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DESCRIPTIONWhat’s a woman to do when her lover has given her permission to embrace all of her most erotic and perverted fantasies? Live them of course. Inside you will find some of my favorite acts of seduction as I invited new lovers to satisfy my insatiable needs. All of my actions were of course approved of and encouraged by my master. He wanted me to make up for the 17 years of celibacy I endured, and in one week, I took more lovers than most women enjoy in a life time. F really is for Fulfillment.EXCERPTI walked into the bedroom and found Philip with three sets of clothes on the bed. The first was a beautiful, green evening gown that had a long slit up the center. The second outfit was my new pair of black, latex chaps with an equally shiny corset. The third was my favorite sheer black peignoir set that I wore when I wanted to be very flirty and romantic. He had matching undergarments for each. The three outfits provided very different, erotic looks.“Am I to choose?”“No, I thought these would be good for you tonight.” Philip said thoughtfully.“I can’t possibly wear all three at once. No woman could pull off that look.”Philip laughed, “No, you’ll wear all three at different times tonight. These are your stage outfits.”“Stage outfits?”“Yea, Robert thinks that the pages for the clubs lack sizzle because you’ve never experienced that. So, he wants you to be a stripper in an all nude club.”“He wants me to be a stripper!? He’s out of his ever loving mind!! He told me he wanted me to go to a strip club, not be one of the entertainers.” I bellowed as I began marching toward the phone.Philip stopped me, “It’s part of the job; besides you like flashing.”His words stopped me cold because he was right. I had a beautiful, desirable body and I did enjoy showing it off. There was something truly erotic in the way a stranger would look at me when he saw my fully round breasts or came to the realization that I was a genuine redhead. As much as I wanted to deny it, he was right; I was a tease.“I’ve never been to one of those places in my life.”“I know, and that’s the point. Until you experience it, you’ll never know how to really make the web sites sizzle.”“Ok, but to expect me to do this without warning ...I’m 38 for Christ’s sake. How in the world am I supposed to compare to the teeny bopper hard bodies. This is madness.”Philip knelt before me and took my chin in his hand. Holding my face up I looked directly into his eyes and saw a look of wonder and love as Philip said, “You still don’t get it.”“Get what?” I asked in a truly perplexed voice.“You are the hottest woman any of us know. Robert and Daniel are jealous of me because I have you. Sierra looks at you and wants to be as beautiful.”My heart soared with his profession, and I nearly cried from the compliment, but I was determined not to ruin my make up. I looked at him and in a dejected voice, said. “I have stretch marks.”“Which

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Surely Wilder’s

Published by Lot’s Cave

F is for Fulfillment, © 2015, Surely Wilder

First Lot’s Cave Edition

All Rights Reserved

Cover by Moira Nelligar

All Characters In This Book Are Age 18 Or Older

This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only and may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this ebook with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. If you’re reading this ebook and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only, then please return to the Lot’s Cave website and purchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.

This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either a product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual people living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental.

A Lot’s Cave Novel


Chapter 1 –Foreword

Chapter 2 –Fivesome

Chapter 3 –Feline

Chapter 4 –Fundamentals

Chapter 5 –Foundations

Chapter 6 –Future

Chapter 7 –Fluster

Chapter 8 –Floozy

Chapter 9 –Fascination

Chapter 10 –Fugue


Author’s Note

Family Exotica

Incest Erotica

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Chapter 1


An hour and a half ago, my wonderful lover, sire, and master led me down to our pleasure dungeon where he stripped me naked, ordering me to my knees. He groped my breasts and fondled my pregnant belly before offering me the elixir of his hot, pungent piss which I gratefully consumed as I aimed his flowing cock at my face and body. I could not swallow all of his hot broth, nor did I try as I loved how sensual and erotic it felt to feel him rain down upon me. My pussy was already on fire when he asked me to give him his pants. He then rewarded me by insisting that I suck his powerful cock to fullness as he pistoned his staff between my begging lips until I felt the swell of his love muscle on my tongue and his fertile seed exploded on my tongue and face. Yet, I had failed him. I had been so caught up in the joy of his raining cock, that I hadn’t even tried to keep his sweatpants dry. Master was understandably upset with me when he asked for them, and when I explained that they were a sodden mess, master gave me what I deserved, a powerful and thrilling session of spanking that left my bottom red, and my pussy quaking with desire. He tied me to a lovely pleasure bed as he informed me that I was to be the evening’s entertainment for at least nine hard cocks and four pussies and that I was expected to do anything they desired. My body would be their playground and no request could be denied. I do think he undercounted because by my own count there should be more than a dozen men and 10 women who will need me to attend to their lascivious desires.

