Erotica: Five Short Stories Collection - Rex Pahel - ebook

This is Five Short Stories Collection1. Helping His Neighbor2. His Friend's Wife3. Roommate4. The Motel5. The ProfessorFor Mature Audiences Only (18+)

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Erotica: Five Short Stories Collection

By Rex Pahel

[email protected] by Rex Pahel

This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or locales is purely coincidental.

This Erotic Short Stories Collection is loaded with, hot, graphic sex! It is intended only for adults over the age of 18 and all characters are represented as 18 or over.

Helping His Neighbor

Cynthia sat on a couch and took a deep breath. She was slowly breaking down. She could feel it. Her hands were already shaking and her voice was getting hoarse from shouting too much. She tried to savor the silence; it had been a long time since she had such silence in her house. But like always, it always lasted for a short while. 

There was a wail from upstairs. Someone shouted and another one screamed even louder. She contemplated getting up from her seat but decided against it. She did not know what she would do if she took those stairs now. 

Her children were fighting again, right after she had warned them from fighting. She had left that room angrily; she was tired of what was happening in  her life. Her kids were driving her crazy, her job was a total mess, and she could not even eat in peace.  And someone had wrecked his fender with the back of her car. There were bills to pay and she felt as if she was behind in a couple of them, nothing serious but she was worried that it was going to pile up. 

And it would only pile up if she did not work productively. And she could not work productively with a couple of devils running the house like a freak show.

“I swear to God Ernie! If I hear your voice again, you are going to regret it!” she screamed. The shouting stopped as Ernie started talking. 

“But Momma, Ben’s the one…”

“I said I don’t want to hear your voice! Go to your room and stay there until I come. Don’t make me take these stairs,” she screamed.

You are the ideal parent Cynthia, you are just perfect, a sarcastic voice said in her head. She could not believe that her life had come to this point. She took another deep breath as she heard a door slam. Ernie was in his room after all. He was the bigger of the boys and the most stubborn. He would never let the two other kids play in peace. 

Cynthia closed her eyes and lay her head back. The issue of the car was yet to be settled. She could not go anywhere with it looking like that. And the idiot who had rammed it had not appeared yet. She had thought of placing the complaint to the cops but had never really had the time. 

There was a knock on the door and she turned her head towards it wearily. She was too tired to get up. She had not even slept well last night. And now someone was visiting. Her mind told her to say Go away, but her body got up all the same. She walked to the door and opened it a crack, four inches wide. 

The moment she saw her caller, her fatigue vanished all of a sudden and a stern face replaced the haggard one. 

“Finally, you make the time,” she said opening the door wider. 

“Hi neighbor, I heard you scream and I figured you are home,” it was a man. And she hated that man right now. 

“Charges are three hundred dollars’ worth of damages and an extra five for all the cab fare I have been paying ever since you rammed into my car,” she said. Her statement told two things. One, she did not care for pleasantries and did not like the man and two, she was not looking to bargain on anything. 

“May I come in?” the man said. His name was Ian. In his late thirties, Ian was just starting to make it in life. He was starting to make good money, make good friends. But he was also unlucky and clumsy.

Asking whether he could come in was a total joke, at least to Cynthia whose jaw dropped. She could not believe that the man could have the guts to ask whether he could come in. Come in and do what exactly?

“Come in and do what?” she asked. 

Ian looked around him, he was fidgeting already. He hated being outside people’s doors. 

“Talk maybe?”

“You can go talk to someone else, or to yourself,” Cynthia said and angrily started to close the door. But he had a foot inside. 

“I have the money,” he said. 

Cynthia was not suspicious of the man. As much as she hated him, she knew that he was not a threat to anyone. The man could not even kill a fly to save his life. But he was super weird, and the last thing he needed right now was a weird guy in her house. But at the mention of money, she decided to humor him. 

“You have five minutes,” she said stepping aside and letting him enter. The only other time he had ever entered this house was when she moved in. She needed someone to help with carrying the heavy furniture and he had been ready to help. She had then silently decided that she was not going to allow him inside the house again. That was a year back.

“He walked in and took out a bill fold. Counted some money and handed it to her. She doubted she had even counted it, but she did just to make sure. 

“There’s an extra four hundred here,” she said. 

“I don’t expect you to return it, buy yourself some ice cream,” he said and smiled. Jeez! Even his smiling was weird, she thought as she smiled back. It was time to leave, but she could not think of how to kick him out. The kids were in the living room already and they were looking at him curiously. 

