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Once upon a time there was a Prince named Lean, since his birth lived with the terrible curse that his first kiss someday would bring disaster to the kingdom Chòraleio. Only his true love can save him. The twelve most beautiful girls in the country will be chosen for a large selection - one of them will marry Prince Lean. But until then there is a long way to go. They need to pass exams which demanded everything from the girls. How far are they ready for a better life and the compete for the big love? "Fairytale Chosen" is the first of three volumes and contains everything you need for a classic fairy tale: romance, magic, excitement, adventure, good and evil, enveloped in the brightest colors of the imagination.

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Maya Shepherd



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Fairytale chosen

The fairytale trilogy


















1st edition

Copyright © 2015 Maya Shepherd

Cover Design: Bianca Holzmann

Translation: Jayaseelan Samuel


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For my star

The fairytale trilogy

Volume 1: Fairytale chosen

Volume 2: Fairytale redeemed

Volume 3: Fairytale blooms

A kiss to him means damnation.

He may not set foot on the earth

No longer may he see the light of day sun.

No more night shall he count the stars in the sky.

A kiss to him means salvation.

But only true love’s kiss is able to to ward off the spell.


Long time ago, the king and queen of the beautiful Chóraleio kingdom were deeply worried. Every day they complained: "Oh, if only we had a child", as they had none. Since it came to pass, as the young Queen Niobe had once been in the lake for taking bath, that a frog crept out of the water to the land and told her, "Your wish shall be fulfilled, and thou shalt bring forth a son."

What the frog had predicted has happened and Niobe gave birth to a son, who was so beautiful and King Egeas could not control his pride and joy so, he organized a large celebration. He invited not only his relatives, friends and acquaintances, but also the witches of the Kingdom to make them hold the child and weigh. There were thirteen in Chòraleio, but as he had only twelve golden plates for them to eat, he could not invite one of them. Those who boarded had arrived, and once the feast was over, they presented to the child their desire gifts: one with virtue, one beauty, and the third with wealth, and so with everything that is wonderful in the world. As the Eleventh had just gave her wishes, the Thirteenth came in, who was not invited and wanted to take revenge for it. She exclaimed, "I curse the prince! A kiss to him is to be condemned. Let him sit on the ground not a foot more. No more day shall he see the sun and no more night shall he count the stars in the sky. "

Then came the Twelfth, who had one wish left. Although she could not lift the evil spell, she could moderate it nevertheless and spoke: "A kiss is a kiss to condemn him and release him. Only the True Love's Kiss is able to break the curse. "

Once upon a time, long ago, when dreaming was still permitted, and wishes came true and the people believed in wizards, fairies and dragons, there was a Prince - Bold as a lion, stronger than a bear, and smarter than a fox.


(Twenty Years Later)

On a beautiful but cold morning Prince Lean decided to go on bird hunting. He woke up his two faithful companions Silas and Yanis to accompany him. Half an hour later, they met in the courtyard of the castle. The dogs barked in excitement and ran nervously up and down between their feet. They saddled their horses and rode out of the gate and out into the city. Despite the early hour, they were already there, active driving prevailed. Furnaces were heated up, animals were fed and water was brought from the well. Lean was warmly greeted by each of his subjects near whom he went past. He was loved by everyone. Not just for his charm but mainly for his sunny mind. He was always respectful and fair in dealing with his citizens. The wedding was approaching and the associated coronation would be a great day of celebration for all.

When the three friends left behind the city walls and rode against the forest across the open field, the hooves of the horses crunched with each step over the ground covered by hoar frost. Their breath made little clouds in the air and their noses were all flushed with cold. Even the migratory birds would soon leave the country in order to go into warmer areas. Presumably, this would be their last hunt this year.

Through the closely covered roof of the forest only a sparse light fell. The leaves crackled with every step and a rustling was heard from every direction. The animals of the forest never seemed to sleep.