It will be my pleasure to do all that I can for them and to satisfy their burning lust. It brings me near to climax as I imagine how the celebrants will all come down stairs and find me as my master left me; naked, spread eagle, and in full heat ready to pleasure them. My wicked lover knows just how to arouse me to the highest level, and tonight, he has outdone himself. You see, not only did he tell me what was to come, but he tied me to this bed so that I cannot satisfy my urges. Instead, he turned on a video camera that featured all of our most outrageous, cum inspiring, and sensual acts of passion. Without my knowledge, he has been videotaping our acts of passion from the beginning. I am the porn star of this movie, and as I watch the night of my seduction, my first experiments with group sex, my virgin experience with Sapphic love, my willingness to be dominated, my love of spanking, the delight I discovered with golden showers, and more; I am overcome with desire. You see, there is no sound to the video I am watching, instead; my master set up another camera focused on me and he has commanded that I narrate my willing journey into erotic submission. This is both a confession and profession of my love for him; my commitment to our life of sexual fulfillment; and my testament of freedom.

I do hope my count is more accurate than my lover’s. His wicked command has left me dripping with desire and I will need at least that many people to sate my growing desires. You see it is my birthday, and my lovely, lover, master, and baby daddy wanted me to have the most memorable party of my 39 years. I can attest that this year alone has been the most awe inspiring of all as my lover has introduced me to an intoxicating world of sexual freedom when he began breaking down all of things I considered taboo.

Before my lover seduced me, I thought that the simple act of masturbation was taboo and that it would make me lose control of myself as it did to my lovely sister, Crystal. She was what you might call the dark sheep of the family when she was younger, and she wound up pregnant at the age of 18. My mother was mortified at the time, but I had already escaped the influence because I would soon marry and have a child of my own. I did it the right way, whereas my sister chose another route. My mother’s Victorian attitudes were a part of me then, and sex was a chore I had to endure in marriage. My husband was not a very good lover, and he made me feel that sex was an empty experience meant mainly for his satisfaction. When he died, my son was only 2 and I decided to devote my life to him rather than focusing on social or carnal pleasures. What I didn’t know was that my precious boy was watching me with growing affection. I was the woman that began to define his understanding of femininity, and he apparently liked what he saw. He appreciated the sacrifices I made for him; and to my utter shock, and now delight; he was falling in love with me. Not the kind of adolescent puppy love, but a real enduring romance for his mother. I was oblivious to his desires until one night four months ago when he caught me in a clever trap of seduction and introduced me to the true meaning of carnal delights.

Yes, the man who seduced me is my son. I am proud to say that his children now populate my womb as I have discovered that I am carrying twins. They are fraternal, one is a boy and the other is a girl. Tonight, we will tell all of our assembled family and lovers that I have been blessed with the most wondrous gift of incest and I know they will be pleased for us.

Why will they be pleased? They are all in committed, fully consensual, incest relationships of their own. Many of the women are now pregnant with their father’s, brother’s, or son’s seed. Like me, they will soon give birth to their first child of family love, and like me, they are all ravenously horny. We will celebrate our growing families together this evening in an orgy of outrageous proportions, and I shall be first. They will have so many options to choose from. The room I am in contains the pleasure bed I am now tethered to, a bondage stock, chains on the wall, a sex swing, cat of nine tails, floggers, dildos and vibrators. I have no doubt that soon, I shall be manhandled, fucked, forced to open my mouth and anus, and ravaged by all. I am shivering with erotic anticipation.

How did it all start? It began one night four months ago when I fell into a trap my clever son had masterfully set for me. On this particular night, he told me I would have the house alone because he would be attending a party with friends. What I didn’t know was that my devilish young man had finally decided to share his desire for me in an obvious, yet subtle fashion. You see, he had hidden two pornographic magazines in our living room that he knew I would discover, and when I did, I was both frightened and appalled. Material of that kind wasn’t welcome in my home as I had carefully trained my son to be a gentleman.

Since I was a widow, I had to be both mother and father to my son, and I had taught him to be mannerly and to value a woman’s dignity. When he was younger, thirteen, I had him escort me to dinner and movies, and I taught him the grace and charm of ballroom dance. I had no idea at the time that he actually considered our outings to be dates, but looking back on those innocent times, I understand how he could have received the wrong impression. I always dressed for those nights in my most stunning dresses that revealed ample cleavage, and I always wore delicate perfumes. I would end the evenings by holding my son close to me, and though I didn’t admit it to myself at the time, I would often hold him closer and longer than necessary. On more than one occasion, I felt the unmistakable rise of his penis in his slacks as I held him. I passed it off as the hormones of adolescence, not realizing that my actions were making my son fall in love with me.

