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It should be understood that this book gives you the utmost autonomy it “hurls” the human being into the Universe, and makes him responsible for himself, and therefore aware that all the Universe is aware of him, because he is part of the Universe. To know the Universe, he must first know himself, and to use and attract help from the Universe, he must himself be the Universe.He must therefore broaden his own perceptions, his way of seeing situations, removing every kind of conditioning.He can only do this by entering within himself with great Love, and loving himself as part of the Divine, part of the Whole.

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Carla Parola

Francesco Tassone



The art of rendering yourself ecological, and all that you touch.

Ecology of being

Carla Parola, Francesco Tassone

Edizione digitale: agosto 2013

ISBN: 9788890908620

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Part 1: An Unusual Conversation

Chapter 1: The Ecology of Being

Chapter 2: To Act

Chapter 3: The Intention

Chapter 4: Conscious Surrender

Chapter 5: The Results

Chapter 6: To Distance Oneself

Chapter 7: Knowing Oneself

Chapter 8: Responsibility

Chapter 9: Joy

Chapter 10: Sharing

Part II: The Art of the Ecology of Being

Chapter 11: The Purpose of the Map

Chapter 12: Surfing and the Art of the Ecology of Being

Chapter 13: Practicing Conscious Surrender

Chapter 14: The Pact with Life

Chapter 15: The most awkward question

Chapter 16: Bon voyage

Chapter 17: The University of Awareness

Chapter 18: The dimension of US

Chapter 19: A Beautiful Saga

Part III: Living an extraordinary Life

Chapter 20: The twelve steps

Chapter 21: Conclusions


Whoever reads the Ecology of Being has taken the first step, so if you manage to read to the end, it means that you have found it in keeping with yourself, compatible with your thoughts, you have felt a certain harmony between how you feel, and what you have read. This is the first step!

The second step is to read it again, analyze it, and then leave it to settle gentle within you.

The third step is to ALWAYS practice it.

It should be understood that this book gives you the utmost autonomy it “hurls” the human being into the Universe, and makes him responsible for himself, and therefore aware that all the Universe is aware of him, because he is part of the Universe.

To know the Universe, he must first know himself, and to use and attract help from the Universe, he must himself be the Universe.

He must therefore broaden his own perceptions, his way of seeing situations, removing every kind of conditioning.

He can only do this by entering within himself with great Love, and loving himself as part of the Divine, part of the Whole.


The idea of developing an interview centered on ecological topics sprang from the meeting between Francesco and Carla. It was ideated with passion and amusement. Carla, biologically evolved, has made available to us, her capacity to be tuned to a specific vibration that has generously offered to reply to Francesco’s many questions. On his part, Francesco has put at our disposal, all the knowledge he has acquired through many years of study, and his curiosity about the different forms of ecology. So this piece of work was created from their conversations via Skype, and it has touched, affected, amused, inspired and excited both of them. This little manual is a summary of the first part of their conversation, a summary of the work that constitutes the Roots of the Ecology of Being. The authors have the pleasure and honor to share it with all of you who are interested.

The Ecology of Being takes its name from the intention that is contained in its development and disclosure. A free and happy intention, that as the awareness of Carla and Francesco consolidates, attained daily results, its fulfillment is in making the reader ecologically aware. It is here divided into nine paragraphs the titles represent the requisites of the holistic map of The Ecology of Being. Requisites, that have their epicenter their Alfa and Omega in Sharing.

Part 1

An Unusual Conversation


One morning, in Spring, I woke up thinking of how precious the treasure of The Ecology of Being was, and how I always considered it part of my basic philosophy. Pleased with this awareness, I remember when Carla, during one of our conversations was answering my questions on the Ecology of Being, she started to draw the following map:

I remember the emotion I felt when finished the drawing, she moved the computer’s webcam to show me the drawing on Skype. I remember feeling very fortunate, happy and incredibly rich. I was conscious of the great privilege of possessing a powerful instrument of Awareness. This instrument, without a logo, that did not belong to any society or company or an organization of any kind, and least of all part of an ideology or a religious tradition. It was simply a map to guide you in your journey towards Evolution. It was not only this, but a map that showed the possibility of completely acknowledging the Intuitions suggested by the Ecological Instinct. Before, I only vaguely perceived these Intuitions, now so very much more! All this was electrifying for me, also because day after day I understood the map better, and it really worked, it was much more effective in real life that things that apparently seem more concrete.

