Evein Prophesy; Fallen Paradise - Tabitha Stevens - ebook

On the planet Shays, a summit is held, and the surrounding tribes meet and an opposition stirs all the ancient clans based on the governing rule of the planet from Evein, the spirit of it. From the Madera Clan, Cree is also the guardian of Evein and chieftain of his tribe. The Squall and Cisi Clan whose leaders are Dion and Talon are against Cree who wishes for peace. Cree teams up with Rison of the Urge Clan to bring peace about to Shays before the Great War begins once more. Many turbulent mysteries come to light as the as it now reflects to the present. Much of the past history has been lost to Shays when the Great War happened. Talon and Dion wish to reclaim the history of the past, yet Evein wishes to keep it hidden.Rison and Cree are set out on their own quests to stop Talon and Dion from bridging the past to the present from Evein.Talon and Dion have different motives for advancement, yet it could bring about the destruction of Shays altogether. Cree and Rision have to begin dangerous quests that unearth the past and bring dark revelations that will make Shays forever different.The paradise that once was falters, for the unknown prophesy has come to pass with the reawakening of the Great War. 

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Table of Contents

Fallen Paradise

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

Chapter Six

Chapter Seven

Chapter Eight

Chapter Nine

Chapter Ten

Chapter Eleven









Evein Prophesy:

Fallen Paradise



Tabitha Stevens








(c) Copyright by Tabitha Stevens, December 2017Evermore Divine PublishingLos Angeles, CA 90242
















Chapter One


Blushful green surrounded intertwined jungles with vibrant colors of jades and emeralds surrounding silver bell flowers. Small creatures roam one the jungles’ ground, slithering and tasting the air with their tongues. Other creatures move about in silence as they look up to the sky to see the moon in view. The night trails the skies with blossoming stars in the distance flashing. Tall humanoid feline creatures stand with spears and silver eyes. Many jumped between the darkness of the shadows as their eyes shine. The creatures roam together as one hiding between the shadows.

The fires burn on the ground and other kittens as it would seem run about playing. Tall feline creatures walk with one another and chatting. Catcall sounds emit in the distance and they look up at one of their own descending to the ground from one of the stairs on the tree. He sighed with his silver and gray with blue design imprints into his fur. His eyes shine with mirth and held a blue crystal around his neck with a leather chain. Each member of the feline clan wore leather bound clothing over their fur for more protection. The feline creature strode down the steps and mewled against his brethren. He was young in their eyes but a teenager at in stature and the leader of this place. The birds flew over the jungles in radiance to signal the coming of night.

One of the feline creatures with chestnut eyes and a long band of crescent moon carvings walked up to the other. “Cree what will you do about the Cisi clan? They wish to move against the Squall. They are wanting to end the lasting peace.”

Cree stood and sighed as his tail waved about him, “Ellie, we will stand with the Cisi clan. They are not too far off for what we can are about.”

Ellie scowled and waved her tail about in response, “only Talon Cisi is reasonable and the rest of them are hard to deal with.”

The other clan’s members nodded to Ellie’s response and Cree shook his head. “We are the guardians of the Evein Crystals and it is duty to protect them. We can’t be one to be prejudice against the other clans because that is not supposed to be in our nature.”

“What do you expect us to do? They aren’t like us. They do what they want and hinder their lands. We on the other hand live in peace and work with one with the land.” Ellie said.

“That’s why, Ellie, we have to continue to show them who and what we can do. Evein has chosen us and we shall do right by her.” Cree beamed.

He strolled to her and patted her shoulder, “you’re my best friend. We can do this together.”

Ellie grinned and strolled with him. They jumped into the trees and began to scout the area. Ellie followed Cree as he moved fast through the trees. The moon continued to shine high in the sky. The stars glowed above them. Cree and Ellie stood on the tree tips looking over the vast jungle encompassing the entire area with endless green. The winds blew gently against the areas. Cree inhaled deeply and turned to Ellie.

“We will join them, Ellie,” Cree grinned.

“You’re too modest sometimes it’s painful,” Ellie quoted.

“I only do what I can,” Cree rolled his eyes.

“Ever since, your father passed away a couple of yours ago, you have been the tight knot for the Madera clan. You are only a teenager, but everyone still looks up to you.” Ellie blew out the cold the air from her mouth.