Soon they reached a clearing which led to a small lake. Lean, Yanis and Silas tied their horses to trees firmly and looked for a place from where they had the best view of the sea and the sky. They pulled out their crossbows and kept the bolt ready. The dog whined before in anticipation as Lean gave them orders to hunt, they rushed madly into the tall reeds in order to discover the birds over there. Seconds later the ducks rose into the sky with a vigorous chatter. The three men shot one bolt after the other without hitting even one duck. Finally one last duck flew across the sky. Lean took the crossbow, targeted, focused and fired the shot at the last moment before the duck could disappear over the treetops. He was surprised when he saw how it went down to the ground in a nosedive. Still he could not believe that he could hit it from such a distance. His two friends applauded him with enthusiasm and they called the dogs back to Lean and went in search for the hunted duck. He wanted to tell his father proudly about his skill. He went into the forest to the point in which he had seen the mallard falling. The sun made its way through the leaves and branches and let its rays dancing through the dark forest. How on display were the dead duck on green moss and was illuminated by the sun! Lean knelt satisfied, but then stopped and paused in astonishment. A bolt had not killed the duck, but an arrow. It was made of plain wood. Neither he nor his companions had shot with arrows.

Confused, he looked around and saw his own bolts just meters away stuck in the ground. If he had not shot the animal, then who did it?

Lean carefully straightened up and began to look around. Whoever had shot the duck, would certainly want to claim his prey now. For a long time there were rumors of robbers and vagabonds in the woods. If one of them would discover the prince here, the prey would be quickly forgotten. For a king's son was worth far more than a duck. If they were to capture him and blackmail his father, they would become rich. Lean closed his hand around the sword hanging at his right hand side around his waist. "Is anyone there?" He shouted, in a loud voice.

No one answered him, only the rustle of leaves could be heard.

He picked up the duck from the ground and held it in the air. "If you want your prey, then come and get!"

He turned to all sides, trying to find someone. No one would shoot a bird and leave it back unnoticed. Lean was sure that the shooter was watching him. "Come and show yourself, that I may congratulate you!" He shouted defiantly. He heard a faint clicking noise behind and spun around. Between the trees stood a small boy with a simple wooden bow firmly clasped. He could not have been older than twelve or fourteen, he was so tiny. The clothes he wore, were old and patched, and were also much too large for his tiny figure. On his head he wore a brown woolen cap. His face was dirty, but his large eyes were suspiciously looking at the prince.

Lean began to laugh in disbelief. "You've shot the duck from the sky? Have You? "

At this moment, Yanis and Silas came with the dogs to them. They examined the strange boy skeptically, "Who is this?"

"This is the duck shooter!" Announced Lean amused. He was relieved that he faced only a harmless boy and no band of robbers.

"He?" asked Silas now. "But he's just a kid!"

"And yet better than all three of us together," Lean said gravely and turned to the shooter again. "How many times have you had to shoot to hit the duck?"

The boy raised his hand hesitantly and stuck his thumb in the air. - Once only.

Yanis, Silas and Lean simultaneously broke into laughter. Under other circumstances Lean would not have believed a word from the boy, but now he held the proof in his own hands.

"From where did you shoot?"

The stranger pointed to a spot on the lake, which was still further where the Prince had stood. ‘Unbelievable!’

Yanis shook his head condescendingly. "Never in his life! He's lying! "

The boy's eyes lit up, out of which he glared angrily. He cleared his throat and spoke in a loud voice, "My arrow is in the bird, therefore it belongs to me! “

Lean raised his hand. "Nobody wants to contest for your booty!" He held out his duck. Nevertheless, still there was several feet between them.

Carefully the stranger came closer and closed his fingers around the feathered creature, but Lean did not let it go.

"How can you do that?" the boy stared at him angrily. The color of his eyes was that of the forest. "I aimed and shot, nothing more!"