I had discovered the map of the Ecology of Being, and now I was starting to understand how it works! At this point all that I wanted was to deepen my knowledge, and to experiment it daily, by applying it to every sphere of my life. To learn and experiment was what I wanted to do more than anything else.

Even today, almost a year after the map was drawn for the first time, I always find in it something fascinating again, it is a continuous source of revelations, victories and above all, of a style of life which is increasingly happy and carefree. Just like cherries, the more you eat them, the more you want them. Prompted by the desire to know more about certain aspects, Carla and I looked into them during the conversations that follow.

Chapter 1

The Ecology of Being

I remember,

the Ecology of Being

it is the Earth’s needs and that of it’s people

it is the silent prayer of the ecosystems

it is the dream of every drop of water

it is the scream of every storm…..

the Ecology of Being is the breeze

waiting to become the wind through your voice….

it is the gentle rain of Evolution

that pours intoxicating melodies into the chalice of your life.

Ecology is being talked about frequently on many levels, and in different contexts. It is given a variety of meanings, roles and goals to follow. How can we distinguish the full significance of Ecology today?

Ecology is nothing else but the manifestation of the Whole.

What does that mean?

It means that Ecology is not a “section” but is a whole.

Ecology must be understood as a vibration, a movement of the soul, a way of being, reasoning, thinking, and above all, acting. When we want to catalogue Ecology in a practical earthly way, we are relegating it to “something” sectorial that is unrelated to a vibration that invests every human being. So the human being, aware that he is part of the Whole, behaves, acts and works so that everything he touches is ecological, and he can enter a superior vibration of the Whole, making every earthly manifestation become a divine one.

The idea of making what we touch ecological is fascinating. It is rather like being a King. I think that this means that we all could be pleased and satisfied doing this and influencing others to do the same, until we have transformed ourselves, and the whole of our society. How do you think that an ecological society should be?

It should be a society that respects everyone and diversity, but above all a society that has Collaboration at its base.

Competition is leaving the Planet, there is no need of it anymore, it stimulated humanity to progress and search for new ways to achieve a well being, even if for relatively few people. NOW all this process that has consolidated, the technology of wellbeing needs to become Collaboration.

The future way will be that all areas will no longer be in competition, but will collaborate. The free market that has been created has truly dissatisfied everyone: from the entrepreneur to the factory worker, and safeguarded very few people. This is why the free market, I repeat only free for who controls it, and not for those who are subjected to it, must leave the field to Collaboration which doesn’t mean uniformity, but different people through their sensibility and intentions, all striving towards the same goal. This will allow wasteful situations to be eliminated resources will be managed better without hostile actions that waste time, energy and assets. This system is already working in some sectors, and will be quickly installed in others.

However, this process from the competitive society that we have grown up in, to one that is based auspiciously on collaboration would need an important system of formation and information. So in an ecological society what role would education have?

When we speak of education we must consider the different age groups of the population: children are already educated. Those that are born now already have the New Paradigm within them, and it is up to the adults not to confuse them or educate them, instead let the children educate the adults. Those already adults without children to educate them, need to be helped by information, and the examples of how others behave. Concerning this point, the New Paradigm will be different, stop talking and start doing. People will be sick of listening, but extremely responsive to what is done. Therefore it will be necessary to act so that others can follow the example. The vibration of speech is absolutely volatile, whereas the vibration of doing is compact because it is made up of many other vibrations.

When I act I am in the vibration of commitment, of attention, of awareness, but when I talk these vibrations become uncertain, they are momentarily improvised, while doing is continuous, and so the vibration of doing is more incisive. The new vibration on Earth is more responsive to action, and so humanity will itself become more responsive to actions rather that discourses. It is not by chance, that at this moment discourses are endless, for or against whatever concept, this is happening because people must get to the point where they cannot stand it any longer. Therefore it is necessary to stop paying attention to what is said, but observe what is done.