When I found the magazines my son planted for me, I had come freshly from an evening shower and was only wearing a skimpy robe. I hadn’t dressed as I thought I would have the house to myself, so I sat down in the living room, barely draped, and began looking at the material. I knew that I would have to confront him about this, but I needed to know what they contained.

The first manual was simply filled with couples engaged in all kinds of sexual activity. For the first time, I saw women holding penises in their mouths, rectums, and pussies. Many of the pictures revealed the women luxuriating in the ejaculate of their partners and they had a peaceful look of empowerment. These were things I never experienced as Philip’s father was such an inept lover, and I found myself perplexed by their expressions.

As I viewed the second pamphlet, I was stunned to discover letters that described all kinds of erotic fulfillment I never dreamed possible. There was the preposterous letter from a man who enjoyed using a vacuum cleaner hose while masturbating to the romantic letter of a young virgin offering her maidenhead to her lover. Then there were the letters that sent me over the top. A woman described in vivid detail her delight in servicing five men in a fully unabashed public gangbang as her husband watched. Then, there was the letter that was to forever change my life. I began reading a missive from a woman who inspired her son to perform better in college by rewarding him with sexual favors. She bragged about the fact that when he received a 4.0 at the end of the semester, she took him to her bed and allowed him to copulate with her without protection. From that night forward he was her constant bed companion, and she conceived his child.

By the time I finished these stories, I was out of breath and a familiar yet long dormant feeling began to blossom in my loins as I realized how aroused I was becoming. I looked back at the first magazine and suddenly realized that all of the couplings involved an older person with a younger person. I also noticed the captions I had missed before. “Fuck me daddy... give me your baby juice.” And, “I want to feel you back inside of me, son.” It was then that I realized that all of the couplings in the picture book dealt with incest.

I looked at the letter book again and was shocked to learn that my son had used a rating system for the stories. Any of the narratives that dealt with mother/son coupling with unprotected, procreative sex had received a six star rating. All other stories involving any kind of family love were awarded the highest scores. I suddenly realized that my son had been harboring the desire to mate with me. I was shocked, but my desires betrayed me as I allowed myself the erotic pleasure of imagining, just for a moment what it might feel like to have the body of my creation return to me in full.

In that moment, I gave way to the pent up urges building inside of me and opened my robe. I began playing with my C-cup breasts and squeezed my large nipples. I thrust my hand between my thighs to play with my underused pussy. I watched with erotic delight as my fingers disappeared below the crimson hair of my pussy mound to attack my sensitive nether regions. Rarely did I give in to the pleasure of masturbation for fear that I might lose control, and as a result, I was completely inept at gaining the orgasm I needed. As I imagined myself to be the sluttish woman in the gangbang with my son participating in it, I heard a noise. Looking up, I was aghast to see my son’s fully adult body with his hard pulsating cock aimed directly at me. He was breathtaking.

I of course tried to escape; tried to deny my true feelings; tried to maintain my discipline; but my son quickly trapped me on the couch, and then spoke to me as a lover, teacher, son, husband, pimp, master, and more. He pushed his rampant cock between my reluctant lips and showed me the incredible joy I had missed throughout life as I sucked his wonderful cock to ultimate joy and relief and allowed him to flood my tongue with his intoxicating love potion. He was the first man I had ever tasted in that way, and as I felt his penis swell in my mouth; felt the molten sap of his fertile cream spurt on my tongue, and tasted the intoxicating richness of his cum, I knew that I would want to experience it again and again.

He broke my defenses further as he fell to his knees and convinced me to relax as he kissed and suckled his origin, my pussy, to ultimate fulfillment. No one had ever licked me down there and as I felt his talented tongue tease my glistening folds and flutter on my excited clit, I knew that I would want the sensation over and over again too. I didn’t think it could be any better until he intensified his efforts by pushing his fingers inside of my sex and suddenly I was lost to my first sexual orgasm as I realized my son was back inside of me. He was feeling his birth canal and the sensations he gave me were simply heavenly.

As I basked in the beautiful reverie of sexual bliss, my son rose between my wide spread legs, placed his heavy and fully revived cock at the entrance of my unused womb, and then with artful persuasion, gentle kisses, and erotically charged dirty talk, he aroused my passion, weakened my resolve, and convinced me to take him again into my body. I was mad with lust as he teased me ever so wickedly by rubbing his swollen staff upon my slick gash. I could no longer deny my true desire, and I actually agreed with him as I consented, I wanted to feel him inside of me again. I swooned with pleasure as I felt his penis, the one I had created, stretch my birth canal and fill my fertile garden with his unprotected, virile cock for the first time. He began moving inside of me and I felt pleasure I had never known as he had fully prepared my pussy for pleasure, unlike his father. I begged my beautiful boy to fuck me and I squeezed his invading pole with my vaginal walls as I felt him taking me to ecstasy. Then in a moment so sublime, I came on his amazing life scepter as he rutted deep inside of me. It was my first orgasm from sex and the sensation was so fulfilling that I knew I wanted more. The joy of the moment inspired me so, and I had to return the favor for him. I pumped my hips upon him as I watched him holding back his pleasure. He had given me such joy, I needed him to experience the same, and I demanded him to shoot his hot potent seed in my oh so ripe and fertile womb.