Cree looked down at the clan below, “only fourteen and trying to lead.”

“What are you talking about? You are leading. We’re only the same age but I’m not as important as you,” Ellie said softly.

“No. You are but we will travel to the Cisi clan tomorrow morning and conduct the meeting with Talon,” Cree said.

He jumped down from the massive tree. The winds circulated around him. Ellie glared and trailed after him. Cree jumped branch to branch and stopped hit the floor with his feet. He smiled and walked holding his spear.

Ellie rolled his eyes, “do you always have to show off?”

Cree jumped into the shadows and disappeared. His eyes glowed and he popped out pulling her in. A pocket shadow appeared in the center of the clan’s campsite and out came Cree and Ellie. She fell to the ground and coughed. Cree stepped out and laughed at her.

“I hate your ability travel through the shadows,” Ellie quieted.

“Only the chieftain’s blood carries that, everyone else has a different transport or teleporting ability,” Cree shrugged.

“It’s convenient when it’s not water,” she said begrudgingly getting up.

The moon continued to shine high in the sky and Ellie looked up walking away. Cree glanced up at the skies then jumped back into the shadows.




The mountains reached over the hills carrying a stern presence over the lands. The triple suns rose over the ever greens passing the various of plants coming out from their nocturnal sleep. Many flowers opened and the vast greenery peeked almost to the tops of the mountains but fell down to the rivers connecting to the outer sections of the jungles below. A tall humanoid creature with fangs and silver ginger fur looked down at the jungles blushed with a rimmed wall surrounding the barrier in a magical hue. The figure stomped his foot against the rocks and clawed at the rock wall to see the shadows overlaying the lands below. His long ears and pointed teeth growled. His canines showed then he moved back into the shadows and sauntered with his tail in the air. Long clothes covered his fur and he stepped into the light looking at other of his kind, dog-like creatures. His yellow cinder eyes stood out amongst the blue and silvers of the others. A female with patches of white and silver fur with a rock cross strolled up to him.

“Talon, what is the matter?” the female asked him.

Talon peeked up at the skies and saw the advanced nation of his own people flying around in cars and the tall structures that never seemed to cascade. He strolled towards her and smiled at the female that took notice of him.

“Henna, why do you think the Madera is still so primitive?” he questioned her.

She curiously peered at him and shook her head, “I have no idea. I think they just wish to be that way because it is a possible system?”

Talon strode passed her, “they want to remain to the old ways like nothing has changed for the planet. Don’t they know that tapping into the crystals can give them unlimited power.”

“I wish they would understand that they no longer have to live in the dark ages.” Henna commented then strolled with him.

As they marched more ships passed over them and the creatures like him strolled around in groups talking to one another. The city peeked with other blurs of furs and the creatures moving about their day. The futuristic city remained enclosed within the mountain structuring down into the mountain and overlaid across the mountain region expanding over the two-thousand-mile radius. The triple suns continued to rise above through the gloomily purple sea green clouds. Henna and Talon continued to pace and stopped by a bench and glanced up at the cars moving by.

“We only came into these decades ago. We can live in the future and not in the past. We can achieve peace by sharing the knowledge. Look how it is helping our people and allowing us to invent things for the better. Don’t they know that the knowledge is meant to share?” Talon shared.

Henna grinned at Talon and touched his face then bowed her head. “That was only by your grandfather’s insistence to live in the present and help our clan. We of the Cisi clan will always want to move forward and think for ourselves. We are not clashed to the old ways.”

Talon nodded his head and smiled tenderly. He was only young and set to lead the clan soon. His father was growing old and Talon had to replace the leader soon. Their society was old but the technology helped changed them, but the chieftain ways were still that of the past. Some traditions and customs would never leave. Talon truly believe in his grandfather’s vision and it succeeded in helping their clan achieve success and power to advance their civilization. Many of the other clans shadowed them as to see the benefits in tapping into the crystals’ knowledge and power. He was young and strong by intellect status of his people, but Talon wanted to be a great leader and feared that sometimes he would fail.

Henna sensed his dread and squeezed his hand. “Don’t worry, everything will be all right. I’m sure that the summit coming up will help other clans realize that moving in this direction will be better. We are the leading ones in this area.”

