Extramarital Menages: 3-Book Bundle - Nixie Fairfax - ebook

Three steamy stories of wanton wives who find sensual bliss while sandwiched between other men. Includes the stories: “Gangbanged on My Wedding Night” - When Jessica’s new husband passes out from too much champagne before they can consummate their marriage, she heads to the hotel bar to drink her disappointment away. There, she meets five sexy black bodybuilders whose brazen advances draw the horny young bride into a steamy interracial gangbang. “Double-Teamed by Strangers on My Wedding Anniversary” - Erika's husband was supposed to meet her at a pick-up bar for a simulated one-night stand to add some spice to their 10th anniversary. But after he calls to say he can't make it, the disappointed, half-drunk, and super-horny wife finds herself succumbing to the charms of two hot strangers, and what was meant to be a night of role-playing soon turns into the real thing. Little does Erika suspect that all is not quite what it seems... “That Night” - Strait-laced wife and mom Chieko Norberg has a secret: As a high-school cheerleader she got gangbanged by half the football team. She has worked hard to forget that shameful night, but an invitation to her ten-year class reunion reawakens feelings long suppressed. She knows she shouldn’t go, but she finds herself irresistibly drawn back to her hometown…and the brawny arms of the men who gangbanged her. These stories are also available separately.

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Extramarital Menages

3-Book Bundle

By Nixie Fairfax


Gangbanged on my Wedding Night

Double-Teamed by Strangers on My Wedding Anniversary

That Night

Gangbanged on My Wedding Night

By Nixie Fairfax

Copyright 2018 by Nixie Fairfax

All rights reserved

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

This work contains explicit sexual content and is intended for adults only. All characters in this work are 18 years of age or older.

My husband of five hours was moments away from penetrating me and consummating our marriage when he let out a long, low groan and slumped to the bed beside me.

I sat up, alarmed. “Gary, what…”

The rest of the question died unspoken. The answer was obvious: Gary was out like a light. He was snoring loudly, and a pool of drool was already forming on the pillow next to his slack, gaping mouth. All the champagne he had drunk at the reception and in the limo on the way to the hotel had taken its toll. He never could hold his alcohol. I had warned him, but he hadn’t listened. Judging by past experience, he’d be out till tomorrow morning.

With a weary sigh, I tugged the cover over Gary’s naked body, then climbed out of bed and scowled down at him, mad and hurt and disappointed. And super-horny. I was all revved up for a long night of good, hard fucking.

Knowing there was no way I’d be able to sleep in the mood I was in—especially with Gary doing his buzz-saw impression right next to me—I decided to head down to the hotel bar for a good, stiff drink. At least that way I’d be sure of getting a good stiff something tonight. I put on the slinky black dress hanging on the closet door. It was what I had been wearing up until Gary peeled it off my squirming, eager body only five minutes earlier. It was what he had insisted I wear tonight to help set the mood for our long, passionate first night as newlyweds.

So much for that.

I studied myself in the mirror. I could see why Gary liked the dress. The front was open all the way down to my navel, baring my flat belly and the creamy inner curves of both breasts, while the bottom was slit up the side all the way to mid-hip. If I weren’t careful in this thing, I could easily wind up in violation of half a dozen local indecency statutes.

“You don’t know what you’re missing, Gary,” I told the lump on the bed. The only response was a noise like a snowblower seizing up.

* * *

The bar was a dimly lit place with lots of chrome and red leather and a small dance floor on which half a dozen couples were slow-dancing to a low-key R&B song. The place was about half full, and as I crossed the room to the bar, I felt every man in the room eyeing me. I almost wished I had put on something a little less revealing. A lot of my oglers were unusually large and muscular, and I remembered hearing something about a big bodybuilding competition that was being held in the city over the weekend. Some of the competitors must be staying here at the hotel.

I sat down at the bar and ordered a drink. Before long a man sat on the stool next to mine and ordered a drink for himself and another for me. He was a hulking black guy, around six-foot-two with a powerful chest as broad as the front of a semi. His red silk shirt and black slacks bulged with muscles bigger than any I had ever seen outside of a movie or a magazine cover. As the man turned on his stool to face me, those slabs of muscle swelled and rippled so much it was a wonder his clothes didn’t split at the seams.