Is it risky, considering what has been said now, to say that life for adult humans is being completely transformed? Is it realistic to think that the relationship will be reversed, now human beings are children of Mother Earth, but in the future will they become rather like loving parents who take care of the Earth and cure its wounds? To think of adults and parents who are educated from the wisdom and purity of their children, instead of being their educators? To be able to build an ecological society in this new way, shouldn’t we have a different relational concept?

They must be absolutely realistic in observing what humanity has produced in these years. On one side, technology and a significant change in the way of living and doing, but on the other side, the basic needs of a great part of humanity have been left unresolved, the Earth has been left to suffocate, humiliated and wounded. From these considerations, it is easy to understand the need to become the Earth’s parents, and be educated by the new generations.

In all this shouldn’t agriculture again have a primary, fundamental and most of all a new role? How should we intend agriculture in ecological terms today?

Ecological agriculture must be conceived mainly to satisfy local needs.

This is one of the most important concepts of ecological agriculture! From an agricultural point of view the Earth can be divided into:

- areas, sparsely populated and inhospitable, where it is not possible to cultivate anything;

- areas inhospitable but populated;

- other areas that can be cultivated but not over exploited violating the Earth just to satisfy a small part of humanity.

Agriculture must be local, it must principally fulfill the needs of the local community, then look around and help those without land that can support them. In this way it is easy if the Earth is respected, and financial advantage is no longer considered as the end justifies the means, but rather as one of the many consequences of good management. Then this way of doing becomes absolutely natural. There are already places that are getting bigger, of populations that are aspiring to this, searching for honest and just answers and refusing everything that lacks respect for the Earth. The Earth is more than happy, and glad to give humanity all that it needs. God, the superior intelligence, would never have predicted an Earth where three quarters of the population is hungry. It is necessary to return to respect for the Earth, and be aware that the Earth wants, and can give humanity all that it needs.

How can this concept of respect for the Earth be put into practice?

Mainly respect for the Earth must be practiced understanding the characteristics. If I in this season have this type of soil, and this climate, microclimate, I must not force or interfere or pretend that the Earth gives me more than it normally would.

It is one thing to give a healthy, loving, aware assistance, it is quite something else to want to use force for economical interests. This desire to force the Earth shows a complete lack of respect, and provokes the reaction of the Earth no longer respecting me. Therefore I will not receive the advantage I thought I would get, because in time, the Earth will rebel, so forcing it will be useless because it will be sterile.

Can we say that the concept of respecting the Earth is the same fundamental concept we should apply to ourselves?

Yes, it is the same concept that I must use towards myself!

I must have a great respect for myself as part of the Whole, but I must not force myself to do anything I do not consider right for myself, and I must never force others and the Earth to do what I consider wrong. If I start with this respect for myself, then I can automatically extend it to others and to the Earth that has its rhythms, and needs. Then I become aware that the Earth is not my enemy, and that I can have everything, because She wants to give me everything that I need to live. I then understand that there is no need to use force, only to respect her, respecting myself: when I use force, I am not respecting myself, and I am consigning myself to the negative part of the Whole with all the negative consequences, because I have placed myself in a stream of negativity.

Can you give me a definition of Collaboration?

The word Collaboration means that barriers must fall. If I have an intuition, I must not think that it is mine, I must be aware that it is an intuition from the Whole that uses me as a vehicle for it. Then I am no longer possessive of it, I don’t use this intuition to get rich, and I don’t conceal it from others. I collaborate because my Intuition united to those of others can produce something, a better system for example. This is Collaboration a big leap forward for the human race that usually protects its ideas and reasons, even the air if it could. This is not how it should be: we are all part of the same human race and if we collaborate, the Whole will collaborate with us in the most favorable way. Then all of us can live well, not just a few. Those few who NOW believe they are fine are destabilized by the great mass of people who are far from well and are pushing for more, so what kind of well-being is this? It is false, and it leads to anxiety and fear, retreating into them selves for protection.

With Collaboration, all this disappears, because everyone gives the best of themselves. Humanity will be truly ecological when it is conscious of being part of the Whole, and that only by adhering and participating in the Whole will he find tranquility.

Can a man be ecological if humanity is not?

Yes, there are a multitude of beings on Earth and they are ecological and have made the New Paradigm active within themselves. It is natural for them to think and act in an ecological way. This mass of beings are strengthening the Field and when this is “full” when it will reach the critical mass, all the others will be obliged to think in this way.