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Do you have a Smartphone? Would earning $300 Dollars a Day or Night Using Your Mobile Smartphones Device Forever change your current life Circumstances? Never having money problems again, isn’t that one of the greatest events that can occur in your life right now? Think of your PayPal account sending money daily to your debit card or bank account each and every day without delay Earning money daily is much more convenient than earning income weekly or biweekly, and in rare cases monthly don’t you agree? The Fortune Runner Smart Phone App is set up and designed for its users to automatically receive money earned directly to their account to be used right away daily And for savvy users, you may also receive payments in crypto currencies as well Once you experience the Fortune Runner App at work, never again will you see value working on a job that pays meager hourly wages and requires weeks before you are paid, and the pay is never enough to live on. Now I am certainly not against hourly wages, or even earning income monthly, hourly wage earning can be a very lucrative structure only if your physical labor is not involved, or, the control of your time to earn the hourly income is not a factor. This is the secret that employers know, while employees are totally unaware of how employment pay actually works, and that secret is to earn money through the compounded efforts of others hourly to maximize a company’s profits. Example, if five people work eight hours per day at eight dollars per hour, and each person produces $600 dollars’ worth of production, that equals $3000 dollars’ worth of income for the employer daily for fourteen days before you are paid on a bi-weekly basis. Therefore, the employer has earned $42k over the course of two weeks, now once all five employees are paid after taxes, they may each take home roughly about $425 dollars each. That amounts to $2,125 dollars paid out to the five employees, then deduct overhead costs associated with the business’s operational expenses, let us place that amount as a fixed cost of 35% of the gross income earned, which comes to $13,956.25 of expenses, this primarily leaves the owner of the business with $25,918.75 profit while your earnings remain the same day after day, is this the life that you want to live? Three great features of the Fortune Runner App are: It allows the user to earn an hourly income over a 24-hour period day and night does not require your physical labor or the control of your time to earn hourly income over the 24-hour period seven days a week, 365 days a year and lastly, offers the user the ability to scale their income while enjoying the rewards and advantages of the Fortune Runner App ease and simplicity to operate To further demonstrate how the App works, look at the example below: Eight dollars per hour over a 24-hour period equals $192 per day, while $10 per hour over a 24-hour period, equals $240 per day, and finally $13 per hour over a 24-hour period equals $312 per day. The method in which a user will earn daily income is built into the Fortune Runner App for quick review at any time. The fortune runner App is a self-contained integrated action system which combines a simple process of receiving and submitting information pertaining to the fortune runner App premier product, earn $300 per day or night using your mobile smartphone device. Features within the Fortune Runner App includes, video instructions of how to quickly and effectively use the Fortune Runner App to begin earning $300 a day or night using your mobile smart phone device, as well as a guide to operating your selective income focal point.  

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Earn $300 Dollars a Day or Night Using Your Mobile Smartphone Device

How to Earn Multiple Layers of Income Daily

Fortunerunner LLC

Published by Fortunerunner LLC

United States of America

Earn $300 Dollars a Day or Night Using Your Mobile Smartphone Device

Copyright © 2018 FortuneRunner LLC

First Edition 2018


All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopied, recorded or otherwise without prior written permission from the author.

All rights reserved worldwide.

Amazon Kindle ISBN: 978-1-68411-620-1

EPUB eBook ISBN: 1-68411-620-1

Warning and Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to make this book as complete and accurate as possible, but no warranty or fitness is implied. The author and the publisher shall have no responsibility to any person or entity with respect to loss or damages arising from information contained in this book.

As we embark upon this pathway towards unprecedented personal and business empowerment, empirical principles must proceed these initiatives beforehand.

My own experiences in both my personal and business life, have consistently demonstrated to me the following principles and foundational truths which have continuously encouraged prime lessons to be learned and applied in my pursuit of personal and business success.

And though there are many ways to achieve success in this life, foundational principles ever insurmountable, on one’s pathway to personal and business success will require the attributes of health, wealth, vast knowledge, and deep knowledge applied which reflects the pinnacle of empowerment, and through the essence of this pinnacle, greater attributes of immense value may be derived.

The control of your mind, your time, and your money, is an elusive premise in a world devoted to subduing these edification qualities, these and other foundational principles are expounded upon throughout the various chapters and topics presented in this work regarding both the financial and personal edification principle essential and key to one’s immediate and long-term posterity and enduring well-being throughout the circumstances that will unfold in one’s life.

And no one on this earth can or should attempt to refute these foundational 21st-century truths.

