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Exposed And Shared By The TycoonEligible bachelors are few and far between in Elizabeth's southern town, so when word got out that Mr. Wayne, the wild west cowboy turned billionaire, was looking for a wife Elizabeth knew she had to make a move.When she arrives, however, nothing is as it seems. Mr. Wayne is friendly enough and shows interest in her much faster than she expects, but he seems to be hinting at wanting something more than a traditional relationship.Mr. Wayne sits down and gives it to her straight: He'll marry her, only if she can give him what he really wants... and what he wants, is to strip her right then and there and let his two ranchhands use her any way they want!

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Exposed And Shared By The Tycoon | Elle London

Exposed And Shared By The Tycoon

Elle London

The dust seemed to come from every direction, threatening to stop me halfway to Mr. Wayne’s house. I had spent almost two hours getting dressed making sure I looked attractive enough for him to consider me for his wife, and hot tears stung my eyes as I realized I would be at a disadvantage to all the other whores trying to win his affection. Handsome and wealthy men were few and far between in the deep south, especially after the war, and I knew that he could have any woman he wanted and do whatever he wanted to do to her.

Wayne was a secretive man, a cowboy through and through, but in his travels across the south he had managed to accumulate a fortune to rival any land baron, and when word came out that he was looking for a woman to settle down with there was hardly a woman in town who wasn’t interested. It was comical, really... here I was, going to his ranch, as if to audition for a play and not to be his lawfully wedded wife!

I gritted my teeth through the dust and after another hard hour in the saddle, I was there.

An impeccably dressed servant greeted me at the gate, a sly grin on his face as he looked up and down my dust covered body quite distastefully.

“Hello M’Lady, who are you and what’s your business here?”

“My name is Elizabeth Jackson, and I’m here to entertain the company of Mr. Boone for a short while.”

His eyebrows raised.

“Oh? May I ask why?”


After three hours in the saddle I wasn’t in the mood for manners or smart-ass servants. I urged my horse forward, indicating for him to open the gate. He swung it open and waved me in reluctantly, and I paid him no further attention as I made my way down the windy driveway, my heart beating out of my chest as I realized that I would finally be meeting him in person.