“Hey,” he said with a smile, his voice deep and rumbling. His shaved head gleamed softly in the subdued light. “I’m Ronnie.”

I smiled back. “Jessica.”

“A pleasure.” He glanced at the shiny, brand-new wedding ring on my finger. “So…you here by yourself?”


His smile widened into a grin, and he shook his head. “That ain’t right. A lovely lady like yourself shouldn’t be spending her time alone. Lucky for you, I got some friends with me. Come join us. You won’t be lacking for company.”

He gestured at a table in a dark corner of the room where four other men sat, all black like him, all handsome like him, all incredibly ripped like him. I thought of how jealous Gary would be if he knew I’d spent the evening chatting and flirting with five hot young studs. Especially black ones. He’d probably have an aneurysm.

“Sure,” I said, grabbing my drink and standing up. I meant only to have a few drinks and flirt with them a little before heading back to the bridal suite and my new husband. That was all. But Ronnie and his friends, I soon learned, had very different ideas.

He led me to their table, and we sat down with his friends, whose eyes were sliding all over me like the hands of a frisking cop. Ronnie introduced me to the four men. Jay, the youngest, was chatty and hyperactive, and his hair was dyed bright red. Darren was a little taller than Ronnie and had a leaner, sleeker build a little like an Olympic diver’s. There was an intense, almost predatory glimmer in his dark eyes that I found both troubling and strangely arousing. Mike was the shortest and stockiest of the group, and he kept slamming down shots without any ill effects to his speech or coordination. And Leon, the fifth, was quiet and soft-spoken and sported a goatee trimmed to make his long, narrow face look a little fuller.

All of them, unsurprisingly enough, were contenders in the bodybuilding competition. Ronnie had been a runner-up last year but hoped to win big this time around. Judging by his massive build, I didn’t see how he could lose. Then again, his friends looked set to give him some stiff competition. I felt tiny, almost like a child, sitting amid these five black titans. The feeling only intensified as Ronnie and Jay, who sat to my left and right respectively, kept scooting closer and closer until they loomed like dark cliffs on either side of me, their burly arms and thighs repeatedly and enticingly brushing my own soft, slender limbs. The other three men looked stricken that there was no room for them next to me. Reveling in the effect I was having on the men, I teasingly upped the ante, crossing my legs so that my dress fell open all along the side slit, revealing an expanse of milky skin that stretched nearly all the way to the leg band of my panties.

Ronnie sucked in a breath, then grabbed my hand and pulled me to my feet.

“Let’s dance, baby,” he said and without further ado led me onto the dancefloor.

We slow-danced amid the other couples. At first everything remained discreet, Ronnie keeping one hand on my lower back and the other holding one of mine. But then, as his lusty gaze swept over my bare belly and the jiggling inner curves of my tits, he pulled me close to him and clasped me in his strong, unbreakable arms, his biceps feeling like padded stones against my sides and back. His hard pecs rippled against my breasts, which were pressed flat against him.

“Ronnie, I—” I started to say, but then he kissed me hard, almost bruising my tender lips and silencing any further words.

His big hands clutched the globes of my buttocks and kneaded them vigorously as his tongue slid between my startled lips. He pressed his hips against mine, and I felt his erection, hot and huge against my thigh. He was hung like a horse, his cock’s size in keeping with his massive physique.

Despite myself, I couldn’t help responding to his brazen touches. My pussy grew hot and wet, and my nipples hardened until they stood out like bullet shells under the thin fabric of my dress. All kinds of unwifely feelings were coursing through my horny body. Even so, I assured myself that once this dance was over, I would bid the men goodnight and return to my new husband upstairs. Enough was enough.

But when the song ended and Ronnie released me from his grasp, Jay was right there waiting, and before I could protest, he took me in his arms and spun me back into the whirl of dancers as the next song started up. Behind us Ronnie sauntered back to the corner table.

