The collection of evidence and its admissibility is a major practical challenge, particularly when it comes to the interaction between administrative and criminal proceedings. This problem is even more manifest in cases of EU fraud which are often transnational. Evidence in EU fraud cases addresses these important issues.

The book refers to the problems of collection, exchange and admissibility of evidence on several levels. There are difficulties related to evidence on purely national level, between administrative and law enforcement authorities. Also, admissibility of evidence is questionable when it comes to interactions between national authorities of different EU Member States and, furthermore, between EU Member State authorities and European institutions, such as OLAF. All these issues are addressed in the book, offering an interesting comparative perspective, both in practical and theoretical aspects.

The publication also explores the state of affairs in the field of protection of the financial interests of the EU from a general perspective, indicating main deficiencies of the current system, and analyzes some of the new initiatives aimed at addressing these problems. An account of the Polish experiences in prosecuting offences against the EU financial interests is also provided.

The authors are some of the most renowned experts in the field, including Dr Giovanni Kessler, Director General of OLAF, Prof. John E.A. Vervaele (Utrecht University) and Prof. Eleonora Zielińska (University of Warsaw). The scientific editor is Dr Celina Nowak, Assistant Professor at Kozminski University.

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