This work is a tribute to my daughter, Samina, and my late sister, Tina. I love them both for ever



Foundation the Power of all Potential

Action Plain and Simple


Action Summary


Application of Creation

Introducing ExcelX-Pi

Try Logic

Traction summary


Testing and Tweaking

10 X times ExcelX-Pi

The C.O.D.Eitself highlights for human traits that must be

Sub-Traction Summary


Growth Scaling

Success Seeds Success

Assets X A$$ets

Attraction summary

47 Reasons why $300 Dollars a Day can increase the quality of your life instantly!

Certainly, there is no need for someone to suggest to you how great income can improve your life dramatically, however, by simply listing some of them, helps brings much to the imagination of what might not be considered…

1) Travel the world with your virtual business earning more while enjoying new experiences
2) Pay off old or worrisome debts
3) Rebuild your personal credit to stellar credit into the high 800 level
4) If you have a business, build stellar business credit up to $1,000,000
5) Finance other ventures to earn more money
6) Scale your current cash flow to multiple cash flow sources through 10X strategies and exponential skewing techniques
7) Increase your time to develop your selective skill sets through continued self-education
8) Improve the quality of your health with an optimum vitality life style
9) Get the dental work you always needed but could not afford
10)  Buy yourself an excellent used car with cash
11)  Invest in Gold Bullion and Silver Bullion for Wealth Insurance
12)  Invest in certain Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin/Litecoin and others secured with a Trezor Hardware wallet enhanced by strategic knowledge that will increase in value over time
13)  Buy your dream home
14)  Donate to your favorite charity
15)  Build net worth that will enable you to do whatever you choose in this world
16)  Purchase and build enterprises around the world while learning the culture of other nations
17)  Build or buy homes around the world to your specifications
18)  Take up causes that solve major problems among your peers
19)  Partner and participate in joint business ventures that are lucrative and disruptive
20)  Offer loans for valuable Assets as a private service
21)  Consider cryptocurrency mining investments very carefully, and the new innovations emerging throughout the blockchain cryptography industry by staying abreast of its initiatives, investors, and implementations of the technologies to identify lucrative opportunities of scale
22)  Seek out unique opportunities of inventors that have created unique products and services with great niche market potential
23)  Educate your children the way you choose without worry
24)  Build a great business team that can accomplish anything that you can imagine while building limitless wealth
25)  Develop and own multiple intellectual property resources
26)  Teach others how to build financial freedom
27)  Help Family members to build wealth as you have done so
28)  Acquire high valued Assets such as land
29)  Invest in real-estate in lucrative markets worldwide
30)  Give live events to teach and instruct others on how to change their lives
31)  Invest in startup technologies that are proven market necessity items
32)  Scale your current business income sources
33)  Produce a series of publications for worldwide distribution
34)  Offer more products and services in your publications
35)  Hire a highly skilled social media manager to promote your brand to increase broad scale awareness of your goods and services worldwide
36)  Hire a great video animator to produce exceptional content for your brand with worldwide social media distribution
37)  Partner with great visionaries to expand upon highly viable and lucrative initiatives of low risk
38)  Hire highly effective developers to create software that solve big problems across a broad spectrum of industries and own the IP
39)  Setup direct purchasing of precious metals raw materials directly from mining operations from around the world securely and legally
40)  Build new income sources through inspiration directly from your new understanding of business and the needs of your clientele
41)  Travel the world to see all that you imagined without fear of income access and document it all
42)  Invest in community projects that solve major problems amongst segments of the population
43)  Utilize the best podcast services to brand and spread your message profitably
44)  Utilize popup adds effectively and profitably to earn residual income profitable through key words and effective copy
45)  Invest in niche agricultural high valued products such as high quality Ethiopian Black seed oil that is very valuable and high in demand worldwide yet under produced
46)  Delve deeper into high valued under produced agricultural products that sale at optimal prices in the market place to establish a high-quality domination position
47)  Continue your education with your own money and increase your knowledge base exponentially
48)  Meet your favorite personalities and become associates with them and develop new alliances, contacts, and connections you never knew possible

Earning $300 hundred dollars a day or night using your mobile smartphone device, opens up worlds of opportunity to all users of the FortuneRunner App and publications without artificial limitations or barriers.



Foundation the Power of all Potential

Your foundation will ultimately determine the fate of your success, rather it be self-confidence, support, resources, knowledge and technical know-how, or even an inheritance all constitute components of a foundation that can be built upon.

To be without a foundation that supports your growth, talents, vision, drive, enthusiasm, or any attribute that pushes one driven towards success, is the fatally overlooked premise through which many have failed.

Even the least of us with limited resources, limited knowledge, limited support, or limited access to that which we seek on a path to success, can attest to having a vision and working towards the accomplishing mission of that vision, represents a mental and inner foundation that cannot be denied even without tangible resources to bring about that vision into the physical world.

How many great ideas have been presented by those whose foundation lacked attributes such as clarity, commitment, purpose, and work ethic have given up on the vision, dreams, goals, and ideas, only to see someone else create that which you abandoned from the lack of a proper foundation.

No one can bring you to success, and no one can bring you the awe-inspiring vision that will lead you to success. You must first see it for yourself, then document what you have seen, and through that visualization, begin the work to manifest that vision, while abandoning all other pursuits, thus prioritizing this new vision to which you have imagined.