Fiery like his hair, Jay was even more aggressive than Ronnie had been. He held me tighter, closer. His tongue stabbed my mouth with breathtaking fierceness while he ground his crotch against mine. He wasn’t quite as well hung as Ronnie, but he still felt bigger than any man I had ever slept with. I couldn’t help wondering what he—or Ronnie, or any of the others, all of whom had sported hefty bulges in their pants—would feel like inside me. By now I was so wet I was surprised I wasn’t leaving a trail of slick, warm droplets all over the dance floor in my wake.

When my dance with Jay ended, Darren was there to take his place, sweeping me into his big, strong arms before I even had a chance to think about heading back to the table. He was rougher than Jay. As he felt me up, he viciously twisted one of my nipples hard enough to make me cry out in pain, though his ardent kisses muffled the sound so it couldn’t be heard above the music. While he continued torturing my nipple, he pressed his impressive erection against my clit, tempering my pain with a gush of pleasure that left me reeling.

After him came Mike. And after Mike, Leon. Whatever their individual differences, each of the men was all over me as we danced, kissing me, touching me, stimulating me till my mind was clouded with lust, and I couldn’t think of anything but having those huge, hard bodies atop me, those long, ebony erections squeezing into me, making me come.

Nevertheless, I knew I should get back to my nuptial bed, to Gary. I assured myself that when my dance with Leon was done and all the men had had a turn with me on the dancefloor, I would take my leave, the fun over.

But when the dance ended, I found myself being taken up in Ronnie’s brawny arms again.

“One last dance,” he rumbled with a cocky grin, and then his lips were on mine again, and his tongue was thrusting deep into my mouth. He was more forward than ever, and instead of just feeling me up as he had before, he slipped one beefy hand inside the front of my dress and grasped my naked breast. He pinched my tender, swollen nipple while grinding the enormous bulge in his pants against my clit. I gasped and unconsciously thrust my sodden, smoldering pussy toward that straining mega-cock.

He seized my wrist and tugged me off the dance floor. The other four men were already on their feet, ready to go. Ronnie led me past them and toward the exit. The others followed close behind, their eyes bright and eager as they grinned at me and my disheveled outfit. My left breast, I realized, was almost ready to pop out of my dress. My head was spinning. I couldn’t think straight.

“Wh—where…” I stammered.

“We’re gonna give you what you want, baby,” Ronnie growled back at me. “What that fine little body of yours is screaming to have.”

Oh, God. This was all happening too fast. I glanced around the bar with desperate, pleading eyes, seeking help, someone to step in and stop this. But everyone was focused on their drinks, their dates. No one was even looking at us.

And then we were striding through the hotel’s corridors, Ronnie pulling me after him. I was nearly stumbling as I hurried to keep up with him. The others were right behind me, their colossal bodies crowding in close, leaving me no chance to even try to break free of Ronnie and make my escape. Maybe when we paused for the elevator…

But no. Ronnie’s room, it turned out, was right here on the first floor, and in no time flat we had arrived. He unlocked the door and pushed me inside hard enough to make me stagger and nearly fall. By the time I had reoriented myself, the door was shut and locked, and I was surrounded by those five black giants, a dusky ring of hard, warm flesh that wanted only one thing: me.

They fell on me like hungry dogs on a soup bone. Ronnie kissed me and tongue-fucked my mouth, while other lips kissed my neck, teeth raked my earlobes, ten hands squeezed and caressed and pinched what felt like every last inch of me. Overwhelmed, I tried to squirm free of the press of bodies, but my feeble struggles only excited the men all the more, enflaming their desire. Massive hands were thrust inside the front of my dress and squeezed my breasts, tweaked my stiff, throbbing nipples. My dress was hiked up and fingers were shoved into my panties to stroke my clitoris, my juicy slit.

With Ronnie kissing me and his big bald head dominating my vision, I couldn’t really see much of what was happening, but I heard the rustle of fabric, the buzz of zippers, and when I finally got a peek at my surroundings again, I found that the men were now buck naked, their big brown bodies bared in all their muscular glory. They were even buffer than I had imagined: rippling pecs the size of phonebooks; bulging biceps big as bowling balls, their surfaces squiggled with plump veins; six packs like cobblestones; meaty, striated quads; tight, firm glutes you could crack coconuts on.

