hips and thrust in about three inches into Jenny, then continued pressure sunk the remaining four inches in, until their bodies met. She smiled, moaned, “So good, fuck me Dad.”

Sean pulled half way out, then slammed back in, over and over, Jenny thrusting her hips back at him. As time went by, his strokes got longer, pulling back until only his glans remained inside this woman he began thinking of not as his daughter but as his lover. He knew their relationship would change, but that seemed to be what they all wanted to have happen.

As Sean felt his second orgasm creeping up on him, his strokes got shorter again but faster. Jenny realized that she was about to cum, the first time she’d ever cum with a man inside her. “Oh, oh, I’m gonna cum! Fuck me harder!”

Their bodies were already slapping against each other, but Sean did his best to comply, lifting Jenny’s knees on his elbows for the leverage to stroke his whole length into her as fast and hard as he could manage. Jenny started to shake beneath him, her pussy muscles rippling around him and he couldn’t hold out any longer, grunting, “Cumming, baby. Here it comes,” before shoving in as deep as he could and spurting his baby-makers into Jenny. ‘God speed,’ he thought.

As Sean withdrew, Jenny grabbed her own legs to keep her pelvis elevated. Looking to the side, Katie and Karen were propped up on pillows against the headboard, both watching him fuck Jenny, but with each other’s hands between their legs, rubbing at pussy and clit and Sean saw Katie’s stomach spasm in orgasm, her eyes closing.

Sean crawled over to the two of them, got between Katie’s thighs and nudged Karen’s fingers out of the way with his nose. Katie was shaved bare, her inner lips swollen and projecting outward. As he slipped his tongue between his daughter-in-law’s labia, her eyes shot open and she moaned, “Oh, Sean,” and squirted in his face. Unfazed, Sean licked up the moisture as Katie’s orgasm wound down, then worked her up to another.

With one index finger stroking her clitoris, another thrust inside her seeking her g-spot and his tongue flitting from place to place, it did not take Sean very long to have Katie screaming, “Oh, fuck! Cumming again, Sean! Unnggh! Oooohhh!”

Beginning to get too sensitive, Katie pushed Sean away and he looked up to find that Karen and Jenny were watching him with Katie the way Katie and Karen had been before, each with a hand between the other’s legs.

“What’s up with that, ladies?” Sean asked, sitting up. “Something else I need to know about?”

Karen blushed, but couldn’t bring herself to answer Sean. Even with his permission to find a female lover, she wasn’t sure it extended as far as her daughter.