English Grammar Master: Grammar Practice. Upper-intermediate / Advanced Level: B2-C1 - Dorota Guzik - audiobook

English Grammar Master: Grammar Practice. Upper-intermediate / Advanced Level: B2-C1 audiobook

Dorota Guzik

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Do you want to master English grammar at an advanced level and to use the English language without errors?

Learn with the “English Grammar Master. Grammar Practice – New edition” course, which gradually teaches you all useful grammatical forms that are necessary for error-free communication in various situations.

Why is it worth choosing the “English Grammar Master. Grammar Practice – New edition” course?

In order to create complex sentences without difficulty or to use the passive voice, modal verbs or conditional sentences, it is not enough to know the rules of grammar. It is also important to understand the differences in the uses of grammar and to know in which situations a given form should be used. Then, it is enough simply to apply this knowledge in  practice and this is precisely what you will find in this course. This is easy and effective learning for everyone!

In each lesson:
• an interesting dialogue teaching grammar in context,
• practical hints drawing your attention to the use of a given construction,
• a set of exercises consolidating the presented forms in typical situations,
• independent creation of sentences and questions in accordance with the teacher's instructions,
• clear explanations with examples from the teacher.

The E-book (PDF file) contains the full text of the course: dialogues, test exercises with answers and, in addition, an “Appendix” containing translations of all the grammatical rules containing translations of the grammatical rules into French, German, Polish and Spanish.

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