That was the beginning of my education. Though I had reservations at first, my son broke down my defenses and I found myself falling in love with the child of my loins as I promised to be his forever more and bring his children into the world. That first week was an amazing honeymoon. Philip and I both knew that I would be ovulating and he kept my uterus full of his baby batter by fucking me at least three times a day with his naked cock. Each time he came in me we talked about the future, the beautiful child we were creating, and how we would welcome them into our world of family love when they reached maturity. Now that I knew how awesome it was to mate with my child, I simply would not deny him that opportunity, and I prayed each time that he pumped his potent sperm inside of me that I would be able to deliver him a daughter he would deflower in time.

The next week, I learned that we had been successful when I experienced spotting and I began to have regular morning sickness. My breasts enlarged two full cup sizes to a double D as my pink nipples darkened to a rose color hue in anticipation of future lactation. All of the signs were there. On that day, my son became my true master, and I became his dedicated sub. In a fuck session that is forever etched in my mind for its raw, animalistic passion, I discovered that I truly enjoyed being submissive. I allowed my son to dress me in a sluttish outfit for work with orders that I was explore my desires and be open to new partners and opportunities.

I embraced his commands and in so doing fucked two of my colleagues at work. My reward was to learn that the marketing company I worked for was actually a front for Internet pornography specializing in incest. I also learned that my son who was studying computer science with the local college had been doing freelance work with them. More than that, I discovered that my boss, Robert, and his daughter, Sierra, were also engaged in a fully consensual incest relationship. Though they had used protection in the beginning, Sierra had pleaded with her father to impregnate her, and he did. The revelation thrilled me to know that I had a sister in incest, and to initiate me into their group, we held a marathon orgy that allowed me to fully satisfy Robert, Daniel, my son, and Sierra. I was more than delighted to realize that I was fully bi-sexual and welcomed the moments when Sierra and I pleasured each other in such tender ways. I was also stunned to realize that I had so much love brimming inside of me for all of these people that I had no pang of jealousy as I watched, even helped, my son and Sierra join in sexual congress. I loved watching them fuck, even as they celebrated my joining with Robert. I didn’t have one lover, I had 4, and Robert hinted that there might even be more.

In the third week, I learned to embrace my fetishes, or at least the ones I was made aware of. I learned quickly that I enjoyed being humiliated in public. The rush I felt on my face was not from embarrassment, but from sheer erotic arousal as a collar was placed about my neck and I was forced to act like a puppy. Robert spanked me in front of my colleagues and even made me cum from the force of his discipline. Then I was commanded to pee outside like a full bitch. I loved the attention as Robert, Sierra, and Daniel watched me pee. I also learned that I enjoyed exhibitionism more than I could fully appreciate when I seduced a police officer by giving him tantalizing peeks at my full breasts and strawberry patch. Yet the most interesting and unexpected kink I embraced was the hot and exotic experience of golden showers. Though I had never considered it before, I was simply overwhelmed with how erotic, sensual, and intimate peeing on another person could be and how much I would enjoy it in return. I also discovered that in embracing this fetish, I was capable of the most amazing orgasm when I tried to pee and cum at the same time. The geyser that erupted from my pussy always left me quivering to the point of collapse.

To celebrate my new found fetish, I organized a piss orgy for my work family. In order to do this, I had to gather supplies, and as I shopped at a local general store, I met a wonderful youth named Eric. Perhaps I shocked myself, but I know that I inspired him as I teased my helper and allowed him to grope me as I flashed him relentlessly. As a reward for his help, I gave him his first blow job and promised to do more with him if he could seduce his mother, Sylvia. I’m pleased to say that two weeks later, I enjoyed a lovely dinner party with Sylvia, Eric, his brother, Jason, his delectable sister, Pam, and my son. The evening concluded with a beautiful bi-sexual orgy that had us all naked and cumming with pleasure, but that is a story for another time. I know that they will be among the celebrants this evening and I look forward to pleasuring them again.