“Your children looked bored,” he said all of a sudden. She turned to see her kids standing there, their innocent eyes taking the man in. 

“Yeah, what do you know about kids? My children look great,” she said. 

“Who wants to play in the backyard?” he asked suddenly, completely ignoring her. Ian was not so good with manners. 

The children squealed with delight. They were ready to play. Ernie was also there, and he seemed to have some excess energy to burn. 

“What kind of ideas are you putting in their heads?” Cynthia hissed. She could not let them play by themselves outside, and she could not play with them in this condition. 

“You also look like you need to sleep,” Ian said. 

“You must be a genius,” Cynthia said. She was trying to be sarcastic. But Ian knew, he could see it, even a blind person could tell. 

“How about I take them to the backyard while you catch some winks? We won’t make so much noise,” Ian said. 


“Come on!” every living human being in the room, big or small said in unison.

Cynthia wanted to be harsh to everyone; after all, she was tired. She was also not in the mood to argue with anyone, so she expected that when she said no, then it was a no. Everyone was supposed to take a seat and behave… except Ian. He was supposed to leave. 

But then Ian was still pressing, telling her that she could rest for four hours. Four hours sounded good. Four hours’ sleep was, as a matter of fact, a pretty good offer. No children to run around for four hours. She would completely recharge her batteries. And so she found herself nodding even before she knew it. 

“We will be at the backyard playing,” he said before making a face for the kids. They all giggled with anticipation. It was clear that they had a lot of energy that needed burning out. 

He led them to backyard and the playing started immediately. Cynthia ran to the shower and took her time. It was long since she had a long shower, not with her kids running around and breaking thing, trying to break each other’s noses. The bath was refreshing, she felt relaxed. So much that she went to sleep immediately she was done. Outside, her children played and had fun. 

Cynthia seemed to need the sleep because she fell asleep as soon as she hit the bed. She could not recall the last time she slept so soundly. And it was a good thing; Ian had come at exactly the right moment. He was a jerk for being too clumsy, but he was good. 

She woke up with a start and looked around her. The house was awfully quiet. It took her a couple of seconds to get her bearings and when she did, she jumped out of bed and looked around her. She could not see her children; she could not even hear them. And then she remembered Ian, and the playing in the back. Her eyes went to the clock. 

“Fuck!” he exclaimed and shot out of the room. She was already calling when she reached the bottom stair. 

“Shhhhh! You are going to wake the kids!” Ian hissed. 

“Where are they?” she asked looking around. 

“In their rooms. I didn’t know whose room was whose so I bundled them up on one bed,” he said softly. 

“You let me oversleep,” she said accusingly. It was late in the evening. She was not needed at work, at least not for today. 

“We decided not to disturb you.”

“You should have woken me up,” she insisted.

“You are welcome Cynthia,” Ian said. He was seated on the couch with his feet on the table. The last man to do that was the father of the kids but he was long gone now. She sat down and sighed, she felt relaxed. A yawn started, she let it ride and opened wide. 

“You want to sleep some more? I can watch the kids.”

“Why are you being so nice Ian?” she asked. 

“I am normally a nice person. People do not know that because they think I am clumsy. Speaking of clumsy, I might have broken a bowl in the kitchen. Don’t worry, I will replace it,” he said quickly when her eyes widened. 

“Do I need to ask which bowl it is?” Cynthia asked. She had a bad feeling about this. The man shook his head slowly. 

He was going to pay it. It seemed as if most of the work involved paying for something he had broken. His clumsiness would not let him touch anything without breaking it. Cynthia got to her feet and walked into her children’s bedroom. True to the guy’s words, they were asleep, filthy and tired, but safe and unbroken. She smiled at the sight and eased out of the bedroom quietly. She could put in some work in the house before they woke up and reincarnated hell once more. 

The front door slammed shut and she went downstairs to check. Ian was nowhere in sight. He was gone. She did not pursue him; no one knew what Ian did for a living. He had been too good with the kids and she had not even thanked him. 

Work soon occupied her mind and she started cleaning. She worked fast, trying to beat the time her children would wake up. By the time they were waking up, she was already done and was ready to give them all a shower. Dinner was ready in no time and they were dozing off once more before they were even done. 

“Seems like Ian made you play too hard, huh?” she asked as she took Ernie to bed. 

“Uncle Ernie is the best,” the young child said and slept almost at once.