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A world of heroes and adventures beckons—a world in which your own power and fitness is crucial to defeat your opponents. Your journey will lead you through medieval towns, a marshy swamp, and a dark dungeon. Though this time, you must complete tough workouts to advance to the next level. Not only will you defeat shady characters in the world of Dungeons & Workouts, you'll also become more fit in the real world! Dungeons & Workouts takes all aspects that gamers love about their games—XP, level-ups, side quests, and bosses—and puts them into a training book. The best part, though, is that the hero also becomes physically stronger with each level-up. In Dungeons & Workouts, Rocket Beans fitness master Gino Singh expertly combines role-playing and fitness. The various exercises in each chapter will gradually become more difficult. To level up, the boss must be defeated. Character creation is done through an initial fitness test to determine level of difficulty. Only by exercising and increasing your strength can you then level up!

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Translated by: AAA Translation, St. Louis, Missouri

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Dungeons & Workouts

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Congratulations! You just took the first step toward physical fitness. You not only bought this book, but you already opened it, and that means we’re off to a good start. From this point forward, we will go all out to jump-start your physical fitness. But while we will have tons of fun we should not forget a few things that can help you throughout the story to optimally prepare you for the impending effort.

1.Before we begin we need to make sure that you are healthy. A doctor should determine that. Before you start to exercise you should have a physical.

2.Any athletic training always begins with a warm-up and some mobility exercises; 5 to 10 minutes will be sufficient to optimally prepare the body for the exertion of the subsequent exercises. This can be done in the form of cycling, running (even in place), jumping rope, doing jumping jacks, running stairs, arm circles, swinging your legs, deep squats, and much more.

3.Unlike some other books, you won’t be able to read this book in just a few days. Since exercising requires appropriate breaks, you should take about one week for each chapter. Also take as much time as you need to regenerate after a workout before starting a new one. But try to complete each workout regularly, ideally every day. You will achieve the desired results only if you work out regularly.

4.To be fit you must have a balanced diet. Fresh ingredients in our daily diet supply our body with vital nutrients. Try to eat lots of vegetables, fruit, and foods high in fiber, and avoid eating a lot of sugar. However, during major exertion, the body requires an adequate energy supply and sufficient protein for muscle growth. Fluid intake is also very important. Here water should always be your first choice. If you’re not sure what a healthy diet is, don’t hesitate to talk to a nutritionist. A weight-loss diet, such as eating half as much, is definitely not recommended when you exercise strenuously.

5.When we chose the exercises, we made sure that all major muscle groups would be activated. Some muscle groups (e.g., latissimus dorsi—large back muscle) are best worked with exercises done on a bar (pull-ups) or on machines. But since we want you to be able to complete all the exercises at home without auxiliary devices other than conventional pieces of furniture, such as a bed or a chair, we passed on those types of exercises. However, the workouts in this book are sensible and activate many of the body’s muscle groups as well as the cardiovascular system. So by the time you finish this book you should definitely be more fit than when you started.

6.When you do the exercises, always make sure you use the correct technique. Even when you’re pressed for time during your workout, the correct technique always takes priority to prevent injuries.

7.Even if you can complete all of the workouts in this book at home, you do have the option of completing them outside in the fresh air. It might make sense to use an exercise mat for exercises on the floor.

8.During your adventure, you will have the opportunity to do stretching exercises. You can do them immediately after a workout or try to integrate them into your daily routine to improve flexibility and decrease muscle tension. For long-term benefits, hold each stretch for at least two minutes (per side).

If you have gotten through the entire foreword up to this point, it is clear that you are determined, which is the basic requirement to move forward in this adventure.


By doing the workouts in this book, you will be able to defeat enemies or complete tasks. You will see an illustration that is overlaid with a person demonstrating an exercised. Below it you will find an explanation of the motion sequence. Over the course of the story a workout will consist of a new exercise combined with exercises you are already familiar with. If you can’t remember how to do a previous exercise, just turn back to the exercise description and read it again. Workouts can be structured in different ways..