I then discovered with astonishment that I enjoyed being a dominatrix. I had to dress the part for the party I was organizing, and to do that, I visited a porn shop. I do agree now, that clothes make the woman. I tried on a pair of black latex chaps and with a flogger in my hand, I transformed into a powerful dominatrix. For the first time in my life, I allowed total strangers to use my body for sexual gratification as I commanded them to perform a public, bisexual union. It was simply inspiring.

With my new look and sense of confidence, I dominated my work team as I invited them to the realm of Urinia where I was the sovereign Queen. I delighted in the power, roleplaying, and piss. I even taught Sierra how to experience a piss orgasm that left her breathless and quivering with delight.

Three short weeks ago I would have never had the courage, creativity, or the sexual desire to do any of these things, but the transformation I have undergone has rendered me a completely different woman.

Today, I am confident, powerful, erotically aware, and wonderfully pregnant. I discovered this the day following my wonderful pee party with my colleagues. The pregnancy test confirmed my greatest hope and desire. My son had inseminated me and his precious child was growing in my womb. I had no way of knowing what the future would hold, but given my continued growth, I knew it would be special.

Chapter 2


On Monday morning, I walked into the office wearing the tiniest of skirts and a shelf bra bustier. The skirt could only be described as a stripper’s skirt as it was sparkly and allowed the bottom of the round cheeks of my ass to poke through. To compliment it, I wore a pair of fishnet stockings and a lavender garter belt. The skirt was so scandalous that it didn’t even cover the hooks for the belt and wisps of my crimson colored pubes poked out of the bottom when I spread my legs. This was made even more evident by the fact that I wore no panties, but I did have a pair of shorts I could slip on if I needed to go out in public. Likewise, I wore a jacket that covered my naked breasts for public consideration, when buttoned; it covered my breasts, but still revealed plenty of cleavage. As I entered the office I saw that Philip, Daniel, and Sierra were in the front room and Robert was in his office. Because I had worn several outfits like this over the past three weeks no one paid attention as I sauntered down the cubicle aisles, it was a bit disappointing; but undaunted, I went to Robert’s office and I asked him to join us in the work space.

“Kathleen, we really have to get some work done,” he whined as he arrived.

“Oh, I agree, Robert. Today must be a focused work day, but I have an announcement to make, and I think it is something that all of you want to hear.” I took a breath and with a joyous smile on my face, I gushed, “It is fully confirmed, I’m pregnant. I’ve turned my son into a daddy.”

The room erupted in complete joy as the men applauded me and brought Philip to stand before me. I looked at him with love and pride as I fell into his arms and gave him a truly impassioned kiss. Philip loosened my jacket from the front and stripped me in front of everyone as he began to gently knead my breasts. His fingers on my nipples sent resounding throbs of pleasure to my stomach and ovaries as I sucked on his tongue while our coworkers celebrated our successful incest with a sustained round of applause.

Though I didn’t want to, I pulled away from him as I saw all of my colleagues beaming at us with pride. Sierra bounced toward me, and the smile on her face was one of rapturous joy and love.

“So it’s true? We’ll be incest mommies together.” She asked as she fell into my arms and kissed me with the same passion Philip had. I loved holding her in my arms and I quickly unbuttoned her shirt. I was thrilled to know that she wore a shelf bra like mine and we rubbed our engorged breasts together as we celebrated our shared blessing.

The room settled down, and I looked at Robert, Daniel, and Philip. “It is very important to me that each of you find a way to say hello to the little one inside of me who will eventually join our circle. Gentleman, when your work becomes too arousing today, I invite you to push your hard cocks inside of my pussy and surround my baby with your precious cum. Sierra, I’ll want to have an extra-long session with you at the end of the day.”

“Oooh, I like that Mommy, and gentleman, I want you to do the same for me too.” Sierra responded. “Do you think our children will be lovers when they are old enough.” She giggled softly.

“I’m sure they will, dirty Mommy. Shall we set a play date 18 years from now?” I giggled.

“We’ll have a naked picnic and your daughter and my son will be the desert. I can’t wait to watch them fuck and taste your daughter’s pussy full of my son’s tasty cream,” she teased.

“I can’t wait to lick your boys cock fresh from my daughter’s dripping pussy.” On that note we kissed deeply as we imagined the future couplings we would instigate together to bring our adult children to maturity. It would be so thrilling to bring their two naked bodies together and celebrate their joyous union.

“Daddy, I’m going to set an appointment with Dr. Trevor, do you want to come?”

“No, dear. But give the old rascal my best and tell him I expect him to honor his rain date.” Robert beamed.

“Oh Daddy, you enjoyed it just as much as he did when we had our threesome. I’m sure his daughter will be ready for that soon.” She quipped. With that, Robert patted his daughter’s behind and departed.

“Doctor Trevor?” I asked with a surprise. Obviously, Sierra knew him well.