He pulled the duck violently and Lean released it. The boy tried to escape, but the prince stood on his way. "None of my father’s shooters possesses your talent. None of them had hit a bird from this distance. None of them can still teach me something. But from you, I could surely learn a lot. Come with me and I will make you a royal shooters! "

Lean gave him his most caring smile. Today had to be the boy’s lucky day. You could get such an offer only once in a lifetime. The stranger looked at him in surprise and his lips curled into a sneer. But before the prince knew it, the boy gave him a violent blow, so that he fell down with his butt on the ground. He ran past him and shouted gleefully: “With you hop and malt are lost, dear Prince"

Yanis and Silas tried to stop him, but he slipped skillfully past them. Lean scrambled to his feet and gave chase. Now his interest was more than ever. The boy was quick as a weasel and jumped over the roots on the ground like a young deer. Lean had no chance to catch up with him on foot and therefore tried it with his horse. When he thought he had already lost the stranger from his eyes, he discovered his small figure in the undergrowth and drove his white horse behind him. Yanis and Silas were close on their heels, like the barking dogs. They had proposed to chase the boy, but Lean did not want to attack. At first he had thought the boy was afraid of him, but now he felt that he was fooled. He seemed to know the forest as well as his pocket and was superior to them hands down. Every time they wanted to give up, he appeared for a short moment to only disappear between the trees. He played hide and seek with them and seemed to emerge as a winner, but the prince did not want to give up so easily. He meant it nevertheless only well with the boy. His words had been taken seriously. If he would only trust them, they could take him to the castle and give him a better future. He would not lose anything. No one would reject such an offer.

The stranger ran into a densely vegetated area of the forest. Climbers snaked across the ground, roots rose knee-high and bushes made it more difficult to get through. Lean jumped from his horse and followed the boy through the thicket. His feet were on the slippery leaves which were hardly holding and he stumbled again and again. Leaves got caught in his brown hair. Thorns grazed his face and scratched his skin. He heard his friends call him, but he was obsessed about finding the boy. He was too ambitious to admit his defeat.

Suddenly he noticed movements before him. He could see no one, but between the sheets, he discovered the boy's woolen hat. He quickly ran towards it, but just as he reached it, he felt a hard slap against his shins and fell face-first through the bushes. A cool breeze hit him when he opened his eyes and he looked straight into a steep abyss. Far below him flowed a rushing river. If he had not fallen, probably he would not have noticed the slope and would have fallen down. Something tapped against his legs.

"Boy, you have to mind?" He heard the hoarse voice of a woman. He pulled back gently and closed his fingers around the still warm hat. The stranger was probably brought down the slope?

Beside him stood an old woman. She leaned on a stick and carried on her back a pile of wooden logs. Her fingers were crooked and bony.

She pointed a finger at him accusing, "You probably wanted to jump and die!"

The Prince shook his head. The face of the old lady was marked by wrinkles and furrows. Her nose stood out pointed out of her face.

"Good woman, have you seen a boy running before me down here?"

"I've only seen you, thundering like a wild creature through my forest, for my animals tremble and my plants rips off the ground."

Lean pushed himself up from the floor and stood in front of the woman. "This is the forest of the king of Chóraleio and I am his son. Who are you, that you dare to call it all of this is yours?  "

"I am the Witch of the forest. I have existed long before thee, thy father and thy father's father. I grow with every tree and die with each animal. My life is eternal. "

Lean considered that the old person is confused, but he took a step back. Witches could take any shape and all of those may not be humans. "Forgive me if I’ve hurt you or your forest. That was not my intention. I'm looking for a boy, who must have come along here shortly before me”, He held out his cap, "this belongs to him."

"Whomever you believed to have seen, he is no longer here," the woman said firmly. "Now draw thy way before the forest swallows you up forever. Many hikers have been lost here. "

Lean looked around with uncertainty. He could not remember from where he came. No matter which way he looked, everything looked the same for him. He wanted to ask the old woman for the way, but she was already gone. Now a small, silver compass was lying on the ground, where they had been standing, the pointer was pointing right at him. Almost from the moment he took the instrument in his hand, the pointer began to turn itself and pointed to the right. Since Lean does not know what else to do, he decided to follow the indications of the device. He had nothing to lose anyway. As he rose through the roots and tried to make a way out of the thicket, he turned the case in his hand. No matter how he held it around, it kept on pointing in the same direction, without orienting itself at the cardinal points. On the back he discovered an embossing.

“Follow the path of your heart”

The device was terrible, just like the witch. A woman of her age could not possibly disappear so fast from his point of view. As before, the boy had virtually vanished. Where would the compass lead him to? Did the witch sent him astray?