Sample workout 1

Jumping jacks – 20

Sit-ups – 10

Squats – 20

In this “pro” rated workout you will do 20 jumping jacks. After you have completed those, you will do 10 sit-ups. Finally, you will do 10 squats. After the squats, you are finished with the workout

Sample workout 2

Jumping jacks – 20


Sit-ups – 10

3 sets

Squats – 20


Just like in the first sample workout, during this “pro” rated workout you will do 20 jumping jacks, 10 sit-ups, and 20 squats. That counts as one set. To complete this workout, you have to do this three times, meaning after you finish the first set you again do 20 jumping jacks, 10 sit-ups, and 20 squats. After that you do the third and final set.

Sample workout 3

Jumping jacks






During this “pro” rated workout you will do 10 repetitions of each exercise during the first set. During the second set, you will do 20 repetitions of each exercise, and during the final set you again do 10 repetitions.

Sample workout 4

Jumping jacks – 10/20

Sit-ups – 20/10

Here you start by doing 10 jumping jacks followed by 20 sit-ups. During the next set, you do 20 jumping jacks followed by 10 sit-ups. You generally have as much time as you need to complete the regular workouts, but they are designed to be completed in a continuous sequence. However, bosses have a time limit. As you play your adventure you can influence how much time you will get to defeat your opponent. The general rule is: The more levels you earn with workouts or side quests the more time you will get for the opponent at the end of the level. If you are unable to defeat the opponent in the allotted amount of time you can work out more to confront him again. Do not continue reading before you have defeated your current opponent or completed your task! These will get increasingly more difficult and can only be completed by diligently working out.


The fitness test in the prologue determines the difficulty level with which you will embark on this adventure. To determine your rating, you collect points for the number of repetitions you do when completing the three exercises: push-ups, sit-ups, and squats.

You get one point each for:

1 push-ups

2 sit-ups

3 squats

You have 60 seconds to complete one exercise. The idea is to collect as many points as possible during one 60-second period. You can take a 90-second break to catch your breath between exercises. If you are simply unable to complete one of the movements, try to collect as many points as possible with different ones.


Difficulty level

Workout intensity



all workout repetitions -50%



all workouts as described in the book



all workout repetitions +50%

After you finish the adventure, you should try to repeat the fitness test to get to the next level of difficulty. This provides you with not only new challenges, but you can also try to find additional loot or take new paths. If you go through the book at the “Legend” level, you can try yourself at the NG+ level as you continue reading. This means a 100% increase in all workout repetitions. When you play a second time, it is NG+2 with a 200% increase, and so on.

Sample workout

20 jumping jacks

10 sit-ups

20 squats


As with every good role-play, here it is also possible to collect experience points and to level in order to open up certain passages and have a better chance at defeating bosses. You can record the levels you have collected in your journal. This will help you to keep track.

The exercises will show you how many levels you can go up. Most of the time you will be credited with one to two levels for defeated opponents or a completed task. Bosses are worth up to five levels. Prior to each boss, you have the opportunity in the dojo to move up further to gain more time to defeat him. You can also (in difficulty level “Pro”) earn an additional level by doing 50 repetitions of an exercise introduced in that same chapter. You can move up a maximum of two levels (in difficulty level “Pro”) by doing 100 repetitions per exercise.


You can also complete the adventure with several other people. Each person plays at the difficulty level he or she has achieved. The advantage to having fellow campaigners is that you never lose the will to keep fighting.

Having multiplayers has an additional advantage when it comes to fighting a boss. Regardless of your own level, you get three extra minutes for each additional hero who fights alongside you. However, each of the heroes in the group must complete this workout within your (if they only assist you) or their own time allotment (if they are themselves playing the story). Otherwise the attempt must be repeated alone or as a group. So if there are three of you, you get an additional six minutes. A group of four gets nine extra minutes; a group of five gets 12 extra minutes, and so on. Of course, it is up to you whether you want to get help with the bosses or defeat them on your own. You can switch at any time from single player to multiplayer and back again.