“He’s my OB/GYN. You’ll love him. I’ll set the appointment for Wednesday for both of us.” Sierra mused.

“You can’t possibly get in that quickly.” I questioned.

“Kathleen, he’s family.” Sierra smiled as she pointed to her pussy. I suddenly realized that this must be one of their additional partners.

The rest of the day progressed nicely and each of the men did find time to welcome my baby the way I desired. Robert was first. He came to me around 10:00. I had been working on virgin deflowering stories and was truly worked up.

“I’m so happy for you, Kathleen,” he said as he hugged my shoulder from behind. I was delighted as his hand fell lower and cupped my left breast. “Soon your belly will grow with the life inside of you and your breasts will ready with milk. I do hope you’ll allow me to sample your cream in time.” He teased as he knelt to his knee and began gently suckling my tender breast. His hand moved to my stomach, and I regretted wearing the corset now as I couldn’t feel his warmth upon my stomach. Still, it was quite soothing, and I knew that he was petting the baby inside of me as best he could. For the next nine glorious months, he would be able to feel me grow.

He pulled away from me, and I smiled into his eyes. “You know you are welcome to do that anytime, dear brother.” Robert had asked me to call him that ever since I had taken on the role of a dominatrix earlier. We shared an incredibly tender moment through that experience and I did consider him to be as close as a brother to me and an uncle to Philip. He had given me so much when I was trying to remake my life after my husband’s death, and most importantly, he waited to express his love for me until I could fully appreciate it. How could I deny his desire to seek nourishment from my body?

Robert turned my chair so that I was facing him and he pulled my legs over his shoulder. Because my skirt was so short, I didn’t have to do anything. I loved the way he beheld the glistening folds of my pregnant vessel as his eyes flared with excitement. Gently, he blew warm drafts of breath over my truly wet sex driving me mad with anticipation for the moment he would make contact. Slowly, he extended his tongue and I caught my breath as he began to gently and tenderly lick my sensitive clit. “Oh... Yes... Kiss my pussy, Robert.”

“Mom, could you sign this requisition?” I heard a voice say.

I looked up and saw my son. He was smiling at me as he watched Robert feasting upon my sex. This was a new game that had started at the office. Whenever any of us began pleasuring another, someone would find a way to interrupt. That, and it’s always fun to watch.

Robert paid no attention to the interruption as he continued pleasing my sex with his skillful tongue. Philip handed me a clipboard, and with dedicated control, I signed my name to the bottom of the form even as I felt a lovely orgasm beginning to build. I handed the form back to my son and then dropped my hand to the back of Robert’s head as I pulled him tighter to me. Philip leaned down and pushed his tongue into my mouth as I was gently grinding on Robert’s face and panting with pure pleasure. My eyes closed as a warming feeling flooded through my aroused pussy and surrounded my pelvis with such intoxicating joy. Sensations of erotic delight traveled up and down my spine and took hold of my mind as I floated in the bliss of my boss’s truly talented tongue. Philip kissed me vulgarly through the episode, inspiring my passion as I whimpered into his mouth. When I calmed, he departed, but I didn’t open my eyes to see him go.

“Oh, brother, I need your cock inside of me, please.” I moaned.

Robert looked up at me and the sheen of my pussy juice covered his lips. He sat up between my spread legs and kissed me deeply. I loved tasting myself upon him and he made my face slick with my juice as he pressed his lips upon mine.

He stood before me and I made quick work of unbuttoning his pants which slid down to his ankles. It was now my turn to enjoy his sex. I gently reached forward and took hold of the shaft of his semi-hard log. I loved how thick Robert was, and I made no attempt to pull down his foreskin as I began gently licking up and down the sensitive underside of his thick pleasure pole.

“Mom’s getting into it,” I heard Sierra quip as I continued preparing her father to enter me. I loved the fact that we were being watched by our children and only wished that there might be more people to witness our love.

Robert was moaning gently and his hands moved through my red hair as I moved upward. Tightening my lips, I kissed the hidden bulb of his cock head which was surrounded by his massive foreskin. Slowly, I pushed forward, inviting his meaty staff inside my moist mouth as I rolled back his sheath with my lips. In moments, he was fully imbedded between my lips where I simply held him as I wiggled my tongue on the bottom of his potent staff. With delight, I felt his penis respond as he bloomed to full attention and I could no longer contain him. I needed his fullness in my pussy and I wanted to feel him shoot his essence inside of me there.

Slowly, I backed away and withdrew his glistening cock from my mouth. I held his shaft skyward as I bent low to swirl my tongue on his shaved scrotum. Robert sighed with genuine pleasure, and I knew that he was fully ready for me as well.

“Do you want to say hello to your niece now?” I smiled at him.

