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America is in crisis. The American Republic dominates the world. The American people are getting poorer, while the American rich are getting richer. Populists, conservatives, and those caught in the middle struggle for power and influence. At the same time, America's dominance of the world is challenged by those it has defeated in the past and those on the rise.

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Fall of the American Republic: A Novel (Preview)


Author's Preface

Introduction: The Rise of America

Fall of the American Republic

Edition Notice

Author's Preface

I am currently in the middle of writing the rest of Fall of the American Republic, which I plan to serialize as an e-book beginning September 17 2018. As I finish writing a set of chapters, I plan to add them to the e-book.

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Thank you. Your support will help me to finish writing Fall of the American Republic more quickly.

I would also like to thank those who have helped me. I could not have gotten this far without them.

James Lee, November 2, 2017

Introduction: The Rise of America

America defeated Britain to gain its independence and found a republic;

defeated Aboriginal American tribes, Canada, and Mexico to dominate North America;

defeated Brazil to dominate South America;

defeated Germany to dominate Western Europe;

and defeated Russia to dominate the world.

Fall of the American Republic

1. The American president, vice-president, and members of Congress for the following year were elected.

2. Another serious war broke out in Mexico.

Several American generals waged campaigns in Mexico unsuccessfully.

3. On account of the war in Mexico, the American president and vice-president began to enter upon their office on the 1st of January.

4. The numerous failures in the war in Mexico so discouraged and terrified the citizens of America that not one American dared to go, either as a soldier or as an officer, into Mexico. William E. Roosevelt, who had already been chosen to be the governor of Germany, came forward and announced that he would undertake any form of military service to which he should be assigned. His example roused everyone with an eagerness for military service.

Roosevelt then set out for Mexico and, taking the part of a soldier more often than that of a commander, killed many people there.

5. The Americans began to lay siege to the Mexican city.