Even as he thought about it, he suddenly heard the barking of dogs. Seconds later, the white-brown hounds of the king came stormed at him through the undergrowth with loud barking. They were followed by Silas and Yanis; together they clapped their hands, when they saw him.

"We were afraid that we have lost you!"

"You look terrible! What happened? Have you been chased by a wild pig? "

Lean laughed and shook his head and let the compass slide into his coat, without mentioning it. It had shown him the right path.

"I lost the boy out of sight. Not only can he shoot better than me, but runs even faster than the dogs. "

"If we do not go back to the castle soon, your father will make us his legs. Let's see who will run faster then.” joked Silas and handed the reins of his white horse to Lean.

A poor farmer and his wife had three daughters, whom they all loved equally.

The youngest daughter had a skin as radiant and pure as the splendour of a pearl, so she was called Elena pearl shimmer.

The middle daughter could sing beautiful than any bird could sing, so she was called Medea nightingale.

The eldest daughter had neither the beauty nor the talent of her two sisters, but she went to the Father, hand in hand like a son. She was diligent and brave at the same time. Everywhere you knew them as

Heera Fearless.


Heera reached out and let the axe strike down on the wooden block. It split crashing into two equal pieces. The girl liked it and put them aside and took the next block. Now the work was no more painful for her. Initially, she was not able to split the wood. The logs used to get stuck in the axe and she had to go back many times in order to eke out. At the end of the first day of her palms had been blistered, on the second day they were all cracked up. She could barely hold the handle of the axe, for so much it had done to her hand. Despite that, she has to go on. Day after day. In the beginning she needed to make five to ten strokes, after one week was over, it was reduced to three to seven. After two weeks she was able split the wood with a single blow. Her persistence paid off. But they not only fought so fiercely to help her father, but also to himself and to show him something. Her father was not the youngest and would soon cease all work that accrued on their small farm, can do alone. His wife and his son was not granted, would have followed in the footsteps of his father may apply. But there was no work that would have been too heavy for Heera. You could do everything a man could. Whether it comes to chop wood went to slaughter a pig or tow a barrel. She was too good for nothing.

Her hands had formed over time a thick cornea that they are now protected from injury. Although her fingers were no longer so fine and delicate as that of their younger sisters, but that did not care Heera. She was proud of herself and her willpower.

Heera just gathered up the pieces of wood when she heard excited call of her sister Medea. She had been with her mother in the city to trade wool. Medea loved the city, the market and its hustle and bustle. But above all, she couldn't see enough of the magnificent castle. You could spend hours to go to the castle walls up and down, with the hope that the prince notice and would fall in love with you. Often she sang, but more than a little pocket money she has not earned anything. The people listened to her happily, but most were poor and had nothing to give.

May be she'd had better luck today. Heera went into the living room, in which the whole family was already gathered. They laid the wood from near the stove and stood near the wall next to their father. He was as impatient as her. There was plenty to do and Medea was given only one work. But the cheeks of the mother glowed with joy as those of her daughter. The youngest sister Elena jumped excitedly on one foot to the other. She wanted to accompany her sister and her mother in the city, but they had forbidden her. She was afraid for the safety of the youngest, who was only a ten-year old.

Medea took a deep breath and then said, smiling: The prince will marry."

Heera rolled her eyes. What made her interested in prince? She was not sure whether he will take as wife a princess from the north or the south. One was just cocky as the other.

"So what? What do we have to about it or has he stopped at about your hand? "Her voice had an amused tone, after which the father could not resist a grin. He liked the rough humour of his eldest. It reminded him of the discussions, of the men in bars.

"May be," Medea purred however, raising her head proudly.

"Really?" Elena cried out immediately and jumped around her sister. "Are you then a princess?"

"The Queen", corrected Medea.

"But now listen patiently" the mother said. "The prince is looking for a wife, and every girl of marriageable age can apply. Whether noble or common”

"Pff," Heera made condescending. "That's all nothing but deceit!"

Normally, her father was usually on her side, but now he shook his head. "We have a good king. He has never lied or cheated us. When the king says that every girl has a chance, then it is true. "

Heera did not know much about the royal family. The townspeople loved them, especially the young prince Lean. But Heera only saw the magnificent castle, as she and many others had to live in the countryside in rickety wooden huts, whistling through the wind in winter. The king had certainly never gone with an empty stomach to bed.

