Ebony Trade in a Flash - Gavin Rockhard - ebook

Desmond loves servicing black guys, and today he finds one sexy hunk when he goes to vote! Desmond gets to slurp up his tasty ebony meat, in this, his sexiest episode of Ebony Trade yet!

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Ebony Trade in a Flash: The Election Worker

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Ebony Trade in a Flash: The Election Worker

Gavin Rockhard

Copyright 2018

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Desmond went into the fire station first thing in the morning to vote. He was eager to do his part to get rid of the dreaded racist Congressman Jerry Witmore. He was overwhelmingly favored to lose. Desmond didn't entirely like his opponent, Marybeth Canterlever, but she was preferable to Witmore.

Since he was there so early, the place was pretty dead. A few old people shuffled by. Desmond checked in, then went to the polling booth and filled out the ballot.

As he dropped it off in the machine, he thought there really ought to be some bells and whistles there -- perhaps literally -- so it'd be more exciting. Something should happen when he put his ballot in the slot. The elderly election workers didn't seem likely to be interested in anything like that though. The average age of them was maybe sixty, so they'd probably crap themselves if a bunch of bells and whistles went off.

That's when he saw Jasean.