Eurovision, Instagram and rap rock generation. Stories of young people between 1000 Social, Sanremo-Eurovision and School's got talent - Francesco Primerano - ebook

Ci sono selfie e video di giovani gioiosi che corrono e canticchiano brani Rap e Rock. Ce ne sono altri in cui si scrutano teen-gers che ricordano qualche canzone di Sanremo, osservando le meraviglie con sincero stupore. E poi spuntano immagini in cui si notano ragazzi che soddisfano l'eterna sostanza del loro piacere, cercando il sole oltre le finestre della loro anima. Questi si possono ritenere esempi di storie raccontate tra i corridoi delle scuole e le piazze delle varie città. In quest'opera si vuol descrivere il mondo dei giovani nelle sue 1000 sfumature, con le magie delle emozioni che si provano tra i banchi dei vari Istituti e tra gli angoli delle città, tra sogni, speranze, nuovitalenti/studenti Sanremo, Instagram, Film, Cinema e Rap Rock Generation. Con tutto ciò si vogliono assaporare anche i mondi di artisti come Sting, Shaggy, Baglioni, Mannoia, Pausini, Giorgia, Dolores O' Riordan, Moro/Meta, "Lo Stato sociale", Virginia Raffaele, Fiorello, Battisti, di rockers come Vasco Rossi, Ligabue, Pelù, Nannini, di Band come Queen, Pink Floyd, Chamberries, Skunk Anansie, Beatles & Rolling Stones e di stelle del Cinema come J. Dean & J. Dornan, M. Monroe & D. Johnson.

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Francesco Primerano


Title | Eurovision, Instagram and rap rock generation. Stories of young people between 1000 Social, Sanremo-Eurovision and School's got talent

Author | Francesco Primerano

ISBN | 9788827838136

© All rights reserved author

No part of this publication may be reproduced without the prior consent of the author.

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The notes and pages of Sanremo ♪ Pop, Eurovision, Instagram and Rap ♪ Rock Generation the most 'different colors, shapes and more attractive content, open up, they browse, read, scrutinize, love each other and then close with the hope and the desire to read them again with the same passion that was initially presented .


Sanremo ♪ Pop, Instagram ♪ Rap and Rock Generation

There are selfies and video of young joyful running and humming Rap and Rock songs. There are others where you stare teen-gers who remember some songs of Sanremo, observing the wonders of all kinds with genuine surprise. And then sprouting pictures where you notice guys that meet the eternal substance of their pleasure, the sun looking over the windows of their soul and breathing reminders of their existence. These can be considered examples and evidence of stories told through the corridors of the schools and the streets of various cities.♪ ♫In this work we want to describe the world of the young in its 1000 shades, with the magic of emotions you feel in the pews of the various institutes and among the urban corners. With everything they want to tell the adventures, dreams and hopes of these young people full of vitality and enthusiasm. You can talk about a real journey into the world of true among young dreams, hopes, culture, Pop Sanremo♪Rock, Instagram, Cinema, 1000 selfies and Rap♪Revolution. A dip in the sea of ​​their biggestsuch interestspleasures, entertainment, TV, internet, music, sports, social networks, WhatsApp, travel and mode of any kind. Inolthree of them wants to do a simple jump in the wonders of their values ​​such as family, friendship, love, values, ideals, desires, the study, the different aspirations, finding a secure job etc .. The manual in question also appears as an overwhelming collection of stories dedicated and addressed to Instagram phenomenon at the Sanremo Festival in 2018, to new talents / students, to our society, to Pop♪Rock, the Generation Rap and Cinema. With all this they also want to taste the worlds of artists such as Sting, Shaggy, James Tayler, Claudio Baglioni, Fiorella Mannoia, Laura Pausini, Giorgia, Dolores O 'Riordan, Fabrizio Moro, Ermal Meta, "The welfare state", Virginia Raffaele, Fiorello, Lucio Battisti, "Vibrations" by rockers such as Vasco Rossi, Ligabue, Pelù, Gianna Nannini, of bands like Queen, Pink Floyd, Chamberries, Skunk Anansie, the Beatles and the Rolling Stones and Film stars like James Dean & Jamie Dornan, Marilyn Monroe & Dakota Johnson.


Selfies New Generation: Today's young people smiling at life

It breathes the air of youth, party, tension and surprise among the classrooms of schools and squares of every city. Some people can break those chains that held in the heart, those who live stainless loves and who is convinced that is enough good and healthy words to live better. Do they see human figures in rich colors and bright smiles also because life brings happy moments for all. It can be seen from all over the benches of schools. Some changes the course of its curriculum and who spring out of school to follow something useless and tedious, the marginalization of those who see someone as an evil to be avoided and those who identify with that pain. And then there are those who know the value of things and win those facing a life full of new challenges, those who can have the satisfaction of having lived with honesty and who dives into a sea of ​​guilt. The freedom is easily understandable even when it is not simple trovare valid way out. In addition there are those who look into their partner an example of light and hope and who returns to class smiling more than before. Then they notice some loves that vanish within an instant, love nests that come to life and others that flake. Some people think it's all in the cards, those who consider the teacher as a good person to follow and cheer and those who pass with great determination fears and the alibis of a life a little questionable. Also some people think it is the same culture that teaches us to live better and who is convinced that the flags of freedom and peace are able to give smiles to people's worth.