You can write down everything about your character on this sheet. There is also enough room for progress, knowledge, and the achievements you will most certainly accumulate in the course of your adventure. Don’t forget to keep an accurate record. If you’re not sure what should be recorded here, don’t worry! It’s really simple.

The area at the top is reserved for any hard facts about your character in the game: your name, gender, and age. Simply record those facts here. Of course, if you want to slip into a different character from time to time, no problem! Just think of another character and record his or her data. Add a clever catchphrase at the end, and you’re done. Perhaps you might like to add a photo or maybe even draw a picture? That’s what the small white box is for. It might seem unnecessary at first, but it will help you better identify with your alter ego in the world of Dungeons & Workouts.

Levels are very important here. You start out with some experience, and during the course of the story you will have lots of opportunities to get to new levels. These don’t just determine how you will be able to solve certain challenges, but they also affect your journey to the end. So make sure you keep an exact record of your progress!

At the bottom of the sheet is room for objects. You will find them throughout your adventure, and you should definitely keep a close eye on what they are because these found objects can significantly impact the progression of your story. Finally, there is some room for notes: What did I accomplish? What do I need to remember? What will I do differently next time? Or how did my last workout go?

All are questions you can answer easily in the area reserved for notes on your character sheet.

So have fun on your adventure! Take lots of notes. In the end, every good story should be recorded, and you are at the beginning of a very special one!

You can find the character sheet on page 235.


The gentle flicker of torches illuminates the stone path in front of you. You can hear a faint gurgling sound. Somewhere in the distance there must be a spring. Visibility worsens with each bend in the path. For a moment, you have second thoughts about your plan, but in the end this route is the only choice you have left. Less than three bends later there is a glimmer of light coming from inside the tunnel. You summon all your courage and continue on toward the gleaming light. Your eyes have to adjust to the bright light, and it takes a little while until you realize what is going on in front of you. Painted on a sign in large letters are the words “Chamber of Powers.”

Under the sign stands a man no larger than a full-grown porcupine, sporting a long, flowing white beard. His clothes look strange, but in your situation any person is a welcome change. With each step, it becomes more apparent that the bright light emanates from a spring behind the man. Behind him many different colored lights form an arc. Visibly unimpressed by such things, you approach with an air of determination. When he sees you a shrill voice pierces your ear, “What business do you have here, Fool? There is nothing here for you!”

After you nicely but firmly explain the urgency of your objective and convincingly assure him that you have no ambitions of becoming a gold miner, his previously grim facial expression lightens up, and he cheerfully says, “Well, you should have told me. I didn’t know that there are other honorable beings in this part of the country. Please excuse my behavior! Welcome to the Chamber of Powers. You have probably already heard a lot about the chamber, but for good measure, let me briefly explain what awaits you there. First of all, the name is misleading because there are actually three chambers awaiting you, but clearly the letter “S” was too expensive,” he says with a chuckle.

“At any rate, let’s talk about the individual chambers because they really pack a wallop. Getting past the first chamber is easy, at least if you’re my size. But you might find it uncomfortable. For you the only option to get through this low space is probably by crawling. And that wouldn’t really be a problem if it weren’t for the raging burrowing worm causing mischief in that very place. That means it is essential that you quickly push yourself up when you notice the worm moving around below you. It is really quite simple: just keep crawling toward the light, and you will have quickly crossed the chamber. When I think about the second chamber it always raises the hair on the back of my neck. Here the penitent Pip awaits for you to honor him by using a prayer method. The bad thing about Pip is that he doesn’t speak a word. I don’t know, seems to be some vow of silence. Don’t let his rattling joints fool you. He prays like a young god. As a welcome, he will show you what he thinks prayer should look like, and then it’s all about speed, because for him to consider you worthy you must push yourself to the limit.”

Apparently your face now shows fear and confusion because the bearded one adds: “Oh, did I mention that you only have a total of six minutes to make it through all the chambers? One minute for each chamber, and because the builder wasn’t an ogre, in each of the two back chambers the task starts after 90 seconds of healthy recovery. I personally find screaming and ranting helpful, but everyone is different.” The cautious reference to the third chamber prompts him to continue his seemingly well-rehearsed monologue.