“So, you want a little girl?”

“Yes,” I said as I extended my hand to him. “I want Philip to know the intense beauty of taking his daughter’s maiden head, just like you did for Sierra.”

“It was a beautiful memory, I will always cherish.”

“And if she decides to follow in Sierra’s footsteps, we’ll introduce her to the group. I’m sure she’ll be every bit the nymphomaniac I am, and you’ll be able to fuck your niece” I giggled.

“You know I’d like that. And if it is a boy?” Robert asked with a smile as he extended his hand.

“Then he will know the warm and inviting comfort of his mother’s pussy when I deflower him.” I smiled as I took his out stretched hand and stood. I turned toward my desk and bent over. I loved the fact that I didn’t have to take off a single item of clothing and as I placed my hands on my desk, I felt the hem of my very skimpy skirt ride ridiculously high on my ass exposing my very wet strawberry pleasure zone.

Robert came behind me, and I could feel the heat of his body nestle against the back of my thighs. Because of the heels I wore, I was at the perfect height for him and I waited as I felt the head of his naked cock kiss my wet and ready vaginal ring. Slowly, he pushed forward and I moaned gently as his amazingly thick cock stretched my opening, filling my very ready love glove. I looked up and was pleased to see Philip, Daniel, and Sierra watching us as Robert began moving deeper and deeper inside of me.

“You three have seen me fuck my sister plenty of times before, get back to work.” Robert chided as his balls pressed against my labia. He was now fully imbedded, and I laughed as Daniel and our naughty children turned back to their work while Robert began fucking me in full.

I loved the fact that he now called me sister; and when we were truly caught in the passion of things, I actually believed that I was fucking my wonderful brother. How I wished it were really true. I reached between my legs and began playing with my clit as another delightful orgasm took hold.

Suddenly, the office phone rang. I looked down and realized it was for me. Sierra glanced back at me and I signaled her to take it as I began pushing back upon Robert as he rutted in and out of me.

A terrific orgasm was ripping through my system and I wanted to scream my delight to the world. Instead I had to be calm as Sierra answered the phone. In the distance, I heard her respond to the caller, but my mind was lost in a lovely pleasure zone. I imagined a future coupling with Robert, Sierra, Philip, her eighteen year old son, my daughter, and me. How wonderful it would be to unite our families together. Perhaps, my daughter would want Sierra’s son to impregnate her some day, Robert would truly be my brother then.

“Mom, he says it’s important, and doesn’t want to leave a message.” Sierra cautioned.

Well crap, I thought. Business was business, and I had to take the call, but I wasn’t about to give up the erotic fulfillment I was receiving from Robert. I could probably deal with whatever question was involved quickly and we could continue our coupling. I removed my hand from my clit, but signaled back to Robert to keep fucking me. I picked up the phone. “Hello?”

“Yes Officer Glenn, how nice to hear from you,” I said as Philip, Daniel, and Sierra both looked up and Robert came to a sudden stop in my pussy. I looked back at him and motioned him to continue. Robert began making slow gently glides inside of me as he pulled his cock almost all of the way out to the tip and then gently thrust in till his balls kissed my vulva. The curve of his cock rubbed against my g-spot perfectly and made me weak as I listened to the call. How I wanted to moan with joy each time his cock glided so fully in and out of me.

“Kathleen, I have really been thinking about what you said last week. My daughter’s staying with me for the summer. My sister and I were eighteen when we first started having sex, and my daughter just had her 18th birthday. I know she’s ready... I want to try.”

“Glenn, I’m in my office alone,” I lied as I signaled to the others to keep very silent, “Would you mind if I put you on speaker phone?” I signaled everyone to come around so they could listen to what I knew would be a very hot conversation.

“No, I don’t mind as long as no one can over hear.”

“We’re totally safe, now tell me this again,” I asked as I pushed the button so all could hear.

“My daughter will be with me most of the summer. Her mother’s going to Europe for a 2 month vacation with her boyfriend. Anyway, I just can’t stop thinking about what you said earlier and if you could help, I’d like to try. I know my sister is sleeping with our son, and...”

“You feel left out? I think it’s wonderful that you want make love to your baby girl, but the real question is does she want her Daddy. Tell me about her, Glenn.”

“She’s beautiful. That picture I showed you didn’t come close to capturing her true beauty. She’s blossomed into a gorgeous young woman with nice breasts and the cutest bottom you could imagine. I know that she’s ready to experience real love.” Sierra smiled at this and I watched as she reached out with both hands to gently stroke Daniel and my son.

“Isn’t there a community college in town?” I smiled at Daniel.

“Yes there is.”