"Well then soon all our worries will be gone" Heera replied sarcastically. "Medea, when will the wedding bells ring?"

The sister turned her back to the snapped. Medea was a beauty, without question. She had long black hair, the silky shone with every movement. Her eyes had the brilliant blue of a summer sky; her lips wore the color of sweet strawberries. For this purpose she could sing like no other. At least once a week, someone would want to hold her hand. But Medea spurned them all. No one was your good enough, neither a carpenter nor a merchant. For she came from her childhood with a single person: Prince Lean.

The mother punished Heera with a reproachful look. "In two weeks, all the virgins will be invited to be called upon the prince. He will choose twelve of them to get to know them closer. But only three of them will be given the chance to compete for the princesses."

"I'm saying, all just deceit! Never in my life would the prince opt for a peasant girl, if he can have a princess. "

"But Medea is more beautiful than any princess," Elena defended her sister and held Heera’s tongue out. "If the Prince hears her sing just once, he will stop thinking about any other."

Medea hugged her younger sister laughing and gave her a kiss on the forehead. "When I am queen, you're something like a princess."

"Heera, the prince is not just going about the origin, he cares, first and foremost, the character of a girl!" the mother said applied. “He is looking for a woman for life and would like to buy a new horse."

"Probably his horse to him is more important than his bride. It would  not surprise me! "Heera replied amused. She walked toward the door. "I will no longer stand in the your way. You must certainly still sew a new dress, try the hairstyle and discuss every word that will leave Medea's mouth. "

The mother entered her in a hurry in the way. "Medea will of course apply for the prince, but not alone! I have two daughters of marriageable age. "

Heera’s eyes widened in disbelief. She knew exactly what her mother spoke, but tried to make excuses with a joke. "Is Elena is not too young for that?"

The mother mind no fun and criss-crossed their arms before the chest. " You are my oldest and I expect from you that you will also go for the princess audition”

Heera began to laugh uproariously. "I? Do not be ridiculous! No one would choose me. "

Although Heera was no beauty like Medea, but she was not ugly by far. But I her reputation preceded her ahead. Everyone knew of Heera’s strength far and wide. The men who had seen her as a challenge and they wanted to tame such a wild mare, had long since been proven wrong and the shy ones did not even dare to look at her. Already Heera was trying her whole life to prove to her parents that she was worth more than any son. She did not need a husband. Heera would want to be in the small courtyard of her Father and take care of her parents in their old age, while Medea and Elena would move to their husbands. Who should otherwise look after her beloved parents?

"You will at least try!" Her mother ordered unyielding.

" I don't even have a dress, can I let it alone in a walk

"You're going to put on a dress of mine and even a man could go in a dress."

" The prince will look at my hands and take me for a man!"

"Then you'll just wear gloves!"

"What shall I tell him what I could do to enrich his life? I can neither sing nor do embroidery. "

"You can learn!"

"Maybe I should offer him to slaughter a pig on his wedding day ..."

The mother dropped her angry in the word. "Don’t you dare? You're going to give your own trouble, because it is in this case not only to you but to the whole family. If only he takes one among you as wife, all our problems would be solved. We could live in the castle and never would again freeze or starve. The robbers would not raid us at night and your father could put your feet up at the age. Elena could learn to dance, and later, marry a baron, if not a prince. Don’t you wish your family to be happy? "

"And what about me? I have no right to happiness? "Heera cried. She could not believe that her mother was willing to bestow gifts to the prince, just to make him lift a finger. She had assumed they would be happy. It was not always easy, but they had each other and that was all that mattered. Or was it not enough for you?

"You do not know Prince Lean yet!" The father said in an attempt to mediate. "May be you would like him."

"Never in my life!"

The girls had come to present themselves. Whether blonde or brunette, big or small, slim or voluptuous. They sang, danced, laughed and turned the curls around their fingers. Chirped like birds and puffed on for Balz. The prince could not decide, for he became a blind in

Sea of beauty.