And their cocks were equally magnificent. All five men were incredibly well endowed, especially Ronnie, who was almost literally hung like a horse. It was the biggest penis I had ever seen on a human being, almost frighteningly large. My pussy wasn’t sure whether to grow even wetter or to clamp shut in alarm.

While I was busy gawping at these Samsons, Darren unzipped the back of my dress, and it slipped off and crumpled to the floor, leaving me clad in only a pair of panties whose crotch was soggy from my arousal. Ronnie grasped the waistband of the panties and tore them off, the elastic ripping with a low cough and a quick lash of fabric-burn stinging my buttocks.

The men crowded closer to my naked body. Huge cocks rubbed against my hips, my ass. Ronnie’s chocolate anaconda slid between my quaking thighs, its top grazing my pussy lips and smearing my wetness all over its veined brown surface.

“Oh, God, Ronnie,” I whimpered. “I—I—”

Before I could finish saying whatever it was I was trying to say, Ronnie seized me and flung me onto the bed. Grasping my ankles, he pulled me across the mattress until my butt was on the edge, then he dropped to his knees between my gaping legs and began lapping ferociously at my engorged clit. Any reservations I might have felt were lost beneath the rising waves of unbridled passion as I writhed about under the lashing of his big pink tongue.

Mike climbed onto the bed and straddled my face. He pressed his thick cock to my lips. I instinctively opened wide and he slid in, filling my mouth with his hot, pulsing meat. I sucked him greedily while Darren and Leon in turn sucked my breasts, making my tingling nipples grow even harder and stiffer. Meanwhile, Jay guided my hand to his cock. Wrapping my fingers around the stout shaft—it was so thick that my thumb and forefinger didn’t quite meet—I began to stroke him off.

I moaned, lost in the delightful sensations of having so many erogenous zones stimulated at once, of having so many men, so many mouths, so many cocks pleasuring me simultaneously. I nudged my pussy closer to Ronnie’s whisking tongue, wanting more, needing more.

I got it. His tongue sped up, beating across my clit like a hummingbird’s wing. A warm, fluttery feeling spread through my belly, and then I came hard, squealing shamelessly around Mike’s pistoning dick.

Excited by my orgasm, Ronnie sprang up between my spread legs. I peered around Mike’s hips and down the length of my body as Ronnie positioned the tip of his horse-cock against my glistening slit. I had never taken anything even close to that size before. Gary’s was a pencil in comparison. I briefly had time to wonder whether I would have any trouble accommodating something that big, and then he plunged into me, his thick tool searing me, splitting me, packing me tight with his cockmeat. My back arched at the mingled pain and pleasure as he fucked me, each rough thrust cleaving my body. My cries were muted by the equally thick shaft of flesh plugging up my mouth. Teeth were snapping at my nipples. Hands were caressing my belly, my cheeks, my ass. My fist was flying on Jay’s erection, its movements lubricated by the pre-cum steadily oozing from the tip.

Ronnie’s cock filled me in a way no man ever had before. Its length and girth touched me in places I had never been touched, and sent electrifying tingles shooting all through me. In no time I was coming again. The spasms of my tight pussy proved too much for Ronnie, and he came as I was still groaning and shuddering with my own climax. His big muscles flexing all over, he threw his head back with a growl and spurted out blast after blast of cum into my lawfully wedded pussy.

The moment Ronnie climbed off me, Darren took his place between my thighs. It was just like when we had been dancing earlier: As soon as one man finished, the next took his turn with me, not a moment wasted. Darren’s cock was the longest of the lot, but also the slimmest. It felt no less satisfying for that, though. He fucked me with savage abandon, his lips drawn back in a cruel sneer as his cock speared deep and his big fingers pulled and twisted my nipples hard enough to make tears well up in my eyes. The stinging of my nipples merged with the delicious throbbing of my hot, sloppy pussy to fill me with pulsations of purest bliss that had me squirming and begging for more.

Darren shot his seed into me, and then Leon took his turn. And after him came Jay, then Mike. My hole was never empty for more than a couple of seconds, and before long it was brimming with five loads of strangers’ cum.