Talon nodded then got up and gazed up at the sky. “We’ve had these summits for thousands of years and the Madera clan never once showed unless it was a war coming, which they were right.” He turned and scowled. “I pray I don’t see them there as it would spill a bad omen.”

Henna giggled at him, “are you still superstitious?”

“No, but I wanted to make sure that nothing goes wrong. I want to pass the Shays Equals law among all the clans.” He turned to her and looked serious. “It’s important that this summit goes well, so that we can have a united Shays. The Madera clan can go live in the shadows as they have.”

Henna got up and shook her head. “Every clan envious them because they are the guardians of Evein. We only got some of the energy and fragments based on the cave your grandfather found near their land. He was only fortunate to not be slaughtered for taking the knowledge from them in the first place.”

“We had to take the knowledge. We needed it. Madera never once wanted to share the wealth. My grandfather was a hero and he helped his people move forward when the others truly don’t see it.” Talon said angrily.

She touched his arm and tried to calm him down. “I know how you feel, Talon, but some progress had to be made but only by taking. I am merely saying that your grandfather took what was there and didn’t ask. I know this summit is important you but please remember since they are the guardians of Evein, we must listen if they come.”

Talon glared and strode away from her. Henna glowered and held her hair closely as a ship passed over them.




The suns poured over the hot sands swirling with endless oceans of beads of rocks above a floating isle large in diameter. Large mirrors refract the light bringing in a large energy as the isle continued to float over the endless swirling mass underneath. A diamond structure centers throughout the isle. The large floating structure with diamonds and mirrors convert the sun’s rays into energy. A humanoid creature walked out of the twin diamond doors wearing a long robe and feathers sticking out of his back head. He strode closer to the telescope in the center. The young creature with an onyx beck and scale features attached to his body walked further. His eyes looked into the device and gazed over the mountains and jungles. He wondered what the Madera and Cisi were doing. He removed his eyes from the telescope and glanced at the other floating isles nearby. Hundreds of isles floating over the swirling mass. Other creatures flew over the structures flapping their wings and perched down at the different places.

Another humanoid strolled through the doors and stopped seeing the young one glance through the machine then back to his clan. He chuckled as his white older feathers became more pounced.

“Rison, what are you doing out here?” the older male asked him.

Rison turned around and sighed glancing at his father who was similar to him in many ways but with white feathers and pink tones mixed in. “Father, I had a vision that something is coming. The summit is tomorrow and what is about to come will spill war.”

The male gazed at his son and knew he was right. Their Urge Clan, were gifted with foresight and the ones of their clan to have it were highly valued. Their clan were old and often stayed to the old ways much like the Madera clan, yet favored advancement. He stroked his beck and groaned for that favor was not with the Madera clan as the Cisi were testament to the advancement of the last several decades with gaining the knowledge of the crystals.

“What is it my son?” the male asked.

“Father, we have to go tomorrow. There will be a war if we don’t go. I fear for the planet Shays. Evein came to me last night and told me that Madera will need our support.” Rison explained.

The male looked at his people flying through the sky. He worried that something like this would happen one day but he had feared it truly now. If Evein appeared, it did mean that war would come. A female walked out rubbing her stomach. Her light green feathers shifted as she walked. She approached them both and took each one into a hug.

“Rison, and Zecher, what are you two doing out here? the festivities are inside the dooms. We are waiting for you both?” the female said.

“Cornea, we will be inside soon. I have to speak with Rison about tomorrow’s summit.” Zecher said slowly.

Cornea blinked her eyes and caught the hesitant in Zecher’s voice. She turned and strode back inside. Zecher turned back to his son and pulled him into a hug.

“You must go to the meet tomorrow. Since your mother has laid their egg, yet I will need to stay by her. She is vulnerable and I can’t be parted away from her. Go in my stead and remember to protect our Urge clan. You are the future and as the next in line, do me proud.” Zecher said tenderly.