To Heera’s feet already collected the feathers of dead duck. She plucked them out one after another peppy and let her anger out on the poultry. It was the last night before the great selection and she has failed so far to persuade her parents that it was not only useless, but even embarrassing, to introduce them to the prince. Her mother's clothes might fit maybe, just because you managed to put a man in the clothes of a woman, she was far from being called as a lady. You could see it visually in front of her already, as the girls from all areas of the Kingdom coming to the attention of the prince were lovers. They would all bathe in perfume, resounding laugh as the goats and will wear jewellery hung on them like magpies. Dressed or not, She herself would act between all the girls like a swineherd. Everyone would make fun of them. But she did not care about herself, bud only about her parents. Nobody should laugh at them. The father and mother had been poor all their lives and had still managed to feed and raise them. Some evening, they had to starve, only to get their children eat. The three daughters were all they had. Elena would be as good a choice as Medea in a few years - blonde curls, bright blue eyes and full red lips. But Heera was one big disgrace. She could not even walk upright without stumbling over the hem of her dress.

The sky turned pink as it during the winter evenings, when his father came to his eldest. "It is enough if you tear off the duck feathers. You do not need even to skin yet. "The bird was already blank, but Heera was afraid to come into the room. Buckled she handed the prey to her father the prey, so he brought it to her mother to cook. However, the father sat down next to her on the wooden bench instead.

"Heera, of all my daughters you are my most faithful one."

She looked at him in despair. "Then why are you sending me away? I do not want to get married. Neither a prince nor anyone else. "

He smiled. "I must admit that I did not know what a man should teach you more. You're probably more skilled than the prince will ever be. "

That brought Heera grin. "Please let me stay with you! When mother and you will be too old someday, to order the court, you will be glad that you have me with you. "

"I know that, Heera. But a father always wants the best for his children. You shall have your own life. "

"The prince does not interest me," the girl continued wailed nevertheless undeterred. "And if I'm going to embarrass you. People will laugh at me and you directly. "

"If anyone dares to laugh at one of my daughters, I would allow you to break his nose."

"And if the prince himself laughing at me? Can I break his nose then? "Heera asked hopefully.

"The prince will not laugh at you," the father insisted. "Please give him a chance. And if not for your own sake, then at least for your sister’s sake. Medea needs you. She does not have your strength, to endure this."

"She is beautiful enough for ten daughters. If the Prince does not want her, both of his eyes must be blind! "

"Get her in! It will help you to know that you are standing behind her squad mates and turned their back. I would worry too much about it when I know you are alone in the castle. You must be in good faith in order to distinguish a friend from an enemy can. "

Heera loved her two sisters and felt responsible for them. The father knew this. He was not successful to inspire Heera in other ways for the selection and therefore he now grabbed her by her sense of duty and their welfare.

"I'll watch out for Medea. You can rely on me, father! "Heera promised obediently.

Lean sat between his mother and his father on a throne which had been built in the middle of the courtyard on a pedestal. Outside the gates are already crowded and people were trying to catch a glimpse of the prince and his royal parents. Candidates alone had not come but also many onlookers. A wedding was a joyous feast like no other and the celebrations lasted several weeks. During this time, many visitors came to the city and business was better than ever. King also had met Lean’s mother Niobe Egeas on a selection. But she was not a girl of the people, but a princess of the southern islands. . In spite of that, he was not tired to emphasize that each candidate had the same opportunities and Lean really wanted view each with open eyes.

The selection was opened with the looking for a bride. For a whole week girls from all parts of the country would have the opportunity to present themselves to the prince and the royal court. However, only twelve of them were chosen to demonstrate their qualities as a future Queen. Lean was dreading it already since weeks before this day. He was aware that he was the only committed throne successor to choose a woman. The people for years looked forward to the wedding and he did not want them deny this either. But how could he ever be able to choose between thousands of women? He would not have minded if his father would have chosen him a bride, as was the custom in other kingdoms. Certainly they would not have been ugly and somehow he had already arranged it with her. And even if not, would it still remained the possibility of them going out of the way. T he people would have got his marriage and he would have been spared from being annoyed for his spoiled choice. If the selection would take only one day, but instead, the spectacle would be extended for weeks.