“Oh, the third chamber is my personal favorite. Here you know what you’re up against; no silence, no sudden popups. Here everything is clear as glass. I really don’t want to preempt Scrotor too much, but he really wants to be met at eye level. Seems to be a childhood thing. He is an absolutely fair sportsman and certainly won’t behave indecently toward you, but with him it’s a constant up and down, so be careful! I would definitely avoid his blows because it’s difficult to find that last door with your eyes swollen shut. Got it?” You feel slightly confused but also bravely determined, and your grin prompts the bearded one to issue a friendly, “Good luck, and I’ll wait for you on the other side to hear how you did,” before he turns around, seemingly climbs up the arc of light, which then fades away and leaves you standing alone in front of the chamber. You place your hands on the door and push it open. Your eyes can’t make out much more than the light at the other end of the room, but to do so you must get down on your knees. As you start to move along you feel the ground tremble, but you’re prepared.


Place your hands on the floor shoulder-width apart. Your feet are hip-width apart. Tilt your pelvis back and tighten your behind and your stomach. Keep your elbows close to your body as you lower down. Touch the floor with your chest and then straighten your arms again and push your shoulders forward.


Do as many push-ups as you can for 60 seconds, then take a 90-second break.

With shaky hands, you open the door to the second chamber and enter a kind of sanctuary. You see a figure sitting on the floor in the center of the room. That must be the priest. He has no hair but a penetrating gaze, which he fixes on you. His baggy yellow pants and short orange shirt make for a seemingly cheerful image, but the all-pervasive silence makes you visibly nervous. As you walk toward him you notice a slight gleam at the priest’s hip. Your suspicion is confirmed when he presents his prayer method. From a supine position, he shoots up to a seated posture and lowers his head in prayer. On the top of his head you can see a strange pattern of increasingly larger circles. An audible squeaking makes you prick your ears, and you realize that the gleam you noticed comes from a hinge at the hip of the priest, who is evidently made of wood. With a hand signal, he indicates that you should follow his example and sit down.


Lie on your back with your feet together and let your knees fall open. Extend your arms overhead. Roll up until you are in a seated position and touch your fingers to your feet. Now roll back down and extend your arms overhead again.


Do as many sit-ups as you can for 60 seconds, then take a 90-second break.

Slightly out of breath, you open the third door where you find a cordoned off triangle in the center of which stands a man with a giant upper body followed by an equally unexpected and disproportionally puny lower body. With a squeaky voice he says you, “Howdy, I’m Scrotor, avenger of the emasculated. This is quite simple. You stand there, and I punch you in the face. Don’t mess around and just stand still because blows below the belt are not allowed.” He looks down awkwardly at his pink onesie. “We will do this for the entire minute and then you are done here, and we can both go our separate ways. Are you ready?” He holds up the ropes so you can climb into the triangle.


Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and your toes slightly turned out. Lower your hips until your thighs are slightly lower than your knees while keeping your back in a neutral position. Then straighten your legs again. Keep your heels on the floor and don’t let your knees drop inward.


Do as many squats as you can for 60 seconds.

Visibly exhausted, you step through the door Scrotor showed you and enter a dim room. Next to the wall on your left stands a small cauldron filled with coins. As you approach you are blinded by a sudden light that seems to be flowing into the cauldron. Once your eyes have adjusted to the bright light, you once again see the little bearded man standing in front of the light. “Well done! I haven’t seen many who made it through the chambers the way you did. But now you must tell me how well you did, because your future depends on it.” He points to the other side of the room where three doors appear. From left to right, they are illuminated by green, yellow, and red lights, and the doors also seem to gradually get wider the farther right you look. Next images of bent arms that seem to suggest something more than different diets appear on the doors.

“Now we have come to the decisive moment. Your previous performance will point you toward your predetermined path. If you stray you must live with the consequences the chosen path has in store for you.” Determined, you walk up to the door and hit the wood with all your might. Instead of opening, an avalanche of small brown balls pours on your head, small chestnut-brown balls.