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Alice is a young maid, new to her job. She he has heard that her new master, Lord Ashdown, is a stern disciplinarian. But nothing has prepared her for his true nature.For the handsome Lord requires total submission from all of his maids, and Alice is about to be taught a lesson. ~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~"Tell me, Alice- have you ever been touched?""What do you mean by that?""By a man."I thought back - of course I'd been touched by men before, albeit only in passing. Judging by the tone of his voice, Lord Ashdown was asking me whether or not I'd ever been touched by a man intimately. As soon as I realized this, I broke eye contact and stared awkwardly down at my feet. Of course, I had never been touched in that way before."No. No, I haven't.""Perfect! I prefer my maids to be chaste."I was unsure as to why he was asking me questions like this, seeing as this sort of thing didn't really have a place in a work environment - and he was beginning to step closer to me. Our bodies were less than half a metre apart, and I was worried that he could hear how fast my heart was beating."Now, I'm going to give you very specific instructions, and you have to follow them exactly. Does that sound alright to you?" Lord Ashdown inquired, and of course, a soft 'yes' was all that escaped from my lips. My knees were knocking together with nervousness, my chest heaving as I struggled to catch my breath - when I'd lost it, I couldn't remember.

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Exploiting the Maid

Victorian BDSM EroticaAnna Austin

This is a work of fiction. Similarities to real people, places, or events are entirely coincidental.

Copyright © 2017 Anna Austin

Written by Anna Austin

~~ All characters in this book are 18 or over. ~~

The new job had been hard for the first several days, but I was gradually getting used to it. The demands of my unseen boss were harsh and very specific, and I had to work around the clock to satisfy him. The floors always needed scrubbing, the walls always needed touching up, and the furniture always needed dusting.

By the end of the first week here, I'd been exhausted.

The servants at the Ashdown Manor were provided with lavish housing - although I shared my bedroom with three other servant girls, I was still impressed by my living space every time I woke up. The beds were large and plush, the bathrooms were sparkling, and the kitchen was adorned with ornate furniture that reminded us just how wealthy Lord Ashdown truly was.

I still had yet to meet my boss - and this seemed strange, seeing as I'd been hired to take care of most everything. I was the head maidservant - and my jobs were the most connected to Lord Ashdown himself. I was constantly in and out of his bedroom, his study, and his living quarters. The whole manor belonged to him, but I was told by another servant that he really only inhabited part of it.

The advice I'd been given by the other girls was worrying at best - they often told me how cruel Lord Ashdown could be, and how lucky they were to have been demoted to lower ranks. Apparently, the higher your servant rank, the more you had to deal with Lord Ashdown - which could've been the reason that I'd gotten this job so easily.

It was a beautiful day outside - the sunlight fed the eager green leaves that swayed in the apple orchard. I longed to have a day's rest - bask in the warm spring light, if only for an hour. But no, I was on a tight schedule, and I had to get ready fast. My uniform alone took me fifteen minutes to put on properly, not to mention the time it'd take for me to doll myself up.

Lord Ashdown was adamant about having his servants look their best - we were always to have our hair in a neat bun, our makeup done in a simple and elegant fashion, and our uniforms neatly ironed and pressed. I'd had the foresight to iron my uniform before retiring last night, so I was free to simply slip into it.

It was frilly and absolutely not my style, but I knew that I had to put up with it - this job had saved me from poverty, after all. Hard work was a small price to pay in exchange for such a lavish lifestyle.

The dress itself was short and excessively French in design. The lacy hem didn't even graze my knees - instead, it hung near the middle of my thigh, threatening to expose my underwear if I so much as bent over to pick something up. The petticoat beneath the black skirt was white and looked extremely girly.

The dress was snug around my breasts and ribs, making it somewhat uncomfortable to work in. The large ribbon around the waist made me appear thinner - probably the only component of the outfit that I actually welcomed and enjoyed. There was a matching headband, which I slid in after I'd styled my hair appropriately.