Ekuni - Ancient Cult of Voodoo, War and Sex - Chuks King - ebook

This is a tale about the age-long rivalry between the Ekuni cult who delight in voodoo, ritual sex and the harvesting of life essences, and the Ingaso people. It is exclusively reserved for adult audience.

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Chuks King


Copyright Chuks King, 2017

No part of this work may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form, by any means, without the prior written permission of the Author.









Chapter One

The hollow beats of the native drums reverberated throughout the bush clearing, pulling at the heartstrings of the reeling members of the Ekuni cult. The three naked young women tied on the stake at the middle of the bush clearing were filled with fright. The sight of the almost a dozen phalluses at various levels of erection, and the sexual rhythms of the drums and the wild display of masculinity had gotten them fully aroused. Their tits were visibly erect and beads of moisture had already started forming in their loins.

The chief priest danced around in a wild frenzy. He was highly intoxicated with their local gin and the sight of the voluptuous, naked women. He danced towards them to have a first feel of their captives. His penile shaft was a full seven inches, fully engorged and veiny and was ready for the kill. The women shrieked with fright at the sight of the huge weapon between his legs.

The biggest and most beautiful of the tied women – Zena, was the princess of the neighboring Ingaso village. She was been attended by two of her maids at the Omoi river when the beautiful Nza had come and picked her loin cloth and flown to the low branch of a nearby tree. They had followed the bird in order to retrieve her royal garment. Little did they know that the beautiful bird had a sinister motive as it had been sent by the voodoo priests of Ekuni cult.

Ingaso and Ekuni villages had had an age long conflict, rivalry and sinister manipulations of each other’s farm produce and weather. They were mortal enemies and the intervention of the other villages could not settle them. The Ekuni cult was the ruling house of Ekuni village and dictated how the village would be run.

The Nza bird had succeeded in tricking them far into the bushes by always flying off with the princess’ garment and perching on a low branch close by. It had successfully lured them into the waiting hands of the three warlords of the Ekuni war cult. They instantly hypnotized them by blowing the magical white powder into their faces. The young women passed out and were speedily carried deeper into the forest.

Zena’s hair was still adorned with her royal beads and she still maintained her royal carriage. She was very frightened to see the dark complexioned, very muscular and stoutly-built chief priest coming towards her with his fully erect penis. She shrieked with fright as he caressed her full breasts, cupped them and planted his lips on them.

She had wanted to maintain her anger and disgust for the ugly man but her body betrayed her. She let out a soft moan as he sucked her tits deeper into his mouth. She wiggled her hips to stifle the very hot moisture that had formed there.

The chief priest inserted his short stocky fingers into her womanhood and was surprised at the tightness. He retrieved them and inserted only his middle finger. He rubbed her female core vigorously and Zena was almost losing her mind. She continued moaning with ecstasy, all sense of danger having been drowned by sexual delight. She had not lain with a man for almost a year now.

When the chief priest was satisfied that she was fully aroused, he beckoned on two of his stewardswho came forward, untied Zena and laid her spread-eagled on the ritual mat. He came to her and continued sucking her fully erect nipples. She was writhing like a snake on the mat and was very ecstatic.

He trailed his tongue down her belly and to the bushy valley between her legs. He sucked deeply and bit lightly on her femalecore and ensured that the essences which flowed forth from her loins was steadily gathering on the mat. That life force of the sacred feminine was very important to the Ekuni cult. Zena was convulsing with sheer delight by now. She had climaxed twice and had squirted loads of milky cream onto the mat.