“And I imagine that you’d like her to live with you and sleep in your bed from now on?” I asked knowingly. Daniel, quietly stripped off his pants and offered his cock to his niece. Without hesitation, Sierra got down on all fours and took his thick tool into her mouth as she offered her bottom to my son. Philip began gently stroking her flanks as we listened to Glenn’s fantasy take form.

“Well yes, that’s the idea.”

“You’re such a good Daddy,” I giggled as Robert began to intensify his thrusts from behind. I felt myself on the verge of an orgasm, but I had to control the situation. I could feel my tits sway gently underneath me as my pussy contracted on Robert’s invading member. “So, to get what you want Glenn, you need to be the cool Dad. Some things might make you feel uncomfortable.”

“I’m thinking of seducing and fucking my daughter; I already feel uncomfortable, Kathleen. But, I want to have the kind of relationship with her that my sister and I have. There really is no kind of openness and love like incest.”

“Yes, but you got your sister pregnant.”

“Because she wanted that.”

“And if your daughter wanted that too?”

“I’d give her as many babies as she wanted.”

“What a good, Daddy you are,” I smiled as I looked at my son and watched him pull down his pants so I could fondle his hard cock. “My son tells me everything, and I love the way he always shares his desires with me.”

“Yes, exactly. My sister tells me everything and I’m completely open with her. She thinks it’s a great idea, and has encouraged me to seduce Melissa, but this has to be done the right way, I don’t want to lose her.”

“Well, Glenn, the good thing is you’re approaching this with the right attitude. If anything made her feel uncomfortable, what would you do?” I asked as I could no longer stop my orgasm. I looked back at Robert and opened my mouth wide to let him know I was cumming as I held up one finger.

“I’d stop immediately. She has to want this as much as I do, that’s why I want to be careful. If there was a way that I could make this her idea so that she might try to seduce me, that would be awesome.”

“Yes… Oh Yes... That would be perfect… “ I said as I came. “So tell me what the problem is.” I asked as I began recovering from the orgasm. I needed to sit down; I looked back at Robert and pointed to my chair as I disengaged. Robert sat in the chair, with his colossal cock aimed high as I straddled his lap. Slowly, I squatted onto him impaling myself upon his slick love muscle.

“I just don’t know how to get it started. It was easy with my sister, because she seduced me. This time, I have to set things in motion. I mean, I want to do this, but I can’t lose her. I want her to know that I love her unconditionally whether anything happens or not.”

“Glenn, calm down, this is wonderful. I honestly think you are more than half way there whether you know it or not. Do you know if she’s on the pill?” With that, Sierra disengaged from her uncle, smiled, and crawled between my wide spread legs. She suddenly began to gently lick the inside flesh of my right thigh as Philip moved behind her and began licking her gash. Daniel knelt to my other side and gently suckled my breasts. God, this was outrageously wonderful. Glenn had no way of knowing that his marvelous story was inspiring all of us to such erotic debauchery, and I was the chief beneficiary.

“Yes she is. I nearly flipped out when her mother told me that, but then I realized that in this day and age, it was probably a good thing.”

“MMMM, so that means you can cum inside of her tight, little pussy and be safe. You need to make sure she stays on it over the summer.”

“If you keep talking like that, Kathleen, I’m going to cum right here.”

“I’d like that.  Are you naked, Glenn?”


“Are you hard?”

“Well, yes.”

“It’s ok darling, I’m very naked and quite wet. Could you join me? I want you to pull out your cock and talk to me about your beautiful daughter, because I promise, I will help you.”

“Oh God... Kathleen, if you could do that I would be so grateful to you. Ok, I’m naked.”

“Does that feel better?”

“Yes, much, what do you want to know?”

“Let’s start with the obvious questions... Does she like you… Is she a virgin?” I asked as again, I had to catch my breath. Sierra had moved to my center and she was now gently licking my pussy as her father pulsed his hips inside of me. I was cumming wildly, as Daniel latched upon my breasts and hands caressed my body in full. Soon, the five of us would be fucking together as we listened to Glenn’s candid confession.

“Oh yes, she likes me, Kathleen. We had a great relationship until last year, and then she somehow seemed to grow a bit distant.” Sierra sat up with this as though it made sense to her and I was thankful for the rest as I didn’t know how much longer I could control myself. Glenn continued, “But she’s always been open with me. To be honest, I don’t know if she’s a virgin or not, I’d like that, but it really doesn’t matter.”

“It would matter to her, Glenn. When a girl chooses her first lover, she’s very careful when she has a choice.”

“What do you mean?” Glenn asked.

“Rape, I’m afraid to say. Too many of my girlfriends lost their virginity that way.”

“Oh no, that’s not going to happen to my baby girl. Her first time has to be special, loving, and tender.”