I thought Mike would be the last, that my ecstasy would end with him, but as his spent and shrinking shaft slid out of me and he moved aside, Ronnie was there again for a second helping. I moaned with pleasure as that prodigious pillar of flesh stretched me wide again.

After fucking me missionary-style for a minute, Ronnie wrapped his arms around me and lifted me off the bed as effortlessly as if I weighed no more than a doll. Clasping my butt cheeks in either hand, he bounced me up and down on his thick tool with a swift, vigorous rhythm. This was something Gary with his scrawny arms and slouched office-worker physique never could have done. It felt amazing. The position allowed Ronnie’s cock to penetrate me deeper than ever, and with every thrust the thick, spermy tip of him butted my cervix as if it were a castle gate he was striving to batter down. I came again, howling like some she-beast lost in the rut.

And then he paused, holding me motionless, my body still impaled on his shaft. At first I didn’t understand why he had stopped, but then Darren moved in close behind me, and I felt the head of his cock press against my sphincter. I had never let Gary, or any other man, fuck me back there, but something about this moment, this situation, these men, made me surrender my virgin asshole without a second thought. I lay my cheek on Ronnie’s broad delt, shut my eyes, and concentrated on the unfamiliar sensations as Darren’s prick slowly pushed into my rectum. He was still slick from my pussy, and despite his size he entered me smoothly, though not without a few flashes of pain that made me wince and whimper.

“Easy, baby,” Ronnie murmured in his deep, rumbling voice. “You’ll be feeling just fine in a moment. Better than you ever felt before.”

He wasn’t wrong. When those two supersized black cocks began to fuck me, I went wild. The men set up a seesawing rhythm, with one withdrawing as the other was plunging in, and the incessant stimulation soon had me spewing filthy talk the like of which had never passed my lips before.

“Oh, God, fuck me!” I cried. “Fuck me! Fuck my holes! Fuck me hard! Make me come! Make me come! Oh, God, make me fucking come!”

And they did. Over and over again. My little white body writhed and shook between their hulking black frames as they fucked me in tandem. But before long the other men demanded a piece of the action—a piece of me—so without pulling out of my holes, Ronnie and Darren maneuvered our interlocked bodies onto the bed, Ronnie on his back, Darren face-down above him, and me sandwiched between them. A hand grabbed my hair and lifted my head, and I found myself confronted with Jay’s big brown dick. I opened my mouth for him. As he slid inside I could taste my own pussy on his cock. My hands were grabbed and guided to two more fat erections, and I stroked off Leon and Mike as the other three men fucked my mouth, pussy, and ass.

I was coming non-stop at that point, one orgasm rolling right into the next. I was glutted on cock, sated and stimulated beyond my wildest dreams, and I soon found myself overcome by a whorish and unwonted urge to make the men come, to feel their hot sperm shooting into me, onto me. Needless to say, I got what I wanted. They ejaculated almost in unison, Ronnie adding another load to the pearly sea in my vagina, Darren spurting the first load ever into my stretched rectum. The volume of Jay’s cum was so great that I couldn’t gulp it down fast enough, and some of it drizzled down my chin and hung off my jaw in ropy white strands. Leon’s and Mike’s cocks jumped in my speeding fists and gloved my hands with their slick cream.

We didn’t stop there. That was just the end of round one. We continued fucking for a couple more hours. Each man came in me at least three times that night. When the party finally broke up, I was slathered in their semen, both inside and out. My pussy and ass were leaking slow, steady streams of the stuff. My skin was smeared with it. Clots of it clung to my hair. My lips and chin were glazed white. As Darren, Mike, Jay, and Leon said their goodbyes and returned to their own rooms, it was all I could do to raise one dripping hand in a little wave. Otherwise I just lay there on the stained and rumpled sheets, panting, puddles of cum quivering on my belly and between my breasts.

“Come on, baby,” Ronnie told me, taking my hand and pulling me to my feet. I staggered a little, reeling with exhaustion and pleasure. “Let’s get you cleaned up.”

He led me into the bathroom and washed me off in the shower. In the process we couldn’t resist one last fuck, and he took me standing up against the stall wall with the hot spray pelting our naked bodies. My screams from my final orgasm of this long and wonderful night echoed in the steamy bathroom.

* * *