Who can argue that the absence of a solid foundation will lead to ruin eventually. Where can you find any manifestation of an idea that has endured the test of time and industry challenges which lacked a solid foundation in the modern age of technology, and expediency, with its consumer-driven populations rapid devaluation of things as stimulants, with an even shorter attention span, cannot comprise the premise of your foundation as a business owner/entrepreneur, your mission is to solve problems and bring value into the market place only.

Every vision, when built from a position of structure or more specifically a foundation, the chances of success are over 60%, especially when we use the 20/80 rule. The rule states that 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes, meaning 80% of the results come from 20% of the effort.Or in even simpler terms, rather than create a thing’s to do list, create a list of priorities, then take those priorities and list the main tasks that produce the greatest results immediately.The ratio will usually equal 20% of the total priorities written, and focus your attention on completing these tasks first.

From this premise let us evaluate a new approach to applying highly active income and revenue structures built with this prime formula in mind, while intuitively imagining the possibilities of what can immediately become possible in the shortest period of time

A Base Formula

If one earns eight dollars per hour, and we took that eight dollars per hour and extended it over a 24-hour period of earning, it will equal $192 per 24 hours. Now let us multiply that amount time seven, which would be seven days per week, the amount would come to, $1344. Now let us add five additional six dollars per hour incomes sources times two, which would be two additional revenue sources earning six dollars per hour each. The amount will come to $720 dollars per day over a 24-hour period, totaling over $700 dollars per day using the FortuneRunner App, four-week training course and funnel template to realistically earn $300 dollars per Day or Night Using Your Mobile Smartphone device.

Now why do we use this scenario?

Because it becomes simpler for the average person to look at their wages and the amount of time that they spend working for those wages, and extend the hours to 24 hours into virtual income versus 8, 9 or 10 hours of labor income; however, this can only be achieved by creating multiple sources of income that do not depend on one’s physical labor to earn continuously in this form.

A clear illustration of this process can be as follows: if you sold five products on Amazon.com, as well as other distribution outlets, and each of those products cost $14 each, and those products were in high demand in the marketplace, with the global distribution source into hundreds of online stores, one could expect to earn no less than eight to twenty dollars per hour and up, given the fact that time zones are different around the globe allowing consumers to purchase that product in any language globally throughout the course of the day.

As well as the virtual nature of the products being sold, which are both digital and physical products that are all sold virtual, or in short, you never have to put your hands on the products in order to sell these items – they are all automated.

Enabling the product line sales greater exposure to a global audience, and is a more direct example, the products in question can be publications offered in multiple formats, such as e-book form, paperback form, audiobook form, MP4 format, and others.

An exponential effect of this example takes into consideration that more products may be sold and marketed within these various formats, allowing greater sources of income in addition to the original publication itself. Therefore, it becomes very clear why an in-depth understanding of multi format product creation is so powerful as a major contributing component of your wealth creation formula.

To properly visualize the power of unlocking micro-income through multiple sources, requires the producing and or creating multi-format products. This is the key to creating wealth for one’s self in a relatively short period of time, and once this principle is driven home in both thought and practice, there is no limit to your income levels.

There are few exceptions to this rule in the age in which we currently live. Your income cannot be based solely upon your physical labor, just as money has the ability to work for you 24/7, so does both digital and physical products. Your challenge is to bring value into the marketplace with your products and services that clearly meets the needs of those who are targeted with these products and services.

It is highly encouraged that the reader creates feasible examples of products and or services they can produce, based upon market research of similar products and service currently in the market place that can acceded what is currently in the market.

And more important, your products and services must comprise the following characteristics: they must be changeable, controllable, manageable, measurable (sales and related stats), and scalable.

Think of a well-constructed house. Its foundation represents your vision, action plan, and legal setup. The roof and walls represent insulation of your intellectual property (i.e. publications, software, services etc.), and all hard and wired systems represent your changeable, controllable, point of sales management, marketing, and distribution systems operations.

Consider the simplicity in this illustration, as it is solely meant to simplify a process that is grossly overlooked in most Western cultures amongst the greater populace. A simple readjustment of one’s thinking and perceptions can easily be met by simply visiting your local gas station.

The obvious attraction to the gas station for a driver is the need to purchase gasoline; however, gasoline earns the gas station the smallest amount of income per gallon of gas, while on the other hand what is inside of the gas station is what earns the establishment the most money per square foot of that establishment.

One can expect to see prepared foods, desserts, packaged food, household products, beverages, alcoholic products, cigarettes, lottery tickets, financial services, etc. This is the best example an illustration that should open one’s mind to the importance of acquiring and or obtaining multiple sources of income.

First Action First

Good real estate is key to selling your product and or services on and off line, and in doing so, focus on marketing, promoting, advertising, educating, and relationship building simultaneously.

Utilizing the tools that are presented in the following chapters and sections of this publication, will fully assist you the reader on how to get your message in front of millions of eyes and ears worldwide, and convert that attention into sales and new lifelong clients.

Keep in mind at all times that whatever product or service that you bring to the marketplace must solve problems that a large number of potential clients and customers are having continuously, and your ability to address those problems by solving them will be the cornerstone of your success.

Action Plain and Simple