Eclipse of the Sun - Abonyi Raphael Chibuzor - ebook

'Eclipse of the Sun' tells us that no matter how furiously the evil one fights the righteous one, the evil one will still go to rest and allow the righteous one to bring light to his people.

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Eclipse of the Sun


Abonyi Raphael Chibuzor

Copyright © 2018 by Abonyi Raphael Chibuzor.

For more information about the author, write to the author from [email protected]

All rights reserved. Except for use in any review, the reproduction or utilization of this work in whole or in part, in any form by any electronic, mechanical or other means, now known or hereafter invented, including xerography, photocopying and recording, or in any information storage or retrieval system, is forbidden without the written permission of the author or the publisher.

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I dedicate this work to my Almighty everlasting God, to Our lady Gate of heaven (Virgin Mary), to my patron saint Archangel Raphael and all the lovers of literary work.


I am delighted and gratified to extend my gratitude to God Almighty for his divine security and miraculous wonder by inspire me with such knowledge, wisdom and ability to write this wondrous novel title Eclipse of the Sun. I will never stop honoring Our Blessed Virgin Mary (the Queen Mediatrix of all graces) and my patron saint Archangel Raphael (Angel of Joy, healing, travelers etc).

I also extol you the almighty for blessing me with Mr. and Mrs. J.O. Abonyi (Amuruonyenaego) and my siblings. My prayer is for lord to let you live and enjoy the fruits of your labor. My one and only Francis Abonyi... I appreciate your help hand base on ideas Obayno.

Meanwhile, I still wonder what this piece would look like if not for the conscious scrutiny and grammatical medical conduct on it by the editor Mr. Collins Egolum.

Finally, my next appreciation goes to my priests Very Rev. Dr. Fr. Clifford Anaiefuna, Rev. Fr. Peter Ibeazor. A. C, Rev Fr. Augustus Aduaka and Rev Fr. Jude Mbanefo for their generosity and financial support.

May God keep blessing you all, now and forever.

Thank You all. 


This novel title Eclipse of the Sun was written to educate both old and young. The revised second edition of Eclipse of the Sun, collected errors identified in the first edition, be it typographic error or metallic miss conduct. Those errors were fitted out in this edition and some changes made.  

Dreams are the live wire of plans and goals. You have to stay awake and make dreams come true. Nobody will do that for you, because life without a purpose is like a vehicle without an engine, lifeless and empty. A person who has a dream knows what he is willing to give up, in order to go up. Realize what really want. It stops you from chasing butterflies and puts you to work digging gold. No one is born to be a failure and yet no one is born with success.

You are a failure only when you give up. Do not give up. To identify your special talent, find out what you really love to do, and then find a means to make a good living doing it. Finally I get the door shut...!

“The rat does not eat with the cat for fears that it might turn out to be the cat’s meal after all. Akanyerechi, the great warrior among all the youths in Umudiogu community, sold his blood into slavery, just to usurp his nephew’s position.

Then, you will read and see how the gods take retaliation on him by using his head to complete the heads of the two men needed for the burial rites of king Obarim.   

Read and see what later happen to him...!


The Message Of the gods

On the bright morning of one Eke market day in Umudiogu community, as the chief priest sat inside his hut, he saw a ghost walking towards him. He shouted in a loud voice saying;

“Who are you?”

The ghost was speaking in a reverberative voice without shaking and said point-blank that they should start as from that time to look for a leader and that the person would be chosen by the gods. The ghost also told the chief priest that any person who would disobey the new king would live to regret it.  The new king would be the greatest king so far in Umudiogu community. The ghost ended the message by saying:

“If any, let me know”. After  saying that, it walked straight to the place where it appeared originally and said.

“I am done with you”.

The chief priest confused, asked the ghost what should be done to return peace to the land. The ghost said to him: “Much must be done in this land in order to correct the mistakes made by our forefathers before they cause lupus to all the villagers. And listen; let me assure you. At the first cock-crow tomorrow, make sure that this message enters the ears of the elders and the son of Obarim the king of Umudiogu community.”

After some minutes, the ghost kept silent and said, “The message of the gods has been delivered. So shall it be.” The ghost disappeared in a black smoke.

The chief priest sat outside his hut and thought deeply about what the ghost had said. He was so lost in thought that he didn’t notice what was happening which meant that their community would be in unity again. The chief priest, who was called Akirika Ikuku Amanonya, moved straight to the palace.

King Obarim sat in the palace with his elders making proposals on how they would build another market square in their community as there was in the palace. The chief priest (Akirika Ikuku Amanonya) entered in a loud voice saying.

“The rain has entered the eyes of the cow. A cripple that runs faster than an antelope, how can it allow the sun to fall at night?”

King Obarim was very surprised how Akirika Ikuku Amanonya, the eyes of the gods, came with parables this early morning.

The palace was silent while they watched him chanting his incantations. He demonstrated it to show them what was happening; and at certain points, he smiled.

Suddenly, he bent down his head as though he were listening to the four market days which he had drawn on the floor.

“Behold! I am in deep agony, but I have no choice. A fly has perched on the tail of a cow.”

Afterwards, he began to nod his head as if the gods were passing a message across to him. He soon raised his head to face the elders who were anxious to hear his message from the gods.

Akirika Ikuku Amanonya, the great chief priest, fixed his eyes on the elders as he spoke.

“Indeed, the throne is empty. An iroko tree has fallen and we cannot let the birds be scattered in the forest.”

Akirika Ikuku Amanonya, the great eyes of the gods, the chief priest of Umudiogu Community explained the message he got from the ghost, that they should start looking for the next king because king Obarim was already old and at about fifty-eight years on his throne. King Obarim was not happy when he heard that from the chief priest.

He asked the chief priest to mention the person. The chief priest said that the name was not mentioned but the time was coming when the gods would rise and choose whom they want to be the next king of Umudiogu Community.

“Ha, ha, ha, ha” the chief priest laughed.

“But what could be the concern of the tortoise over the prize of roofing sheets?”

Obarim asked: What could it be that makes the eyes of the gods visit me at cock-crow?”

“Then, the gods have spoken,” the chief priest interrupted again, and so shall it be.”

He raised his head, looking skywards saying,

“How can a rat be competing for leadership with an elephant?” The message of the gods had been delivered.

“Ha........................!” Akirika laughed.

“The rat does not eat with the cat for fear that it might turn out to be the cat’s meal after all”.

“Wise one, you are talking in parables,” Said King Obarim. The chief priest walked up facing King Obarim and said:

“The rat has decided to compete with an elephant.”

The chief priest took a pause. “There is a fire on the mountain.”

King Obarim bent his head as though in thought. He raised his head before saying.

“I know there must be a problem. But what could it be that has made the great elephant of  Isiuzo visit me at cock-crow?”