Each time he complained, his mother tried to make it clear to him that he should be happy to know that he had the chance to choose his bride himself. But Lean was not happy. It was just a load that stole his time. He would rather be out riding with his friends, went on a hunt, driven boat or had tussle. The girls he knew were all the same. Beautiful, restrained and graceful. When he spoke, she lowered her eyes and laughed at each of his jokes, even over the worst. What was he supposed to do with such a person? And what to do, especially with twelve girls who all acted in this way?

The gates were opened and the people flocked in. Lean could see each other as they pushed and pushed to the side. Everyone wanted to get the best place at the podium, in order to make sure they don't miss anything. Within a few minutes the courtyard was already full and the people were still crowded even at the gates.

King Egeas rose from his throne. "My dear people," he cried with a loud voice and the people remained silent. "A king is a father and his people are his child. It's his job to entertain the child and maintain, so that it won’t be missing anything”

People broke into enthusiastic applause. Although people often lacked a lot, but in such moments they forget them in order to delight in the speech of their king.

"The people of my kingdom to my heart, so much so that I want to give a daughter of the people the chance to marry my only son."

Again the audience cheered. Some already called names of girls who would think of later.

"It will be not an easy road. Many girls from every corner of our beautiful kingdom come. Princesses from all four points of the compass travel. But in the end can only win the heart of my son. To make sure that the choice is the right thing to do, the girls will have to face trials. My wonderful queen Niobe has all these tests mastered like no other. It is she who will lead the girls to their way. Bow down to my great love, the mother of my son and the Queen of Chóraleio. "

Instead of applauding, all the people bowed the head and Egeas shook hands with his wife. This rose from her chair. She wore a dress the color of dawn, which emphasized her dark skin. Her long hair fell over her shoulders silky to the chest. She had large almond-shaped eyes, for which nothing seemed to escape. Her face had grace and willpower. She clapped her hands.

"The day on which I became the Queen, was the most beautiful of my life", she opened her speech and gave her people permission to rise again. They applauded her and seemed to love her even more than the King. Many people who could remember the young girl who had come timidly to the court twenty years ago and had captured their hearts by storm.

"I want to give each candidate a little along the way. A queen loves her people from the heart. You must be willing to make sacrifices for the good of the country. A queen does not hesitate when asked for help. A queen loves sincerely and without ulterior motives. "Her words were admonishing and attracted the people under its spell.”I wish for my son a bride who is not only beautiful but also smart. A bride standing by my son’s side and support him in difficult times. A bride who wins the hearts of the people by her deeds and not by her promises. A queen should be beautiful, intelligent and just, but above all she must have a pure heart. "

Now Lean followed his mother. He was responsible for the final word. He stood up and the capacity could hardly hold before trance. They cheered, clapped their hands and stamped his feet. Shook the floor of the podium. Lean lifted up his hands, to keep the people calm and continued to bring his winning smile. "I want to thank each and every one who has appeared here today to support me in my choice. Seeking a woman with whom I can spend my life and I need the help of my people to detect deception, falsehood and illusion. Only a girl who thinks honestly would be allowed to sit next to me one day. This week with your help I'm going to select twelve girls and you still have to prove to me that they are worthy of a queen. You can expect tests; your heart will put to the test. Tests that would teach even a man to fear it. “Lean liked this Part. It would be a welcome relief for him, to watch as the fine girl whose clothes were dirty. Perhaps one or the other would remove the choice in advance by fleeing. He looked behind him and his eyes met those of his faithful friend Amphion. He nodded to confirm Lean, that he was ready for the grand finale.

"I am Prince Lean, future king of Chóraleio and that's my choice," he shouted. At that moment, a huge, golden dragon in the air was shot behind the podium. The people were amazed and hunched up. The dragon circled over the sky. The sun was reflected in its golden scales. But when he breathed fire, it was raining no ash, but fine gold dust. He poured it down on the hair, the faces and the shoulders of men. Surprised, she fumbled away and could hardly get enough of the gloss. Amphion steered the dragon in the background. He was magician and this was one of his easiest tricks. With a hand flipping the dragon exploded high in the sky and red rose petals were dancing on the floor. Lean looked from the podium down at a sea of ​​red and gold.