Rison nodded and hugged his father. He stepped back after a few seconds and jumped onto the rail. He flapped his arms and rows of feathers emitted in place. Rison smiled sadly and dove off the railings. Zecher moved forward and saw his son fly up in the sky and toward the conflicting tribes that would determine the war. Zecher became worried for something now would change them. There were so many clans across Shays that were power hungry as well and an open war would give them power to destroy the Madera.













































Chapter Two


The twin suns fell onto the stone statue of a large imposing lizard statue holding a spear and large venomous eyes. High mounted sands flooded over the hills beyond the swirling seas of sands toward the north. Thousands of lizard creatures with different colors marked onto their skins walked in unison as the sun beat down on their flesh. A male creature with long talons and medium size stopped in front of the statue and studied it. He glanced up and rubbed his green eyes and looked down at his grayish red coat. He slithered his tongue and looked up at another male creature walking up to him wearing short robes as he did in an appearance of a toga with lime in it. He stood taller and glanced down at his son.

“Dion, tomorrow will be the summit and I want you to go in my stead. This mission is very important and to get favor with the Cisi Clan. We need them on our side and we many our sister lizard clans behind us. There is only a few others that are powerful as us.” The man said with stern voice.

“I will father, I will go there and make sure that Cisi clan do understand what we desire,” Dion said happily.

“Good, because they have shared with us what they Madera clan has sought to hide from all of us.” He glanced up at the triple suns and sneered. “We will be able to move forward with what great fortune to appeal everyone. We are Shayians and it is time for the Madera’s to understand that it must be shared.”

Dion bowed his head in understand for he couldn’t go against his own father and wanted nothing more than to be the son he dreamed of. He peered around his people and could see the advancement could help them more. Only the Cisi Clan had dared to share with the outsiders of different breeds. The Cisi heroes were treated like heroes amongst their people because of their advancements and need to share. They had opened the door to a possible future, but the other clans wanted more. Their clan needed more advancement and dreamed of a vision to inspire Shayians, but they needed the Cisi clan support. Many of the other clans were backing them to go to the summit and appeal. Dion sighed once more realizing that this was a place to become oneself and it felt surreal that his father was sending him into the lion’s den to confront old chieftains. Dion looked back at his father and nodded once more then started to walk away then stopped and looked back at him one las time.

“I will go and state our case, Father. I will make the Squall clan proud,” Dion said then vanished in the sandstorms.

The male creature smirked and glanced back up at the image of his grandfather before him. It was the advancement of his grandfather and Dion’s great grandfather that had truly invested in their clan.




The twin moons shadowed over the planet Shays. The moons hung in harmony peering down on the creatures below. The lands were divided and centered on region the jungles, deserts, mountains, rivers, lakes, midlands, woodlands, caves, forests and much more. The light of a single crystal butterfly floated down onto the jungle tree and flapped its small wings. Cree opened his hand to see the crystal butterfly lay in his hand. He smiled as the butterfly sparkled with magic and glistened in the moonlight.

“My clan and my people shall always protect your lands and keep the secrets protected.” Cree said delicately.

The butterfly fizzled with warmth and flew out from his hand. Cree watched the butterfly flew into the light of the moon and disappeared. Cree stood up and held his knife close to his side. He realized the summit was coming in the morning. The mountains were a meeting place for all the clans to come. Cree knew deep down there would be a resistance to what he had to say about everything. He glanced up to the triple moons shining down on the jungles. He smirked and was about to leap when a flutter of many crystal butterflies flew in the sky creating a haze. He stopped and blinked his eyes. The crystal butterflies formed into a shadowy figure with crystal eyes.

“Cree, war is coming and it is up to your people to protect the knowledge of what is. Bridge the barrier completely to ensure the survival of the Lasting Caves.” The butterfly said with urgency.

He nodded his head and clung to the tree, “I shall do what you ask.”

The butterflies scattered across the sky then disappeared. Cree jumped down and rushed to the west. The jungle air soothed him as he ran. He had heard the calling of his mistress and would abide by what she asked. The world him faded into the background as he ran. Evein had spoken. When she had spoken, it was a warning or praise. Cree knew this time it was a warning.

His steps slowed down as he reached a cavern of large caves underneath the ground. Sparkles of stones and gems laid across the basin. Three rivers flowed in with colors of ginger, cherry and emerald between the caves down below. He sighed and glanced down to see the butterflies shimmer above it. Dust fell from their wings and Cree took his knife from the side jeweled with gold, sapphire, opal and onyx engraved into it. Cree flew a few steps and bounced on the stones wavering side to side to see the caved down below. An imprint with a woman symbol opening its mouth was in the center.